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She was a powerful demon, well known across the lands for her sadistic and cruel nature. She left any town she came across burning and destroyed, it's inhabitants killed off in merciless ways more usually. Very few were left alive, those who were were scarred for life. He was a hunter, famous for following orders and achieving them all for a price. He did random things, from finding fairies, to getting a mermaid's tear, to capturing a dragon's egg. He was given possibly the hardest challenge to accomplish by a evil queen. To capture the powerful demon before taming the female to be a weapon for the queen. To achieve this, he was given a collar for the female, a very special collar which would take away her powers and let him be in charge of them and how much darkness she is able to use. If he is able to capture her with this collar, will he go along with the challenge of taming her? Or would he disobey the command he was given and let this girl go?


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Calon still needed to be on the defensive, but the moon was going to be in the sky within hours. The sun was high in the sky, and it wouldn't be too long until the moon would be rising. With the change of seasons, the moon came up more frequently. If he didn't end things soon, that damned blue moon would be high in the night sky. Making him go completely berserk during that time. If he did, then it was likely that there would be nothing more than a pile of rubble around him if he was being merciful that night.

In order to defend against Tara's orbs, Calon created large icicles and shot them out at her orbs. These had a specific trait, the ability to cover anything they came in contact with in ice. It only worked as a neutralization agent for any attack that Calon could match in either size or strength. This attack that Tara was launching was probably not her strongest attack, but she probably had much worse.

When the icicles came in contact with the orbs, a heavy coating of ice ran over the orbs and caused them to fall out of the sky and straight to the earth as giant orbs of ice now. The energy within the orbs imploded halfway to the ground now and changed into nothing more than small pellets of ice and snow. The air surrounding Tara and Calon was cooling to a much lower temperature. It was a warm and comfortable temperature when their battle had begun, comparable to a seventy-five degree day. Now it was cooling at a rapid rate, forty-five degrees now. Eventually it would reach a point at which it would stop cooling down, but currently it was only dropping in temperature quite quickly.

In response to Tara's attack, Calon summoned a strong ball of ice. It was rather massive in size, but gave off an incredibly large chill. Shooting it at Tara, it seemed a bit slow in speed. However, that wasn't what it was supposed to do. It was a method of delivery for an attack. As soon as it was a close enough distance away from its caster, Calon fell back a little. As it traveled, Calon summoned an icicle. Launching it at the large ball of ice and chilled air. Upon making contact, the ball exploded into a flurry of smaller icicles; over fifty in total.

These icicles held no discrimination when it came to the person who was nearest to the ball when it was exploded. This was why Calon had backed away a good distance. He needed to be far away enough when he launched. The smaller icicles flung themselves, point first, at Tara. They weren't indestructible, but they would be very painful if a large amount hit Tara; their target.
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Her eyes widened seeing the wall of ice before she let out a small hiss, there was no where that they could use as an escape, well at least for her. Her pet could escape easily turning into a shadow and going under it or she could blast a dark hole into the ground one after the other until there was a hole then shrink him back to his original size to go through, the only thing that was keeping her from doing it and ordering him to attack the humans was because of the number of them. Now, she didn't trust that the imp would fight till the death, she knew it would. She just didn't want him to actually die, too many humans meant they would try and work together.

Normally, she would let him still try and take them on, when she was free and could come in as soon as her imp was whining. In here? She would have to listen to it's cries until she figured out how to get out or the cries stopped completely. Tara kept her eyes on the boy who had created this, she was pissed. She hadn't had someone fight back like this in a while and now it was an annoyance.

[#DC143C "Go home"] was her command though she was met with a whine. Tara looked down for a moment [#DC143C "Don't disobey me"] she told the pet before her eyes went straight back to this angelic/demonic blood. She shot one dark orb after another, waiting to hear her pet go just like she had told him. In a few seconds he did, she shot an orb downward to the ground allowing a hole to open. She left him the size he was because she could always take it back later. That and she was was going to be defenseless tonight if she didn't prepare soon. Tara shot orbs in front of the mixed angel's path as well as behind.

A slight shiver went down her spine as she realized the temperature was dropping, what was this boy? [#DC143C "You ruined the game"] she finally spoke to him as a much larger orb was created then shot in his direction. She needed this to definitely end before tonight though she didn't have any worries about it. How long could this little demonic angel last? Sure, he seemed powerful, but she was stronger. She had no doubt in her mind that it would end before that damn moon came up to show.
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Calon didn't want to leave the humans to survive on their own, however, he also couldn't allow the [i demon] to survive. It would require an incredibly large amount of energy to do what he was planning, but at least it would protect the non-combatants here. Using a make-shift ice shield, Calon defended against the strange orbs of energy. He didn't know what they could do to him, but didn't have the ability to take any chances with it right now.

Once the orbs were take care of, Calon began to amass a large concentration of magical energy. Then he utilized it by erecting a massive wall between the humans and the monsters. It would allow the humans to get away to safety while he fought. Raising such a large wall took a toll on his mind, but he could still fight on. The target he was after needed to be taken down.

However, due to this being the first confrontation with her, Calon would have to be on the defensive side of the battle until he could a shot at her. Using some acceleration magic, he began to run around the area in a circle. Creating a dome of ice that sealed Tara, the imp, and himself within. The air had begun to chill due to Calon's ability to alter the temperature through moisture. But creating this prison took a lot of energy out of him. Right now, he was relying on his human energy.

It was about mid-day right now, but there was one thing about today that he didn't like. A blue moon was going to be coming out today. If this battle lasted throughout the day and into the night, things were going to get much worse. His demonic side was stronger during blue moons to the point of going completely out of control.
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Tara's eyes widened seeing one of her precious monsters being attacked by...ice? Before she could react her plant was already crying out from not being able to move before it was frozen completely. She gritted her teeth, no one got away with just killing off one of her monsters so quickly. Even if she had only created that monster mere minutes ago, it had been alive and simply wanted revenge. Her eyes shot down to whoever it was throwing the ice. She felt his presence, it wasn't a mere human or mage. Was that..angelic blood in him? Mixed with demonic? What the hell was that? Her imp ran to her quickly awaiting orders. She looked and saw the humans all running in a similar direction, she smirked before creating more shadow demons. Tara leaned down as she spoke [#DC143C "Go take care of those cowardly humans"] She unleashed those monsters to attack the shadows of those who were running away, attacking the shadows still hurt the human themselves. More blood curdling screams filled the air as she walked over to the ice that once was a plant.

She reached out and touched it for a moment before creating a giant orb and shooting it at Calon. Something was strange about his presence, had she felt it before? It was a possibility though who was foolish enough to face her after they have seen what she could do? Tara flew up in the air and shot another orb at him like the ones she had been shooting at the humans. He ruined her fun, the screams that had been music to her ears, he had crushed killing them completely. At the state she left them in, they could still feel the pain only they couldn't stop it. The only thing that could was when their bodies fully gave out. That took a while, it seemed even longer with the pain they would be in. Tara shot another and another, expecting one to hit him. She wasn't going to let him off easy for destroying her toy.
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Calon was in the town that Tara was attacking, but was only starting to wake up from sleeping. Hearing the crashing and destruction of buildings, he got up and prepared himself for battle. He was on the far side of the town, and could see the destruction from the tavern. The screams of the civilians running away also helped solidify his concerns. The [i demon] Tara was here and was attacking, just as he had predicted.

Using simple acceleration magic, he rushed to the front lines. Seeing people's bodies being used for such sinister means was gruesome and cruel. However, the giant plant monster would need to be taken care of first. Since it was made of plants, it would be easier to destroy. Summoning magical energy, Calon brought forth a blizzard of ice and snow. Freezing the monster in its tracks with ease. As soon as it was fragile enough, he summoned large icicles to be fired and to destroy the monster completely. Upon landing on the newly formed ice statue, the entire thing was destroyed and fell to the ground in shards of ice. Effectively crushing and killing some of the humans who had been infected by Tara's corruption.

Calon didn't like killing innocents, but they weren't innocent. Not anymore. Using a larger arsenal of icicles, he shot them at the cursed humans and quickly killed each one. This destruction needed to be stopped, and he would do everything he could to end it. Then the imp came rushing in. It was large for what it was, but Calon was a mage. Not a warrior and used magic to create a large jump into the air.

From his view of the battlefield, he could see everything. And could see Tara. He glared at this [i demon]. However, to Tara, she could sense a mixture of human, demon, and angelic life force coming from Calon. Whoever or whatever he was in her eyes, it wasn't natural or normal.
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Tara was awoken by nudging by her pet. Who was whimpering before flying over to the shadowy wall. She slowly stood up to walk over to the door as it started to growl. It was more or less like a dog, a nightmarish, cruel, torturous, bloody-thirsty, flying, dog. Tara stared down at it getting ready to throw him outside thinking he had woken her up or nothing. However, just as she had begun to reach to grab the body of the eight inch creature, she heard voices. A smile slowly appeared on her face as she changed her clothes and changed into some she had...acquired from a woman who was about the same size of Tara, She looked down, aside from a blood mark on the bottom of it, it was relatively stainless. She headed out, forcing the imp to go into the shadows and follow her so he would go undetected. Tara forced her wings to disappear as she pulled on the most innocent, helpless look she could.
[#DC143C "You have to help me! Tara took me a day ago but I managed to escape, I could lead you to her cave"] she spoke pretending to be a poor helpless mortal woman. She lead the group of four men back to her cave as they told her to stay there. Tara nodded slowly as she watched them walk in. A wide smirk played on her face before she snapped her fingers expecting the shadow monster to come out. She pointed at the entrance [#DC143C "have fun little one"] she told him before collecting some dark energy and letting the imp take it as it grew and grew. Till it was three feet in height and four feet in length. The imp went inside before Tara let her wings out and created an almost transparent wall of darkness, solidifying it so none of the men could get out. She watched with the same smirk as she listened to their screams and watched their terrified expressions as her pet 'played' with them. Once all of them were dead she let the wall fall down, she looked down at the crest one of the men wore. Alerting her of what town they were from.

Tara smirked as she looked at her monster who was gnawing at one of the arms [#DC143C "Throw them all out of here, then come find me, you can keep some bones but they better be fleshless"]. She walked out, before looking over to the sun that was setting [#DC143C "Time to have fun"] she murmured to herself before she took off, a few minutes later her pet joined her. She let her wings flap before flying through the air, staying a few feet above ground as her pet ran quickly besides her to keep up. It was basically like a dog, an evil, cruel, shadow, torturous, immortal dog. Tara reached down and picked up a dead weed that had been trampled on. She smirked blowing onto it before it became alive. [#DC143C "Go destroy the houses"] she whispered softly as she let the weed drop before it slowly began to grow, it grew till it was 25 feet or so. It let out a roar and ran in the direction of the village. Tara started to walk before she felt a nudge and heard a whine. She smirked and leaned down petting it's head [#DC143C "go have fun"] the imp took off almost immediately and Tara kept walking.

She arrived at the town only five minutes later and already screams were filling the air. Houses were broken down and were soon being abandoned as the weed stepped and tore away at them. The imp was attacking a man's shadow, which inflicted damage on the man. Tara shot out dark orbs, hitting people and possessing their bodies, making them twitch and move in ways that they shouldn't. A wide smile appeared on her face as her eyes filled with excitement. The fun had begun.
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It had been a few days since the [i demon] had attacked. Calon had been wandering around the world, following her path of destruction. Eventually, he had reached the most recent kingdom. As he had expected, there were near to no survivors and the buildings were still on fire if they hadn't collapsed already. Using his ability to use and create ice from moisture, Calon cooled and dampened the buildings. Getting rid of any still-burning flames and cinders that were still going on.

Wandering through the town, he found a few children that had been left behind. This was a pattern that the [i demon] often left behind. Not just children specifically, but there was always someone how was left behind in the wreckage. Calon was disgusted with how something could do this. He believed that they had to have been incredibly twisted to do something like this.

When he found the children, he gave them some simple supplies and told them that the kingdom's guards would be on their way to help them. It took a while to have the children believe him, but he eventually did. Whenever the [i demon] attacked, it was never the same place twice since each one had been completely ravaged. But it was odd that she only destroyed it. Was this an act of wrath or something else? Whatever it was, he needed to stop it and soon. Too many had suffered already and this reign of terror needed to be ended.

Taking a look at the places that had been attacked in comparison to those that hadn't, he found that they were all relatively close together in location. However, certain areas had been hit first in comparison to others. It seemed that places around a certain mountain range had been targeted first, and then it spread out. According to this, process of elimination suggested that this [i demon] was going to attack one of two places next. The two towns were close to each other and he would be able to get to either one and quickly if one was attacked.

Calon went into one of the two towns and decided to stay there. Either this [i demon] would attack this town he was staying in now, or the one that wasn't too far off. If it was the latter choice, he would need to use some basic acceleration magic to get to her location in time to stop her. However, there would be casualties. There always were.
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Tara smirked as she petted her imp on its head, it was early in the morning and they were walking away from a now burning little village. Originally, it had been a village of 211, now there were 2 children who were scarred for life and orphan less who were left. She fed the tiny little imp dark energy that they had acquired before she let out a small yawn. It was almost daylight and she became slightly sluggish. It was only because her schedule was sleep during the day and release hell on towns at night. Tara stepped up to a random giant mountain before going through on a secret path that opened up to the cave she called home for now. The imp immediately went over to attack a random bone on the ground, one of a human man it had acquired mere days ago though there was no longer any flesh on it. Tara didn't let the imp take anything that would smell in a matter of days. She let out another yawn looking through the opening and seeing the first rays of sunlight. The redhead frowned before darkness acted like a wall to block it all out, no one ever came up here and try to attack her so she rarely solidified the wall of darkness. She reached out and grabbed the imp by its tail, giving more dark matter which caused the imp to grow. Tara laid down in her bed, using the little monster as a pillow though it didn't mind, it kept gnawing away at the bone. She closed her eyes and soon fell asleep, a few minutes later, the imp did the same.
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