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D A R K | S I D E
of the

Cunning. Mysterious. Beautiful. Elegant. Ancient. Patronizing. Ghoulish. Perpetual. Seductive. Enticing. Vindictive. Sardonic. Infallible. Perfect.

Better known as:

V A M P I R E S.

They live among us. They seduce us; they steal our love, and our source of life. They deceive us, and they succeed. They are hunters, killers, and evil-doers. They are Satan’s pawns; they are the evil reflections of godly angels. Their intent is to kill, destroy, and contort our minds. They are false lovers, takers, and conquered by evil and greed. They are not to be trusted. Their flawless porcelain skin, pale flesh, and heart-wrenching pools; their strength, their grace, and their sex appeal; their voice of ten-thousand songbirds, their glimmering beam, and their over-all beauty—only present to deceive—to disguise their horrid and disgusting interior. All a lie. . . .

O R | S O | T H E | F O L K | T A L E S | T E L L.

But does the folk-lore lie? Do they really all steal our hearts and our blood? Are they all hunters, killers, evil-doers, deceivers, and seducers incapable of compassion? Or are they just mythical creatures present in folk-tales to make those mysterious and misleading tales that much more believable? Does this species of undead only wish to deceive and decimate the human race, or do they wish to disguise… to meld into society… to be normal. Whom is to say which?

Y O U.

R U L E S & R E G U L A T I O N S


EDIT: Final decision will be made whenever I feel like it. Sorry, I'm bad with set schedules.


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