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Even if the idea that the criminal was a copycat wasn’t new information to the man that sat before her, she couldn’t help but think that he wasn’t doing much else to help further the investigation. Sophie actually considered that he didn’t tell her what they already knew about the case to make her input seem irrelevant.

For a moment his tone changed and he gave her something she could work with but it wasn’t long before he snapped out of his reflective phase and resorted to talking to her with distain. Based on what he had just told her she had her suspicions about the profile of their potential perpetrator but it wasn’t as though he would listen if she gave her opinion so for now she compartmentalised the information and told herself to revisit it at a later time. She watched as a series of expressions flew over his face but the one thing that stood out was the obvious alcohol intake. Granted it probably wasn’t enough to actually have a real effect upon him but she was sure that it wasn’t something that the bureau should be allowing.

Just as he spat a final insult towards her, which really didn’t bother her at all, someone knocked on the door telling him that it was time for him to move out. She assumed that he was supposed to visit the crime scene for whatever routines he was responsible for. Regardless of whether he wanted her there or not, there was nothing that would stop her from going because she would see something that would be important to the case, whether she knew that now or whether it became useful later in the investigation.

“Yes I’m coming but don’t expect me to live in your pocket like that flask of alcohol you seem so dependent on.” She said as she breezed past him and Katherine. She knew where they were headed because she overheard someone in the office talking about the socialite’s party from the night before and something told her that she would have a much more relaxed journey there if she took her own car rather than rode with Agent Reeves. Sophie wasn’t even sure if he was able to drive because of his slightly intoxicated state but if he couldn’t she didn’t want to have to sit next to him in a car either.

The drive there was pretty simple and she found that she was able to focus on committing some of the case details to her mind a lot easier without have the noise of the office or the condescending voice talking to her the entire time she was trying to figure things out. It took her a total of twenty minutes before she was pulling up in the drive way of one of the biggest houses she had seen in a while. For a moment she was in awe of the sheer size of the building but then she grounded herself again as she took the key out of the ignition and remembered that a lot of people with money were also drowned with death and crime. That was just the nature of money.

As Sophie climbed out of the car she saw another pull into the drive way and watched as Agent Reeves emerged from the car. Without a word exchanged she walked into the crime scene and made her way into the living room where they had been directed to. When they walked in she saw a vision of beauty in front of who appeared to be an agent.

"Yes, and could you repeat what you saw at 12am once again, Ms. Rye?"
Then she was being addressed shortly after the gentleman had addressed Agent Reeves. She too a moment to take in the woman’s appearance noticing that she was slightly flushed in the cheeks but as she took another sip from her mug of coffee, Sophie assumed that it was because of the caffeine in her system and possible lack of sleep. Her attention was then diverted to the man who was now introducing himself to her. Maybe the reason the woman was flushing was because of the smile that he now attempted to use on her. He was most definitely a seductive being but she knew that it was all for show. Sophie met his hand with her own and returned a smile.

“I’m Sophie, yes. Nice to meet you.” The fact that he was a cryptographer suggested they might be spending time working together on this case because it was centred around messages and symbols and with him being employed but the FBI he most certainly should have been good at his job.
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The house was dressed up as a crime scene already by the time the first wave of FBI agents got there. Yellow caution tape surrounded the perimeter of the crime scene with little yellow cards placed on the ground where important evidence laid. Chalk outlined where the body had lain before it was removed. As soon as Aeron approached, policemen came up to stop him from entering. Automatically, he flashed his FBI badge, "I'm Agent Aeron Jethro. Lead Agent Adrian Reeves will be here momentarily. I've been sent to do preliminary examinations of the evidence and crime scene." The cop seemed surprised that someone so young was on the FBI, but the badge was real and the credentials checked out.

"Uh... sorry, right this way, sir." The policeman lifted the tape and allowed Aeron to enter the vicinity of the crime scene. It took every ounce of willpower for Aeron to not smirk at his handiwork. He had to give himself a round of applause at his brilliance. He was an expert cryptographer thanks to his grandfather, and that seemed to be the one thing the FBI was missing in their ranks. Oh how easy it was to just slip in and hide in plain sight. Now he could revisit his crime scenes with no suspicion at all. In fact, he was paid to revisit his crime scenes, and he felt pleasure in seeing the panic and anxiety crossing the faces of officers and civilians alike. "This guy emerges after all this time and starts killing again. I don't understand it, why did his trail go cold, y'know?" The policeman thought aloud as he came back with documents on the evidence found.

"He's puzzling us too. The cryptic messages are the same style, but there's something off about these cases. I don't think it's the same perp." Aeron frowned at the pages he leafed through, although inside he was grinning. "I don't really know what the perp gets out of this. Maybe some sick, twisted pleasure from evading the police or something." He sighed out and closed the file. "Um, if you don't mind, I'm going to go inside and see what the story is from the staff of the house and the owner. Excuse me." The policeman nodded and let Aeron enter the house.

The pseudo-agent first tracked down the servants and tried to get their stories. A charming smile and slight flirtation was all that was necessary to make them feel at ease. "So you're the maid here? You don't look like a maid." A brief frown crossed the maid's face,

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you're far too cute to be a maid." A blush crossed the young woman's face. She was actually quite pretty with tanned skin and pleasing facial features. Aeron just chuckled and finally got down to the interview questions, "So, what did you see or hear when the crime happened? You were working last night right?"

"Yes. I heard a sound like thunder, you know... like a whip. It was loud, even louder than the music."

"And where were you when this happened?"

"I was out in the garden."

"Why were you in the garden?"

"The servants get to eat their meal out in the garden on their break. Ms. Rye doesn't believe in cooping us up and forcing us to live like animals while we're working."

"Hmm... this Ms. Rye sounds generous. Did you see anything?"

"No, just the car driving away."

"I see. Well thank you for your time. Do you know where I can find Ms. Rye?"

"Oh yes sir, she's currently just in the living room. She's waiting for someone to get her story." Perfect.

"Thank you. If I need anything else, I will contact you." Aeron smiled and received one in return before turning to the living room. Who knew their reunion would be so soon?

Aeron's steps were light and mute, only an animal with the keenest of hearing could've heard him walking. He wanted to give his dear Ms. Rye a little surprise. He stepped into the living room and saw her in all her glory, standing with her back to him. Seductive contours of her body were revealed by the tight silk gown wrapped tightly around her form. He bit his lip lightly at such a desirable sight. His fingers found the doorknob and he shut the door without a sound. Slowly he approached her from behind like a predator stalking his prey. Then he had his hands on her. His left hand wrapped around her neck as his right slipped through her gown. A devious smile spread across his lips which connected with her neck. "Hmm... no underwear? Naughty girl." He teased. "Now Ms. Rye... tell me..." He kissed down her exposed neck to her shoulder, "... where were you at 11pm last night. What were you doing? How much did you enjoy it?" With each question, his handling of her grew rougher. A smile at his lips despite the fact that he knew they could not have a repeat of last night with so many policemen so close.

Suddenly, he pulled his hand out of her gown and whispered, "I think working together will be quite enjoyable for us both." He licked his finger in time as she turned around and the door suddenly flew open, revealing the second wave of FBI agents. "Yes, and could you repeat what you saw at 12am once again, Ms. Rye?" He spoke as if he had not been ravaging her merely moments before. He fixed his glasses on the bridge of his nose and smiled before pretending to notice the new arrivals. "Oh! Agent Reeves, I was just interviewing Ms. Rye here." His head tilted to the side slightly to take in the new woman trailing behind the man. "Hmm? You must be Agent Harlow, the new one, right?" A smile was plastered to his lips as he extended his hand for a shake. "You can call me A.J. I'm the senior cryptographer for the FBI."
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It had been an extremely long night and she wanted nothing more than the police to leave her home so she could get back to her daily facade but that wouldn’t be likely. She was still the perfect host, thanking people for coming and leading them to their exit after each of her guests had been questioned by the police. As of yet, everyone’s statement was the same. Miss Rye had been in her room changing her clothes Miss Rye had returned to host the party some time before the victim had been murdered and the body had been found. No one had seen the crime take place or any cars drive away from the scene. That gave their gracious a host an alibi which worked out perfectly because the last thing she needed was to be suspected of a murder that was not going to fit with the MO she wanted linked with her very own murders.

As she looked at the clock she noticed that her last guest was about to leave but she knew that wouldn’t be the end of it for her. Soon enough more investigators would be surrounding her home and her life would take a while to get back to normalcy after this. Her lover had definitely inconvenienced her and she would be sure to make them pay.

“Officer, if you wouldn’t mind – it has been a long night - May I excuse myself for a shower? I am sure the rest of your team would be arriving soon and I would feel much more comfortable if I were not wearing last night’s clothing and looking as though I have not had much sleep.” She smiled sweetly, knowing that she would not be denied privacy in her own home. She also knew that she wouldn’t be denied because the officer was a man and never before had a man said no to her, no matter what the question was.

Within minutes she was back in her room and she was looking upon the bed where she had spent a good proportion of last night. She stripped down placing the dress neatly over the end of the bed before walking towards the door that would lead her to her en-suite. The hot water of the shower dressed her skin and begun washing away the make-up that had covered the damage her lover had left. He had certainly left him mark on her and made damn sure that she would need to keep herself covered up until the bruising had gone down. The purple marks were darker than they were a few hours ago and the swelling was certainly worse and it would take a lot more make-up to cover the obvious ones that stained her skin.

A dressing gown would cover the rest and after her quick submersion under the hot shower she stepped out, turning it off and began working on covering her bruises once more. She stepped out of the room and placed her hair in a wet braid and decided that it didn’t matter what she looked like to investigators. She didn’t need to keep up appearances with anyone who did not live within the social circle that she needed to impress and her final guest had left before she had dismissed herself to her room. She placed a silk robe over her skin and found it sufficient enough in covering her marks. That was the last thing she would want the investigators to see because they would think that perhaps she had been in an altercation with someone and perhaps they would find a way to link her to the stranger’s murder.

Trini took once last look upon herself in the mirror before making her way into her living room where she waiting patiently for someone to come and talk to her about what had happened and what would happen. She asked a maid to ensure that their coffee machine had been brought into the living room and was on constantly to hydrate their ‘guests’ and excused her for the rest of the day and she had already given her version of events. She smiled into a cup of coffee and savored the taste as well as the energy it would bring her to get through the morning.
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"Oh my god, Reeves! What did you do that for?" Adrian looked up with the same smug and triumphant expression that he had donned when the new investigating officer left the room to fetch his food. Ah yes, being in control was nice. He knew, of course, by no means did he win; however, it was a small victory in a very large battle between himself and this new detective.


"You know what!" A glare was sent toward the head agent's way from the woman. "It's okay if you boss me around to do menial tasks for you, but why would you ask a respected investigator to fetch food for you? I can't believe you sometimes!" This was a common occurrence by now. Adrian would do something stupid, Kitty would yell at him. Did that change anything? No. He would just continue being the prick that he was to people because it was his every right to.

"Stop getting your panties in a bunch, Kitty. It's not just about the food... it's about my coffee too. You can't forget about that. It's the nectar of the gods... no wait, that's alcohol. Coffee would be more like..." He trailed off in thought, one hand scratching at his stubble mindlessly. A pen hit his forehead with deadly precision, causing Adrian to snap out of his thoughts.

"It doesn't matter. What matters is that you apologize for being so rude. You know, you're the reason why our team is so understaffed." At this, Adrian chuckled,

"No. The reason our team is so small is because people are incompetent. They're dead weight to me." Kitty opened her mouth as if to retort but seemed to decide against it and merely rolled her eyes with an exasperated sigh. It was true, even the woman couldn't deny it. Adrian knew the ins and outs of a criminal's mind, and more than that, he was deceptively clever. Before, when he had first been brought in, he kept correcting everyone... but not without reason. He was right. Infuriatingly so, but he was always right. Wounded prides caused people to leave because he had so little experience, and yet he could see the solution that everyone else was blind to. That was the difference between the criminal and those who wished to lock them away.

It wasn't long before that infuriating woman walked back in with his order. A smug look stole over his features as she listed off his demands in the exact order in which he gave them to her. "Fantastic job, assistant number two." He complimented with a mocking smile to accompany his praise. She was already walking away though, "I'll be sure to use more of your services from now on!" He called out, making sure she heard him before shrugging and popping the lid off of his coffee and pouring some into his porcelain mug.

"Are you serious?" Kitty piped up as Adrian added more alcohol into his coffee.

"You're not stopping me." He retorted before tucking into his sandwich and sipping at his coffee.

It wasn't until about 10 minutes later that Ms. Sophie Harlow the Great burst into his office and threw down a file on his desk. By then, Adrian had been leaning back in his chair with a magazine covering his face, and the soft sound of his snoring could be heard. The glossy, bound paper slid off of his face, and he opened his eyes to look at the female in front of him groggily. His eyes went to the symbol on the case file then back to the new detective. "Wow, great job, detective. Is there something you can offer that we don't already know?" He groaned as he sat upright, as if it took all the effort in the world just to spare this woman some of his attention. "Look, I already know it's a copycat. A terrible one at that. The old Zodiac left cryptic messages in symbols, and it was well thought out. He liked to sneak under the police's noses. This one is completely different. He's leaving a message that requires no brain power. Take the murder that just took place for example. His message is in plain English. No symbols, nothing." He was all business now as he analyzed and tried to profile this criminal. Adrian wouldn't classify this copycat as "stupid" or "unintelligent" although that was what the copycat seemed to be coming off as right now. What if that was the image that the copycat wanted to show off in order to throw the police off their tracks? Not many people can get away with murder at a big social event... and yet... there were so many things that contradicted his intelligence. This was a tricky one.

Realizing he had just spoken to Sophie as if she were his equal, he leaned back again and shrugged. "Not like that could help you anyway. An eidetic memory is useless if it doesn't come with a competent mind." He insulted, reigning his power back in once more.

"Agent Reeves," There was a knock on the door, "It's time to head out." Adrian ignored the person at the door and looked at Sophie.

"You're more than welcome to come with us. I'm not sure what you'll get out of it though." He spoke nonchalantly as he rose. Opening his drawer, he quietly tucked a flask into his jacket despite Kitty's disapproving look. "Come now, sweet Katherine. We have a job to do." He mocked and commanded at the same time, causing the assistant to roll her eyes before rising from the desk and joining him at the door.

"Don't use my name in such a vile manner."

"I will do with it what I will, assistant number one." Adrian retorted haughtily before turning his head to look at Sophie. "Are you coming, assistant number two?"
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Sophie imagined that Adrian was expected her to act like an irrationally and she would demand to know why he had such a stick up his ass but even now as she rested in the doorway she enjoyed the feeling of proving him wrong. His smile matched hers and she found that she would enjoy the conflicting relationship that would pass between that two as they would work together over the case. No doubt he would think this was her trying to please him so she could keep working for him but this was her showing that she had no intention of allowing him to the satisfaction of thinking that she would crumble under his pressure.

She allowed a laugh to escape her lips as he said that he considered replacing Kitty with her and she merely shook her head. “You wouldn’t be able to afford me as your assistant.” He was trying to annoy her when quite frankly what she felt was nothing but humour. Now she was armed with her mental pen and paper and listened to every single word and she nodded along with him as he guided her through his idea of the perfect sandwich. “Got it. However, when you decide to terminate my employment you might want to a find a better excuse than “the woman working on the case took too long to get me a sandwich.” For now there was some serious tension between Adrian and his assistant and she was surprised that Kitty was now ignoring her employer and asking Sophie was food she would like to eat. She placed a hand on her shoulder and smiled. “Thank you, but I like to fetch my own food, gets me some fresh air and time to think. Don’t you worry about him I can handle him.” She said as she walked away from the door and towards the staircase that would lead her out of the office.

On her way out she caught sight of a woman talking about her and pointing her out to someone whose face she has not yet seen in the office and she smiled as she saw the two looking at her and nodded in a greeting as she made her way towards the street and made her way to the only food outlet that would provide her with the fussy order the Adrian had placed and soon enough she was paying for the food and thanking the clerk behind to desk for helping her and he winked and attempted a flirt, one that she politely returned out of gratitude. Everything her superior had asked for was one the sandwich and some enough she was packed in to office walking towards his office and placed the coffee in front of him. “Coffee: black, just like your soul and in chronology of the order you placed: No onions, on toasted focaccia bread, slightly buttered but not toasted so that it is completely crispy, I am sure the bread has a lot of chew so you have no reason to be mad. There is an avocado spread on only the top slice of the sandwich and you have turkey and pancetta, with only a single slice of roast beef and is laced with the only cheese you will accept; feta. Don’t worry, your lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, peppers and olives are all present too.” She smiled towards him and she placed it before him and walked away from him, not giving him an excuse to say anything to her and she removed herself to the kitchen so she could eat her own sandwich as she read up more on the case.

She allowed herself to observe the people working in the office and it seemed she had caused quite a stir as people looking towards her and spoke. They were mostly insecure but there were a few faces who were genuinely impressed that she was still here. Maybe that is why they were reluctant to talk to her. Perhaps they expected her to leave almost as quickly as she entered the building.

The food she had bought for herself was rather satisfying and as she threw the rubbish in the bin she found herself craving a coffee and made herself one as she stood still reading through the case notes and removed her phone from her pocket and set some notes to remind her to read through some of the work she had done for her PHD. This was all too familiar and all of the sudden it has clicked where she needed to look to confirm her suspicions. It was the symbol and the ritualised killing that grabbed her and not simply because she was intrigued by the mind of a serial killer but because she has studied something exactly like this before. She took a sip from her coffee and held it in her hand and she opened the case file to a particular image. Sophie made her way back to the office where Adrian would still be sitting.

“I’ve seen this before.” She said as she threw the open case file in front of him to reveal a picture of the symbol their serial killer used. “This is a copy-cat.” She said simply as she waited for him to respond as she stood before him with a steaming cup of coffee calling out to her to take a sip.
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An arrogant smile crept onto Aeron's lips as soon as the words, "message sent" popped up on the disposable phone's screen. Never before had a woman intrigued him as much as this one. He couldn't quite place why he felt such an instantaneous attraction to the woman from the moment their eyes met. Perhaps it was the way her eyelashes fluttered and the way she averted her eyes shyly from his own. Or perhaps it was the fact that he could see a soul that was just as dark and twisted as his own hiding behind her beautiful, olive eyes. It was like staring into the abyss of hell, and yet there was something in her... an innocence that had yet to be broken. He thought of her words as he teased her in bed. She admitted to never having actually killed anyone... that must be the innocence he saw in her eyes. It had been difficult the first time for him too. The feeling of a steel weapon, waiting to explode and tear into someone, had been unfamiliar in his clumsy childish hands. It was heavy and unbalanced, and the revolver glowered with menace as its other five chambers glared back at him. His grandfather whispered in his ear the seductive truth that he couldn't see as a child. "You are a hunter. Your prey submit or die and submit to you anyway when you rule them in the afterlife." Aeron didn't understand that he was a hunter, that if he felt powerless, then all he had to do was take the power away from someone else. Kill them. It's as easy as that. His first kill was a 35 year old woman who doted on Aeron. "Women are the worst. They will manipulate you with your own emotions. They are the scum of the Earth, you must teach them a lesson." He was taught that the more a woman loved him, the more she meant to harm him. Ending the life of a mother figure had been difficult, but it was necessary to shatter his annoying innocent perspective of the world. Once that was gone, all else followed. Control meant power, and power meant control. He had to control people at all times to feel powerful. That was the meaning of living according to his grandfather, and it stuck.

Perhaps that was why he was so intrigued by the defiant women whom he tied down only a few hours ago. She refused to submit, but she never once made him feel as if he was losing control. She never gave him any affection, she only wanted the physical pleasure that she knew he could bring her. In those ways, Aeron knew she was the perfect drug for his insatiable appetite and addiction. He felt powerful as he tried to solve this puzzle of a woman, never getting frustrated, always finding his release in more ways than one. Aeron took a gulp of the alcohol from his tumbler, reveling in the agonizing burn that traveled down his esophagus. The woman was the perfect embodiment of a drug that a junkie gets addicted to. When he's with her, he feels that perfect high, and when he can't tease or touch her any longer, he only finds himself wanting. Pathetic. Yet somehow, he didn't mind it. The next time, he will seek to abuse her further. He wants to hurt her; split her lip, cut her skin, watch her bleed. More than anything, he wants to see her enjoying him hurting her. A shiver ran up his spine at the thought of her moaning when he whips her, leaving purple welts all across the ivory skin of her lower back and butt. She would moan as he violated her in all the ways his sadistic mind could conjure up. Having that would give him the ultimate high. Draining the last bit of alcohol from the glass, he set it aside and took a thorough shower before curling up underneath the sheets, naked.

For the first time in a while, Aeron woke in the morning satisfied because his hunger had been temporarily suppressed by that indomitable woman. He stirred and finally rose out of bed languidly before dressing for the day. Dark brown eyes stared back from the mirror as he dressed in a semi-casual manner. His work required him to be mobile at all times, crouching, running, walking, climbing, whatever they needed him to do, he would do it. All for the sake of staying right underneath the noses of the stupid pigs. Fastening a tie around his neck, the image of the night before flashed in his mind. The man in the mirror smirked maliciously back at Aeron as his eyes twinkled with lust. He will be sure to meet her again. His eyes closed, and he held onto the memory of Ms. Rye squirming underneath him. Panting, full of wanting and lust, those heated eyes practically begging him yet she was too prideful to actually crumble and do so. Yes, she was his new plaything now, and he will be sure to utilize her until the spark fades. Then he will move onto his next toy. His new drug. Opening his eyes once again, he reached over and set a pair of weak prescription glasses on the bridge of his nose. Of course, nothing would complete his look more than the messy bed hair. So he ran his fingers once, twice, three times before it was acceptably messy then he drove to work.

When he entered his office building, he could hear the routine chatter passing around the office. There was the sound of ringing telephones and the shuffling of paper. It was a pretty typical office setting, of course there was one thing that did set it aside from the typical office setting. He sat down at his desk before a large file was slapped down before him. "AJ, there's a new one from last night."

"Bugger. It's like they never rest, huh?" He chuckled charmingly, the picture of innocence. The woman who placed the file on his desk merely smiled, unable to fight her subconscious maternal instincts. Aeron was the perfect image of a man child when he was in this particular office setting. Less suspicion was cast on him this way. As soon as the woman left, his smile dropped. [i Bitch.] That was the fleeting thought that crossed his mind when he watched the sway of her hips as she sauntered away. Another one came then, another woman who was desperate for the attention of a relatively good-looking man.

"Team lead's got a new one in his office today."

"Again? We all know this new one's going to run out crying." He spoke pleasantly, teasing in a light-hearted manner.

"Actually she seems like the arch nemesis of him. She completely shuts him down." The woman giggled. The way she twirled her hair around her fingers and fluttered her eyelashes did not escape Aeron. [i Whore.]

"No way!" Aeron's grin was infectious, and the grin was mirrored on the woman's painted lips.

"She's right over there, look!" The man's eyes followed the direction in which the woman was pointing. A blond woman was standing at the door leading to the office of the team lead. When she turned to the side, he could see her high cheekbones and dark gray eyes.

"Quite the looker, huh? So she's the new PI from out of town. I might say 'hi' to her on my own some time." He commented nonchalantly.

"Well anyway, I know you have to head out soon for that new crime scene down by the district with all those mansions. I'll leave you to it. Talk soon!" The woman left.

"Wonderful. Let's see how much we can pick up this time." He chuckled softly to himself, wanting to see how little evidence his team can pick out from the crime scene. It seems like it's time to pay Ms. Rye another visit.
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The party had to go on, only because she needed as many people to stay as witnesses and to ensure that she had a secure alibi. Trini went to talk to the band to explain what had happened and asked them to keep the party going and to ensure that people were still comfortable while she went to deal with the matter at hand. There was a deep routed feeling of the thrill knowing that this man had killed to send her a message and as she walked to her security room to deal with the camera’s and check the origin of the car so that she could find out where she might find him. Of course the mystery was enticing but the ball was not in her court right now and she didn’t like to know that the handsome stranger knew everything about her that she wanted to know about him. One of the benefits about being rich is that you could buy any technology that you needed and she had ways of accessing similar information to the police without their knowledge.

Her security guard was sat patiently waiting at the monitors in the security room, scanning them as carefully as he always did. Most of the cameras were dotted around the house but her room wasn’t covered on purpose because of her encounters with man. They of course needed to remain private, especially when the man she had encountered sexually only moments before was the man who had killed and left a message for her. Jeff stood as she entered the room and she nodded and smiled towards him with affection. He had worked for her for many years and sometimes even gave her advice when she needed it but most of all he kept her safe.

“Jeff, I might need you to take your security services elsewhere. There has been an incident out front. Somehow has been killed and we need to call the police. I need you to help me here; I don’t know what to do. I never expected to find someone dead at my house.” She said with fake tears creeping out of the corner of her eyes. “I need a minute before the police get here. I can’t face this party right now.” It was so easy for her to change her persona and manipulate him into leaving his post so that she could run a search through the computer and she reminded herself to congratulate herself later on such a great performance as the man walked towards her and closed his arms around her.

“Take all the time you need. I will deal with this. I will keep your guests here so the police have plenty of people to talk to. Trini, don’t you worry.” Jeff placed a kiss on her cheek before he made his way out of the security room and gave another look back towards the weeping woman who was wiping a tear from her eye before he left the room and she turned around to check that he had left before she sat at the monitors and found herself rewinding the video of the car park CCTV checking the time and noting the registration plate of the most recent car that had left her car park. Soon enough the police would be accessing the same information and tracing the owner of the car. Trini pressed the button on the computer monitor and waited patiently for the screen to light up with life and her eyes scanned the computer screen before typing in the secure code that would open the program that would allow her to trace the details of the car that had made its way out of her car park.

After several minutes of typing in codes a name popped up on her screen: Alan Ortona. A smile appeared upon her lips before she clicked on the driver’s license but her smile soon disappeared and a crease appeared upon her forward. Trini was discontented with what greeted her and she found frustration rising and she shook her head. This was not the man who had taken her so fiercely in her room.

Alan Ortona. Occupation: Accountant.

Annoyance arose within her and she shook her head as she kept typing. She would find out who this man was at some point but she wasn’t left alone with the computer for much longer. There was a figure she didn’t recognise and there was a uniform telling her that he was here to question her about the murder that had taken place outside of her home. She looked up towards the uninvited guest and pressed a button on the computer that turned the screen blank.

“Miss Rye? We’ve been looking for you. The FBI have joined us on this investigation and I’m sure they would find it useful to question you. That is, if you feel up to it.” She had no idea that it would be the FBI that turned up at her door but she guessed this hadn’t been the first time that he had killed. She guessed that made it the jurisdiction of such an organisation. Trini nodded at the same time that the computer popped out a disk and the officer tilted his head to the side inquisitively. “Might I ask what you are doing in here Miss Rye? This doesn’t seem like the normal kind of place we would usually find the hostess of such a party.” Trini rose from her seat and took the disk that had presented itself to her and she handed it over towards the officer.

“I thought it might be useful to rip a copy of the CCTV of the car park in hopes that it might aid your investigation. Unfortunately I do not have a camera that covers the area where the murder took place. Of course I will allow complete access to my security room if required.” The officer nodded as he acknowledge her cooperation and asked her to follow him which she did and found herself looking at her watch. She hadn’t realised it was so early in the morning now and she found that her phone had buzzed at the same time. She reached into her cleavage and removed the phone and clicked on a message that had appeared on the screen that didn’t come up with an ID. When she read the message a smile appeared on her face and she placed the phone back. It appeared the game had just begun.
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A satisfied smile appeared on Adrian's lips as he sat back and placed his feet on top of his polished mahogany desk. The message was sent, and she would soon be stomping up the stairs, demanding why he had made such a demand of her. Girls like her were easy to predict, because unfortunately, they were quite similar to himself in the regard that they didn't enjoy being looked down on anymore than he did. Grasping his mug, he raised it to his lips and took in a large mouthful. His eyes went to the clock, and he counted the seconds that ticked by before the sound of angry footsteps mounting the stairs reached his ears. It had been less than a minute, and he had to say, he was impressed by her reaction time. Why did he have Kitty as an assistant when this one reacted so much faster to his summons? The man chuckled to himself, as he thought about how pissed his slave would be when she appeared in his doorway. She would be fuming about how he already has an assistant. Ah, yes, conflict was great in the early hours of the morning... especially with alcohol burning pleasantly in his empty stomach. How mad would she be when she walked in on him, not even doing work, and just waiting for her to come? He grinned to himself at the prospect of making the woman positively explode with frustration. Then she was in the doorway, her arms were crossed in that hostile way he had imagined. Though there was a grin that stretched across her face, quite unlike what he had imagined. That didn't rain on his parade though, and he kept smiling pleasantly despite the thick tension in the air between them. The way she dredged her words with a sickeningly sweet tone was not lost on the man, though he decided to ignore it and deem her truly worthy of becoming his slave instead. She was so willing to please him, and she wasn't even paid to do that. She might as well replace Kitty right now. However, he knew she was being sarcastic, and that's one of the things his assistant never did. There was a big difference between the two, but at least his new slave didn't have an excuse for forgetting his every word. "I never thought you'd ask. I'm almost considering making you my new assistant instead." He chirped out cheerfully, half of it was the alcohol, the other was simply just to annoy her. "If you get my order wrong, especially with your eidetic memory, I'm going to fire you. Alright, get ready. I don't want onions, I want it on toasted focaccia bread that's slightly buttered and toasted, but I don't want it completely crispy. The bread needs to have a lot of chew or else I'll be really mad. There should be an avocado spread on only the top slice of the sandwich. I want turkey and pancetta, with only a single slice of roast beef. The cheese, I will only accept feta, and I want lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, peppers and olives. Got all that? Great." He drained the rest of his coffee and placed the ivory mug on the table. "As for coffee, I want it like my soul; black." He chuckled at his own morbid pessimism.

Adrian watched Kitty return with a stack of files. She seemed a bit miffed, but otherwise, she had a calm exterior as she started to sign and stamp documents. His eyes lingered on her for a moment longer before his annoying slave spoke up again, apparently she hadn't left quite yet. He face serious for a moment before he took his feet off of his desk and sat normally. It almost appeared as if he was giving her words some serious thought, but then his lips twisted into a mischievous grin. "Well, you haven't quit on me either, and I can sense that you want to be here for a long time. Get going before I decide to terminate your employment." He said all of this with that same grin as if he enjoyed nothing more than threatening this poor woman into doing his bidding.

"Just get him a grilled cheese sandwich. He's honestly happy with any food he can get." The assistant's voice carried over to slice away the tension in between them. It cut the cord between them, and Adrian slowly craned his neck to look over at the woman who seemed as calm as ever. God that seriously pissed him off. He could never get a rise out of her.

"Kitty, why are you still here?"

"This is my job, Reeves. I'm paid to be your babysitter and to take care of documents. I need to eat and take care of rent too. I don't have the luxury of living in my own office." Adrian let out a soft grumble of annoyance before looking back at his slave.

"Ignore her. Just get my panini and coffee." His assistant stood up then and walked to the door.

"I'll go fetch the food for you. Sorry, Detective Harlow. I know Agent Reeves can be a pain in the ass sometimes." The woman was sincerely apologetic toward the other woman.

"Kitty, sit your ass back down. She's getting me food already." But he was ignored.

"What would you like to eat, detective?"
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After a while she decided it would be time to give up and stop trying to introduce herself to people and luckily for her she never felt the need to be liked by those around her. She was here to work, not socialise. She probably hadn't even been given a work space but that wasn't something she would kick up a fuss about. She was used to people turning their noses up at her purely because of what she was good at. It was a key strength of hers and it scared people - something which she had grown used to over the span of her career but it mattered to those she helped. Jealousy had been the reason she had been pushed out of her previous job. She had closed more cases than anyone else and she had the gratitude of the families she had helped and that was more than enough reward to continue doing her job. Crime was ugly, especially murder so to help put and end to such brutality she would suck up her pride and go along with whatever was thrown in her direction here with the 'big guns' and she knew that Adrian would abuse his superiority of her soon enough. A smile appeared upon her lips as she thought about her new superior. She found it interesting that he felt the need to test her even though both of them knew he was doing it to put her off and waste her time. He had underestimated her before he had even laid eyes upon her and Sophie was more than ready. Initially she thought hat he might have felt threatened by her. Why have they brought in a fresh set of eyes when he was perfectly capable of dealing with the cases himself? They both knew that she would be of valuable use to him though and that was satisfying enough.

For now she was just interested in learning about the case she had been brought in for so she used her initiative and apparently asked the right people, the right questions. Soon enough she had the case file in her hands and she found herself standing and skimming the details of the case. It was an interesting one and she was ready to get her teeth into. This seemed to be a lot more interesting than the recent PI case she had brought to her. For several weeks she had been following the trail of a rich woman's son only to find out that his gambling problem was far worse than he had mentioned and that his life was in danger. He was stupid enough to bet his money away in the first place and if she hadn't found out when she did they would have taken more than his life. Same old greedy rich boy scenario with that one and it was something she had grown tired of. That definitely wasn't the reason she trained to do her job.

There was a smile that had danced upon her lips and she read about the violence, analysing and creating a personality profile in her mind as she read through the details provided. It wasn't a smile that suggested she enjoyed the violence but one that alerted her to the excitement of the chase and how complex it would turn out to be. As Sophie continued to read she found the MO of the serial killer she would be dealing with to be very familiar. She had been sure that she had studied something similar to this when she was studying for her PhD and she made a mental note to cross-reference her notes when she returned home that evening.

Closing the file she scanned the room once more before her pocket began to vibrate. When a number popped up she didn't recognise her eyebrows formed into a crease of confusion and before she had even opened up the first text she had received a second one. It didn't take a genius to figure out who it was once she had read the text and she allowed a low laugh for form in her throat as she closed the phone and looked up towards his office. Oh her certainly had something up his ass when it came to her presence and she made her way towards his office with the same arrogant grin that he had as he thought he would use her. With a knock on the door she allowed her slim frame to lean on his door.

"As you already seem to have a coffee and an assistant I wasn't aware that you needed another one. Seems I am quite hungry myself so I have no problem picking something up for you. So I can ensure that I please my master would you like to give any more specific information to ensure that you have no excuse to throw the panini back in my face upon my return?" Sophie was nothing but annoyingly polite which she was sure would grate on him and merely waited for his reply. Sophie spared one look over towards his assistant who had only returned to her desk moments ago after apparently behind rudely dismissed by the man before her. His lazy attitude might have bothered her of she was anyone else and she was sure that it bothered the woman he continued to call Kitty.

"You know, you should do well not to piss her off. No one else would put up with your attitude and although you don't care about her, you care about being in control - she's probably the only assistant that you have had that hasn't quit on you yet."
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Aeron drove all the way to the dock before braking and getting out of the car. The man checked his watch, and it indicated that it was a little past two in the morning. Perfect, no one should be up and about at the docks at the current time. He beamed with excitement as the trunk popped open, and he reached in. "No, not you." He grumbled to himself as he felt around the dead body lying in the trunk. "Ah, there it is." He pulled out another license plate and set to work on replacing the car's current one. It took all of 12 minutes before it was done. "Perfect... now to get rid of you." Aeron turned his attention to the dead weight in his trunk. He fastened the license plate to the body's chest and with some effort, carried it over to the water's edge. The sharks usually come around at this time of night, and he saw the faint shadows darting underneath the water's surface. "Bon... appetite." The murderer murmured, a wide and malicious grin cracking his cool exterior as he tossed the body into the water. It sunk gracefully until the shadows moved in on it, and suddenly the water became tainted with crimson. For a brief second, his thoughts flashed back to that one moment in the woman's bedroom. He remembered the way he had tainted her porcelain skin with welts of purple and red. It was so thrilling to watch something so perfect fall from grace. Even now, he could still smell the light perfume in her hair, and the scent of their bodies intertwining into one. She was a memorable one, alright, and if she allowed it, he would take her once more. Perhaps next time he would use the knife a little more. Maybe he would cut away at the sensitive bit of her shoulder, and he would cause her far more pain than just a little bite to the neck. Just thinking about it got him excited for their next meeting, that is, if she sought him out. Of course the license plate would be registered under his victim's name, and all the information that would pop up would be his victim's, but there was one thing that the girl could use. The fishermen catch sharks in their nets all the time, and if an arm or a leg would show up with his license plate, then that would mean she could definitely find him here at one point or another. His grin faded slightly as he got back into the car. How long will it take? How long will he be willing to wait for her? Only time will tell, it seems. Shifting the gear back into drive, he started to head back to his house.

Aeron's house was just shy of being a mansion thanks to his father's wealth. His father was just like the wealthy men and women that had been at the charity event, they all thought that money meant power. So the man splurged on his son despite not having a close relationship at all. A man of his father's reputation could not have his son living in a small apartment, because that would damage his status and position in society. That was all bull crap to Aeron, but he didn't mind the large house or the large basement for him to torture some of his victims. Pulling up in the driveway, he walked in and announced his presence, but his words were consumed by the silence of the house. There had been a time when a feeble voice would welcome him back, but the owner of that voice was currently lying six feet under the ground in a casket. The owner of that voice was the one that taught him all that he knew. How to taunt the police by being right under their nose, how to evade them by hiding in plain sight. How to make it so obvious that they miss all the clues. He was taught to be a magician, to always distract them with one hand while he did something else with the other. He was taught to play the deadliest game of cops and robbers, and so far, he was winning. Loosening his tie, he trudged up the stairs, leaving articles of clothing behind ever few steps. First it was his tie, then his blazer came off. A maid comes in the morning to tidy everything, so he wasn't worried about leaving his clothes everywhere.

Eventually, he made it to his room and he jumped onto his bed, landing on his stomach and burying his face into the soft covers. He thought of his victim then. Alan Ortona was his accountant, he took care of all the bills by using his money. The man decided it would be fun to start taking some money for himself. It was only a hundred dollars here, a hundred dollars there, and the occasional two hundred, but lately he was starting to get bold. It wasn't that Aeron didn't notice, it was simply because he hadn't cared until the man decided to take it too far. Ten thousand dollars had been extracted from his account to another bank account, and that was taking it too far. The man had to be taught a lesson... the last lesson he will ever learn. Aeron rolled onto his back and cackled as he thought of the confrontation. The man had started to perspire profusely and he acted as if he didn't know, he even tried to explain the situation in his own fantasy world. Maybe if he hadn't tried to lie, Aeron would have let him live... but he can't have liars running around in this world. So he strangled the man with his own tie, all the while teaching him to never cross his master because in the next life, eternal suffering will be all that awaits him if he chooses to cross his next master. He shuddered with pleasure at the thought of watching life fade from someone's eyes. The pure terror that was present on his victim's face was pure gold. He wondered if that innocent woman would love it too. What had been her name? He searched his memory for a sign or anything that had her name. Then it came to him, Miss Rye. That's what his father had called her. An idea crawled into his mind, and he smirked at the idea.

Getting off the bed, he poured himself a glass of brandy and walked over to his computer. A quick internet search resulted in him knowing practically everything about Miss Rye. Her name, her phone number, her address, everything was available to him. The internet sure was a handy little thing. He decided to leave a message for her, just to further pique her curiosity.

[b Tag. You're it.]
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Never before has Trini been left as breathless as she felt now. She had worked extremely hard to fight back her pleasure so that she did not merely submit to the man's pleasure and she enjoyed that for once she was not in control. The excitement of escaping the party to venture into unknown pleasures had eventually caught up with her and she remembered exactly what she had left downstairs. Her room was extremely good for blocking out noise so for the time they had been tangled with each other upon the bed had been totally separated from the fact that she had company below her room; company that she was sure would be trying to find her. No-one had seemed to look in her room for her or even knock at the door but they knew better than to disturb the woman if that were on fact where we was. She watched for a moment as the stranger before her began to replace the carefully knotted tie back around his neck and Trini was more than surprised when he submerged himself towards her once more.

Her breath caught in her throat and the sexual tension remained between them as his eyes told her that he could easily take her back to the depths of him once more. He wasn't lying when he said he took pride in pleasuring women but something told her that pleasure had not often been returned in such a way. They did something to each other and it was entirely unexplainable. His fingers traced the tender parts of her skin where bruises had formed from his rough treatment of her and she made a mental note to conceal them with make-up before she returned to the party and the stranger removed his weight from her so that she could finally allow her body to sit up on the bed. The way his hands worked steadily to untie the ribbon of his mask was seductive but they both knew that this was somehow not their last encounter. The mask revealed more of his handsome features and suddenly his eyes became part of a face. He was no longer the stranger in a mask but it made no difference to her. The mask was hers now, that was something which he made clear and she was sure that no-one would realise hers had changed once she began mingling with the guests. She looked over to the pile of maters on the floor that had once been her dress and told herself to choose something to match the mask so it looked as though she had purposely changed of anyone happened to notice that she was not the same Trini that had left the party.

He placed a kiss upon her lips before retrieving her own mask which he claimed to be his own souvenir and told her that if she ever wanted him she should say his name. Her lips curved into a seductive smile at the knowledge that they both knew she did not have that information. Perhaps he was expecting her to ask him but that wasn't something she planned on doing and as he slipped out of the room she waited a best to process what had just happened. Trini removed herself for the sexually tainted sheets and reorganised them so there was no evidence of their meeting upon the bed as she walked over to the ripped material of her dress and placed it into a bag and into the hidden compartment in her wardrobe. She selected a new dress that would pick out the elegant detail of her new mask and carefully slipped into it. This one exposed a lot of her back and as she checked her appearance in the mirror she appeared to be lucky that her mysterious lover had avoided bruising such an area upon her skin. After covering the bruises upon her skin with the make-up she has scattered over her dressing table the bruises became almost unnoticeable and with one last approving glance at her new look she made her way towards the door to mingle with those guests who would stay to donate more of their money.

As she returned to her guests she explained to a few who had noticed her change of clothing that she felt a change was necessary to ensure that she did not become bored. That was the kind if person she was and those who knew her did not need any other explanation. Trini didn't bother to check the place for her temporary lover, knowing that he would have slipped out minutes before she had returned to the party. No one noticed him and many of the guests were satisfied with her disappearance when she explained her was just changing her clothes. That was when several guests outside came running in, the fear evident upon their face but none of them offered up an instant explanation. Trini excuses herself from the small group of people she had begun talking to.

"Has something happened?" She asked as the murmurs between them broke up with her presence. Their eyes have everything away and neither of them needed to remove their masks for her to see that they were terrified. It was the woman who entered the house alone that spoke up.

"We heard a gun shot, right around the front. I've just been round to check it out. Miss Rye. Someone has killed your car valet." At that point the party was over and she ran around the front to see for herself. The woman had called the police and the sirens were in the near distance. There were no witnesses but several who would testify to hearing the gun shot and many took note of the exact time - something that would be useful to the police when they arrived. Those who were outside were behind to gather in Trini's private living space while other guests were asked to excuse her while she dealt with the police.

That was when she saw it; her gun on top of the body and the blood that had been artistically used to create a message. She knew who did this and she knew why. They sadistic smile formed upon her face at the knowledge that this man would be waiting for her and the fact that he had stolen her gun without her realisation. He was extremely quick and she was lucky that she had people placing her inside the building at the time of the gunshots. They would want to see her CCTV but it didn't cover that particular part of her house and she was relieved that was something she wouldn't have to wipe. His car though was something they would be able to identify by matching up the times. Now that she would have to deal with but first she would need to use the CCTV to figure out his name from the car registration number.
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Adrian returned to his cozy little den and sat behind his office desk, looking through a case that had gone lukewarm. There were mass disappearances, all teenage girls varying from 13 to 18. Their hair colour was always some shade of brown, but the most interesting thing was they all had olive eyes. The ex-criminal sat there for a brief moment, looking at photographs of the victims and their last known whereabouts. "Kitty, can you fetch me a mug of coffee with a splash of whiskey in it, please?" He called out before his assistant even took one step past the door frame. An audible groan of annoyance could be heard as her footsteps receded once more, leaving Adrian in peace. His eyes skimmed over each victim's history. They all fell into drug addiction some way or another and had to become prostitutes in order to support that addiction. Their social status makes them the lowest priority for an investigation, probably even lower than a missing cat, but the fact that so many of them are missing makes this suspicious. It's not uncommon for a drunk man to act violently toward a prostitute, and sometimes they are killed, but the fact that they just disappear is strange. It takes a sort of sane mind in order to hide the tracks of a murderer or a kidnapper. The gears started to turn in his mind, and he looked out the door that peered out into head quarters. "How do you cover your tracks so well?" He muttered to himself, though his eyes lingered on the new private investigator who started to go around the office, introducing herself. His fingers found the pen she used, and he started to tap his desk in a rhythmic pattern. "It can't be in the middle of the city. That would be too easy." He knew the man was in the city because all the women were all from the poorest and shadiest areas of that place. "Outside of the city? In a farm, perhaps? Do they act as fertilizer?" To anyone else, he would seem like an insane man, but that was one of the ways he worked. Either, he voiced his thoughts aloud, or he would bounce the ball annoyingly off the ceiling. Now that the new member of his task force had ruined the fun experience of his tennis ball, he would just have to stick with muttering to himself for a while. "No. They would create lumps in the ground, and that would be suspicious to the farm hands. Plus I don't think heroine and cocaine would act as good fertilizers anyway." His eyes followed Sophie's journey, and he could see how uneasy she made some of his agents feel. Nothing escaped her eyes, and she remembered everything with perfect clarity. Even a simple action such as wiping a nose would not go unnoticed. Whatever flaws they had as human beings would be recorded into that brain of her's, and perhaps that was what frightened most people. If she didn't have eidetic memory, perhaps people would be more receptive of her. Of course, she probably would have been kicked out of head quarters by him already if she didn't, so maybe it was a good thing she did.

Kitty appeared in the doorway, and Adrian looked up. That stupid girl was right after all. Six freckles on her nose, two right above her lips, god damn it. The male leaned back against his chair as his assistant placed the steaming porcelain mug onto his cluttered desk. With one sniff, he knew there was an absolute absence of alcohol in his coffee. "Try again." He held up the mug to his assistant with a smirk. This arrogance was only achieved and reinforced by his power over these people. Kitty rolled her eyes and crossed her arms,

"If you want to add alcohol to your coffee, that's your business, not mine. Don't expect me to do it for you." The woman huffed out, her posture rigid with frustration. Despite the woman's attitude, Adrian was unaffected and merely shrugged. He slid his drawer out and pulled out a bottle of the alcohol and made a show of allowing the amber liquid to slosh into his mug.

"Thanks for your help, Kitty." He waved her off, but she didn't budge. The assistant refused to be used as a slave for this arrogant bastard. Adrian shrugged again and went back to his files. Taking in a gulp of his scalding hot coffee, he let his eyes roam the pages. How is the murderer hiding the bodies? No, it was too presumptuous of him to assume that the victims were killed off right away. Perhaps they're locked up somewhere right now, but it was a very real possibility that they were dead. The alcohol stung and burned all the way down Adrian's esophagus when he swallowed the liquid.

"You're going to kill your liver, you know?"

"And I thought I dismissed you. What are you still doing here?" The woman looked stumped for a moment, and she parted her lips as if to say something, but decided against it.

"You're intrigued by her, aren't you? Anyone that enters this office usually leaves in tears." Adrian dropped the papers on the desk and he looked up at the woman.

"Kitty, please. If you're not going to be helpful, can you leave? Like, now. I don't want to be distracted." The woman scoffed and left, but Adrian didn't look back at the papers right away. His eyes went back to the center of head quarters, his eyes searching for that blond woman who seemed to enjoy challenges. An idea popped up in his head, one that would serve as the private investigator's first assignment. He pulled up the girl's information and entered her number under the name of "Slave." She had signed a document stating that she would obey all orders from officials who had more authority than her, and behold, he was the task force leader. He sent a text over,

[b Hungry. Go buy me coffee and a panini.]

After sending it, he decided to send an explanatory text.

[b You signed a document stating that you would obey all orders from anyone who has higher authority than you. Go buy me food now.]
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Sophie could be just as arrogant as the man before her if she wanted to be but she knew that it would just be an act with her and someone working for the FBI would see straight through it. Besides, Sophie was not about false pretences and she had intended to come here willing to learn and co-operate but it was clear that her presence here was unwanted. That would just make this a lot more fun because she had her fair share of disapproval throughout her career – this was just another stepping stone.

She watched as he continued to throw the ball towards the ceiling, not trying too hard to conceal how bored he was at this current moment and she allowed a smirk to dance across her lips for only a second before she composed herself once more. Oh, she would definitely have fun with this one who was clearly not very good in social situations. There was something about him that told her to avoid him but she knew that was something he put out there so that no one really knew how damaged he was. If he was trying to do that with Sophie he would fail. She was here to work and that was all. If Adrian didn’t want to be friendly or sociable it wasn’t a problem with her.

Sophie knew that she wasn’t as complicated as the man sitting before her and she knew that he would figure that out shortly or perhaps he already had because that is what people like them do. She wouldn’t be surprised if he had already underestimated her like everyone else had but there was something about the way he refused to look at her in the eye that told her he thought himself to be a lot better than her and that she was not worth his time. If she were anyone else she might have given up by now but she liked a challenge, even small ones such as this. Sophie could see that she was making him nervous. Perhaps not obviously but he had read her file and he knew that she was someone who analysed everything and only someone who was not entirely human would not feel slightly unnerved about the way her eyes touched everything; every move, every twitch and every give away sign that let her know a person almost completely.

It seemed that she had said something to catch his attention though as he stopped throwing the ball in the air and she knew instantly that she was right about the face he didn’t care about his assistant and she wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t find himself offended by the accusation and she allowed that smile to re-appear on her face and she refused to let it falter. He wanted to say something to her but the fact that his assistant walked into the room delayed what he wanted to say to her. Sophie thanked her for the water before returning her attention back to Adrian and continued to keep her eyes on him as she took a sip from her water. Neither one of them would back down from the game they were about to enter. He let the chair roll forward, letting it land on all fours. The man stared at the girl across from him as his assistant came back with a glass of cold water and placed it on the table. When he began to string together an insult she found herself to be disappointed by the way his assistant said his name to stop him in his tracks.

“I do love honest. Please continue I am most certainly intrigued by what you think of me.” There were some silent words exchanged between the two others in the room before the man eventually backed down and she took another sip from her cold water and he changed the subject telling her that the test was just to waste her time, something which she realised the second he asked her. “I know that but I thought I would play along.” She placed the glass down onto the desk and replaced her empty hands with the ‘legal stuff’ he placed in front of her. Fun – but she knew what sort of thing would be written in here. She had since this sort of contract and agreement before and she didn’t hesitate to sign where he had told her to with the pen that he had handed to her. As she signed the next page she had to shake the pen a little to release the ink so that she could sign her signature. She didn’t allow herself to question anything as they spent the hour signing documents. She was not new to danger and if he hoped that some of the things she had to sign would make her think twice then he would be wrong and even as he took the papers and handed them to Kitty she didn’t speak but took the final sip of her newly refreshed drink that had been provided for her half way through the signing procedures.

Perhaps now that his assistant had left he might return to the arrogant man who couldn’t wait to tell her how much he despised her for being here but she was surprised when he didn’t. She followed him as he head towards the door and Sophie couldn’t help but laugh when he stated the rule about sex and public affection and found herself to be commenting on it without meaning to. “Now I’m sure I will find that rule that hardest but be assured I will refrain for the rules sake.” She said as her words were laced with sarcasm but by the end of his speech he wanted confirmation that she understood the house-keeping but he didn’t wait for her to reply so she just nodded before he pointed towards someone he liked to call ‘the hacker’ before moving on to explain that she didn’t like him and she had to stop herself from explaining why that might have been after analysing the look the woman gave him.

It wasn’t long before he walked off leaving her with a woman she had never met and a whole office full of people to introduce herself to so she got to work, some reacting in a similar way to Adrian. It was as though people thought she were some kind of psychologist who had been brought in to secretly analyse everyone. Day one = success.
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A grin was all that remained on Aeron's lips, and it was only there to mask how little control he truly had over his own lust for her. No woman before this one had ever wished to drag on their delicious torture. All of them crumpled in submission, begging for him to take them until they could no longer stand his rough treatment of them. This helpless woman in front of him, however, dared to challenge him head on to see who would crack first. Even as he pushed her toward the brink of undeniable pleasure, she still resisted by swallowing her moans and stiffening her body to reject his advances upon her. She even tried to affect him with her legs, pulling away at his trousers. It was evident, even before she pulled away the dark material, that he was extremely aroused by her resistance. A breathy chuckle escaped him as he felt her legs rubbing up and down his own. Nothing excited him more than to hear the words, "I want you" slip from between her lips and into the sexually charged air between them. There was nothing to be said as he brought himself up again so that he could stare into those defiant eyes. Even as she let her desire become known, she was still in control of herself, and that stirred up the fire burning inside of Aeron even more. Without hesitating, he smashed his lips against her's as he felt her legs gently guiding him towards ecstasy.

After an eternity of trying to satiate their carnal desires for one another, they finally reached the crest of their pleasures and the room was suddenly filled with nothing but their laboured breathing. Aeron stared into the woman's eyes for a while longer before rolling off of her and releasing the tie from its constricting embrace on her wrists. Without saying much, he started to tie the silk material around his neck once more. His eyes lit up at the sound of the woman's voice, and a smirk lifted a corner of his lips. "I hope by that, you mean it was good." He was surprisingly nimble as he trapped her against the bed once more underneath himself. "I do take pride in my ability to pleasure women, after all." He traced the dark bruises that he had left all over her perfect, porcelain skin with his fingers. His smirk took on a sadistic vibe then, and the threat of taking this woman again became very real. However, Aeron reached back and tugged on the silk ribbon that held his mask onto his face, and he let the knot become undone. The mask fell, and he snatched it out of midair, holding it just out of reach with her arms pinned down. "Here's a souvenir to remember me by." He placed the mask upon her face, hiding the flush that still lingered in her cheeks from their amorous activities. Then he placed a cryptic kiss, that was neither loving nor passionate, on her lips; it was simply a kiss. A quick glance at the clock revealed that a little over half an hour had passed since he had first tied her up. "Now then, you don't want to keep your guests waiting too long. They'll get bored, you know." He got off of her and started to get dressed, showing his complete disregard for the woman now that she had satisfied his needs.

Tucking his shirt in, Aeron finally reached over and took the woman's mask. It would serve as a souvenir and as a reminder of the woman who was able to get him off more than any other before her. "I'll be keeping this, and if you ever need me, just say my name." It was a tease more than anything, because of course, she didn't know his name. He had no intention to come back unless she wished for it, and he was sure that by some miracle, he would know if she desired all the darkness and evil that he harboured within. Throwing on last glance back at the woman, he offered up a smile full of malice before slipping out the door and back into the ballroom. He walked back into the wall of noise and carefully made his way back down the stairs, acting as if he belonged with the people. Despite having no mask to hide his complexion now, no one seemed to care. He was a ghost that drifted among the sea of bodies, neither drowning nor struggling against its currents. Shouldering his way through the crowd, he finally made it to the door and placed his hands in his pockets as he fetched his coat from the cloakroom. The phantom suppressed the urge to grin as he felt the weight of the stolen gun in his pocket. It had yet to fire a single bullet, but that would change tonight. Just as he had tainted the woman, he would taint her gun with the blood of unsuspecting victims. Donning his coat, Aeron exited the mansion and into the frigid night.

His breath came out in faint white puffs as the night met him as if they were having an affair. "Sir, may I fetch your car for you?" The valet boy came up, eager to please. Aeron acknowledged the young man with a nod and watched as he ran off. The gun in his pocket was throbbing with insistent need, it wanted blood, it wanted its bullets to tear through flesh and see that its world was painted crimson. It won't be long now, he will satisfy all of its desires as soon as the boy comes back. As soon as the thought came, so did the boy with Aeron's expensive car. The machine beast came to a stop in front of the unmasked man and the boy came out, happy as can be. The job must pay well, and with all the rich guests, he must have been tipped equally well.

"You've done a good job, there's not a single scratch on my car." The boy's smile widened. "I suppose you want your tip now." He drew out the gun from his pocket, and without hesitating, he squeezed the trigger. A hole appeared between the boy's brows and he seemed surprised before falling to the ground. A pool of blood started to form and Aeron wiped off the gun before throwing it on top of the body. The woman will surely recognize her own gun. Dipping his fingers into the growing pool of sanguine, he started to write on the elegant white doors.

[b I will be waiting for you.]

Then he drew a circle and slashed a cross through it as he always does, to honour his grandfather's legacy. He finally allowed his grin to surface as he wiped off his fingers on the boy's shirt and got into his car before driving into the night.
  Aeron / Ryuusuke / 4y 245d 1h 41m 2s
She was completely his to play with and the restraint he had placed upon her only made things harder for her to regain any amount of control. The way that she pressed her body against the man told him that she wanted him but not that she needed him and she could tell by the way his eyes searched every inch of her body that he was looking for a way to induce that need and she had no doubt that he would succeed in his quest. Trini didn’t need to hear any words from the man who was looking down at her from his powerful position of control because his eyes said everything he needed to say. It was as though their eyes were having their very own conversation, searching for something – anything they could use against the other and he was close to having her completely within his control. His breathing matched her as though touching her was enough fuel for his own desires and she would not need to tempt his desires out for herself. Some of the men she had used in the past needed a lot of time to tease out every bit of desire but this was different. Their connection and their plain lust for control and the kill made them subject to the sexual tension that was clear from the moment their eyes met in the crowd. She didn’t expect to hear the rough tones of his voice find its way to her in a growl that told her he might have been losing his control and she wanted nothing more than to make him lose it.

Trini was undeniable ready to take the pleasures of such a dangerous beast but she was not going to allow herself to become a useless toy for him to use and abuse as he pleases – at least not without tempting him desires further first to see how far she could push the boundaries with him but first it seemed he was going to test her. His hand moved towards the centre of her need, trying the lure away the last ounce of control that she displayed as she forwarded him the challenge. An aroused giggle escaped her lips as he released the material of her underwear shortly after placing his lips next to her ear with seductive whispers and promises. It was clear what he was doing and she enjoyed it just as much as him. No one had ever challenged her in this way before. Normally she was the predator who hunted her prey and used their tools to fulfil any needs she had but no one had ever made her need them as much as he did. Every movement, every word was just for her and even now as he closed his teeth around the rim of her ear she felt the pleasure ripping through her body, threatening to scream out to him but she did not know his name. She used their names as control, knowing that seductively whispering the name of a man could bring them down to their knees. Perhaps that is why he kept it from her. He wanted to damage her – to mark her porcelain skin to show that she was completely his and he was succeeding. Where he trailed his teeth her skin had become swollen and began to pulse with the forming purple bruises that would act as the evidence to prove that he was in complete control of her and he would not stop until she was screaming for him to take her because that is what he wanted.

The masked man teased her in other ways now, removing the pain and replacing it with the soft action of his lips as he followed where he had dragged his down her body before taking control of her breast. The way he positioned himself left her leg open and she spied the chance to use the freedom carefully, slowly running her leg up his own and hooked her toes skilfully over the top of the trousers that remained upon him. He was yet to be as exposed as her but that would all changed and she used the force of her leg to slowly release the trousers from their grip around him. Soon she would have a better access to the centre of his desire and she would guide him to her. The way he came up to look into her eyes fuelled her excitement and the flutters of her heart became more frequent as he told her that he was just getting started and she bit her lip as she allowed her lips to form into a smile before granting her the privilege of feeling what she was doing to him just by being there. She would have him soon enough but for now she would let him have his own fun while indulging herself too as he travelled down to rest his head in between her legs before his masculine tones reach her telling her what he wanted to do. She swallowed the moan that tried to escape as his eyes locked with her and watched as he ran his tongue along her bare thigh and her body became rigid with the pleasure that ran through her but as he made it known that he was going to tease her she used the way he pulled back as an opportunity to run her leg up and down his seductively and used her muscle to pull him closer to her. “I want more. I want you. I want you to be inside of me.” She said as she guided him up towards her so that he could fulfil their desperation for each other.

Perhaps they were entwined with each other for minutes or hours but time didn’t seem to come into their passion as they lost themselves in one and other. She smiled as their passion drew to an end as the room became filled with the heavy breaths satisfaction. “Well that was…different.” She said with a laugh as her she freed her hands from the silk tie that had restrained her.
  Trini Rye / d1gn17y / 4y 249d 12h 3m 48s

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