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  Gweniviere Nietzsche / Tweedy / 3y 215d 3h 29m 48s
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  Tweedy / 3y 210d 10h 36m 15s
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  Tweedy / 3y 176d 4h 56m 10s
[i Villain List to use??]
+Mr. Sinister?
+Grim Huntress/Anastasia Kravinoff
+White Rabbit/Lorina Dodson
+Black Cat

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[B Marvel - Tesla]
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  Tweedy / 1y 13d 8h 43m 42s
Tweedy's Need-To-Play Character Descrips

|| [B Character] || [B Brief] || [B Personality]
[i Lt. Gweniviere Nietzsche] | German super soldier 'Wundersoldaten'. War veteran, and member of a liberal, private sector, military and intelligence organization. | Generally cold and bitterly sacrastic, stoic and rather distrusting, but speaks with eloquency.
[i Dr. Felix Arndt] | Scientist with background in neuroscience, psychology, and biology. Theoretically works on and around the human body in theory and experiments on them both in an effort to further medical science, and as an experimental biological weapons technician, biological being literal physical bodies, humanoid or otherwise. | Generally a softly energetic, polite but has a tendency for biting wit now and again, strangely graceful despite the tremors in his hands.
[i Laurent] | Rogue berserker Asgardian who was running from too many demons from too many places who eventually were catching up with him and just needed to disappear finally. Has been trying to rehabilitate under the doctor's and Lieutenant's help. Previously heavily suicidal and masochistic, lingering traits. Struggling with himself. | Stiffly mannered, racist towards mortals despite his very real mortality, highly intelligent to a fault, quietly paranoid, slow to trust, analytical.
[i Scott Withers] | Experimental, weaponized soldier who was captured from the 'other side' during the war and now is struggling with the faulty science and fractured identity he has been handed as a result of the science of 'Recommissioning' while still being put to work. | Generally subdued and taciturn, defensive if people move too quickly around him.
[i Vivian Haversham] | Technical genius, very good with computers and building things, smalltime tech engineer. Has an AI interface in her head that she talks to . Was born deaf and still signs when she talks. | Quiet. Highly intelligent and often comes off as cold, likely on the Autistic spectrum, or is a result of her childhood without hearing.
[i Cybil 1&2] | Two computer security agents, geniuses themselves, and college graduates. Technically they are clones of another woman as a part of a larger project, but decided to be twin sisters to one another, and off and on act as the same personal unit . | Both are opinionated, and quick to bring to arguments. Cybil 1 is a little more quiet that Cybil 2.
[i Espen Hellstrand] | Human. Agent. | Quick to come to envy, was an overachieving natural talent in her academy and now feels more than a little out of her depth now on the professional level, but is a dedicated young person.
[i Gretchen Fleischer] | Unknown, trained as a combat/intelligence agent, but origins unclear. | Generally unpredictable, and often violent, has an issue with impulse control. Uses it as both a coping mechanism and as a facet of her personality such as it is.]
|| [B Character(s) Name] || [B Brief Description/Occupation] || [B Abilities(?)]
[i Anna/Matthew Hackett] | Anna and Matthew Hackett are on the surface your token eccentric and odd aristocratic set of twins. They are highly intelligent in their own respective ways. Matthew is a medical student in the greater city, and Anna is a curious sort who learns both from her brother, those around her, and through her own experiences and insights, as well as the massive amount of books from either the family's personal library or elsewhere. The two are frequently employed to make investigations about obscure supernatural occurrences, though treat it more as a hobby and a genuine interest than a capital enterprise, which gives the impression of 'rich enough not to give a damn and smart enough to be bored and curious about things'. | No abilities themselves, but seem to be accompanied by a peculiar air about them as if there is something hiding behind them.
[i Nathaniel Crane] | Played one of two ways: Nathan is either [B A.] a socially incapacitated but intelligent young man or is simply a more quiet, unassuming sort dpeending on how I decide to play him. He is an apprentice mortician and fellow medical classmen to Matthew and a dear friend to the Hackett family. He grew up with them. or [B B.] A raven/crow/crane who has been turned into a human by a Breaker of Nature and sent to do work, and is either abandoned by his mistress or is having qualms about what he was sent to do. Depends on the plot. | See previous description. He is either human, or a shifted bird.
[i Zachary Paige] | Infatuated with Anna Hackett and was a young studying gentleman sent to live with his mother's distant friend from school, Narcissa Hackett to study in the city and/or be taken care of. [B Or] he is a servant to the antagonist who does the same thing, sending him under whatever guise to figure out about the supernatural stuff that's going on in the city so that that master can have a piece of it maybe. Carries out dirty work. | Mild connections with other people's thoughts and dreams and impressions. Like... aura touching? Sort of?
[i Winifred Blackwood] | A friend and colleague of Anna's, a part of the Scienti Obscurum who also seems to be hiding something about herself in a similar manner to the twins. Works as an investigator and social connection to some of the seedier parts of town, as she finds joy in frequenting brothels and vaudeville shows. | Human.
[i Thomas Fletcher] | Mysterious young man who is a distant acquaintance, when the family used to frequent their holiday recreation spot, has come to the city to make his fortune in his new business, whatever it is. Refers to himself simply as a businessman. | Human?
[i Merriweather Bellamy] | Young man, son of a textile factory owner. Acquaince. Considered 'noveau riche'. | Werewolf.
[i Edith] | Young middle class woman. Collegiate. Fiction writer with a deep interest in the obscure and the macabre. | Human.
[i Alice Pemberly] | Anna's close friend, a constant neurotic, worrywart, all of the above. Daydreams constantly. Society girl whose father is a merchant of the Queen's. | Human or Vampire or something. ]
  Tweedy / 3y 222d 4h 20m 5s
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  Dr. Felix Arndt / Tweedy / 3y 217d 3h 20m 27s
[B Janelle Monae], [B Angela Basset] reference for further character pictures.
  Tweedy / 3y 244d 2h 39m 46s
Alien Disguise species- thought that adapting to the beauty standards of the species would attract more people than just fitting in.

Idea basis/function: like from Mars Attacks
  Tweedy / 3y 329d 3h 48m 50s
[center [B Page Breaks]







  Illustrated Ladies / Tweedy / 3y 318d 4h 5m 10s
IDEA: gamers/writers who aren't just normal people, either ready with or making their "skins" and personas, or they're basically just monsters...
  Illustrated Ladies / Tweedy / 3y 343d 3h 55m 15s
IDEA silent dummy in Narcissa's study that taps someone on the shoulder lightly and point in the proper direction... or something.
  Gems? / Tweedy / 3y 345d 3h 24m 29s

I've the idea for another sort of contrived plot regarding a big old house and a newcomer. In this, I've a need for a supernatural , historic RP set in the 1890's-1900's time period. That's right, just [i after] the Victorian period technically, but the world wouldn't be lodged in "our world" in fact, I've quite the world set up around this, just needing a reason to put it into action.


The idea revolves around a young man who's lived in the depths of [i the City] , a tightly managed, huge place that is mostly humans, and rarely disguised Others, and has to leave to find work, answering an advertisement, or sent to live elsewhere by their mother to a distant family friend or some such circumstance that sends them outside of the city they've known all their life into technically another realm entirely to live with/work for this other family, and then we have the introduction of the brand new world Character 2 hasn't known, be that higher society in general, or something entirely more. The old legends and stories were true.


Again, any pairing or non-romantic, what have you. This one will be quite dark in nature, with rather morbid, dry humor infused and such. Plot is very open but I've a need for a supernatural sort of Penny Dreadful sort of almost Halloween, Sleepy Hollow sort of backdrop for an adventure/mystery plot.
  Tweedy / 3y 348d 13h 22m 18s
[B A little about the character]
As I said before this character was inspired by Marvel, but is not a part of it. Initially I had been working in that world as a ready made war and technological state of advancement as a basis for this character but I am trying to part from it.

However, for the sake of explanation I will say that this character is Hydra and a super soldier.
[+orange [i If you want we can keep it in the Marvel universe. I am just making a point that it is not a necessary aspect, it was simply a basis for inspiration.]]

This character is female, however not a sexualized, or generally feminine female who has been rent from her comfort in being able to define what makes a person either .

She is a soldier, a spy, and a dominant, powerful individual with serious, conflicting internal troubles. The character is supposed to have some general androgyny . And in being a military intelligence agent she will has a realistic amount of physical scars.

I can make amends to the world that they will inhabit within reason to accommodate incoming characters if you've got them.
  Gweniviere Nietzsche / Tweedy / 3y 360d 10h 45m 23s
[center [font "Times" How many times


do we have to fail


and lose everything, before a change for the better is deserved enough to happen?


[font "Times" [size9 Don't mind me being all dramatic trash, I like pretty threads.]]
  Thor Odinson / Tweedy / 3y 361d 7h 31m 0s



  Gweniviere Nietzsche / Tweedy / 4y 40d 8h 21m 27s

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