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Summer Camp. Something Sora had never thought about. He had always enjoyed the beaches of Deatiny Islands and hanging with his two best friends. Then all the Heartless happened. And a deep Slumber... and Finding a part of him he didn't know he had.
But now he was clean, scot-free.

So he signed up for Summer Camp, convincing Kairi to join him. He deemed that heartless wouldn't attack there. Not where there were so many children and by now they would know not to mess with him.


Cybering is a no! Romance is needed though ^^

Swearing is fine, but don't overdo it.

Semi literate at least! Minimum of two paragraphs. Also, on your request to join, make sure you have capitals and don't make it run on sentences. If not then I'll assume you aren't very literate.

Please reply every few days, if not every day.

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Sorry it took so long, I was studying.
  ~Kairi~ / Islyn / 10y 102d 8h 14m 32s
<<i gtg srry>
  Sora / Fourthblood / 10y 102d 8h 15m 52s
Kairi did the same but managed to beat him there. She sat on the dock with her towel next to her as she swung her feet back and forth a little, humming to herself.
  ~Kairi~ / Islyn / 10y 102d 8h 50m 29s
Sora threw his bag onto the bunk and quickly changed into his swimsuit. Sora sprinted out of the cabin and dashed down to the beach.
  Sora / Fourthblood / 10y 102d 13h 4m 15s

Kairi got up and waved a good bye before heading off to find her cabin. She found it soon enough and went to search for an open bed.
  ~Kairi~ / Islyn / 10y 103d 6h 19m 46s
"of course. I'll meet up with you at the beach!" Sora turned to get up, grabbed his bag, and trotted towards his cabin.

<<sorry i gtg be back tomorrow>>
  Sora / Fourthblood / 10y 103d 6h 21m 32s
Kairi laughed and shook her head "No, not yet. I was thinking of going swimming later though" She said with a small shrug. "Would you be up for that? After we get everything in our cabins first of course"
  ~Kairi~ / Islyn / 10y 103d 6h 24m 9s
<<sorry i was busy>>

"Not at all I was wondering if you had any." Sora stuck out his tongue and pulled at his eye to make a funny face.
  Sora / Fourthblood / 10y 103d 6h 26m 15s
Kairi looked over at him and giggled a little "Yeah, you can be a lazy bum and not have to worry about me bugging you about it" she teased, sticking her tongue out at him as she smiled. They still had to find their cabins, but she figured that it could wait for now. "Any plans so far?"
  ~Kairi~ / Islyn / 10y 103d 6h 55m 32s
Sora dropped his bagged beside him and plopped down under the tree beside Kairi. "Won't this be fun!" Sora's voice swelled with excitement. "I can tell already that this summer will be a blast! and plus no work to do just some time to relax." he smiled his wide smile at Kairi.
  Sora / Fourthblood / 10y 103d 6h 57m 21s
Kairi smiled as she walked across a field at the entrance to the camp. She had her luggage in hand and glanced around to see if Sora had arrived yet. It seemed like he hadn't so she found a nice shady tree and sat down under it, letting her bags drop to the grass as she rest her back against the trunk of a tree.

With a look around, she noticed lots of people with friends already and many of them playing different games. She knew there was swimming and rock climbing, heard something about a hiking trail but besides that she wasn't sure what was here, still though, Sora had asked her to come and she saw no reason not to, she owed this and much more to him for saving her so much in their past adventures.
  ~Kairi~ / Islyn / 10y 103d 7h 13m 9s
Oh well hm... I'll think up a starter, give me a moment.
  ~Kairi~ / Islyn / 10y 103d 7h 16m 0s
you decide i'm all ears- to say.
  Sora / Fourthblood / 10y 103d 7h 17m 0s
Alrighty, well should we start already there or on our way?
  ~Kairi~ / Islyn / 10y 103d 7h 28m 48s
  Sora / Fourthblood / 10y 103d 7h 42m 30s

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