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[B Dust]

Alvér's gaze turned back towards Alenia then, catching her glance towards the other wing. His eye too moved there before he returned to leading her to her room.

She seemed amazed by it, his eyes following hers and finding all that could be improved. It was fine, certainly, but old, needy. The light cast out of the fireplace was showing him the cobwebs he could easily see in the dark, but now they in their profusion were even more grievous in the light. But it was a room, if with just the bare essentials, he supposed, casting a glance over it again.

His attention was drawn when she spoke again, eyes trailing to the side. Hands folded in front of himself as he turned slightly, silencing himself on commiserating on the feeling. He had gone between feeling like he deserved nothing at all, and being reminded that at this point he was sorely deserving of something better than all of this.

"[B I believe that makes two of us,]" he responded, feeling his thoughts return to the village over yon with a look towards the window. His eyes darkened at that, but the creature brought his chin up, poising himself properly as he then turned away from it. But as he did, Alenia crept to them, drawing his attention again as she parted the drapes lightly and peeked out. He stepped closer, behind her, to see what she did.

There was a silence as she looked out, her shoulders- tensed for a moment which had brought tension into his own- relaxed with a soft huff. He straightened again, absently rubbing the pad of one thumb into the hollow of his other palm as he tilted his head at her.

Alvér hummed in acknowledgment and thought, eyes distant as he kept it turned towards the window for a moment longer. "[B I'll make an- attempt at preparation, then.]" he said quietly, turning back towards the door.
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[B With Tweedy]
[center [pic]]
Alaric was roused by the gruff announcement that there was someone here 'for the necromancy and such'. The elf frowned softly, confused, and felt a trickle of fear run down his shoulders. Who was seeking them? He hoped it wasn't a desperate woman who was begging for their husband or son back. The last time he had managed that one, they were hardly pleased with the results of him resurrecting the fellow. Certainly, with control, it could do the work, but the emotional stress was a lot for most people.

He closed his book. Moving towards the entrance, the priest had been left outside, the high elf poked his head out, glancing over the man.
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[right [pic]] [u [B Blythe Masters]]

A young, caffeinated adult and recent college graduate in folklore, funerals and just enough film classes to give her an idea of production without actually earning a degree, [i and] looking for a roommate, and a collateral partner in shenanigans. So long as you can handle her cat and her menagerie of plants, aren't rude, and have a job, you're a shoe-in. Currently working as a handyman type for all manner of magical and supernatural. The neighborhoods within the neighborhoods, basically. She knows where all the troll markets, the fey areas you avoid like they're radioactive, and where all the raddest supernatural pubs are at, which includes on that list the ones you definitely shouldn't go to.

A social media videographer of the strange and the how-to. Most normies think it's a character act, but some of it is legit; the magic and the folklore lessons and the how-to-human content. Look her up!

Often seen with her cat Valerie, a Definitely not cursed, absolute unit of a black shorthair cat, this goth pretty easy to spot on the street.

[left [pic]] [u [B Oleander Hargreaves]]

Resident vaguely gentlemanly, pouty boy who enjoys lurking, skulking and enjoying his immortality however he chooses, and probably snuck into college lectures on the nearby campus. He likes volunteering at the animal shelter, and includes "wasting time", exploring, movies, people-watching, looking around for a paying job, and stealing people's rings at a party while they're distracted because he can entertainment. He may eventually feel bad and return it in some little secretive way, that is, if he doesn't like it enough to keep it and remember you by. He likes jewelry, striking clothing, dogs, and wandering at night and unsettling people. It's easy to get away with because he's white, and he is fully aware of this.

[right [pic]] He doesn't particularly care to talk about what the eighties/nineties/etc. were like, or how old he is, nothing particularly like that, unhelped by a bad memory. Or is he just lying? It's hard to tell sometimes. He misses his sister, will do most things if dared or if you pay him $20, and he likes to suck on pieces of dark chocolate or ice cubes.
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[B Villains]

Well, let me lay out the options I have right now. My original character I had for the idea to be the boss who gets assigned this new secretary is a woman called Gweniviere Nitzsche.

She's what I call an old school supervillain who came from and lives in Germany, so she's here seasonally, but we can bring your character along if you want him to go across borders. She's a tall, white haired woman with gold eyes and a lot of scars on her face and neck, very tall, and very built. She's pretty civil, sarcastic and a bit biting sometimes, and has an accent I will mention but won't like write into the dialogue itself. Pretty military/superspy aesthetic here.

Another option is Dr. Felix Arndt, an Austrian-American who wears a glass mask, kind of in the vein of daft punk if you're familiar. He's more your sort of scientist villain, a little more mob style, he is.

There's another one, his name is Oliver Alexovich. He's a bit of an enigma, for plot reasons. He's a white-haired, young man with bright blue eyes. He's abnormally tall with wide shoulders, almost no hips, and dresses in a sort of slick, gothic, antique style now and again. If you comment on his 'vampire aesthetic' it'll just make him smile, all pleased. He's a sort of more supernatural/nighttime criminal jewel thief and museum whore. There's old stuffs he wants to find and get his hands on.

And, all these characters can be in the same story. By choosing, or liking one, you don't have to lose the rest, cuz for instance Dr. Arndt and Gweniviere come together cuz they are in the same sort of villain spheres. And Oliver can be there too
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[B World of Deaca]
[center [pic]]
The rain was lessening. Rather, it wasn't going away, per se, but it was turning more and more into snow. From slushy, wet slaps in the face it was slowly crystallizing, which meant it was cooling down even more. The knight shivered, feeling her breath begin to hurt her. She would have been eager to get out of her armor if she could. But this night wasn't one that she felt she could. And now she was wet on top of it. Well. She didn't want to freeze to death so she would have to be careful, watchful, and peel it off when they found somewhere dry.

She shivered again, but in response to the man's description- nearing confirmation that it was in fact the red-eyed animal she was familiar with. The large, ghostly dog that she had spotted hovering around Rivan during their tenance at his "palace".

"[+crimson Can't be,]" she panted, feeling short of breath, hearing her voice drop in volume. "[+crimson I killed it.]" She almost whispered, imagining the glint in the animal's eyes as she faced it down, having discovered it by their camp.

Brilla frowned a little at his inquiry, "[+crimson By admitting I'm short? I don't think so.]"

She was also chafing under his clumsy pronunciation and use of madame. A sigh escaped her, "[+crimson Why don't you make an attempt at Brilla? I'm sure your contract holder told you who I was, if you're after me- somehow knowing me as she does.]"
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[B Castle of Secrets and Shadows, Notes for post]

+ voice in her head is the creature? keep his presence known and palpable, but just beyond reach

+ "Alright. I don't have my things with me, so come see me at my business when you're ready." It was both the doctor's office and the mortuary, as he was a physician, and Nathan lived above it. "I'll have to take some blood and I don't know if you're afraid of needles, or will get faint. It could take time and rest before you're up and going again, so come at your leisure." Just in case she had anything she needed to do first to get out of the way. And he had some preparations to make, if she didn't follow him now.

+ had the idea of another young gentleman coming and checking on Ada, a stranger. Especially if she gets all wtf with these men checking on me?! It'll make him interested in her, at least looking after her condition for a little bit, curious about how it's going to affect her. A way to close the gap? She finally shows up again at the manor and he's a little unguarded because he hasn't been interacting with her like this. It's different this way, they're different, and she hates/fears him
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[B Shallow Depth]

[center [pic]]
The candle went out almost as soon as the woman's knuckles made contact with the door. The silence was heavier now, [i heard] as she entered. The house awaited her with bated breath- whether shocked at the entrance or knowing as well as she was that this was trespassing.

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[B Wander the Woods]

[left [pic]]
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[pic] gay gentlemen bois
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James too frowned at the roughness of her voice. It was ghastly, and meant what? Was she really that sick all of a sudden? She really had an awful constitution then to be exposed to all of this. He felt bad. It had barely been a week of this nonsense and now suddenly it seemed like it was coming to a head like this. A lot of his life was suddenly spilling out into hers and it was really weird, really vulnerable to think about. He didn't like it.

Presently Maria reached out and tugged on his sleeve, his brows arching as he looked at her. What did that mean now? It had taken on a couple meanings recently.
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[font "Times" The individuals around the table consisted of ___ individuals. The most noticable was either Dr. Arndt from earlier; the glass of his daftpunk masked face glinting in the slanted light, or it was the woman in full niqab; her black shrouds showing only a sliver of sharp, dark eyes.

The others consisted of a group of myriad individuals. A tall, androgynous type of individual in a dark, sleek suit with a red tie sat next to the woman in niqab. Their pale face was shifting, anxious eyes taking in the new individual. Beside them sat a young man; angular, typically handsome for what somehow in either his stature or his features identified him as an englishman. Dark hair as well, long and swept behind his ears to fall down his back. Analytical, strangely light tawny eyes glanced over her as he seemed to consider her features.

Next to him sat a small, but muscular, compact Asian woman with judgmental eyes glancing over everything from Florence's outfit to her stance. A tiny, angry, built Lucy Liu from Kill Bill Vol. 1, sans the kimono. She sported a white blouse, under which sprouted two shiny, metallic arms in a sleek prosthesis. Next to her sat an incredibly goth looking young woman She was chewing gum, peering at Florence through sunglasses. Inside a room without windows. With something that strongly resembled Starbucks iced coffee sweating all over the nice, black tabletop.

On the other side of the table was seated two black women roughly around the others' age. They resembled one another sharply; medium tone skin. One with a decidedly more sleek, black turtleneck, undercut, natural hair in a punk pouf about one side of her head, wire rim glasses, and elbows on the table than the one next to her. She was in a pastel bubblegum pink sweater-blouse with a little, prim collar and one of those annoyingly adorable pixie haircuts that made her light hair look feathery and soft and... it better be a wig, that's nice hair. She sat with her hands in her lap. Prim. Adorable. Bright pink lips. Pearl drop earrings. Put. Together.

Next came Draco Malfoy as James Bond. He grinned a little upon being looked at again. Beside him was the epitome of a millenial introvert. Cross legged on the chair, concentration deep into whatever hideously mechanical contraption was seated in her lap. Milky brown skin and dark, messy but nicely messy. The cleanliness of this obvious shut-in was a nice addition. This one showered, [i and] wore clean clothes! A blue button up shirt with a little spaceship embroidered to be coming out of the pocket, and those sort of black jeggings that almost looked like skinny jeans-- except this chick was crisscross applesauce, so obviously not denim or that wouldn't be happening.

And lastly was White Boy Model No. 1 in a collarless, nicely structured suit jacket in different, figure complimenting blocks of medium, light, and dark gray over a white button up and a tie [i with] a tie pin. He was forgettably handsome; brown eyes and hair, sat ridiculously prim and at attention and was exploring Florence as curiously as she was exploring him.
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character reference pictures: Johnny Weir
[pic] [pic]
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[pic] Find a better link?
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