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[b "Normally, it is."] Kyoya pushed up his glasses with the hand he held his pencil in. [b "Though we've had that up there for a while. It's just that it's never been noticed until now due to never needing to use it."] As he continued to watch what looked like nothing more than a tantrum, something Shiro said made Kyoya suspicious.

Shiro said that he was going to run out of time. [i What could Shiro be so worried that is so incredibly urgent? Seems a bit odd that such a young boy would have something like that at his age.] However, things seemed to begin to work in favor Shiro again as he called Tamaki "The King" again. It seemed like what they had done was rather roundabout.

Tamaki then began to try and explain to Shiro what it was that he meant by trying to find a role. [b [+eabe0e "Making women happy is the sole purpose of being a host. If this is what you really want Shiro, then you'll have to use the material you already have."]] This seemed to puzzle the boy, so Kyoya stepped in. [b "You see, here at the Ouran Host Club, our policy is to use our individual personality traits to meet the needs of our guests."] He placed his right hand on his hip as he explained through the cage. [b "For example, there's Tamaki. Who is the princely type. There is the strong, silent type. The boy-Lolita type. The little-devil type. And the cool type."] Kyoya held up what looked like a purple lily. [b "It's all...about...variety. And with the addition of Haruhi, the natural, and Shizuka, the innocent type, our group is complete."]

As they began to analyze Shiro, it seemed to get rather confusing. [b "It would seem that we have the perfect blend of characters. So it's going to be difficult to find a new type for Shiro."] The other hosts then began to think about what Shiro could be. A boy-Lolita type like Honey-senpai? It seemed to fit due to his age and appearance. However, it was Renge who was going to shed some light on this issue.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 38d 18h 36m 41s
Shizu sighed, she didn't want to play this game with her little cousin right now. So once he had been caged, she looked lost. [B "U-Uhh.... I-I thought this was a music room?"] She asked, a little worried that he was now caged as Kyoya walked over to her side. She looked over and smiled at him a bit, silently thanking him for yesterday. [+green "Please! I'm gonna run out of time, please teach me! Your the king!"] He said, and Tamaki went into his little mode again, ranting. Then tried to figure out a role for the apprentice.
  Krism Fairchild / FireFoxx / 5y 38d 22h 24m 52s
It seemed that things were going in a way that Kyoya slightly expected. While all of Shiro's backlash would be this troublesome, he had made sure to observe the boy out of the corners of his eyes. The boy wasn't exactly "well disciplined". With how he was acting, it had become rather evident that Shiro still had some maturing to do overall. But it was rather surprising to see that this boy had begun to suspect that something was wrong with Haruhi physically. Tamaki and the Twins made their best attempts at quelling to these assumptions the boy was making.

Then, somehow, Haruhi decided to have Shiro take the tea for her. Though it seemed to have backfired due to the boy almost instantly dropping it and then placing the blame on her. [b "Haruhi...That's another 100,000 yen."] This boy's etiquette was probably the most disappointing thing of all and would need some rather impressive work in order to fix it.

Tamaki then seemed a bit fed up with the boy and before anyone had the time to realize it, Shiro was in a cage and began to demand to be let out. [+brown "Hey, why did you put me in cage all of a sudden?!"] It did seem rather out of the blue that there even was a cage that was usable in this music room. Kyoya knew it was there, but never knew why they would ever need it. Though it seemed rather appropriate for this moment. [+brown "This is no way to treat your loyal apprentice, now let me out of this cage!"]
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 39d 24m 0s
She sighed, she knew this would end badly. Shiro always had a habbit of being good enough to make an impression then immediately turn into a punk and ruin it. She sighed, allowing him to do what he wanted as she cleaned up a tea set. She watched as Tamaki became infatuated with the little boy and took him on without a second thought. She knew that he had a crush on a girl in his class, and that this was probably for her, so she let it be.

Soon, Shiro turned everything into a mess, stating the truth and ruining one of Tamaki's customers self-confidence. Huni came running to Shizuka and Mori soon and hugging them both. [+maroon "Shiro.... You know what I told you. If you want to make girls happy, then you need to stop acting like this."] She said, putting Huni on Mori. The twins and Tamaki quickly panicked when Shiro noticed Haruhi. Shizuka sighed, this wasn't going to end well.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 39d 21h 41m 40s
Tamaki beckoned for the young boy to come closer after hearing being called the "King". Most everyone already knew that he was, but it seemed more amazing than shocking that he was only being called "King" just now. Tamaki asked the boy about what he had just been called, though it was fairly obvious that it was to satisfy his own ego or pride if anything at all. As Shiro gave Tamaki what he wanted, the "King" of the Host Club then went into a rather fantasy-like happiness due to the lack of ever being called such.

Then the boy did something rather unprecedented, Shiro wanted to be Tamaki's apprentice. Everyone seemed a bit surprised. This was not something they expected of someone as young as Shiro. But, nonetheless, Tamaki allowed the middle school student to observe him as Tamaki did his job as the leader of the Host Club. Though Kyoya had his suspicions that this was going to be a bit more troublesome than Tamaki could detect initially.

Haruhi found it a bit weird that Tamaki allowed Shiro to watch him work so up close. But it was their leader's decision. Kyoya had a theory in his head. One that he had discovered by doing research. [b "There is a theory that people are more beautiful the closer they are viewed. Tamaki seems to live by that theory."] Kyoya then went back to his black book. [b "Well, let's leave them alone."] Though Kyoya already began to think something unexpected was coming. Something unexpected always happened at one point or another.

It wasn't very long until the silence broke. Shiro began to "speak his mind". Something that Tamaki didn't really enjoy since it made his job near impossible. Ending with the girl running away while he's stunned in silence..
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 39d 22h 46m 59s
She felt like her heart was breaking all over again after talking about her parents. She gasped lightly when she felt Kyoya's hand on her head, patting her head gently like a friend would, then he gave her a real smile.... [+indigo "It seems you've had a rather rough life haven't you. With Haruhi and Renge being some of your closest friends, and joining the Host Club. You seem to have found some kind of solace in this world. Always know that there are those of us here that will listen and help you with anything you ask of us. Never hesitate to ask."] He said, taking a handkerchief out of his back pocket and wiping her tears, gently pressing it into her hands when she was done. [B "Thank you Kyoya...."] She said, gently, looking up at him. He smiled at her and took his leave, and she turned on her side and fell asleep.

The next day, Shizuka arrived back at school healthy and shining. She went through all of her classes as if the last day never even happened. Luckily the twins had brought her homework so she was able to catch up on her work easily. She quickly got dressed in her [ indian dress] then got with the others. When a little boy came in. She looked at him confused.... [+maroon "Shiro-Chan? What are you doing here aren't you supposed to be in class?"] She asked lightly. The others looked at her oddly, did she know everyone?! [+maroon "Everyone this is my cousin Shiro Takaoji, he's still in middle school. Though he's more like my little brother."] She said with a smile. [+green "Are you the king of this place?"] He asked Tamaki.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 40d 7h 1m 26s
Now Kyoya knew what he wanted more information on. This was something that he had been trying to figure out in the back of his head this entire time. While he did have a bit of a grin on his face, it was more sincere than sly. He listened intently and paid every last bit of his attention to her. When she was done, he put his hand on her head and patted her. Then gave her a gentle and genuine smile and look to her. [b "It seems you've had a rather rough life haven't you. With Haruhi and Renge being some of your closest friends, and joining the Host Club. You seem to have found some kind of solace in this world. Always know that there are those of us here that will listen and help you with anything you ask of us. Never hesitate to ask."] He took his other hand and used it to get the handkerchief out of his back pocket and used it to wipe away her tears. Then placed it in her hands.

With that, he got up off her bed and began to walk away. [b "I'll be taking my leave for now. We expect to see you back at the host club rather soon, so make sure that you recover."] Once he had said this, he walked out the door and closed the door before adjusting his glasses. A glare from the lighting now on the lenses, he turned his attention to the hosts that were listening in. [b "I suggest that we leave Shizuka alone for the time being. Also..."] His voice became rather haunting and more villainous. [b "You didn't overhear us...did you?"] The hosts all became fearful of the Shadow King. Fearing for what Kyoya might do, all the hosts backed away and swore they didn't hear anything.

Kyoya sighed and already knew that they had overheard everything. [b "Well...Let's just call it a day for now. We need to rest up for the guests tomorrow, don't we?"] They gave a sigh of relief and relaxed a bit. With that, the day slowly came to an end.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 40d 18h 58m 47s
Shizuka finished her meal and laid back in bed as Kyoya asked about her parents. She flinched a little, not wanting to go back to her past or remember how they died. She swallowed, wiping a tear. [B "Well.... I don't have parents anymore, they're dead.. We used to live in poverty on the streets. My grandmother who was taking care of me loved my daughter for her beauty and thought she would get a well off husband who could support the family buisness. My mother fell in love with someone from the mail room of my grandfathers business, of course my grandmother disapproved. They got married and not long after I was born. I caused a lot of problems, I was born with a few health problems and they were forced to pay for it. Of course my grandmother had my father fired for ruining the family. We were poor, and my grandmother refused to help, she would have rather seen us dead that with my father. My parents died on the streets when I was 5.... My grandmother immediately sent for someone to get me as my parents were left."]

She said, sniffing, she was now crying full out now. She was upset with herself for acting like this, but it was hardly a subject she talked about on a regular basis. [B "My grandmother took me and raised to be the lady my mother never was. She lived out how she wanted my mother to be through me. I was educated by the best tutors and I took musical and language classes. I learned to draw and paint, I am the perfect lady to be.... Once my grandmother chooses a suitor after I graduate High School, I will be forced into a life I never would have chose for myself."] She said, and she had no idea the rest of the host club listened in....
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As they ate their meals, it wasn't until after he was done eating that Kyoya decide to ask Shizuka a question or two. Though Perhaps a little more than a few, since there were probably some questions that may come up as he finds out more information. [b "Alright then. Why don't we begin with your family. A simple topic, though probably one of the ones that not too many of us know about. There have been small mentions of your grandfather's business, but not much else."]

Leaving a small gap between his questions, he then asked a second one. [b "Also, do you think you could tell me about your parents? It doesn't need to be all that much in terms of information, just what you're comfortable with of course."] Kyoya wanted more information on her background, rather than anything else. She already seemed to be from a well-off family, though knowing how it is that her family attained that wealth was something he was more interested in. It wasn't her money that interested him though. It was more the method that Shizuka's family had used.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 41d 1h 37m 22s
She looked at Kyoya. Smiling softly she allowed him to speak, for some reason just hearing him speak calmed her down. [+indigo [B "A call would have been nice, but it was an emergency. So I don't think you should dwell on that too much. If anything, it would have been much worse not to hear back from such an important asset at all. We are rather glad to see you in better shape though."]] He said, giving her a stiff smile. She smiled back, then looked curiously over to the door as two meals came in. She looked at Kyoya ridiculously. [B "I think your one of the most insane people I've ever met...."] She said, sitting up as the table was slid over to them and set up. She smiled at Kyoya. He really did have a heart.

[+indigo [B "Since this is one of the Ootori's hospitals, I was able to get this kind of thing inside without any trouble. Also, consider it my gift since now you can enjoy the meal that we had planned to happen today."]] He said. She sat criss cross and allowed him to sit on the end side of the bed. They had Lobster with a light mint salad. She laughed lightly. She ate a bit before looking at him. [B "Alright.... You can start with your questions..."]
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 41d 3h 14m 52s
Kyoya listened as Shizuka explained her side of the story. Though he had assumed that a rose's thorn would be much more fatal in comparison to a petal. However, he had already come up with a solution to one of her other worries. It was true that they never did get to eat together as they had planned. Although, Kyoya didn't let a simple allergy defeat him. At least not that easily.

Giving a bit of a grin and looking more like his "real" self, he spoke in response to what she had said. [b "A call would have been nice, but it was an emergency. So I don't think you should dwell on that too much. If anything, it would have been much worse not to hear back from such an important asset at all. We are rather glad to see you in better shape though."]

Kyoya got off the bed for a moment and turned his attention to the door as a knock on it could be heard. [b "Come in."] As soon as it opened, some food could be seen coming in. [b "Since this is one of the Ootori's hospitals, I was able to get this kind of thing inside without any trouble. Also, consider it my gift since now you can enjoy the meal that we had planned to happen today."]
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 41d 3h 45m 27s
Shizuka didn't expect the host club to bring her stuffed animals and gifts because she was in the hospital. She was starting to hate her allergy. It was causing more harm than good. She coughed painfully a bit after they left, not expecting Kyoya to stay. She gave every one of them a friendly hug before they left and her attention was turned to Kyoya as he sat on her bed, putting his arm over her waist to lean slightly. [+indigo [B "They can be quite eccentric, can't they? Though it is all because they're rather worried about you. After all, it was a bit strange when you weren't around Shizuka."]] He said softly. She smiled, it made her feel a little better.

Shizuka sat up a bit, looking at the shadow king with a smile. [B "Yes they can, but it seems like I've known them along time. I'm sorry I worried you, I should have called but I was having an issues earlier. It becomes severe when I get pricked by a rose, a petal is a lot less worse than this.. But I'm glad that you all came, I missed you. We never did have our luncheon."] She said, relaxing against the pillows as she looked at him.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 41d 3h 53m 46s
After Tamaki's minor questioning, it did seem odd after a while that Shizuka wasn't there. When they finally noticed, they couldn't seem to find her anywhere. It wasn't until after Renge's explanation that they figured out what had happened to her. Once Tamaki had given the hosts their orders, it was fairly evident that they were going to go almost all out on this task they had been given.

While Kyoya already had planned out what he was going to do, he wondered what the others would do. Haruhi seemed like she would probably bring the most "normal" of their gifts. Everyone else seemed as though they were going to do anything they possibly could just to make sure that Shizuka would get better and as soon as possible.

Once they arrived, the other hosts came and gave their gifts one by one. [b [#eabe0e "Hello there Shizuka. We heard what happened and hope you'll recover soon."]] Although, Honey ended up wanting to give her his present first. After a while, they all gave their individual presents and Kyoya was the last one to give his gift. Though he was waiting for the others to leave first.

After the hosts were done with their shower of presents, Tamaki gave the order to leave Shizuka so that she could get some rest. Though Kyoya was a bit sly and was the last one to "[i leave]". Instead, he just waited until the others were gone by waiting in the doorway. Once they were, he decided to talk with her first. [b "They can be quite eccentric, can't they? Though it is all because they're rather worried about you. After all, it was a bit strange when you weren't around Shizuka."]
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 41d 4h 11m 42s
The next day Shizuka didn't arrive at the Host club. After Kyoya had made the DVD's and Tamaki confronted him he finally noticed. He had the other hosts look around for her but when they couldn't find her they got worried. Renge entered the host club, she looked at them as they looked at her. [+orange "Where's Shizuka? We haven't seen her all day...."] The twins said. Renge looked up and gave them a sad smile. [+blue "She's been in the hospital all day.... She got pricked by a rose today after some idiot sent them to her.... She's been having issues breathing."] She said sadly, setting her bags down.

The hosts were immediately worried about her, remembering how she first reacted to even a rose petal on her hand. [B [+yellow "Men! We are going to visit Shizuka and make her feel better! All of us! We'll get her gifts and help take care of her."]] He said confidently. The others nodded, quickly running to get gifts and things to help Shizuka feel better. They then all went to the hospital where Shizuka was and got to her room, she was lightly sleeping when she heard them come in. She opened her eyes and smiled. [B "Hi...."]
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 41d 20h 11m 38s
Renge seemed to have disappeared since she left, or at least for the time being since she hadn't been seen since the day that she learned her important lesson. Although, Kyoya had taken advantage of the filming that had been done and had begun to allow their guests to purchase it if they so wished. Most, if not all, of the purchases came from the ladies that visited the club.

Tamaki was rather surprised. He thought that the film or footage that had been shot had been destroyed or trashed. Actually, almost all of the hosts in attendance were surprised by this. The girls were now fawning over the moments they had seen in the film and just going on and on about certain scenes in it and how those were their favorites. Tamaki then requested that he be told what it was that had been done to cause something like this. [b [#eabe0e "Kyoya...?"]]

[b "I may have broken the camera's lens, but the footage that had already been shot wasn't damaged."] Kyoya seemed rather satisfied with the result of the profits that had been made from selling what had been gathered. A small and faint smirk on his face. [b "But naturally I did cut out that one violent scene. Sales have been pretty good so far."] He then turned his head to face the others, lowering his black book. [b "That Hollywood film crew did a fantastic job, but then I guess that's to be expected."] A more obvious grin was on his face now as Kyoya adjusted his glasses.

The Twins were the first to ask what it was that Kyoya had been implying since the start. [b [+orange "So then is this what you meant by interesting?"] Kyoya confidently responded in his regular way. [b "It's best to have as much money as we can in the club's budget."]
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 41d 23h 1m 24s

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