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Damn, it's been that long!? That's crazy.

Mega good times.
Miss them.
  {нalғ вlood} / Hana_Panda13 / 9d 23h 4m 41s
  amore / 36d 2h 24m 57s
Haha Nemesis and Jester as a team would completely suck for everyone, xD!

omg, when they all make their own team, it's gonna be too funny >.<
  DCU / Amore / 4y 305d 15h 56m 11s
Magic duel!

I can see them keeping talley's of how many bad guys they take down. I need to hurry so I can post as her again.

OOOOH YES! I would like that. Given that the nature of man is against Heroes and those with powers I would like to put them in different situations.
  DC Domination / boxghost / 4y 342d 6h 30m 50s
Haha, she definitely will especially if he gets on her nerves!

For real they're gonna be sooo cute <3

I think I might add in Nemesis from my Marvel lineup to play around with Jester and stir the pot among the friends. Being the Daughter of Deadpool her position is in between villain and hero. So she'll be like Vann but more interactive with everything! If I add her in...
  DCU / Amore / 4y 342d 6h 43m 30s
Yeah. He is a tiny thing. I like him like that, given his skills in magic he is not really an apposing figure but Wren is only like an inch taller than him....I hope she teases him for it.

I cant wait for Erebus and Comet to meet GAH!

But yeah. I wanted to get a combat in here. Let Jester rally a crowd of baddies >:3.
  DC Domination / boxghost / 4y 342d 6h 53m 37s
Yaaaaas! That's good that you're doing good + you're getting breaks too! :) I didn't realize Wizard Boy was a shortie, haha >.<!

Buuuut yeah I'm game to post with my kick ass peeps whenever is needed!
  DCU / Amore / 4y 342d 7h 7m 45s
I am good. Finally getting some breaks in from rehearsals and Easter is coming up so I can post hopefully some good things for us to work on for our wonderful heroes XD
  DC Domination / boxghost / 4y 342d 7h 10m 13s
I'm alright :) happy that I had today and have tomorrow off from work :) how are you.
  DCU / Amore / 4y 342d 7h 12m 49s
I do to. I think I will close it to just the four of us. '3' How are you Amore?
  Nivens McTwisp / boxghost / 4y 342d 7h 21m 48s
I love this Roleplay and all of our characters!!!! :,(
  DCU / Amore / 4y 342d 7h 35m 1s
Is everyone still interested in this RP? I ask because if need be I can close it and work more in detail with it. Or just put it into hiatus until we all have more time.
  Chatting {If I were a pokemon} / boxghost / 4y 343d 6h 30m 33s
I'm pretty sure I said Caelyn(Dallas), because she is a switch hitter between being a villain and Hero and "being" with Brian would make her a hero for the time being.

If I did say Wren it was by accident though.
  DCU / Amore / 5y 135d 12h 49m 52s
I thought he knew Wren, not Dallas? I'm becoming very confused now.
  {Comic Nerd} / hana_panda13 / 5y 135d 15h 30m 41s
If you wanted to incorporate Dallas being around or with Brian that wouldn't bother me.
  DCU / Amore / 5y 138d 9h 36m 44s

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