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Kelsi Mason Is the #1 pop singer in america and she loves to sing. Kelsi loves her fans and her family. When Kelsi moves into a new town with her mom Kelsi has to go to a new high school. When she goes there Kelsi meets a guy and starts to fall for him. Will she relize he only likes her for her fame or will he actually fall for her?


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Kelsi smiled then hugged him back. She then pulled away then smiled a she looked into his eyes. "Alright, time for me to go. See you out there!" she said then started to leave.
  *Kelsi* / Tfreak1029 / 10y 45d 19h 42m 30s
"Of cousre I am!"He said softly and grinned at her. He hugged her.
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y 45d 19h 45m 11s
As Kelsi finished her vocal excersizes she looked at Kyle and smiled. "Thanks, so are you going to be cheering me on in the crowd?" she asked then drank some of her water.
  *Kelsi* / Tfreak1029 / 10y 45d 19h 46m 41s
"Very beautiful voice."He said as she came out and began doing the vocal exercises. He grinned at her."I wish you luck. You'll do great though."
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y 45d 23h 49m 47s
Kelsi smiled then nodded as she picked out some clothes then went into the bathroom then got changed. After that she walked back out then started to do some vocal excersizes.
  *Kelsi* / Tfreak1029 / 10y 46d 12h 3m 6s
"Oh okay good!"He said."So this is a nice dressing room."He said looking around before looking back at his phone. Sending the pic to his best friend
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y 46d 12h 24m 53s
She smiled for the pic then looked at him and smiled. "Oh no silly I will change in the bathroom over there." she said then pointed to the bathroom. She smiled then waited till her make up team left after they were done putting on her make up.
  *Kelsi* / Tfreak1029 / 10y 46d 12h 26m 21s
"Wait. You want me to be in here while you dress. I mean I could leave the room while you get ready. I don't mind."He said before pressing the side of his face to hers. Raising his phone. He smiled and took a pic
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y 46d 12h 32m 10s
Kelsi giggled then smiled then grabbed his hand. "Yeah I'm used to it, come on let's go backstage." she said then pulled him lightly toward the backstage door. They then got inside then went to her dressing room. She then sat down in her chair then smiled.
  *Kelsi* / Tfreak1029 / 10y 46d 12h 37m 27s
"Dude..I've never been to one of your concerts but I've always wanted to. This is just so amazing."He could hear the chatter of thousands of people."man."
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y 46d 15h 14m 22s
Kelsi looked up at Kyle and smiled. "Only when i need to" she said then giggled. She then smiled as she saw lots of fans lining up to buy tickets for the concert. As they got to the huge building they parked in the back. Kelsi got out then waited for Kyle.
  *Kelsi* / tfreak1029 / 10y 46d 20h 55m 53s
"Yeah I can be sometimes."He said softly and then chuckled softly."what about you?"
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y 46d 22h 46m 9s
Kelsi blushed then giggled as she then looked at him. "Your a flirt arnt you?" she asked smiling.
  *Kelsi* / Tfreak1029 / 10y 46d 22h 48m 17s
"Yeah that's better."He laughed slightly."Ah that feels good."He said as the cold air blew on them."But.Your even better."He grinned.
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y 46d 22h 54m 20s
Kelsi giggled then leaned toward him the rolled up the window so they couldn't see. She then opened up the roof top then waved hi to the screaming fans. After awhile she then closed to roof top then smiled. "Better just turn on the Air Conditioner." she said then turned it on.
  *Kelsi* / Tfreak1029 / 10y 46d 22h 57m 15s

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