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Long ago a girl came shooting down from the heavens, hair white as snow and eyes as bright as the stars. She glowed like the star dust from a comet and shimmered like a million crystals. Her smile could light up whole cities, but her anger could darken morning skies. Even as a child people marveled at her beauty--were jealous even. But that wasn't all that she was cursed with. She was sent from the heavens to complete a task that the Gods needed her to do. However, she wouldn't know what it was until she meant the Him.

Years before her arrival a baby boy fell from the sky, hair and eyes as black as night. Unlike her he did not glow, or sparkle like the stars above. Instead, he reflected, like the way a black-hole does in the dead of space. He was a destructive force and her other half. He could either destroy her or help her. He was the only one who knew what the Gods could possibly need them to do on Earth, and she needed to get him to cooperate or else the world was doomed.

Long before the two were sent to Earth the God Hades wrecked havoc upon the planet, cursing it to destroy itself while he watched in the Underworld, laughing. It is up to the two to work together to defeat Hades and bring balance back to the world. But...they could also destroy it given the immense powers they both hold.

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