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She blushed as she felt Kyoya place his jacket over her, trying to give her something to cover herself with, which she was very grateful for. She felt him behind her, making sure that the man didn't try anything else. She looked around at the others curiously, wondering how they got here so quickly.... Soon the man shared his entire back story about his wife and daughter. [#4ad998 "Does your daughter attend Ouran Public High School Sir?"] She asked quietly. And he nodded, confirming. [#4ad998 "This is Ouran Academy, a private institution.... Your daughter doesn't go to school here..."] She said softly. He was shocked, but Tamaki showed mercy and allowed the man to go on and even helped him find his daughter with Kyoya's help. He was on his way, and the boys were politely asked to leave so they could finish their exams.....

Once Shizuka was done, she changed back into her nurses outfit and held Kyoya's jacket in her hand, finding him at her station she smiled, handing him back his jacket. [#4ad998 "Thank you Mr. Ootori for lending me your jacket.... Let's start with your height measurement please..."] She said, getting the scale ready for him.
  Kylah Qaniit / FireFoxx / 4y 265d 42m 38s
As the next day came about, so did the arrival of the physical exam. And with it, the "plan" that Tamaki had set up. Soon, the doors were opened up and the students entered. The walls were lined with curtained off areas for the students to change in, while doctors and nurses were in two straight rows welcoming them. To a more average person, such as Haruhi, this was a rather unusual sight. But to the other students, this was pretty much normal to them. However, Kyoya was being rather perceptive about his surroundings. He hadn't told the others just yet that these doctors were from one of the Ootori hospitals. Though he immediately recognized Shizuka among the many nurses.

When he heard his name called by Shizuka, he walked over to her and greeted her with a rather interested gaze. Once he was inside the curtain, he began to question what she was up to. But keeping his curiosity within his mind. [i Just what are you up to Shizuka? What kind of scheme do you have planned? I am very interested.] When he saw that the girls that were awaiting Haruhi's emergence had been distracted, he began to piece together a part of her plan. [i Excellently timed and you know just where to go.] The doctor in the special boy's clinic had been sworn to secrecy and was already made aware of Haruhi's situation.

Kyoya's measurements weren't to happen until a bit later, so he wandered with the others for a while. However, he saw a rather peculiar looking man walking around. His appearance made it seem like he was a doctor. Though it was perplexing as for why there was a doctor here he didn't recognize. However, everything made sense when a commotion occurred. Apparently a doctor had made a pass at one of the students and that the man was headed towards the special boy's clinic. Kyoya already had his suspicions about who it might be.

Tamaki, however, was the first one to arrive on the scene and had attacked the man with a rather aggressive kick. While Kyoya found it to be a little...excessive, it got the job done. The Hitachiin twins then began a code by which the hosts seemed to live by. [b [+orange "One, good looks that attract the public eye."]] It was then Kyoya who chimed in after them. [b "Two, more wealth than you could imagine."] After him, it was Mori followed by Honey. [b [+blue "Three, chivalry that will never be able to overlook..."] [+pink "the hideous wickedness of this world."]] Tamaki was the last one to speak as he placed his shirt over Haruhi. While Kyoya covered Shizuka with his uniform's jacket. [b [+eabe0e "That's what makes up the Ouran host club."]] And then all of them, except for Kyoya, decided to say one line all at once and in sync. [b "We're here. Watch out!"]

Suddenly, the doctor who was kicked by Tamaki fell back in fear. Afraid of these high school boys that had a very intimidating vibe to them. He then bowed before them, asking to be allowed to continue living. [b [+brown "Please don't hurt me! Spare me my life."]]
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 338d 22m 54s
The next day, Shizuka was up and ready to go in her uniform but brought her pink nurses outfit along with her as well as her white flats. She would do her physical exam with Haruhi to make sure she was safe. and was allowed to skip classes in order to help set up everything and change. She was absolutely adorable in her nurses outfit for the day and was waiting in line as everyone entered. [#4ad998 "Welcome!"] She said with a smile on her face, all the guys fawned over her as she was assigned to one male in particular.... She blushed fiercely by looking at her chart. She waited until she saw Kyoya before she smiled and walked over to him.

[#4ad998 Mr. Ootori, I'm Ms. Takayama and I'll be doing your physical exam for the day...."] She said with a smile, she looked over in time to see Haruhi pissed off at Tamaki making him slowly erode away. [#4ad998 Mr. Suoh, I'll have to dust that up later...."] She sighed. Haruhi gave a knowing look to Shizuka and she was set up in the special boys clinic. Shizuka she ran off to where Haruhi was secretly as she got ready to do her physical exam. She began undressing with Haruhi and she was in her bra when a man came in and put their hands over their mouths. [B "No please don't scream!"] He asked them creepily.... Then Tamaki came in and kicked him into the wall, Haruhi and Shizuka held hands and stood together as they looked at him, and Tamaki put his shirt over Haruhi and Shizuka felt a warm cotton shirt flow over her shoulders....
  Kylah Qaniit / FireFoxx / 5y 338d 25m 57s
When Shizuka came over to borrow his black book, he allowed her to. Though wasn't completely sure of what she would do with it. But after seeing her use it to hit Tamaki several times over, it was a bit difficult for him to maintain his composure a bit. Turning away from them to avoid letting them see him smirking from this. But when it was returned to him, he had regained control over himself.

When Tamaki brought up the subject of possibly making Shizuka into one of the nurses, he began to think about it. Though he didn't feel all that comfortable with being called "mommy". Perhaps Tamaki needed to go through [i something] in order to even it out. After the matter was taken care of, then he wouldn't mind since Tamaki would then be able to call him as such. [b "Hmm...Well. It might be possible. Though there is the problem of preventing her from getting caught. I'm sure you've thought about that already though. Haven't you?"]

Kyoya already knew that the doctors the next day would be from his family's own hospitals. So he could easily inform the doctors to consider Shizuka a nurse in training for the time being. It wouldn't be too difficult since he already holds some influence within the Ootori family. [b "I'm sure that you'll figure something out Tamaki."]
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 338d 1h 39m 44s
A Ball? [#4ad998 "If I join the Host Club does that mean I'll have to dance in public with people?"] She asked quietly, and Tamaki nodded and came over, wrapping his arm around Shizuka. [#eabe0e "Of course you would, and since we've all accepted you, then you have the job to make every boy who comes through that door happy, but! If any of them try to pull anything on you! I will kick them out! Mommy you got that right?!"] He asked, thinking of the sexual horrors that Shizuka could go through, she sighed, walking over to Kyoya, and kindly asking for his black book as she slapped Tamaki into the floor and gave it back. [B "So that makes it okay for you to have sexual fantasy's about me?!"] She yelled at him.

Tamaki was whimpering in pain.... [+purple "Alright! I'll stay a guy, but it isn't because of the food, I'm doing it to repay my debt!"] She said with a smile. Shizuka smiled and hugged Haruhi. Shizuka was very pretty. She had dark brown/black hair that flowed gently down pasted her waist and bright blue eyes. She was the perfect girl for any boy in the school and she had already been asked out 4 times, not including Kyoya's attempt. [B "Haruhi.... Let's just do this for them and for us.... There's no harm in it... So whatever way you can get Haruhi to be a boy without anyone knowing?"] She asked carefully. Tamaki sprung up, getting his team together. [#eabe0e "Alright men! Time to set "Conceal Haruhi's Gender" into a go! I want you all in formation A tomorrow! Shizuka.... I was told you wanted to be a nurse, what if we had Shizuka give the exam?"] He asked carefully to Kyoya.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 338d 2h 42m 55s
Shizuka's reasoning made sense and he could agree with it. Though when the topic of the physical exam came up, he suddenly remembered about it. [b "Oh that's right. I completely forgot about those."] Kyoya said this after twins and they all glanced at Haruhi rather quickly.

When Tamaki called him mother, the hosts were rather confused by what he meant. The Hitachiin twins asked in sync as for what their leader meant. [b [+orange "Who's mommy?"]] Adjusting his glasses, Kyoya had his assumptions. [b "Well, considering our ranking in the club I'm assuming it's me he's referring to."] Honey then jumped in on the conversation. [b [+pink "But if it gets out that Haru-chan is really a girl, then she won't be able to be in the host club. And I'm sure that if she started wearing girls clothes she'd be even cuter than she is now."]]

Hikaru then continued on with their reasoning.[b [+red "Haruhi, you dressed in girls clothes when you were in middle school. So I'm sure that you were pretty popular with all the boys."]] Kyoya took advantage of this to reveal [i some] information about Haruhi's past to the others. [b "According to a some investigative reports, someone would declare their undying love to her at least once a month. Which might make having Shizuka as a female host attract more unnecessary attention to Haruhi."] The Hitachiin Twins then continued with their own personal perspective. Hikaru started off first, then followed by Kaoru. [b [+red "You know what , I'm pretty sure that both of us would be a little peeved if we had to see all the guys flirt with them.]] [+green [b "Then that settles it."]]

Almost immediately, Tamaki began to construct an overly complicated plan to conceal Haruhi's gender. Though Kyoya kept writing in his little black book. She didn't seem to be really phased by this, nor really care all that much about whether or not it got out that Haruhi was actually a girl. However, Mori had an idea that might be able to coerce her. [b [+blue "Expensive food."]]

Near instantly, everyone realized something. Haruhi hadn't gotten the chance to eat much of the more pricey side of the menu that often. [b [#eabe0e "Ah, that's right...You don't often eat the food here due to it being much more expensive than you can afford."]] The blonde haired boy had a gleam in his eye and the others began to take advantage of it by using the topic of food to try and convince her. Though Kyoya had a better idea. [b "There is a ball coming up that we were planning on having you join us for. However, you would need to be a host to go with us. But I'm sure that you would rather do something else than go to a wonderful ball where there would be platters of five-star cuisine."]
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 338d 3h 10m 40s
[B "Not really Kyoya.... It seems a lot of the people at this school couldn't give a second thought to Haruhi to being a girl.... She really had always acted more boyish, so there have even been times when girls got crushes on her.... We'll both be careful."] She said as Haruhi put her arm around Shizuka again. [+purple "She's right Senpai.... Whose really going to notice?"] She said. The twins looked at each other for a second then sighed, walking over to the pair who almost seemed like twins. [+orange "Well, soon everyone will find out. Physical exams are tomorrow after all."] They said.

Haruhi and Shizuka smiled at each other. [+purple "Well like I said, I don't really mind if people think if I'm a guy or a girl, I'll have to find some other way to pay you back and if you want I can always be a female host as well like Shizu."] She said. Shizu gave Haruhi her infamous adorable smile and nodded. [B "Plus I'd always lend a hand to my best friend...."] She said, but Tamaki was panicking. [#eabe0e "No no no no! You two are our beloved secret princess's, Mommy! Make Shizuka and Haruhi see reason!!!"]
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 338d 9h 28m 32s
[B "Tamaki.... I thank you for your concern, but everything has been sorted out between me and Kyoya-Senpai.... I have decided that I would like to join the host club. It would earn more money to help pay for the sweets and I'm sure all the guys that are following me would love to hang out with me for a bit and I would like to help pay off Haruhi's debt.... I just wanted your approval, since your the king of the host club."] She said, playing the king card. Tamaki's eyes watered up and he hugged her, nuzzling his cheek on her head. [#eabe0e "Ohh! As long as it's alright with the others, I would be honored to have my daughter join the host club!!"] He cooed over her. She pushed him off slightly, blushing at the display of affection but smiled none the less.

Mori and Huni stood thinking about it for a bit, as did the twins and Haruhi. [#ee6da7 "As long as Kyoya and Tama-Chan are fine with it, then we are too, right Takashi?"] He asked, and Mori nodded. The twins shrugged together. [+orange "We're fine with it, but it won't be easy."] They said putting their arms over Shizuka. She sighed. [B "I know. Thank you Kaoru and Hikaru...."] Haruhi walked up to Shizuka and nodded. [+purple "You don't have to do this if you don't want to Shizu... But I really thank you for doing this for me.... I want her in too."] She said with a smile, and Shizu gave her best real smile she could muster. [B "I'll work hard."] She said.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 338d 10h 28m 13s
After leaving the school, Kyoya went home and simply did his homework and the extracurricular work that had been assigned to him. It took most of the night and he decided to just go to sleep once everything had been taken care of. Though after he had taken care of his personal hygiene and then eaten something for dinner. In the moments before he fell into his slumber, he pondered a bit about Shizuka.

He began to think of every reason there might be to try and put on a fake smile. [i Could I have been the reason? No. That wouldn't make any sense since she's already dropped it around me. Perhaps Haruhi? That seems more likely, but there has to be something in particular. Hmm...] He thought about this until he fell asleep.

The next day, he had gathered all of the hosts together for their meeting. Once Shizuka had arrived, he welcomed her. [b "Ah! There you Shizuka, we were waiting for you."] Tamaki was concerned that Kyoya was up to something and that it might end up hurting her. [b [#eabe0e "Kyoya...are you up to something again...?"]]

Adjusting his glasses, Kyoya responded with confidence. [b "Of course not. This was Shizuka's idea after all, was it not?"] The question was directed at her.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 338d 10h 56m 47s
She worked for her usual hours and went home for the day, she studied and did her homework then went to bed.... She dreamed of Kyoya.... Her parents and everything else, lets just say she didn't sleep well that night. She sighed, then turned over on her side and looked up at the ceiling. She sighed, getting out the uniform for school. She changed into the dress, but got rid of the poofy sleeves and went to school, with her hair down, and two pieces brought together at the back of her hair. Her make-up was light, with lip gloss and mascara. She wore flats instead of the dorky shoes and she was off.

After school she made her way to the host club, nervous about what they would say. After a deep breathe, she opened the door to see Rose petals and moved out of the way till they settled then carefully stepped around them.... She sighed.... [B "Good evening everyone...."] She said with her usual fake smile.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 338d 21h 44m 37s
As he left her, he thought something while smirking on his own. [i That's a rather intriguing notion. In it's own way.] With this event seeming to be mostly addressed, he returned to the club room. The other hosts had already returned and Tamaki was the first one to yell at him. [b [#eabe0e "Where have you been?! I hope you didn't make things any worse for yourself! If you did, I swear I'll..."]]

Kyoya cut him off by hitting him in the face with his black book just to shut him up. [b "Calm down, everything is fine. I spoke with Shizuka and she's in a better condition now than she was before. Haruhi,"] he could tell that she was the most concerned out of the group, [b "Shizuka and I will be having tea as well as having a nice conversation in little while in order to get along better. Though as friends first since neither of us know much about each other."]

The Hitachiin twins then came over and behind Kyoya. [b [+orange "We knew you had a thing for Shizu..."]] Kyoya cut them off right there and then by getting behind them and hitting them both on the head with his black book. [b "I don't think either of you deserve any credit whatsoever since it was your scheming that got us into this mess. Perhaps you two didn't learn your lesson yet..."]

The Twins began to go into a sense of panic, groveling at Kyoya's feet for forgiveness. Kyoya sighed and calmed their nerves. [b "Calm down you two. Since everything was patched up rather well, I won't be doing anything to either of you. However, there is a matter with which I must discuss with all of you. But it can wait until tomorrow. I'm sure we're all rather tired after what happened, so let's get some rest for today and resume this at a later time."] With that, the club dismissed for the day and Kyoya was just glad that everything was over now.
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She was shocked... No one had ever been able to tell her fake smile, since she hadn't truly smiled since her parents were alive. She lived in a world where she was ruled and controlled every step of the way. But now it was her last 4 years and she could do whatever she wanted these 4 years. So she would join the host club..... [B "Maybe it's because I have nothing to smile for. Have a good evening Mr. Ootori..."] She said, then left with a small smirk. She said goodbye to the others and Tamaki offered her a compliment on how she looked before she left, to help at a volunteer work center as a nurse for children at one of the Ootori hospitals for kids. She loved her job..... It brought enjoyment to her, but nothing but a fake smile came out of it.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 338d 22h 38m 30s
Kyoya had prepared himself for what was to come, though found himself rather surprised by what she said. At a bit of a loss for words when she agreed to it. It took a moment, but he soon regained his composure. Releasing his grip on her wrist, he responded as best he could since he wasn't completely back to his normal self. [b "...Ah, sorry for my moment of silence. I'm rather surprised by you. More often than I had expected, quite a very defining trait. Especially for one such as yourself. How does the twenty-second sound, during next weekend's weekend?"]

When she asked about joining the Host Club, his face seemed suggested that he had been completely stunned. That she wanted to join them was a completely unexpected request than he could have ever predicted. His body began to sway backwards slightly. Though he caught himself with his left leg and propped himself back up. Clearing his throat, he was then able to start planning out a possible way to turn Shizuka into a host. [b " isn't impossible to turn you into a host and I cannot prevent you from joining. And we would be able to increase our profits a rather reasonable amount. Hmm..."] Kyoya began to think about this request a bit more. Intrigued by this idea the more he thought about it. [b "Come by the club's room tomorrow and we'll discuss the details more in depth then. Though I believe that you should relax for the time being. However, I do apologize if I came across as callous or villainous during that event."]

He turned to the side, his hand on his chin in thought. Kyoya began to walk a few steps away from her in thought, though spoke to her before completely leaving. [b "I will be taking my leave now and I'll talk it over with Tamaki. Though I'm not sure how he'll take it. Also..."] His piercing gaze appeared again. [b "You should try to avoid showing a lie Shizuka. It can do a number on your future."] He was easily referring to her fake smile since he had once used one himself. With that, he left to go and speak with Tamaki and the other hosts.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 338d 22h 50m 32s
Shizuka was surprised when she felt a hand grab her wrist gently.... She didn't want to do this with him, play cat and dog. But she knew, she needed to give him another chance.... [B "Alright then.... Tea it is.... I don't mind answering a few questions. When would you like to schedule it for Mr. Ootori?"] She asked, turning around to face him, gently taking his hand off her wrist. She settled on a time and day next week on his day off from his hectic schedule and agreed to also do something else. [B "I would like to join the host club.... You might make a better profit if you had a girl host as well, plus I don't have much to do anyways so I would love to do it...."] She said, giving him another small fake smile.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 339d 3h 36m 35s
As Kyoya saw Shizuka leaving, he reached out and grabbed her wrist to prevent her from leaving completely. There was a small, satisfied, and genuine smile on his face this time. Seeming that this time things were going to be different. [b "Now hold on a moment Shizuka. If we are now friends, then there is going to be a different pacing for things. Such as getting to know each other. You can ask me any question you would like and I will answer it truthfully. Though I plan on doing the same. Perhaps over some tea if you would like."]

This time around, it seemed as though he were being much more like himself when he asked something of her. It could be seen to be much more like himself in comparison to when he had asked her about going out on a date. [b "Also, I sincerely apologize for hurting your feelings. It was never my intention to do so. However, I do try and take everything in a rather serious manner. You can never be too careful in some situations nowadays."]
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 339d 4h 29m 51s

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