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When Shizuka was recovered, which was a week from when she had left. She came back to school. She had been in constant lessons all week, no matter what her grandmother said or how Shizuka complained about the pain. Her grandmother didn't care. She sighed, going into school and attending her regular classes. She sighed walking into the host club, she sat with Haruhi, thankful she didn't ask questions as she flipped open her calculus book and began to study.... She attended her host club duties and put on a fake smile. She sighed, getting out of school with Haruhi. Tamaki made sure they were both going to be there.....

Shizuka sighed, she was dressed in an all black two piece with sunglasses over her eyes and under a umbrella. She didn't want to be a burden to anyone, so she just acted like she was fine.
  Shizuka Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 340d 9h 49m 49s
It had been a week since the event where Shizuka had been injured. They all hoped that she had made a full recovery. They were rather concerned and worried about her. While Kyoya wouldn't show it externally, or at least all that openly, it could be seen that he'd make small mistakes often. Erasing or crossing out mistakes from time to time.

Since everyone seemed like they would need a rest from this chaos and madness that had been going on, Kyoya invited them to an indoor water park that was still in development. It was free for the members of the Host Club, though Kyoya was trying to gather information and data for those creating the park.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 340d 9h 58m 43s
She shook her head, feeling tears well up. [+maroon "As much as I would love to stay with you and your family.... My grandmother has ways of finding me. She's bring me back home and pull me out of school to go back to private tutoring.... I'm sacrificing a lot to be at the host club now, but I don't want to quit.... I have to go home for Piano practice.... Look after Shiro for me...."] She said, putting the Ice pack down as she winced getting up. She looked at him sadly. [+maroon "If anything bad happens, I'll call you alright?"] She asked, she handed him her cell number and she got his then she left as a Limo was already outside waiting for her. She had been taken home, the blanket Huni got her wrapped around her tightly, Mori got Usa-Chan back and sighed looking at where she left.
  FireFoxx / 5y 340d 11h 13m 9s
Kyoya stays and listens to her as carefully and accurately as he could making sure to listen to her every word. As she said that she needed help, it reminded him of when he first offered her his aid with this problem. While it seemed like an available option in the past, now it was more like the only option. He sighed, deciding to get himself involved in this problem. Even though it was likely to come back around and create more problems. [b "How about you stay at our, the Ootori's, house as a "temporary" guest. We have several extra rooms available and there's plenty of room. Also, we can have new tutors hired to teach you where you left off at your home. They'd be sworn to secrecy, so you wouldn't have to worry about them telling anyone where you are."]
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 343d 16h 34m 5s
No one was being let in to see Shizuka. The nurse was checking to make sure she wasn't rapped or worse. But after she had done what she could, she bandaged her up well, then gave her some pain medication. [B "I only want Kyoya or Mori in here...."] She said weakly to the nurse and she nodded. She quickly found Kyoya as the rest of the host club got up. Tamaki and the twins were insanely worried about her, Huni clinged onto Mori as he began to cry. They were angry at the man who had done this to her. She looked up, seeing Kyoya. Once he was over to her side, she hugged him softly, taking in his comfort. [B "Thank you for coming.... I don't know what else he could have done if you hadn't..."] She said, as her phone buzzed.

It was a call from her grandmother, she sighed. [B "I don't want to go home, he'll be staying at the manor for a few days. I wish I could stay with one of you, but I know my grandmother needs me home for private lessons. She's can be really harsh when she doesn't have her way."] She said, pulling back slightly, but still kept close to him.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 343d 19h 47m 44s
Kyoya goes with Honey to the nurse, and once there he has the nurse begin to take care of her. [b "I'll be back in a little bit. I just need to go and take care of something."] He needed to make sure that Mori didn't go overboard. If he did, it might become problematic. It took a while, but eventually he located Mori taking a man down to the ground. Finding it easy to guess that this man had to be the one who did it, he walked over and looked around. Making sure that there was no one here with a camera. Finding that there was one person with one, hidden in their glasses and in a car with tinted windows. It appeared to be the driver of the car that the man was going in.

[b "Sir, could you roll the window down for a moment."] The man did so, but a little nervously. He got some kind of shiver down his spine. Once the window was down enough, Kyoya snatches the glasses from him, drops it on the ground, and crushes it with the sole of his shoe. [b "I'm sorry sir, but I cannot allow you to take photos of this. I suggest that you get your man to a hospital now. Mori, put him in his car, we've done enough."] Mori decides to do as he is told by Kyoya and the man goes back in his car and away from where he currently was. [b "I've already called Tamaki about what happened, let's go back and check with Shizuka."]
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 343d 20h 42m 44s
She had tears streaming down her cheeks as Kyoya got to her. She shook her head, sobbing lightly. [+maroon "Take me to a nurse.... Please.... Don't let the man and the old hag outside see me...."] She pleaded, then looked at him, she looked so fragile and damaged. She put her arm around his neck as he took her into his arms, calling Mori for some help on getting out. Mori came quickly with Huni. He immediately worried as he saw Shizuka, they both walked over quickly. [+violet "K-Kyo-Chan.... What happened to her? Who did this?!"] Huni asked, putting a blanket over Shizuka and allowing her to hold Usa-Chan. [+maroon "The old lady outside and the man.... The man tried to force himself on me, I told him no and he hit me.... Then began to beat on me then left."] She said shakily, crying into Kyoya's chest.

Mori glared at the door. [+grey "We'll get you out of here safely...."] He said, going through the doors first along with Huni as they glared at the old man. He nodded for Kyoya to take her with Huni. Before they left, Mori marched over to the man, and picked him up by his collar, pinning him to the wall. [+grey "How dare you treat a lady like that...."] He said, socking him hard, kneeing him in the stomach harder, then flipping him over and breaking his arm. [+grey "Come near her again and it will be worse."]
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 346d 9h 49m 32s
The group of hosts then decided to split up to look, or at least Kyoya did. Thinking that it would be easier to simply try and locate Shiro specifically instead of both of them through the staff. His family was renown and some found it a privilege to be within his presence. It was something he took advantage of from time to time.

As he was walking through the halls on his own, he noticed an old woman and what appeared to be a young man. Observing them, he quickly took a look at their physical appearances. The old woman had a cold look in her eyes and the young man had a look of cruelty and desire in his.

After passing them by, he took notice of where they had come out of. It was around a corner. Taking a look at the doors, he looked for ones that seemed to have been recently opened. It was a shot in the dark, but he had a feeling that something wasn't quite right. Walking by several of the doors, it took him more time than he preferred to find two doors that seemed to have been recently opened. Taking a guess at one of the two, he opened one of the doors. It seemed to lead to a bathroom.

However, upon opening the second door, he found Shizuka on the ground. Kyoya walked over to her and took out his handkerchief and began to look her over. It was rather apparent that she had been physically attacked or hurt in some way or another and it irked him. [b "Are you alright Shizuka. You aren't too hurt, are you?"]
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 346d 10h 5m 55s
Before she could even reach Shiro, she saw her grandmother. With a sutor for her marriage she would have to decide on. She nodded after speaking with her. She was playing Piano in a music room when they were on their way to find Shiro. She played the 2nd hardest piano piece flawlessly, then the 1st..... The man clapped, looking pleased, but bored. She stood up, her grandmother slapped her, and apologized for her, then lead the man to a different room where they discussed the marriage arrangement. She was left standing there.... A hand on the piano with her head hanging down. A tear fell down her cheek, then the man came over to her, forcefully taking her into a room as she obviously tried to get away from him, when he finally had enough and hit her, she fell, scraping her knee badly, as she was forced to change into a black and white school uniform with a skirt and stockings. She also landed on her forearm and hurt that as well. He scoffed and left with the grandmother leaving Shizuka alone, on the floor....
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 346d 10h 36m 43s
Kyoya stood there in a silence as he listened to Haruhi. She did make some very good points about this situation and it explained some things. Though, why Shizuka didn't bring Shiro to the Host Club in order to just be around her seemed to be a bit unusual in his head, but soon discarded that question. [b "I see..."]

Soon after Haruhi was done explaining, he saw a look in Tamaki's eyes and understood in next to immediately. The blonde boy was up to something, and his face was a bit red, so were the twins', so it wasn't too hard to figure it out. It wasn't long until Haruhi and Honey were changed into middle and elementary school uniforms. Tamaki and the Twins seemed incredibly excited over this.

Soon, they began to look around the school for Shizuka and Shiro in order to identify what kind of problem is occurring between Shiro and Shizuka. These kinds of matters were usually best solved as quickly as possible and in the best way possible as well.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 346d 11h 30m 10s
[+Purple "Actually Kyoya-Senpai.... They've been almost as close as siblings ever since Shiro was born.... He didn't have many friends so they were usually always together. I think since she's joined the Host Club, he can tell somethings been different about her. She's been wearing dresses and spending most of her time here instead of spending time with him lately.... Shiro's only had her to depend on.... Her grandmother has been getting harder on her lately as well.... The host club has taken a real toll on her right now...."] Haruhi said, looking at the door where her best friend ran out of. She was worried about Shizuka's reaction when Shiro pushed her away.

So with a new plan, Haruhi and Huni both were dressed up as middle schoolers and trying to sneak their way into the host club easily. They made their way to Shiro's classroom, looking around to see it was empty as the others came in.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 351d 19h 41m 30s
Kyoya kept a very sharp eye on this boy as Shiro seemed to be in a panic. [i If he is running out of time, then what is it he's in such a rush to take care of? This could be interesting.] Then the boy seemed become rather upset with Shizuka. [i It seems that these two have some king of "thing" going on between them. This is becoming very intriguing.] But hearing that they were losers annoyed Kyoya slightly. [i Shiro still needs to work on his manners though.] Although, when the boy said that Shizuka had changed, he wondered what it was exactly that the boy was referring to. Was Shizuka different before? Or did Shiro have some kind of connection to Shizuka that wasn't the same as it is now.

Then, while she changed, Kyoya began to have some simply background details about Shiro be uncovered for him. He had a feeling that they would all go after them rather soon in order to discover what it was that Shiro actually wanted to accomplish. Once the information was obtained, he wrote it down in a memo and then Shizuka ran out after Shiro. Most of them stood and stared in confusion.

Kyoya decided to try and get Tamaki to try and snap out of it. [b "Tamaki, I think Shiro had some king of other reason for trying to become your apprentice. Maybe if we follow them, we can learn why."] The leader of the Host Club then snapped out of it and they began to follow Shizuka and Shiro.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 351d 20h 2m 0s
Shiro looked up at the person he thought to be his older sister and glared her her, knocking her hand off. [+green "I don't need you to baby me! I'm running out of time and you know that!! Just stay the hell away from me and stop acting like you care! You've changed! All you do is hang around with these losers!"] He yelled, running away from a heart broken Shizuka.... She looked down her hair falling over her shoulders. She went into the dressing room and changed into her jeans, tank-top, hoodie vest and sneakers with headphones around her neck as she grabbed her hobo back and ran after him. [B "Shiro wait!"] She yelled, going after him as the others looked at the relatives with shock.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 354d 9h 50m 15s
Kyoya mostly stood on the sidelines, but kept his ears and eyes wide open. Also making sure he was adamant in taking notes on this situation. Making sure to keep track of any and all possible information that could be gained from this in the case that an event like this ever happened again. One could never truly know when the knowledge they've gathered will be needed. A rather unpredictable thing that many have come to know as "life". Though Renge's methods were rather intriguing. She had grasped a hold on what Shiro's potential typing could be and was training him in how to use it very quickly and seemingly very effectively.

Though when Shizuka seemed to go to him, there seemed to be something wrong. [b "Is something the matter, Shizuka, Shiro? Did something happen?"] He was most curious now. But maintained what appeared to be a straight face. [b "Shiro, you did want to become Tamaki's apprentice. So you should find this to be something of a rare experience to have."] Kyoya was being very perceptive now. If he wanted to keep on going, then perhaps this boy did want to become a host. However, if he didn't, then Shiro might have some kind of ulterior motive.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 354d 10h 53m 50s
[B "Innocent....?"] She asked, looking up at Kyoya, but sighed. If thats what he thought of her then she would accept it. She smiled looking at Shiro. As Tamaki tried to figure out what type he was, Shizuka called on Renge. She laughed coming up from the rig. [+blue "Your all idiots! It's simple really!"] She said, looking over them. Tamaki looked up at their manager and nodded. [#eabe0e "Right then Manager! What should he be?"] He asked, then Shizuka did as well. [+blue "Well if you go by his age group, he should be a boy-lolita, but that's already Huni's place so we'll have to break this down. Girls like younger boys sometimes, those girls are called Shota girls! Now Shota can be broken into many different sub-catagory's, if you think about it.... Yes! He's deffinately, the naughty boy type!"] She said, looking at him.

Shizuka sighed, Renge taught him how to be like the Naughty boy type he was. She didn't feel right about this... So she kneeled down to his height and put a hand on his head. [B "If this isn't for women in particular.... And just one girl, I'm sure she likes you for the boy you are Shiro...."]
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 358d 20h 26m 37s

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