Unlikely Chances In a Forbidden War {Reserved For My Sister}

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[size12 [center I am not about to lie to you and say our world was peaceful before. We had wars and hardly any good reasons for them, many of us were selfish and overconfident. But we were also brilliant and progressive, we had reached heights that no species on our planet ever had before. Our castles had become towers of stone, steel and glass that could touch the sky. Even we had learned ways of achieving flight. We mastered electricity, understood the elements around us and manipulated them. Many abused such things, but others worked hard to make the lives of others easier and their futures bright. We thought we were alone, we thought this world was ours...]]

[size12 [center We believed it, up until the end of the world.]]

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[size12 [center Soon enough they came, angels and demons. At least, that's what they looked like and claimed to be. It seems the Catholics got something right. Whether they came because it was judgment day or not, we don't really know. The bastards never stopped to explain it to us. We were just the background.. and the battleground for their feud. They were more interested in each other than us, and their war began tearing apart whole cities and landscapes in seconds.]]

[size12 [center Give us humans some credit. We don't take something like this laying down.]]

[center [pic http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc420/Morningkill13/Main/videogamescloudswarbattlefirediceammunitionartworkbattlefield3skyscapesjets1920x1080_wwwwallpaperhicom_88_zpsa205e0de.jpg]]

[size12 [center So, naturally we responded in kind. It seemed these immortals weren't entirely immune to missiles. Just very resistant. It was being able to hit them without being killed that was the challenge. And it also turned out, we weren't the only ones fighting back. Other beings emerged from the depths of our dreams and nightmares. Vampires, Werewolves, Elves and countless others. All rose and fought the demons and angels, as well as each other. It was an onslaught of every race imaginable, fighting over the earth like a large cut of red meat. And we, the human race, were beginning to lose big time. Our civilization is gone, our homes are gone, many of our families are gone. We may have killed hundreds of them in this world, but they have destroyed millions of us.]]

[size12 [center But you know how it works when humans become the underdog, what we end up doing to survive. We hide, we plot, we adapt. Most of the humans alive now are either slaves and playthings to some of the other races, or they are rebels and frightened creatures in hiding. Waiting, hoping, praying for some way to save ourselves and our world. Most of us don't know the details of why the other races fight, we're not even sure who is or is not winning. Hell.. we don't even know if there's a such thing as a winner anymore. The world is falling apart as we speak, ungodly powerful being ripping at it and us bombing it would do that. The only question now is, is there any way to reach a level of peace through this chaos? Is there a way to restore what was lost? what may we have to give up in the process? Is there any hope of reaching and understanding with the others? What if we're only fooling ourselves that there's any reason to fight...]]

[size12 [center [+red And it's already too late?]]][center [pic http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc420/Morningkill13/Main/cityscapesskylinesatomicexplosionsnuclearsmokebuildingsatomarmageddonnuclearexplosionsato_wwwwall321com_98_zps706eb12b.jpg]]


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Mari nodded and stood up next to him [#FF0000 [b [i "my wounds have completly healed thanks to you, what about the bite mark how is it healing? Good I hope."]]] She asked him and looked toward the three people they were about to go talk to [#FF0000 [b [i "they noticed we stood all three of them are watching us now."]]] As added in a soft whisper only loud enough for him to hear
  Mari / BloodyNeonScreams / 5y 85d 6h 26m 27s
[size12 Vance looked at her while she spoke, then turned in the direction she was facing again in thought. [#005C8A [b "They don't seem hostile to me either, merely very cautious. I don't normally get involved with many people, but in this case I'm inclined to agree with you.. The fact that they're out there on their on in a place like this, worries me."]] He answered her quietly before standing up slowly and looking back at her, [#005C8A [b "If you also think it is the best course of action, then perhaps we should attempt to communicate with them. Are you feeling better?"]] He asked her at the end, hoping that she had recovered now that she had rested. His expression revealed some concern once more, he didn't want to go out there if she wasn't up to it. And he didn't want to leave her by herself.]
  Vance Ikeda / MaskOfInnocence / 5y 95d 18h 12m 46s
When Mari woke up she looked at Vance and moved closer to him and peers over his shoulder In the same direction that Vance was looking in and closed her eyes searching the area for Other beings aura [#FF0000 [b [i "there are three of them, firm what I can tell there are two males and one female."]]] She paused for a moment her eyes still closed then suddenly she opened them and looked at Vance [#FF0000 [b [i " they are of to the right of us, to be honest their aura doesn't feel hostile in any way, do you think we should call out to them see if there's anything they need help with... What do you think? "]]] she asked him
  Mari / BloodyNeonScreams / 5y 85d 6h 29m 40s
[size12 Vance watched her try to get comfortable. After she curled up near the fire to stay warm, he felt an odd urge to do something. He slid off his coat and put it on her, for her to use as a blanket. Before nodding to her and sitting by the entrance of the cave, [#00527A [b "I don't mind. Get some rest Mari."]] he answered her quietly, with a certain gentleness to his tone. He kept his eyes focused on the outside, he still felt that presence he sensed before was nearby. It made him more than just a little suspicious, why were they just watching them. What did they want? He couldn't help but get the uneasy impression that he was being studied. It wasn't a comfortable thought. It seemed silly of whoever these people were to just stand around, in case they hadn't noticed this was Lycan territory. Unless of course, it was Lycans that were watching him. But if that were the case, wouldn't they have attacked while he and Mari were vulnerable? No, whatever these beings were they were not part of the pack of wolves that resided here. The fact that they hadn't struck was a clear sign, they were being cautious. Perhaps afraid of being struck down themselves.]

[size12 Several hours passed and nothing happened, the storm finally cleared and the sun had fully set in the sky. It was now late in the evening, and at times, he still felt watched. These beings hadn't moved, but he didn't sense them watching all at once anymore. Just one at a time, a different one each time. He was beginning to tell them apart based on the small sense of emotion he drew from them, perhaps they too were taking shifts in watch, like himself and Mari. So, that meant these three were definitely on the defensive. Trying to survive in his corrupt and broken world, maybe they saw himself and Mari to be another potential threat that could do them harm. His usual anti-social self told him it would be best to keep his distance from them, and to let them do the same with him. But a newer feeling was telling him otherwise, that it was possible these three needed help. Even that, he should help them. However he was not about to act alone, he needed input on this from his current traveling partner. He heard her stir, as if she was waking up, it was only then that he informed her in a quiet tone without turning around; [#00527A [b "There are three people watching us, they have been for a while.. But they haven't moved."]]]
  Vance Ikeda / MaskOfInnocence / 5y 95d 19h 13m 31s
Once back inside the safety of the cave, as Vance set her down the ground she shivered a little, she made her way over to one of the walls and started a small fire to keep her self warm [#FF0000 [b [i "Vance in think I am going to get some rest, mind taking watch for awhile?]]] She asked him
  Mari / BloodyNeonScreams / 5y 95d 19h 33m 28s
[size12 Vance blinked as she fell back into a sitting position, apparently she couldn't walk just yet. She was still a little weak. And yet, it was true they needed to move before they were discovered again. He let out a sigh, there was really no alternative then... He stood up on his feet, then proceeded to scoop her up into his arms bridal style. Deciding it would be best to carry her back, she wasn't all that heavy either. She was actually pretty light. He wasn't sure whether she would protest, but it didn't really matter as of now. They needed to get back to the cave, and he was the only one of the two who could walk very well at the moment. He carried her back up the hill towards the cave, as he did so, he felt a lingering feeling. As if someone nearby was watching them, as he thought about it it may have been more than one. He quickened his pace to the cave, remembering the barrier spell that Mari had cast previously. It was their safest bet. And he made it their without trouble, in fact... It didn't feel as if the people watching an effort to try and stop them.]

[size12 Meanwhile in the woods outside the cave, three figures were watching the two who had just entered it. The tallest was the first to speak, [#990000 [b "Did you catch their scent?"]] asked the male voice to the second tallest of the group. [#009933 [b "Yeah.. The woman was definitely a vampire like you said. As for the dude with her, he smelled mostly human but... there was something a little off. I can't place it."]] The second young male voice replied slowly. The third figure spoke next, in a soft and somewhat nervous young female voice; [#B8005C [b "Why don't we just try talking to them?... They don't seem as bad as the others.."]] But the first male figure shook his head, [#990000 [b "Not yet. We have no reason to trust them, but perhaps after we have more control of our surroundings. That way we'll have the upper hand if it turns into a fight."]] he responded sternly. The young female didn't seem altogether happy with his decision, but didn't attempt to argue.]
  Vance Ikeda / MaskOfInnocence / 5y 95d 19h 59m 27s
Mari looks into Vance's eyes for a long moment then nodded her head [#FF0000 [b [I "we should get back into the cave before we are found again"]]] she told him and started to stand but ended falling back down in a sitting position [#FF0000 [b [I " whoa, it seems that I haven't regained my strength yet"]]] she said
  Mari / BloodyNeonScreams / 5y 95d 20h 17m 46s
[size12 He panted a little when she pulled away, but she hadn't caused him any harm. Being bitten by a Vampire was just a strong fear of his he was still getting over, although for this case... It wasn't near so terrible. He wasn't hurt, and he didn't feel inflicted with pain or violation. And he wasn't upset with her, to the contrary in fact.. After seeing her expression of deep shame and sorrow, he felt the immediate need to reassure her. He wasn't sure why, but he couldn't stand that pained look on her face. He carefully moved a little closer to her, putting a hand on her shoulder slowly and gently. Giving her a look of reassurance and sincerity, [#00527A [b It's alright Mari.. I'm fine. You did what you needed to, you might have died otherwise. And.... I wouldn't have wanted that.."]] he told her, the last part seeming somewhat harder for him to say. He was never good with words, but he had to express somehow that he didn't want harm to come to her.]
  Vance Ikeda / MaskOfInnocence / 5y 95d 21h 24m 25s
Mari heard him speak to her telling her softly to stop that she had enough to heal her injuries, she pulled away from him putting her index finger. Too her lips she looked up at him a look of Shane on her face as she seemed to come out of her daze like state. She scooted her self away from him as she spoke [#FF0000 [b [I "oh god, Vance I am so so sorry.... It was a natural instinct..."]]] She said with panic in her voice
  Mari / BloodyNeonScreams / 5y 95d 21h 37m 54s
[size12 Just two seconds before it happened, Vance sensed her desperation. Her need to survive, and the only means there was for her. Instinctively he wanted to pull away before she reacted, but he didn't move. He only flinched when Mari grabbed him by the collar, and let out a loud gasp as she bit down on his neck. Followed by what might have been the start of a pleading protest; [#00476B [b "M-Mari...]] He shivered at first. Being reminded of the terrible experience he had when he was first bitten, while his body tensed some. Sure enough, a new feeling quickly began to replace the pain. He braced for it uneasily, expecting for it feel the same sickening sensation he did the last time. But this time... it didn't feel the same. What replaced the pain was the ecstasy that was to be expected from a Vampire's embrace, but this time it didn't feel like a violation.]

[size12 Despite himself he let out a soft groan as his body relaxed slightly, his very pale face turning a light shade of pink. His teeth were still gritted a little, trying to hold back any other suggestive sounds or protests. After a little while though, he felt it would be a good idea to remind Mari to stop. His blood was known to be addictive to vampires in the past, slowly he put a slightly shaky hand on her head and put a little pressure on it to get her attention while he spoke softly again; [#00476B [b Mari.. That's enough now, you've taken enough.."]] He told her, praying silently that she would listen. She may have bitten him without consent, but she did it out of desperation for survival. He didn't feel angry with her, and he certainly didn't wish to harm her in any way.]
  Vance Ikeda / MaskOfInnocence / 5y 95d 21h 48m 18s
Mari was writhing in pain as Vance knelt down beside her, she tried not to move [#FF0000 [b [I "I... I can't heal it..."]]] She said her voice was starting to sound shaky as she turned slightly [#FF0000 [b [I " Forgive me....Vance"]]] she said and whispered his name at the end as she grabbed his collar and pulled him toward her exposing his neck she shifted herself and her fangs extended and she sank her fangs and started to feed off of him to heal her wounds
  Mari / BloodyNeonScreams / 5y 95d 21h 45m 56s
[size12 While asleep, Vance started to dream for the first time in years. It was far from a pleasant experience, the dream had quickly accelerated into a nightmare. Once again he was falling, through an endless thunder storm filled with roars from hungry animals. He was struggling against a mass of powerful beings, holding him down as he was inflicted with fresh wounds from their claws. Then, for a second everything went silent. And he froze, unable to move whether or not he was being pinned anymore. He felt an ice cold breath hit his neck, feeling the deathly significance that came with it. All he could do was shiver and try to turn away, a pointless struggle to no avail. He then felt the sharp pain of small digger like fangs digging into his throat, followed by a sickening, drawn out feeling. He felt more than wounded, but violated as well. He opened his mouth, trying to scream but nothing came out but... a roar? Soon another sounded, over the storm.]

[size12 Soon a sound pierced through the dark clouds of his dream entirely, his name being shouted in a mixture of agony and desperation. His eyes snapped open and he sat up, he wasn't dreaming anymore. He heard more roars from a familiar kind of beast. In one quick motion, he stood and bolted out of the cave. Half running, half skating down the hill below the cave. Rolling down his sleeves on the way. He saw another lycan, drawing away from Mari's leg after having broken it. It's blood covered muzzle and teeth turned in his direction slowly, furious and feral yellow eyes meeting with his own blue ones for one moment. Vance thrust his hand forward, the lycan charged towards him. Vance had reacted faster, the small silver blade attached to the chain he extended went through the Were's wind pipe. It fell to the ground, gasping for air as it began to choke on it's blood. Vance walked past it with a cold vacant look in his eyes, once the beast was two feet behind him, he thrust his hand backwards. The chain shot back towards the wolf and pierced through it's eye. Ending it. He then ran to Mari and looked her over, seeing the number of bites, the loss of blood and the broken leg.. He grimaced. [#005C8A [b "It's alright, don't move just yet. You've lost a lot of blood..."]] He said, his voice was surprisingly softer than usual. And it was full of concern, as were his eyes that looked at her while he swiftly knelt beside her.]
  Vance Ikeda / MaskOfInnocence / 5y 96d 20h 10m 42s
Mari looked over at him as he felt asleep then stood up and walked out of the cave, she did 't go far, just far enough to catch a deer to feed off of. But right as she was about to catch it she heard a twig snap behind her she she spin around just as a lycan tackled her to the ground sinking his large teeth into her shoulder making her scream out in pain, her eye's became a deep crimson blood red as more of her vampiric power came to the surface a surge of red aura pushed the Lycan up off of her sending him soaring through the air and hitting hard against a tree snapping the large oak at the bottom making in tumble over and hit the ground hard. She she got to her feet at lighting fast speed she winced and held her shoulder where the Lucan had bit her. She watched the wolfmget to its feet and growl at her pulling Hus lips back exposing its teeth covered in her own blood. It snarled at her as it spoke [b [I "Vampire's should know not to come out in this area by them selves in Lucan territory, Especially one so young like yourself"]] it said to her and lunged forward on the last word and she kicked off the ground to the left but being hurt as she was she couldn't get her balance and she fell to the snow covered ground as the ice cold wind picked up and the snow came down faster making it hard to see around her, the Lycan came at her again sinking it teeth into her leg hard making Mari scream out in pain as a loud snap came from her leg as the lycans jaw broke her leg, she looked up through the tree toward where the cave was [#FF0000 [b [i " Vance!!!!!"]]] She called out as loud as she could hopeing her would hear her, she despised dragging him into this but she couldn't defend her self as she was ambushed and hurt loosing blood quickly
  Mari / BloodyNeonScreams / 5y 96d 21h 36s
[size12 Vance nodded a little to her first comment, it was along the same lines as he surmised. Either he was just an evolved form of human, or someone tampered with him in some way. He was more inclined to believe the first theory, seeing as he had quite the memory and no one had gotten close enough to him before to tamper with him. As she offered to help him hone his abilities and teach him how to be a bounty hunter, he wasn't sure how to respond. Again, her intentions seemed genuine. Question was why was she inclined to be nice to him, it wasn't as if she really knew him. And they were in the middle of an ongoing war, why help and take the side of a random stranger in such a time? Feeling confused as to why she would offer her assistance however, didn't stop him entirely from accepting it.]

[size12 [b [#005C8A "..I think I may accept that offer."]]]

[size12 He replied after a little while, breaking the momentary silence. He glanced back at her as she sat by the cave entrance, hearing her words he hesitated before nodding some again. [#005C8A [b "Alright. Let me know when you need rest and I'll take over."]] He told her before moving a little further into the cave, finding a shady spot to lay down in. He closed his eyes, but for a little while was finding it difficult to sleep. He wasn't used to company in general, let alone in the same room as him. But he was also exhausted from taking down two werewolves earlier. And after a while, his body made the decision to sleep for him.. as he slowly drifted off.]
  Vance Ikeda / MaskOfInnocence / 5y 96d 21h 41m 50s
Mari looked at him her head tilted to the side slightly as she seemed to be in thought for a moment [#FF0000 [b [i "it sounds like you are human just a more evolved one, physically and mentaly,."]]] She said [#FF0000 [b [i "From what I saw of you in action today What I said before the lycans ambushed us, you would make. Very good bounty hunter. If you want I could help you hon your abilities and then if you want I could teach you the ways of the hunter.]]] She added and leaned against the cave wall and looked out into the storm [#FF0000 [b [i "we should probably take turns geeting some rest, I'll take first watch."]] She said not looking away from the entrence
  Mari / BloodyNeonScreams / 5y 96d 22h 4m 27s

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