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Haruhi was upset with Kyoya, as were all the other hosts. They had never seen Kyoya break a girls heart so harshly. This was Haruhi's best friend, they had one goal, and that was to make all girls happy. Shizu pulled out her handkerchief and wiped her cheeks. Maybe it was better this way.... She wouldn't get hurt as badly.....

As she heard the door open. She froze. She just needed to be brave. She was sitting at a piano bench with her handkerchief held tightly in her hands. [B "I'm fine Mr. Ootori.... You didn't have to come looking for me. I never saw this as a long term fairy tail relationship. I never even expected you to ask me out on a date.... I just thought you were handsome and a rather interesting person.... You could call it a small crush I suppose, but I never thought it would go anywhere.... Just so you know, even though it may not have been your intention, it still hurt my feelings. It felt as if you saw me as nothing more than a joke, but it's alright I suppose.... I'll get over it and we can be friends I suppose...."] She said, lifting herself up from the piano and walked over to the door, she gave him a fake smile, then left. Letting him know that it was alright, even though she felt disappointed.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 46d 18h 52m 56s
Kyoya stood there watching and waiting for her response, though already having expectations of the outcome. The higher probability leaning towards her becoming depressed over this. However, they weren't looking at this in a complete manner. As she ran away, her had a rather dead-looking face, seeming to be like he was indifferent about what had just happened.

Looking around, he saw Tamaki rush over to him. Charging him like a bull. However, Kyoya took a step to the side and Tamaki ended up going face first into a rose bush. Pulling himself out, he began to bark at Kyoya furiously. [b [#eabe0e "KYOYA!!!"]] The name was stretched out for what seemed like dramatic effect. [b [#eabe0e "That is not how you treat a lady! You are to be more courteous and supposed to make her happy! And anoth..."]] Kyoya cut him off right there. [b "I'm amazed by your obliviousness sometimes Tamaki. However, could you bring yourself to give a lady false hope? Or even lie to a lady?"]

Tamaki completely froze, and the others were at a loss for words. Kyoya was handling the situation in a completely different way than they expected. The Hitachiin twins were still angry with him and actively growling, but Haruhi was starting to think about it. Though slightly irked by what had just happened.

In the time that Tamaki was frozen, Kyoya took the initiative and continued. [b "While we may be hosts whose intentions are only to make young ladies happy, we should also consider their well-being. I will talk to Shizuka, however I think that the rest of you should question whether what I did was right or wrong in the end. Since a relationship that is one-sided is unfair to both people."] With that, Kyoya went off to look for Shizuka. Asking people along the way for directions.

Eventually he found where she was and knocked on the door. [b "Ms. Tamayama. I'm entering."] Kyoya could actively hear her sobbing, though this needed to be dealt with effective immediately. The room was dark and the opening of the door brought in a bright light for a moment as he proceeded to close it soon after. [b "I believe that you aren't fully understanding things Ms. Tamayama. What I did was not to hurt you, but rather to disillusion you. There is not personal connection between us currently that would lead to something as grand as a relationship that you wished to see happen. However, I do not dislike you."] His back had been the only thing facing her until the final sentence when he turned around. [b "I believe that if we are to form any kind of connection, perhaps we should start over from the beginning. Perhaps more similar to being close acquaintances first."]
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 46d 19h 43m 10s
She sighed sadly, she actually thought he might want to ask her out for the reason that he might actually liked her. It really hurt to just be something to get out of the way and be done with. She was heart broken. She wiped a tear that fell down her cheek. Tamaki and the others were watching and were getting upset with Kyoya, this was heart wrenching just to watch this. [B "Then I'm sorry.... I don't accept the date. To be honest I was hoping you would say I was wrong and that you just wanted to spend time with me. Sorry you had to take time out of your busy schedule just to ask me a question then.... I'll talk to the twins so they don't bother you again."] She said, then walked away from him, and that walk turned into a run quickly as tears came from her eyes as she ran inside the school.

She ran and kept running. Her chest hurt. She ran to one of the ball rooms that she knew would be empty and slammed the door shut, her back slid down the wall to sit on the cold floor as her tears dripped to the floor beautifully. She put her hand over her mouth, upset at Kyoya that he would ask as just some joke.... Maybe that's all she was, a joke.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 46d 23h 39m 9s
Once Shizuka had come over, he guided her to a more secluded spot. It could still be seen that they were talking with one another, though they were out of hearing range. After they were a good distance away, Kyoya asked her about it. [b "Shizuka, what do you think of the idea of going on a date with me?"] Attempting to be as kind and genuine as possible, though this kind of strange for in comparison to how he normally would act.

However, he was more interested by her response and how she reacted more than anything. The cherry blossoms seemed to fall around them. Kyoya had one hand in his hip pocket and his weight shifted to one side. Waiting to her the rest of what she had to say, he had one eyebrow slightly higher than the other. Showing that he was rather intrigued by her now. Shizuka's perception and insight about this matter was quite unique, rivaling that of Haruhi's. Or at least from what he had seen so far. If this was her intuition telling her this, then she had a rather observant one.

Taking off his glasses to clean them, he also pulled out a cloth from his back pocket on the right side of his pants. [b "I find your intuition to be rather intriguing, for you are much more perceptive than I had originally thought."] Kyoya then returned his glasses back onto himself in the way that he normally wore them. [b "You are correct in your belief that this was a plan created by Twins. And your assumption that it would be better to simply get this convoluted plan they have concocted over with is just as accurate."]

He crossed his arms at this point and was now looking upon her with a piercing gaze. As if he was now paying attention only to her and would be able to distinguish truth from lie with an unusual accuracy. [b "As you have wished, I have spoken the truth. However, that isn't to say that I don't find you intriguing. In the little time that we have spoken, you've been incredibly vigilant. Already finding that the Hitachiin twins are rather mischievous and planned this idea from the start. Also, your ability to deduce that I only wanted to get this matter out of the way further strengthens this. You are a...rather [i intriguing] person Ms. Takayama."]
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 47d 7h 11m 12s
Kyoya... She saw him as a very interesting person, in his own way of course. Shizuka, didn't ever have time for a boyfriend though, she was always studying. Though she thought one date would be nice.... As long as he acted like his normal self and not like a host for one evening. She spent her time with Haruhi, smiling and talking with her when she heard a certain voice call over to her. She stood up and walked over to Kyoya. [B "Senpai.... It's nice to see you again, what can I help you with?"] She asked, with a gentle smile.

They both walked over to a secluded area behind the cherry blossom tree's and sat down. [B "Senpai.... I'm flattered by the offer. But.... Honestly I don't really deem it to be something of truth. I have a suspicion that the twins set you up to this and you might assumed that it would be better to just get the date over with so you wouldn't have to deal with them or me anymore.... I don't want to be something you just get over and done with.... So, tell me the truth. Why are you truely asking me out?"]
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 47d 9h 30m 52s
Kyoya was going about earning a bit of extra funding for the club. Offering picture books full of photos of the other hosts at [i "discount"] prices. It was obvious to those who weren't infatuated with the idea that he was only trying to make a profit in order to benefit from it. After taking care of a few issues and also setting up pre-orders for the next shipment of books, he then went about managing the club. Being as meticulous as possible in order to ensure a non-bankrupt future for the club.

He was sitting in a chair at a table with his laptop and black book out when the twins went over to him. Kyoya didn't enjoy being bothered while working and closed his laptop as the [i talked] to him. [b "While I'm sure that you have every best intention when you ask this of me, Hikaru and Kaoru. However, not to seem callous, I know very little about her personally so even if I did go on a date with Shizuka, there wouldn't be anything to talk about. Let alone connect with."]

Taking a deep breath, he then turned his attention to Honey and Mori. [b "You shouldn't be so assuming either, Honey-senpai. Do not try and assume things you aren't aware of currently, for it might get you in more trouble than simply looking through a person's information. Do try to be more careful, if you don't mind."] He was being incredibly sharp and his glasses seemed to hold a slightly intimidating glare. Adjusting them to get rid of it rather quickly.

His hand then went over to his black book and he flipped through a few pages to try and find his weekly schedule. [b "Though, I have a feeling that you two are going to keep pestering me about [i this]."] It was obvious that Kyoya was referring to the Twin's plan to get Shizuka and him to go on a date. If they continued to bother him, it had a chance of affecting the club's overall business and his ability to manage the club.

Going over his schedule, he saw that he had a free day next weekend. If he was going to take care of this matter as soon as possible. [b "Knowing the two of you,"] it was obvious that he was referring to the Hitachiin twins, [b "I won't be able to get any work done unless I agree to do it. So I'll be more than glad to do this if it can keep you at bay. Also, don't worry too much. I'll be as we are, hosts."

Kyoya stood up and called over to Shizuka. [b "Shizuka! Do you have a minute? I'd like to talk with you if that is alright."]
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 47d 9h 43m 11s
Haruhi and the twins had a fun time picking on Shizuka about her and Kyoya. She would admit, he was very handsome and well brought up. But she hardly knew anything about him. The twins smirked, they had a new plan. The dismissed themselfs from the girls for a bit and wrapped their arms over Kyoya's shoulders. [+yellow "So.... Kyoya.... We we're thinking."] Kaoru started smirking at his brother. [+red "That you and Shizuka should go on an official date, to learn more about each other...."] Hikaru said, smirking back.

They both put on a mischievous grin and looked at Kyoya as he wrote in his little black book. [+orange "We heard that she thinks your a very interesting person she would like to know more about.... What do you say Kyoya?"] They both asked together. Huni and Mori came up, Huni was smiling as he held Usa-Chan. [+pink "I think it would be a great idea! It's not very nice to look through people's files.... They may not want to tell you something until they choose, and not when your curiousity fits it Kyoya-Chan...."] He said, looking at him disappointingly, as Mori nods and so does Tamaki....
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 48d 13h 2m 39s
Kyoya didn't pay much attention to the whispers going around since it was something that happened quite often when there was someone that was said to [i "compliment"] his own appearance. He didn't really care about a person's appearance as much as their personality, or at the very least a person's character should be more important in comparison to what they look like.

While he knew that Shizuka wasn't the worst of people, and more than likely quite the opposite, he still did not know much about her at the moment. So it was highly unlikely that Kyoya would consider her a possible girl to go out with for the time being. Though he wasn't aware of what could happen in the future.

In response to what she told him, he gave her a simple comment. [b "Well, it was a pleasant surprise to see you again. Enjoy yourself while you are here."] Kyoya's face seemed rather unimpressed or a bit blank due to him expecting this in a way.

After she left, Tamaki creeped up behind Kyoya. A sly grin on his face as he moved to the Shadow King's side. [b [#eabe0e "[i So]...What do you think of Shizuka? You two seem perfect together, you know?"]] Kyoya hit him in the face, lightly, with his black book. [b "We both know it isn't like that. So don't get too excited."]
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 48d 13h 29m 17s
She jumped a bit at seeing Kyoya right behind her. She smiled at him, a fake smile of course. [B "Ohh, Kyoya-Senpai.... There's no need to call me Ms. just Shizuka is fine, or you can use Misaki if you wish. It's my middle name and only few use it, but I don't mind...."] She said, walking next to him was they walked to the gathering. Everyone looked at them and began mumbling small things on their way to the middle of the event.

[+purple "Hey isn't that Kyoya Ootori and Shizuka Takayama?"]

[+orange "Yeah! They look adorable together."]

[+blue "Do you think they're dating?"]

[+red "I think they should go out together, they would be so cute!"]

Shizu blushed at all the comments they were getting and smiled. [B "Well, thank you for the walk Senpai. I'll see you around. I have an appointment with Haruhi and the Twins...."] She said, waving and going over to where she knew Haruhi was at.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 48d 17h 9m 56s
Kyoya was drinking some tea as he read about Shizuka. He was surprised a bit when he found that she was actually an orphan taken in by her grandmother, but not overly. This analysis of the girl was going to be as thorough and effective as possible. There needed to be little to no margin of error in his findings. Though began to question her reasoning as for why she decided to hide this information. [i It seems very odd that she would keep the death of her parents hidden from others instead of telling them about it. Perhaps she wants to avoid being pitied, but then there's Haruhi. She lost her mother at an early age and isn't afraid to notify others of this. It might have been in her best interest to tell Haruhi this. Or maybe she already had.]

He was lost in his thoughts for a while. Thinking of several possibilities and results that might have occurred or will occur. Though he eventually gave it a rest and decided to relax. [i I think I'll stop with the investigating for tonight. As for the information on her parents...I'll avoid bringing it up as well as pretend that I don't know about it for the time being.]

Soon the night descended and the sun rose on the horizon. Bringing forth the a new day. Kyoya had tried to get as much rest as possible, though he was still a bit of a grumpy riser in the mornings. As the morning came and went, the hours of the afternoon were upon them soon enough. And with it, a new event that the Host Club was sponsoring.

Most of the other hosts were already busy with their work. Though Kyoya was the last to arrive, and had done so after Shizuka. He was walking towards the gathering, then she had intercepted his path. Though she hadn't noticed him right behind her just yet. [b "Well. Isn't this a pleasant surprise Ms. Takayama. We're glad you could join us."] He adjusted his glasses to get rid of the glare that was on them.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 48d 18h 19m 39s
[font "Times New Roman" [size15 The shocking thing he found was that Shizuka's parents weren't on business.... They had passed away after getting sick when she was 5.... She had been living with her grandmother ever since. She didn't want to admit it to everyone and have them take pity on her, so she just said it was business, even though it wasn't. Shizuka was one of those people who put others before herself, it's how she was brought up by her parents. And never did she ignore this rule.

She always had a job to help people, in fact she was training to become a children's nurse or hospital nurse some day. She wanted to change the world for the better. She went to school the next day smiling. She had told her grandmother and she was alright with cutting back some of her hours to make room for extra activity's at school. So, after school was finished, she went to the host clubs blossem viewing party. She wore a white dress with a white cardigan over them and some white sandals/pumps to make her look better. Her hair was in an elegant bun and her french nail's were to perfection. Showing she was of aristocracy. She spent her time with Haruhi, laughing and talking with her.... Tamaki often stopped by to spend time with the girls as did the twins or Mori and Huni.... She had yet to see Kyoya though....
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 49d 12h 28m 41s
As the girl left the room, Kyoya stood there with a rather blank face. He didn't really have much to do for the rest of the day that was more or as difficult as managing the Host Club. [i Well. It seems that we probably won't see her for a while now. Might as well do as she asked of me out of courtesy.]

He went over to Haruhi and notified her that her friend had left. After doing so, he went about taking care of the usual work that he had to deal with because of the Host Club. The day went on rather uneventfully for the most part, with only having that one particular mistake being the most interesting thing for the day.

After the Host Club was finished, Kyoya decided to go home and take care of the usual homework and extracurricular work that he always took on in order to try and supersede his elder brothers. Though it was likely to end in vain due to his position as the third son, and youngest of the heirs to the Ootari family. Kyoya had believed that things had already been in fixed positions for him and that it was highly unlikely that there would be a change in events any time soon.

However, when everything was taken care of, Kyoya decided to research Shizuka. Being thorough in the information he found and taking note of any important information. He did this for a few hours before deciding to prepare for sleeping and the day to come.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 49d 12h 36m 24s
[font "Times New Roman" [size15 She looked worriedly at the two twins, mouthing sorry. She felt bad about them but she knew, everyone was doing it because they felt bad. [B "Sempai.... I'm sorry for the trouble I caused you don't have to worry about me. I have classes at home I need to get back to.... I'll inform my grandmother I'll visit here after school to have time to spend with you guys, you're a very interesting crowd. Well.... Thanks again for everything, say bye to Haruhi for me."] She said, grabbing her bag and left.

As she got home she sighed, going to the dressing room she got in her black ballet outfit, and her ballet shoes then went into the ball room where her instructor and partner was. She practiced for 3 hours, before she was allowed to go to her music lessons in a different dress, that was another 2 and a half hours, then her language class for one hour. She then had homework, dinner with the family, and 3 hours of free time. She sighed.... When was her life ever going to change?
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 49d 12h 51m 16s
As Shizuka got up, so did Kyoya. Opening the door for her, and thinking about her proposition. [i So. She'd do the favor even for nothing in return. Not exactly what I expected. What a rather intriguing notion, in its own way.] While she went about getting changed and prepared, Kyoya waited for her at the door. Holding it open as she left.

When she asked where Kaoru and Hikaru were, he was rather interested in her now. Not because of how she wanted to know where they were, but more because she knew their names without anyone having mentioned anyone's name yet. Though Haruhi had mentioned that Shizuka had been her pen-pal, so she could have learned their names through her. [b "You shouldn't have to worry about them too much. They should be back in...oh, three, two, one..."]

Almost on queue, the large door that connected the Host Club and the Black Magic Club creaked open. And two mischievous twins crawled out. Looking very exhausted. Kyoya walked over to their general location. [b "Well. I'd say you've learned what you needed to. Mori, can you talk these two to the side room to have them rest up. If you don't mind that is."] The large student then did as he was asked with nothing more than a grunt and walked off with the twins over his shoulder.

[b "Don't worry too much about those, they'll be fine after some rest."] His smile as he said it seemed to contradict his actions. It seemed that he had a hidden darkness underneath the cool exterior he had. Kyoya then went back to Shizuka before doing as he usually did; offering deals on picture books of his fellow hosts and several other things he could use to make a profit for the club. [b "You can stay over at my family's residence if you would like to."] He said this rather low and quietly to avoid attracting more attention than necessary.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 49d 13h 33m 33s
Shizuka listened to what he said, Haruhi was always acting so kind. Always worrying over others instead of herself. She smiled shaking her head. [B "Kyoya, I would do you the favor anyways.... I'm fine with staying at home. It may not be very welcoming, but my grandmother is family.... I'm fine... You don't have to worry about me alright?"] She asked quietly. She smiled at him, getting up out of the bed with a small yawn. She grabbed her clothes and went to change. She got out and smiled at him. Then went out to see the others.... She looked for the twins but was curious as to where they were.

[B "Where are Kaoru and Hikaru? I said I was fine.... You didn't need to punish them anymore...."] She said sadly, looking over at Kyoya, again the group stared at them as did all the girls in the room.... Kyoya never really spent time with one girl, and they were cute together.
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