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“Look, I adore your presence, I do.” Gweniviere said, “I swear- I need it, it’s integral to my very being. But,” she shifted her head away from the fuzzy pillar that was her cat, Thomas’ tail as it brushed by her nose again, “you need to get off. Go away now. Please. Please?” She hadn’t the heart to shove the animal off of her lap but did indeed have work to do, waiting patiently for the feline to turn just so she could grab him and set him down gently and hopefully get up fast enough so that he didn’t have time to hop back up on her again…


Noting the change from adopting Hermann to finding him... somewhere. try and make a little quip about it to add to your cumulative history of the character on Google Docs. yea?
make it separate too, right now it is spread between innumerable documents.
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I can see in you the glance of a curious sort of bird through the close-set bars of a cage- a vivid, resltess captive. Were it but free, it would soar, cloud high.
- Mr. Rochester, Jane Eyre

[B Script Idea]
A young writer with fading hopes of success dreams of her characters and enters into their worlds.
'what I wouldn't give to see them come to life'

[B AU Idea]
Characters lost all their powers and are put into real life and are seen as the ultimate cosplayers .

[i Can't Stop] - Red Hot Chili Peppers
[i Enjoy the Silence] - Depeche Mode
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Further Notes on absolute nonsense like usual, carry on...

Her mouth twitched into a pained, distant smile, "[B Don't look at me like that.]" she said, a single syllable of detached amusement escaping her lips before she cocked the pistol, "[B Don't ever look at me like that.]"

-pull the trigger.


This piece of aper is telling me everything is fine. But I don't feel fine. I feel different.

The point of these things (scars) is to remind us that there is no going back. There is only moving forward.

This part of our operation gets easier everyday. With Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr- people are surveilling themselves.

Utilizing former agents with replacement optical cameras to do dirty undercover work because why recruit and train your own agents when you can take the already good ones and do it that way??

1. My talents are better served here. He is being interrogated.
2. He is being beaten.
1. Into submission.
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Mavis Pemberly gazed at the ancient, dark forest. From where the human was on the gentle rise of a foothill just past the mountains separating the corrupt lands form those that were considered pure the immense trees looked tiny with the distance. She knew, of course, they weren't, as even from their distance it could see the tiny pinpricks in the sky were birds, looking like in their number a haze around the tops of the trees. It was the time when the birds had moved on from her homeland to the more favorable climate of these lands, a heavy winter settling in on the other side of the mountains that protected these lowlands from the full force of the winter.

Back in the industrialized lands the trees were rumored to move on their own. It was both legend and rumor to believe that this land was so saturated with spiritual and natural forces that the very earth would consume you if it so chose. Those few explorers who had crossed the mountains to get to here did not help the truth come out as to whether or not this was true, instead speaking of the wonders of the place, instead they ranted unfavorably of the conditions and the danger that they had been living in away from the hearths, the soot, the smoke and haze of the industrialized side of the known world, small as it was, or perpetuating the rumors with the exaggeration of voice and manner that made even most of their fellows in their ignorance question the reality if they didn't simply buy into it at face value.

Mavis had wondered as a child if such a thing was possible, as the trees she knew were twisted and either dying or stoically holding onto their places in the ground midst the coal smoke and ash that so often fell in place of snow over the cities. Through the eyes of the mask she wore she could thus far see no movement among the trees, or of the trees themselves. Slight disappointment shadowed her first, clear glimpse of the line of imperious plant life, but she tried to abate it with promise of a closer inspection when they came upon it.

The dark shape of an inhuman body drew up next to the human, its form easily surpassing her height to stand at a full seven feet tall. The creature was shrouded entirely in deepest black, the weak light of an overcast day shining over the both of them doing nothing to dissolve the encompassing shadowy depth of the creature's body. Its shadow stretching behind it as if an extension of the shrouded body itself. The only forgiving characteristic about the creature that made it look anything more than a silhouette that had appeared next to the girl was the pale, bird-like face, resembling more of a mask than anything, immobile when the creature spoke. "[B The forest.]" it said, its voice low and resonant, tickling the cavity of Mavis's chest. "[B Have you found resolve to stay from it? You haven't moved.]"

She didn't reply for a moment, still looking to see if she could catch any of the trees moving. "[+gray No. I was just recalling the rumors. You remember the ones- about the trees moving on their own.]" she murmured, turning her head, the omnipresent light of the day throwing no shadow over either side of the rabbit mask she wore over her face. Many of those that lived in the cities of smoke and ash wore some sort of cover over their mouth and nose- but Mavis had donned the mask of the rabbit when she had learnt more of her guardian's opinion of human. The creature had done nothing but tolerate her and protect the human from her follies as one of mankind- telling her that the human condition was something mired in opinions, arrogance and a self-import that put them firmly, jealously on top of the food chain. So she had taken to wearing the mask in solidarity and homage to her companion's benevolent tolerance. "[+gray A tree doesn't posses a muscular structure- I don't see how they could get up and move at will- and I highly doubt that the life and spirit of that place is so strong that it could defy the laws of simple physics.]" Mavis said, tilting her head.

"[B Physics,]" the tall creature replied quietly, "[B as you know possess elasticity. Their jurisdiction stops at the line of physical reality and the realm of thought.]"

"[+gray Human thought?]" Mavis enquired.

"[B I wouldn't think so. Not solely, at any rate. Humans are a delicate, vicious race too content in their own reality to reach beyond it with any purposeful success- for then man would no longer be king of their world.]" Tippetarius replied, the material of its cloaks brushing against her coat slightly in the breeze. It turned its head to her, "[B Do you believe in man's superiority?]"

She looked up at the dream eater, "[+gray No. You said that there is so much more beyond- that humans simply refuse to acknowledge there is such a thing as higher power and instead deem it evil.]"

Tippetarius tilted its head, "[B Yes, but do you believe it?]"

The human took pause, turning to look back at the forest again. "[+gray Yeah. That is why so many companions to humans are put into servitude, or have suspicion thrown on them.]"
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Character: [B Tilda] surname yet to be decided [i (Sweeney, Havendash?0]

Subject: [B Explaining Tippetarius' entrance into the world as a specific individual of a species because you HAD to use it so you HAVE to logically explain.]

'[i I was born during a dark time in our city. Tippetarius knows more about it than I do...]

The Black Plague had swept through the corrupt lands like it did in real world Europe and Asia but it never crossed the mountains to the forestlands because no person crossed them to pass it on. Tippetarius' origins are the same as the original character's- but its 'birth' was a coming to a head of the vat of suffering and resulting delirium of the people at the same time that the character is born and due to the laws of this world it was given life at the same time as the character was.

This brings up the question of their becoming paired. I wouldn't think that Tippetarius would come to be suddenly at Tilda's mother's side* as the baby was delivered so would they meet later?

If they meet later I would think Tilda would already have the mark on her arm as a mortal anchor so Tippetarius would simply note this fact and they would come to some sort of agreement. This would allow Tippetarius' intelligence to develop an awareness of the human condition as pitiful and all that good stuff and the two would agree to have Tilda wear the mask so as not to appear 'too human'. because Tippetarius has qualms over it? Would it? That sounds like a strong personality trait for a being with little to no strict personality, snickers.

*actually that's a cool idea of it just sort of appearing in the room full-fledged and the midwives and peeps looking up and seeing what would be Tilda's companion. But DO NOT make it a 'born on the eve of' thing or make it symbolic or something like that shit just happens.

But that brings up the question of Tippetarius' intelligence in recognizing the human condition**

**ANSWER: Tippetarius, in being formed of the thoughts and fears of humans in regards to the disease could have a psychological separation from those becoming its own 'human' thoughts and analyze them- thus making its own judgment about the 'pitiful human condition'- apply that to the rest of the beings as a purpose but not an objective save for Alptraum because that bitch is basically nightmare fuel so it would just go with it.
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[+red Verdrängen sie die negativität!]

[B Everything sacred, everything useful become weaponized- nothing can't be used as a weapon, and nothing isn't.]
- Lt. Comm. Gweniviere Nietzsche

Character develop idea:
has been acting the part of the lieutenant so long, being [i so] used and so exploited that she has forgotten a lot of what it meant to be 'Gweniviere'????
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Madame Hydra "Viper" v. Gweniviere Nietzsche?? Studyyyy

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[B Arrow to the Knee back in action, baby!]

Gweniviere gazed down at the man during the short reprieve, her mouth twisting underneath the respirator into a disdainful frown. Wounds. Simple as Barton's was wounds always were complicated- even in the simplicity of their gain. Having been a field nurse before she was a 'miracle soldier' she had seen the hidden complications of the human body, and its surprising strengths, and equally as shocking weaknesses. Endless frustration, put simply. The healthiest patient on the road to recovery could die as easily as the prospected recovery was supposed to go, though taking up a marginal difference in time.

She herself, due to the serum enhancing her body's functions by obviously limiting its aging and thus boosting its resilience and repairing ability, had an easier time with simple wounds, breaks and such. However, those unchanged like the Agents Romanov and Barton, and Tony Stark- their resilience was veiled in gray- shrouded in random circumstance- fragile.

Gweniviere nodded, thinking she need not say anything further when the archer had given an uncertain, dismissive look towards the questionable fabric he had found on the floor. She had thought he had brains enough to leave it be. She took her eyes off of him for one moment to reach into her pocket for her own kerchief just as Stark and Romanov had entered, looking up at them in surprise initially. She then looked at Barton, who had just taken the cloth in his hand, about to put it on the wound- to rushing blood and permeable flesh- and pressed it firmly as if it were clean. "[B Don't-]" she was about to say- but just as soon as she had uttered the word the procured reinforcements showed up.

The lieutenant curled her fist around the kerchief and swung at the nearest, having not the time to draw a weapon on the initial front. They swarmed as ants, untrained and easily bested, but as with any thing their sheer number ate up precious moments, heartbeats. Being what once was a professional in the medical field, Gweniviere was aware of the difference between 'real time' and the body's time. In a way, human bodies were a world of their own with their systems and subsystems- and as such with the theory of size as compared to conscious, human, worldwide time it was a much quicker clock to be mindful of.

Frustration fueled the quickness with which Gwenvieire dispatched her share of the foes, being the falsehoods they were, as did her awareness of this tiny clock. They fell as almost as easily as they appeared, zombie like in their lack of consciousness. As soon as the Lieutenant had freed herself for a moment form the tussle she turned towards Barton, crossing the room with a few long, quick strides and crouched on one knee before him.

Heeding Agent Romanov but not replying, her strong fingers pulled Clint's hand from the wound, tearing the foreign cloth from his fingers and pushing him against the wall. "[B Töricht Amerikaner!] " the woman cursed, not even pausing to shoot a glare at him as she assessed the wound, pulling the fabric of his jacket away from it so she could see better. Scoffing angrily she finally looked at him and held up the kerchief in her hand, "[B You should know better! Next time, if you live, let me answer you before you do something so stupid!]" Gweniviere snapped, pushing it against his wound. Her grip on his shoulder, that pushed him against the wall, was strong and restricting, keeping the man from moving more.

The Lieutenant looked back at Stark, "[B You!]" Pressing Clint's own hand onto the wound she held out the cloth piece that the man had found on the ground. "[B Eisenmann,] [B what can you do about finding what is on this, oder? Make yourself useful.]"


[+blue Captain Steve Rogers]

He glanced back at her, seeing Melanie rubbing at the spot where he had jabbed her shoulder. His lips pursed, tossing a "[+blue Sorry.]" at her before he moved to the doorway, watching as he hesitantly planned their movement forwards. He didn't know how Melanie worked yet in combat, seeing only bits and pieces that day and had to think based only upon a slight, incomplete impression of her-

Suddenly as he raised his hand and more agents flooded the hallway, alerted to their presence obviously- Melanie shot forward and started shooting every single one it seemed- well, nearly every one. At her signal he shot forwards and took on those that hadn't yet made it across the passage, initially dashing forwards with his shield up to bowl over those he met on the way before finally stopping and using it as a melee weapon, knocking over those within reach and throwing the shield to them as a projectile to bounce it off of one another.

After what seemed only moments he turned to see no more and Melanie shoving one over the walkway railing, ordering him to move on. His military rank and training was far above hers, feeling the prickle of distaste at her disregard but ignored it. Now was the time for teamwork- perpetuating the ridiculousness back at SHIELD operations would be pointless and petty.

Following the blonde he glanced around, blinking for a moment to get used to the normal lighting of the room. Returning his attention to Melanie he caught the brightness of her hair, back in the ponytail, in the full light and tilted his head. It was a pretty color, he wondered if it was natural briefly before he came up beside her to take a look at the file she had picked up and promptly discarded.

Steve frowned and bent to pick up what she had discarded, feeling the need to preserve what else might become relevant in some degree of preserve. "[+blue What did you find?]" the super soldier asked as he stood straight again.
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[+red You also just gave blood recently so these are probably nothing but a bunch of lunatic ideas... Go you!]
[B Torture scene completed.]
Status: [i To be further edited.]

Setting editions: [i Vladimir Kuprin's office: Empty building on a piece of property in which no screams or gunshots would be heard by any large number of individuals .]

[+red Post whole scene here or keep quiet until useful?]

[B Backstory of the scene: Lt. Nietzsche and other officers sent to Russia to (outwardly) ensure Hydra's share of the interest is kept and (ulterior) to make Hydra the sole possessor of the Winter Soldier by placing duress on relevant senators etc. Is it logical that they would be housed with the senator cuz the Russians think they're being nice to the Germans cuz they lost the war? Does this make sense? Do I even make sense?]

[i They will have to get their hands on the paperwork and stuff to keep the Winter Soldier in good care to be used so the authorization Gweniviere is forcing from Kuprin could be to get them inside to retrieve the paperwork in preparation to take soldier man for themselves???? Can't be info on where he is kept because Soviets would convince Hydra everything is okay and show off their new-fangled facilities and such.(<??) And it can't be authorization of the transaction itself because that sounds silly?] Does [i it sound silly? Am I just silly? I bet I am. Fuck that shit, I'm great!]
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*Gweniviere has a hard time remaining still
*“It was the most honest and jarringly real emotion she had shown the man since they had met.”
*‘wound’ is in the mouth- being forced to spar the lieutenant gets hit- cuts her inner cheek and/or lacerates her tongue similarly
*due to my problem with continuation she will have to retrieve her car at some point because Loki forgot about her fucking vehicle when he brought her back to Hydra Operations
*Gweniviere doesn’t actually know… but does know that isn’t his sanity that is the problem, it’s his resilience
*Glibly mention the Tesseract shard in his palm
*I have no [i fucking] clue!
*Big Bad Wolf???
*Political violence???
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[B Notes for future character development]
Character: [i Gweniviere]

*No longer certain whether or not she is "good" or a good person
*Questions herself heavily after being called the villain by the Americans and the world
*Thus wants to reject the idea of good and evil but cannot get past it because she grew up with the idea
*fears falling to self loathing but is basically already there
*Not sure of why or what she is doing with her life only knows she is going against America, namely SHIELD
*objective? goal?
*little reason to live but would condemn herself to hell if she committed suicide
*Hydra is all she has left- without it there is no apparent reason for her to be alive anymore so despite misgivings she keeps going
*Personally affected by war losses- feeds into desire to prevent future ones- stop the problem before it becomes one vie Hydra mentality that would prepare her to kickstart Project Insight and be prepared to sacrifice so many people- will use violence if necessary
*if anything they could leave such an impression that nothing like it will happen again?
* Loki saves her: [i why] would someone want to save her? Why?

[B Important]: Gweniviere makes personal psychoanalysis of herself saved on her hard drive accessible only through her personal director identification- [i no one will know but I need to know. I need to be on record for myself.] Everything. Thoughts, feelings, beliefs, analyses of self etc.

[i Political Violence]
*political violence Giving into that temptation... more to follow.
Make it believable: Nazi political violence= duress, gestapo street shootings, threats against familiar, seeking out individuals sought by other totalitarian etc. powers and basically kill more people to make the actual dictator look worse.
Hydra would hunt political figures. They will have launched a violent, underground campaign against political powers and individuals thereof to "feed chaos" like Zola mentioned kickstarting with Gweniviere's return when she brought up the idea of P.I. against SHIELD specifically.
Start with joint custody of Winter Soldier dissolved by duress on behalf of Gweniviere and the deathshead policing initiative stationed in Russia. (Make it a story even of Gweniviere being sent to Russia to ensure Hydra's assets are looked after with an ulterior to start with the Kuprin family she is housed with and place them under duress i.e. threaten the family- use his daughter physically threaten whole family, basically. Hydra would logically go further

"[B Even in these chains, you can't stop me.]"
  Tweedy / 4y 288d 6h 26m 11s

Baron Von Strucker couldn’t take it anymore. With how enraged the lieutenant seemed it meant she must have been hiding something from him because she had only told him so much about Loki and his possible infraction and whatever else had happened about The Other. She had not calmed down after speaking with him so something must have still been bothering her. Childishly, the feeling of being left out ate and ate at him until he couldn’t take it. He called a meeting, keen on speaking to Gweniviere about her treatment of him, but more importantly to get back to the immortal, Loki. He sent the alert to those involved and set out to the proposed place of meeting, body trembling with the anticipation of speaking to the god of mischief again. He set the meeting to be in his office, pacing quietly until the god of mischief finally showed. Glee spread, unhindered, across his face as did the hungry anticipation of conversation with the being in front of him.

“[+blue Loki,]” the man said before he said anything else, smiling and slipping his hands into his pockets, shifting his weight on his feet with nervous energy. “[+blue good morning. You slept well, I assume?]” As the man gave his answer, Von Strucker’s eyes moved over him briefly before once again returning to Loki’s gaze, anxious to begin speaking again. But the strange, hungry energy was shadowed with a tenseness in his face with the yet palpable playground ‘left-out’ feeling as he was certain that the god would tell him what the lieutenant would not.

“[+blue So,]” he began in a hurried tone, “[+blue what did you tell the lieutenant yesterday? I would have stayed but you know…]” the baron tossed an offhanded shrug, a smug little quirk on his lips as he recalled informing the god of his position beneath the baron.

He had hardly noticed the absence of the lieutenant until it occurred to him that the woman was not present to berate him, oddly enough. The bitch was absent. Turning to the Vox computer he tapped on it and spoke, “[+blue Where is Lieutenant Nietzsche?]”

“[i Absent, sir.]”

“[+blue Absent where? What is she doing?]”

“[i I’m sure I don’t know, baron. The lieutenant left Hydra operations four hours ago and has not returned.]”

“[+blue Four hours? That’s two in the morning. What was she doing?]”

“[i Research and report, sir.]”

“[+blue On what?]”

“[i That is classified.]”

Von Strucker chortled to himself, “[+blue Classified.]” he repeated, shifting again, glancing back at Loki. “[+blue Override code- via Von Strucker- 2-]” he began the code but was cut off by the machine's quipping chirp as it spoke again.

“[i Director override code via Lieutenant Nietzsche. Files classified. She sends her regards.]”

Von Strucker frowned with irritation and embarrassment coloring his face, glancing at Loki and stood straight again. “[+blue That’s fine- dismissed. Well. I’m sure it wasn’t important anyways.]” the man continued, shrugging it off and returning his gaze over to the god with a passive frown. “[+blue What is the matter?]”


Gweniviere recalls the actuality of losing control of herself for those minutes after being released and feels the magnitude of her anxiety as a result dissipating what calm she had regained in order to focus on reporting and later helping Loki. Bad juju.

Stress relieving. :3 a rubber ball + and empty office = stress relief

Recall briefly coming across Cap. (WWII) then remember when he fucked up the SHIELD thing that Gweniviere had been working on in hopes of succeeding at putting Hydra on track to its goal and then being possibly able to phase herself out of the organization when it was achieved BUT NOOOOOO SAYS THE MAN IN WASHINGTON

Setting: Soviet Russia Lt. Nietzsche and unnamed Board member with a monocle. Quote, "[B Say something, lieutenant. He is your new equivalent.]" Gweniviere is uncertain, unhappy with that slight, and unhappy because mix of not only Russian but American too- she shall not be compared to that man. But says nothing cuz impossible stolidness.

Flashback possibility: [i "Revenge isn't in my nature, but I have been ordered to act as an equivalent in Hydra's regard and may end up enjoying part of this session, now that I've been given a chance."] Leans chin on fingers, sleeve slips to reveal vertical scars??? Too contrived? Silly you and your ideas. *pats head*

Sedated psychological evaluation- setting interrogation room, typical setup ,mirrored glass is important- in hazed state of sedation sees reflection of self in harsh lighting of the room and the gray reflection, describe similarities to what you see as Gretchen description namely 'harshness of yellow color in the light replacing the usual golden'. Play off of possibility of Tesseract related generation- give it something to work off of. (Fear of if she were 'decomissioned' () that she would lose her temperament and thusly become somewhat akin to your virile, unrestrained, unstable psychological description mit mir in der diele. Reflexion im spiegel entspricht der geburt des Gretchen als realisierter idee.

[B Lt Nietzsche übersetzt zitat:] [i "Meine hoffnungen sind bei Gott, ich am ende nicht, wie ich denke, ich werde geschickt."]

[B Entiem Alptraum note for future use I am certain I will remember I put here. [i Certain.]]
[i Töte deine Ängste, liebes Kind. Sonst der Alptraum Sucher wird Sie zu finden.]
Kill thine fears, dear child. Else the Nightmare Seeker will find you.
Q'uest-ce que tu vous avéz choisis?
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[i The creature had sprung up from the pit of my very deepest fears I felt, and resonated with my most closely kept and unrealized vision of horror suddenly thrust upon my sight as if the realization of Armageddon itself had been shown. Even though its entrance was soundless and unobtrusive as its sudden presence in the corner of the room chilled me to my very heart’s cockles, and deeper to still my soul for a breath’s moment as I felt it leave me, shuddering as it passed from the shelter of my body. Stilled momentarily, my heart fluttered as the creature spoke in the deep, resonant voice I thought only God Himself possessed in my mind’s reception of His grace. An odd beast that dredged heathen curiosity up after my initial shock.

It drew forth as if pulled by some animation that disturbed not by breath of wind, nor conscious, leaning effort, but as if by strings that tugged its body smoothly from the recess of the darkened corner, but the high window’s light shed no relief upon the darkness of the being’s cloaks. They remained nearly as inky as the stark shadow’s contrast they had been born forth from. The young woman seemed neither perturbed nor surprised by the suddenness of the being’s presence, further unsettling me towards her personal disposition towards this craft of darkness. Its manner was unassuming and calm, but exerted an innate, natural duress over those mere humans that were quivering, uncertain, in its wake and presence.]

-My thoughts on the matter.
Zachary Strain

“[i Shortly,]” Anna said in her clear, calm voice, angling that sweet, oddly detached smile towards Zachary who stood as if struck by her presence once again. Like she hadn’t been realistically present until she had spoken. He was an odd duck, the new guest in the Hackett home. Her head tilted to the side as she considered his distracted, innocently bewildered look at her. He seemed perpetually boyish in his manner and grace as grace indeed did he possess. A delicate, tentativeness coated his very essence, so was Zachary curious himself in the same manner that he seemed to find Anna so strange. The two were undeniably drawn to the strangeness of the other, reservance moreso shared on the side of the Hackett girl, but nonetheless was she enraptured by the forth-bringing of the young man in from the storm.

Stretch and cut.

As if on cue, the shadows of the already shrouded library deepened at once. They warped and grew open almost, Zach blinking as he noticed the change in the atmosphere of the room, grown stagnant and frozen for a mere second. Zachary’s dark eyes lingered on Anna’s pale face a moment longer before a deep chill passed through him, bringing his ever-startled gaze into sharp focus behind her. From the rent shadows came forth a pale shape that sharpened into the look of a bird’s head with hollow, empty eyes. It was just taller than Anna at the time of its appearance until it stretched slowly upward of seven feet. A presence unlike any potency of discomfort and insidious oppression that the young man had ever experience washed in saturated, stifling waves from the epicenter of the phantasm. His eyes widened and his sickly pallor seemed to grow further wan as he shifted away from the appeared being yet hidden bodily from him. It was not the smell of death that had sent the pang of shivering morbidity and meekness into Zachary, but it was what felt like the embodied presence of it should he come in contact with what physical entity there was to be seen.

Anna was by then used to the appearance of the creature, being acquainted with it seemingly since she could remember; as if it had been there even when she was not aware, filling an unrealized hole. She turned calmly with that perpetual, mild smile across her pale lips and looked up at the apparition. “[i Good evening, Tippetarius.]”

Zachary blinked, a look of uncertainty crossing his expression at the mention of the name. Putting such a name to such a creature, even with the reverent syllables, it was almost disillusioning, but as soon as that thought had come to him it was quashed with the reality of the being’s reply. It brought with it the fact that indeed this random and entirely unknown creature that had struck the human as so fearful was indeed not a figment of his exhausted imagination.

“[i Good evening.]” The voice was deep, clear and resonant that from the distance at which Zachary stood he could feel the slight tremor of his tissues in resonance with the utterance. It spoke of a higher purpose in its cadence, the clarity and power in its easily mistaken calm.

“[i Zachary, this is Tippetarius, another resident- of a sort. Coming and going.]” Anna said with complete detachment from the arresting supernatural quality of the being and its bodily effect.

It seemed so beyond comprehension that Zachary found himself reacting accordingly without fully registering his own actions. “Good evening.” The ghostly visage dipped its head in acknowledgment of his statement and Zachary found himself dipping similarly as his gaze traveled back to the young woman, looking at him with that eversoft regard that made him feel, despite his ever-tightening and repressed panic at the unknown, both noticed and considered- two things the young man had grown up destitute of. It was assuring him of the surreality of his situation, acting both as a comfort and a reminder of the fact that that night was a twisted dream that he had yet to awaken from in its vividity.

The creature drew forwards, the shape and color of its body revealed as it pulled itself from the deep shadows it had been concealed in prior. Its mask-like face was shaded by a brimmed hat upon its head, casting shadow itself over the slender neck and crooked, sloping shoulders of the being silhouetted against the moon-washed window panes above, so tall was the being. The rest of its body fell away as a straight, shrouded line vertically downwards to grace the floor with an ever moving hem as if touched by breath of wind when none was present, as far as the human could see in the slanted shadows it yet partially resided in. Taking a moment to process that his eyes raised again to the being’s body- the pale moonlight did little if nothing to alleviate the shadowed nature of the cloaks. It did not reflect nor show much depth to the otherwise deep recess of the blackness of the cloaks’ hue. But yet Zachary noted a perpetual movement just fleetingly noticeable in or neath the fabric, he guessed it was fabric for what else in his knowledge could it be?
  Tweedy / 4y 298d 2h 45m 10s
try and set up the skip to the next day
Chitauri shit- get to know the species and their habits/movements better
set up a meeting via Von Strucker, the “nosy little followup”, mainly for the purpose of speaking to Loki that Gweniviere may or may not skip out on cuz fuck that
debate the likelihood that your cinema class actually did vanish into another dimension
reflect on that
Gweniviere researching shit (i.e. Loki , Avengers, LokiAvengers, Tesseract
Remember: Gweniviere is under a lot of emotional stress at that time DO NOT forget to add about that or you lose your atmosphere you silly hentai tentacle!
fucked up zen- work into the night
“those who mayn’t have killed you immediately may get themselves under your skin eventually
Winter Soldier parallels? Once they figured out what they could do with the Winter Soldier they tried ‘decommissioning’ the lieutenant wondering if she would be more efficient

[B The fate of your world. His and your idea of that fate should vary greatly, I’m sure.]
“Certainly,” Gweniviere replied calmly, “Even so, the world must be perpetuated for even his delusion to come to fruition. But, of the two, who would last longer in the end? I do not fear his intentions.”

[B Without fault, how you flatter me. Did I ever claim to be such?]
She scoffed, inclining her head and leveling a serious look with the man tinted barely with fiercely bitter amusement, her mouth twitching into the slight look uncomfortably, “Your manner speaks volumes.”

[B As you should be.]
Gweniviere’s mouth twitched with discomfort once again and she looked away. It was painful already and with his comment it became only worse.

I trust you know your way to your quarters...
The lieutenant pursed her lips, “[B Even if I didn’t…]” she murmured, leaving the sentence and the thought itself unfinished as she turned her attention to the door, her straight form moving easily to the portal, and left his presence, shaking her head. Outside when the door slipped shut behind her the super soldier stood for a moment, her gaze distancing.
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