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Tamaki nodded, taking Shizuka into his arms and throwing a soft blanket around her shoulders and keeping her close as Kyoya handled everything with Renge. Renge went on a rant and Shizuka had enough. [B "But that's not the real Kyoya.... If you love someone, then you love that person for who they really are, not the fantasy you made them out to be. Kyoya is a great person in his own way.... He may not be the prince you pictured him out to be, but he has his princely qualities as well as his other qualities."] She said, looking over at her friend. She looked at Shizuka, understanding what she meant and nodded. Apologizing to Kyoya she smiled and went home for the day.... Shizuka was escorted back to the host club, being tended to carefully.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 37d 22m 58s
The other hosts hurried over to see if everything was alright. Though Renge, who was watching everything with the cameraman and the director, was becoming more and more excited after what had just been witnessed. [b [+pink " tell me you got that cameraman!"]] Everyone that was responsible for the production of this film was rather happy that this had just been documented. However, Kyoya...was not.

In reality, Kyoya was rather unhappy about this. He motioned for Shizuka to be with Tamaki for a while. [b "Tamaki, could you take care of Shizuka for a moment. I need to [i deal] with something."] His eyes were cold and he lacked a smile upon his face, a portion of his "real" side was emerging.

Walking over to the camera, he had a rock in his right hand, concealing it as Renge began to fantasize about what to do next in the film. While she was distracted, Kyoya smashed the lens of the camera; the cameraman was shocked and worried about his camera now. With Kyoya's smashing of the camera's [b "I'm terribly sorry, but I cannot allow there to be any record of a club member engaging in violence."] Kyoya's cold and piercing eyes then set their focus on Renge. He was going to be what he actually is in order to settle this matter. [b "I think you've cause enough trouble around here Renge. Please stop being such a pest."]
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 37d 47m 5s
She looked over, tears in her eyes with fear as she looked at Kyoya who had his famous death glare. Kyoya quickly grabbed the one holding Shizuka and pinned him to the wall, giving his threat. After the other one explained that it was Renge who provoked them. Kyoya let him go and they both ran off. He came over to Shizuka, she was holding her eye. She allowed him to help her up. [B "He scratched my eye but other than that I'm fine...."] She said gently. She held onto Kyoya as he walked her back. The others worried over her as they got her a small cloth to help her eye.

[B "Thank you Kyoya...."] She said, keeping by his side. She had a blanket wrapped around her shoulders tightly as her eye began to feel a bit better as she walked back to the host club with him.
  Kylah Qaniit / FireFoxx / 5y 37d 1h 22m 53s
Kyoya couldn't do anything about this at the moment. Requesting that they keep her satisfied for the time being. [b "Ms. Houshakuji is an important business client with the Ootoris. So I suggest that you behave for now. With any luck, she'll eventually leave us alone."] It was a bit of pipe dream that Renge would leave, especially since she had a crush and was fantasizing about Kyoya now.

As the next day came, Renge gave each and every one of the other hosts a role; except for Kyoya. Which somehow lead to them being involved in the filming of a movie. Tamaki seemed to like his new role, so things were likely not going to change any time soon. Renge even liked how Tamaki was acting as a "Lonely Prince". Giving him pointers for some weird reason.

While the scenes progressed, soon came Haruhi's, Honey's, Shizuka's, and Mori's moments in the film. Kyoya was mostly on the sidelines. Staying out of the spotlight as much as possible and taking notes within his black book. However, when the fiasco with the delinquents came around, he looked up and observed the situation. After seeing that Shizuka and Renge were in trouble, he walked over to delinquents. A glare in his eyes and his tone was rather intimidating when directed at them. [b "Perhaps you should leave."]

Kyoya grabbed one of them by the collar and pinned him to the wall. [b "I'm sure you wouldn't want to overstay your welcome, now would you?"] The second delinquent was just about to tell him that it was Renge who provoked them, but Kyoya had been watching the entire time. Observing things was something he specialized in. He let him down and the two boys fled.

Turning his attention to Shizuka, he helped her up. [b "You're not hurt are you? It would be quite a shame to see you injured."] He was still more like himself at the moment. Viewing her as an important asset to the club and less like a person. Though he was being a bit genuine in his concern. Perhaps it was just a rather confusing tone he was using.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 38d 15h 50m 34s
Shizuka was a little jealous of them, Renge smiled at the pair, a little jealous herself. Shizuka looked over Kyoya. [B "Kyoya does look like him a lot.... That's really odd how they're so alike...."] She said, then looked over at Renge who had just announced she was going to be their lady manager....

The next day came quickly and it was their luncheon date. But Kyoya didn't seem to notice as they were now filming a movie. Shizuka's role was the smart loner girl who also got picked on.... The scene took place with her and Haruhi running in the rain to stop at a tree, out of breath. [B "S-Stop please!"] Shizuka said, a little scared. [+pink "It's time to teach commoners a lesson.... And after I'm done with him.... Your next Shizuka"] Huni said, acting tough. But soon broke character and hugged Shizuka and Haruhi tightly. [+pink "I can't do it! I'm sorry Shizu-Chan! Haru-Chan!"] He cried. Renge yelled cut as she was given a towel to dry off.

Renge soon pulled Shizuka to the side of the building, where she introduced her to some of the school's delinquents. She was nervous around them, Renge ticked them off. [B "Hey don't push her like that!"] Shizuka yelled, when the gang member grabbed her wrist and pushed her against the wall, covering her mouth as he accidentally scratched her eye a bit which made her tear up. [+maroon "I'm going to teach you a lesson to keep your mouth shut."]
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 38d 23h 20m 44s
As Kyoya was pulled to the side and onto the couch, he listened out of curiosity. Though almost everyone else had no clue as for what Renge was talking about. The person she was describing didn't match up with who Kyoya was and they all knew it. All except for Renge of course. The Twins were grabbing their heads in confusion for attempting to connect what she was saying with him. It just didn't fit. Things like that never occurred with Kyoya. He seemed much too cold and secretive to actually do those kinds of actions. Even Honey was frozen out of confusion and shock.

However, when she mentioned the name of a game, they all stood frozen in silence. Slowly, their minds began to figure it out. Beginning with Haruhi. [b [+brown "Uki..."]] Followed by Honey, [b [+pink "Doki..."]] Suddenly Tamaki figured it out and was completely shocked by this. [b [+eabe0e "Otaku!"]] Hikaru was just as shocked, but slightly confused. [b [+red "Otaku?!"]] Mori just stood there, silent and a bit unsure of what they meant. Kaoru was next up on the list of who was being shocked next. [b [+green "I've never seen one!"]]

Kyoya, began to think about it a bit more calmly as he was on the couch. It didn't take long for him to figure out why. [b "I get it now. You're in love with that character. You're projecting that love unto me, and somehow deluded yourself into thinking we're engaged."] It seemed to make complete sense. At least to him. Renge appeared to be head over heels for Kyoya because of her experience with the character in the game. [b "I assume that this character also wears glasses as well."] The character itself looked near identical to Kyoya in reality, though he couldn't exactly figure that out. But was considering it.

Shizuka seemed to be the first one to figure things out and he didn't look all that unsettled by this. The other hosts came to question Kyoya's relationship with Renge as she fantasized. [b [+eabe0e "So she made it up. You're not really her fiance, right?"]] Kyoya seemed to be handling this rather well while the rest were quite unsettled. Or at least the Twins and Tamaki did. [b "Well no, I don't remember ever asking for her hand in marriage. Besides, this is the first time I've ever met the woman."] Tamaki let out a sigh of relief at this. Though everyone else was just glad that there was some kind of clarification they could depend on.
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Renge pulled Shizuka to sit down with her on a couch, looking at the others as she pulled Kyoya to sit on the other side of Shizuka.... She felt a little bad for Kyoya. [+blue "You idiot, I know my Kyoya well! I remember the time when he slowly watched the flowers in the garden when he thought no one was looking! Or that other time where he hugged an injured kitten and helped it.... Ohh my Kyoya is so good hearted, he's a very loving person with a warm personality but some times he's really lonely inside..... He also looks like the character from Uki Doki Memorial!!! He's my perfect prince."] She said, fantasizing about it in her head.

She looked over at Kyoya, trying not to smile or laugh a bit. [B "Kyoya? Are you sure your alright with this?"] She asked quietly, seeing as the others were being chewed out by her. She didn't want to give Renge the impression of something that really wasn't Kyoya.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 40d 5h 41m 24s
Kyoya observed the girl that seemed so full of energy. Listening for rather important details about the relationship between Shizuka and Renge. It was a very interesting detail that she used to live in France and that she had used two names. Each one for a different location. Though something was gnawing at the back of his mind. [i The name Délacour...It sounds very familiar. Where did I hear of that name. Well, I'll think about it later. For now, let's just try and get as much information as possible.]

It didn't surprise him that Shizuka had been in France. After all, most of the wealthier people in the world tended to travel around. Though perhaps it was more interesting that she lived in France before coming to Japan. Seeming very similar to Tamaki. But perhaps it was just a simple coincidence that something like that happened to both of them. Although there might have been different circumstances.

However, he was a little caught off guard by Renge's proposal. His eyebrows lifting themselves out of this new development. He had no intention of getting married to her, but he wanted to see why things played out this way. Tamaki, out of curiosity and being nervous, decided to ask Renge why she wanted to marry Kyoya. [b [#eabe0e "Uh...Renge. Why do you want to marry Kyoya? This is the first time you've met, haven't you?"]]
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 40d 6h 4m 35s
She smiled, hugging Renge tightly. She used to visit France every summer for her grandfathers business. Renge and her used to be best friends after her parents died. [+blue "Well Kyoya. She has two names, one is her real Japanese name that her parents gave her and her English name her grandmother gave her. Her Japanese name is Shizuka Takayama, and her English name is Lady Arianna Délacour and her Grandmother is Lady Sophie Délacour. Her Grandfather owns a lot of the business's in France We were friends of course as her grandfather did business so we often met up when we were younger.... We broke off when she moved to Japan."] Renge explained as she showed a picture of Shizuka and Renge as little girls. She smiled, and Shizuka smiled back.

She was a halfer of course, she was half French and half Japanese. She and Renge got along so well. [B "So yes, she is a friend and I'm surprised that she's here..."] She said, when Renge turned and said she was going to marry Kyoya.
  FireFoxx / 5y 40d 23h 10m 2s
As the previous and eventful day ended and soon brought about the beginning of a new series of unforeseen incidents along with a new day. It was between midnight and two in the morning when Kyoya went to bed. Making getting out of bed in the morning a bit more...[i difficult] than usual for the servants of the Ootori family. Specifically the one who would be sent to wake him up. Thankfully though, he woke up on his own and felt rather recharged for the morning. The servant fell into shock upon seeing Kyoya getting up on his own after only five or six hours of sleep.

He had then begun to get ready for school from then on. When it eventually came to the Host Club, things seemed to carry on as normal. Though with a different theme this time. He wore a black and purple kimono for himself. With violet hydrangea scattered about tastefully on it. As was his usual method of dealing with the guests, Kyoya went about selling and making a profit for the Host Club. Taking advantage of photos that had been taken during the ball from the previous day.

Eventually he went to grab a simple drink of water to refresh himself slightly. Encountering Shizuka there, though only got a small glass of water and drank it before returning. Although was confused when he saw their new guest decided to embrace Shizuka. He was a little ways away and adjusted his glasses a bit. [b "Shizuka. Is this a friend of yours? Also, if I may ask, why did she address you as Arianna? Is that a name you used in the past or because of some circumstance?"]
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Shizuka smiled, dancing with Kyoya was something she didn't want to end. As the song came to a close, She curtsied to him. Smiling and taking the tiara off. [B "It was a pleasure Kyoya...."] She said, then she grabbed her shoes and left, the limo already outside waiting for her. She went home, and took all the make-up off then took a long shower, got ready for bed then fell asleep. The next morning her feet hurt like hell but she got up and got dressed. She sighed, she had gotten another letter, inviting her to a gathering where very rich girls met very rich boys and found their spouse. She grabbed her book bag and smiled, it was raining outside, so she quickly ran to the limo, her butler following her with a umbrella as she got inside.

She got to the school, of course, she brought her an umbrella and an extra. She walked up, her chaprone had made sure he held an umbrella over her head as she walked up the stairs. She quickly got through all her classes, then it was off to the Host Club. She got changed into her kimono, and took her place, watching as the boys and girls came in. She smiled at them, giving her the signature lines that every boy wanted to hear. She watched the others, her new best friends. They had all taken quite a liking to her, even Mori-Senpai. Huni loved hanging out with her and the twins did too, Tamaki liked to talk with her while her and Haruhi hung out a lot when they had free time. They were all talking together when they noticed a figure hiding behind the door. Tamaki of course invited her in, but Shizuka was getting more tea, so she didn't know she was here yet.

Shizuka came out in time to see Renge, talking with the other hosts and telling them about their characters when she looked over at Shizuka.... Her eyes filled with tears as did Shizu's. [B "Renge-Chan....?"] She asked hesitantly. Renge looked at Arianna. [+blue "Arianna?!"] She asked excitedly. She nodded and Renge ran, stepping on Tamaki to hug her long lost friend tightly. She smiled and laughed with Renge. [+blue "I've missed you so much ever since you moved to Japan!!!"] She said, smiling at her.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 41d 6h 32m 37s
The dance continued for a little while longer. The music was at its climax and soon began its descent. Shizuka and Kyoya were dancing the night away while the rest of the Host Club decided to stay on the sidelines and watch. [b "Whether this smile is real or fake? Even I cannot tell at the moment. Though this has been a wonderful dance. But alas, it will soon be coming to an end."] The music was soon on its decline and the dance eventually slowed to a stop.

He let go of her and bowed. [b "You have excellent dancing skills Shizuka. Even if you aren't wearing any shoes. Though I suggest that you get some rest tomorrow so that you may enjoy the following day."] With that, he began to back out of the spotlight. [b "I must bid you farewell for tonight Shizuka. It has been a grand evening."]

Soon things came to an end and everyone slowly dispersed. Kyoya returned to his home and quickly took care of the necessities before falling asleep. He wanted a good long rest before their luncheon of the following day.
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She smiled, looking over as the twins began forming some other twisted plot. She had a real smile on her face, and everyone stared at them like they were some new creature out of the earth or something, they had never really seen the two of them smile. She looked up at him. [#23a469 "That smile on your face... Is it real because your having a good time or are you just being a host?"] She asked, smiling as the dance seemed to go on forever....

She honestly didn't mind, she felt comfortable just being as she was with Kyoya. She felt content just being like this, swaying gently, though her feet were killing her.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 41d 17h 6m 10s
The dance progressed and the room began to dim around them. The Twins were being mischievous again and began to slowly have the light only surround Shizuka and Kyoya. Starting off in a large circle and having it close in on them over time and following them. As the motions continued, Kyoya was being rather exquisite in his dancing skills. Though didn't allow his perception to falter.

He watched things out of the corners of his eyes. Though made sure to maintain eye contact with Shizuka. [b "Well. It seems that we're being toyed with. Though it isn't that troublesome."] He twirled her and the spotlight increased in size. Then shrunk as he pulled her back. He had a rather genuine smile on his face. Or at least it appeared that way. It wasn't sure of whether he was actually enjoying himself, or faking it. Even he couldn't completely tell.
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Shizuka smiled, Kyoya moved softly as the lights were dimmed. She felt a little nervous. She liked him, but she really didn't see him as any more than a friend at this point. [#23a469 "It does.... So, how was your evening?"] She asked, making small conversation as he spun her gently, then took her back in his arms. She let out a small chuckle, she liked the real Kyoya better than the fake one, even though he was a perfect gentleman.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 41d 17h 52m 23s

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