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I'm looking for a possible roleplay. I'd prefer to play a female, if at all possible. Now, I have a few rules, but they aren't too terribly hard to follow.

Rule One

Please, please, PLEASE try your best to spell out your words and use proper grammar. I don't like feeling like I'm trying to play out an intricate plot with an 8 year old.

Rule Two

Please post at least once a week. I understand being busy, but PLEASE let me know so I don't think you ditched.

Rule Three - Final Rule

Try your best to type more than one line. Writer's block is fine, just try to keep it to at least 2 lines.

Things I will do~

Kuroshitsuji OC x Sebastian, OC x Undertaker, OC x Ciel, OC x Alois, OC x Claude.
Fruits Basket OC x Kyo, OC x Yuki, OC x Ayame, OC x Shigure
Ouran OC x Tamaki, OC x Mori
Kingdom Hearts OC x Riku, OC x Axel

Please post below if interested, and include which you're interested in!

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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