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Kyoya had been running the numbers for what the total cost would approximate to. Then he watched as Tamaki approached Shizuka out of the corner of his eye. He already knew that Tamaki was up to something, though nothing devious or sinister. Such things didn't suit him.

When he found out that there would be one more dance for all the hosts. He stood on the sidelines and waited for the others to take their turns. When it was eventually his turn, he moved along with the pacing of the music. Moving similar to a calm ocean's waves flowing onto the shore. [b "Well. It helps to trained to do such things as the years go by. Doesn't it?"]
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 42d 18h 56m 7s
Shizuka wanted to go home for the night, walking and dancing all over the place had taken its unruly toll on her. She put out the last few moments, watching as Haruhi got her first kiss from a girl. She laughed lightly, thinking of the irony behind everything. Shizuka had enough of the stupid heels and threw them in some corner as she helped get everything cleaned up. She sighed, sitting on the balcony having one more drink for the night. Tamaki came and talked with her for a bit. Then to her surprise.... [#eabe0e "You danced very exquisitely tonight Shizuka.... I was wondering if you'd give each of the hosts one last dance for the night...."] He said, gently as he held out his hand. She smiled, then hopped down, going inside with him. Hikaru had the music played as Tamaki got his chance with Shizuka, then it was on to Hikaru, Kaoru, Honey, Mori and finally. She spun into Kyoya's arms. [#23a469 "Nice catch...."]
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 42d 19h 15m 27s
[b "Yes. Let's meet up with the others."] With that, Kyoya left the dark hallway and met up with the other hosts. The teacup girl and her fiance were running, her from him. Although, he eventually caught up with her and grasped her wrist. Suddenly, there were four spotlights on them as the lights on the side of the hallway lit up. Revealing the both the hosts, the ladies, and the gentlemen who were all in attendance.

Tamaki introduced them to the others who were watching. [b [eabe0e "Ladies and Gentlemen."]] The windows that blocked the onlookers from walking out onto the balconies opened. Giving them passage. [b [#eabe0e "It is now time to begin the final dance of this evening's festivities."]] The Host Club's members could be now seen in full view. In the center balcony and directly in front of the girl and boy in the courtyard. [b [#eabe0e "The last waltz of the night has been chosen by the Host Club for..."]] Tamaki raised his arm and gestured towards the two. [b [#eabe0e "This couple."]]

The boy asked the girl for her hand and they began a wonderful dance at the end of the night. Cherry blossoms fluttering and gliding around them in the light of the spotlight. Illuminating them and making them the center of everyone's attention.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 43d 20m 43s
She felt awful. She held a letter in her hand, one that was very important to her grandfather's business, the one she would be taking over. She didn't move or speak as Kyoya complimented her. Her lips trembled slightly. The boy had given it to her before he had gone to chase after the girl. She read it over and over, but it still hurt. She closed it before Kyoya could see anything. She didn't say anything as a tear slipped down her cheek. She reached up, pulling her hair out of the bun. She let it fall down over her shoulder as she began to walk out. [#2eb28f "We should get back. They're probably waiting for us."] She said, walking out of the doorway, putting the letter in her purse.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 43d 56m 14s
As the party progressed, the star of their show came in. It was a young lady, one who was engaged to the son of the largest tableware company in all of the country. She had been feeling ignored by her fiance and tried to use the hosts as a means to get the boy's attention. Though tonight, the hosts were going to take action for her. Giving her what she wanted.

Soon, the Hitachiin twins basically kidnapped Shizuka and had her appearance altered so that the girl's fiance could learn a lesson or two. Kyoya and the Twins wrote a collaborative letter for the boy so that it would be set up a few things.

As the boy ran out on Shizuka and after the girl, Kyoya stepped out of the shadows to compliment her on what she had done. [b "Very well done Shizuka. You've done this quite excellently. It is our job as hosts to make every girl happy, is it not? It is definite that things will turn out well."] He adjusted his glasses while saying this.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 43d 1h 10m 31s
Shizuka was a bit nervous, Kyoya had gifted her with his pressence and putting the crown upon her head while her back was turned to him. [#4ad998 "Thank you Kyoya..."] She said with a smile, looking over at him. She was dressed as if she was the lady she was. Stood next to Hikaru. The large turn out of boys had surprised her but it was still obvious that there were a lot more girls. She smiled as the ball was announced open. The first boy who asked her to dance was a very kind young man. She smiled at him, telling him the things guys want to hear.... [#4ad998 "Thank you my prince.... Your kind words always warm my heart, it is great to see you again."] She said with a smile.

Shizuka must have danced with about 100 guys.... She sighed, she had to tell one of them she was taking a brief beak from the dancing for a bit. She took off her stupid heels under neath one of the tables and sipped on a drink. She sighed, seeing Kyoya dance with a couple girls and she smiled, this was fun.... When suddenly she was grabbed, still in her no-show socks. [#4ad998 "Ummm.... What am I doing here?"] Shizuka asked quietly. The twins smirked, giving her a dark blue dress and got her to change and put her hair up in an elegant bun. She sighed, doing so then went along with her plan. She met the fiancee of the girl who loved the tea cups.... He was so nice, she had a small talk with him about what he should do, before she found them both talking and ran away crying. He of coursed left Shizuka standing there alone....
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 43d 17h 32m 1s
Days progressed and Kyoya took advantage of the coming event to help improve the overall funding for the Host Club. Offering spots on the guest list a few days in advance. Though only allowed a certain number of names to be placed in advance so as to make a larger profit at the door for those who didn't take advantage of the spots they could pay for ahead of time. A rather devious plan, but an effective scheme that they would profit from in the end. Allowing the Host Club to then hold much more extravagant events in the days to come. As well as allowing them to regain their losses and then some from having to pay for renting the large hall for the dance.

As Haruhi learned with Shizuka's assistance, Kyoya was busy with preparing the event. Following Tamaki's instructions to the dot and then some in order to make things have a wonderful turn out that would surpass everyone's normal expectations of what the ball would be like. Though Tamaki decided to be himself in his rather obnoxious way and wear a golden crown to solidify the appearance of being the [i King] of the Host Club. While he gave the rest of them similar, but not as flashy, silver crowns for the other hosts. And a tiara for Shizuka. All to symbolize that they were the [i Princes], and [i Princess], of the Host Club. Kyoya had a second golden crown prepared for their best guest. For that girl to be crowned the "Queen of the Ball".

Kyoya's appearance for the dance was rather plain, though it was deceptive and could convince most average people into thinking that it was made of much finer materials and more expensive and pricey in comparison to a regular suit or tuxedo. While the rest of the hosts all went with some of their best outfits and attire.

With the start of the ball, Tamaki and Kyoya started things off in a rather grand manner. [b [#eabe0e "The Ouran Host Club would like to bid you..."]] The hall was darkened, and a spotlight suddenly appearing on him. [b [#eabe0e "Welcome."]] Chandeliers with lights flashed on in sequential order. Followed by a complete orchestra. [b "As always ladies the Host Club members are for your entertainment."] Kyoya addressed those who had come as guests. Greeting them in as warm a welcome he could offer such large group. [b "So we invite you to dance to your hearts content. Based on her dancing skills, one lucky young lady will be chosen as tonight's Queen."] He felt like making this into a rather amusing event. Giving the girls a way to compete against each other to get something they desire. A special treat that Tamaki and Kyoya had agreed upon, as well as the additional crown. Specifically targeting the girls instead of the men due to the larger turnout of ladies in comparison. [b "The Queen's reward will be a golden crown to commemorate the ball, and a passionate kiss on the cheek, from our King."] Tamaki added to the hype, wishing them the best of luck. [b [#eabe0e "Good luck to you, my darlings."]] The girls began to swoon over this chance and Tamaki almost immediately. While Haruhi looked a little overwhelmed. The Twins made an attempt to cheer her up and convince her during this.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 43d 18h 8m 12s
The ball came quick. She learned with Haruhi as she was about an inch shorter than her. Shizu wasn't one to dance in public. Shizuka was very popular in the host club, with the girls and the boys. Girls for gossip, and boys that flirted with her and adored her, though she never took any of the advances seriously and she was having to turn down confessions every week.... She sighed, this would be a hard week, but she knew once summer came, she would have the best time of her life.

She had friends back in america waiting for her to come back and spend time with them, but she was also voicing Hatsune Miku in the concerts she had this summer and was excited for that. She smiled, it was going to be great, Tonight was the ball and she helped Haruhi get ready and make him look like the perfect gentleman, she was in a beautiful dark purple [ ball gown] that was specially made for her. Tamaki had a king's crown and Shizuka had a tiara that he had given to her and asked her to wear. One of her best friends back home had sent her a corsage so she wore it for him. She smiled going out, ready to make every male happy.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 44d 18h 12m 59s
Kyoya awaited her response, though suppressed his eagerness from showing externally in order to seem as though he was just asking a simple question. Of course it wasn't and the answer he got was something he didn't completely expect and it intrigued him quite a bit more than usual. Although the detail regarding her work at a nearby children's hospital was the most interesting part.

If Shizuka worked at one of the nearby hospitals that specialized in treating children, her uniform is one of the several that were given to the nurses in the Ootori's hospitals, and that she was asked to help with this all implied that she was linked to the Ootori hospitals themselves. He had only gone through part of her information, this segment about her was probably kept more as private information. Explaining why he hadn't known about this. Also, he hadn't gone to any of the children's hospitals since he never really felt the need to. Unless it involved maintenance or something along those lines.

He mostly remained silent as she gave her explanation, grabbed her things, and left. Simply watching her leave and wishing her a good evening. [b "Thank you for your hard work and I wish you a wonderful evening Shizuka."] After she was gone, he took out his black book to take a look at the schedule for the coming week. The ball that they were planning was going to happen two days before their luncheon during the weekend. [b "Shizuka. You are rather...intriguing, aren't you?"] With that, the end of the day came and soon would the ball.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 44d 18h 49m 8s
She smiled, getting everything in her bag as she heard Kyoya speak. [B [+indigo "Well, it is good to see you again Shizuka. I hope that work wasn't too difficult for you. Although, you seemed to handle it with relative ease. And your uniform matched those of the other nurses, though I'm sure you weren't informed about what they looked like in advance, so it is rather puzzling that you'd have just the right attire for the right moment. Would you perhaps be able to shed some light on this for me?"]] He asked with a small smirk. That was odd, she thought he already knew. Once she had collected her things she stood up, dusting off her uniform.

[B "Well, it's very simple Mr. Ootori.... I work as a part-time nurse in training at the childrens hospital near by. They asked me if I could help out today and I agreed. I was surprised when my patient was you. I had also agreed to do my physical exam with Haruhi because she felt more comfortable with me there. Thank you for your coat again, very chivalrous of you."] She said with a small smile. She turned to face him finally still smiling. [B "But you can ask me more questions on our luncheon. I'll have to be getting home now Mr. Ootori.... It was a pleasure assisting you today."] She said, with a small bow and left, smirking.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 44d 22h 17m 24s
Once the test was over, Kyoya went about taking care of the forms and getting himself cleaned up. The scent of perspiration was not a good one the longer it lingered. Though took Shizuka up on her offer when she handed him the towel and water. Before taking a shower, he took care of the paper work. Thanking her for her hard work. [b "Your assistance with this matter is much appreciated."]

As the day came to a close, Kyoya had gone to the Club's room to gather his belongings before leaving. He had arrived before Shizuka and when she did enter, he greeted her. Though he had some questions that could satisfy his curiosity.

Kyoya was putting his black book and laptop into his book bag when Shizuka entered the room. He turned his attention to her and welcomed her. [b "Well, it is good to see you again Shizuka. I hope that work wasn't too difficult for you. Although, you seemed to handle it with relative ease. And your uniform matched those of the other nurses, though I'm sure you weren't informed about what they looked like in advance, so it is rather puzzling that you'd have just the right attire for the right moment. Would you perhaps be able to shed some light on this for me?"] He was being very inquisitive, but he couldn't help it since there were some details that he wasn't aware of currently.
  Erik Lensharr / Crow37 / 5y 44d 22h 24m 38s
She silently counted and had him move onto push-ups, and pull-ups. She handed him a towel and a glass of water, taking down everything on his sheet. Once she had everything neatly printed on paper. She collected her paper and pulled it off of her clipboard. She handed it to him gently. [#4ad998 "Thank you much Mr. Ootori, please go to the administrator and give them your slip showing you have completed the physical exam. The showers are to the left at the end of the way with fresh towels if you wish to clean up...."] She said, with a charming smile and a small bow, then went on to another male student. He flirted with her, but she didn't respond to it, she just showed him a kind smile and helped him with the exam.

After all the assigned patients were finished with the exam. She helped clean up everything and send everything off to the hospital. She sighed tiredly. Then smiled. [#4ad998 "Well, all in a hard days work...."] She said, then went off to take a shower and get dressed in a new uniform. She dried her hair and re-did her make-up. She put on her flats and made her way to the host club to pick up her bag which had the assigned work from the day placed in a folder neatly.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 44d 23h 2m 42s
The physical exam was rather trivial to Kyoya. Something he had already done in the past and with relative ease and a little to no margin of error. Due to him being a product of fine breeding, his intelligence wasn't the only thing that he was specialized in. Most of the tests and tasks that Shizuka asked him to do were simple and ease to take care of. When it came to being physically fit, he was not slouch. Always striving for excellence in all fields of expertise. Or at least to a level where he could be considered as one of the elite. Even if it was in physical fitness.

When it came to the physical activity, such as the sit-ups, he easily took care of them. [b "Just tell me when to stop, it may be a while."] Kyoya was making a small joke with her, though he wasn't kidding when he went over fifty with relative ease and was still going at seventy. Whatever else the test had planned, the Ootori boy was already prepared to handle it effectively and efficiently. All in order to get this mundane event out of the way. Though he he something to say to Shizuka once this was over.
  Erik Lensharr / Crow37 / 5y 44d 23h 11m 34s
She took her measurements, height and weight as accorded. Kyoya was very fit and lean.... She blushed and did the measurements quickly but right and wrote them down, she had him sit down so she could take his BPM, then grabbed his wrist, putting three fingers on his main veins and checked her watch.... She did everything that was mandatory and now all that was left was the physical aspect of it. [#4ad998 "Alright then.... Please follow me to the physical course...."] She said, then left to go off to the gym area where a mat had been placed for him.

She grabbed a box and had him sit up, with his feet on the side of the box and got a ruler. [#4ad998 "Alright for this part, bend one knee slightly, then try to reach to your toes as best as you can...."] She said, giving him a small smile. He did well 11's to 12's easily. She had him lay back on the mat. [#4ad998 "Next part, do as many sit-ups as you can, the max being 100.... When you feel tired let me know. Do you want to do this with or without me holding your ankles Mr. Ootori?"] She asked as if he was any normal patient.
  Kylah Qaniit / FireFoxx / 5y 45d 16h 24m 51s
When the doctor began to tell his life story to them, Kyoya was paying a lot of attention to the more minute details. It didn't make sense that the daughter of a doctor who runs a small clinic would ever be able to attend Ouran Academy without having the academic ability that Haruhi had. Kyoya was about to ask the man about where his daughter went to school when Shizuka cut him off. He didn't mind, though the words he was going to say had been stolen from him. [i How very intriguing.]

Soon after the matter about where the man's daughter went to school was settled, Tamaki asked Kyoya to give the man directions. [b "As you wish."] Quickly giving the man the instructions he would need to more accurately find his daughter. Though Kyoya was the first to leave the room so that Haruhi could change. While the others were chewed out by Haruhi.

Soon the matter was over and done with. All that Kyoya had to take care of now were his own measurements. Approaching his curtained off area, he took back the coat and held it over his arm as he entered the area. Once in private, he took off his tie and shirt and went about taking care of the physical exam. Allowing Shizuka, and the girls who wanted to watch, to see his bare chest and upper body that he hid behind the clothing.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 45d 17h 18m 25s

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