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[center [Poiret+One [b Hello, I'm Ai.] Forewarning, there is a lot to read here - I apologize!]]
[center [Poiret+One [b Disapproval -5♡] | Dislikes | What I will [b not] do]]
[center [Raleway ☆ Romance, inclusive of one-sided feelings or desires.]]
[center [Raleway ☆ Interaction with minors. Please be 18+ or the age of consent in your area - whichever is older.]]
[center [Raleway ☆ Substance abuse such as drugs & alcohol.]]
[center [Raleway ☆ Requirements for posts faster than once every three weeks. Do not misunderstand, I will most likely post quicker, but I feel very pressured and constantly behind if I'm having to contact you weekly or bi-weekly about "late" posts. ]]
[center [Raleway ☆ False literacy. If you believe "literate" has anything to do with word/character count, you fall into this category. ]]
[center [Raleway ☆ 1&1's & 1x1's (romance) [i * selective 1&1's are exclusive to side-stories of group roleplays with [b longtime friends only]] ]]
[center [Raleway ☆ Images depicting actual person(s)]]
[center [Raleway ☆ Creating characters from scratch [i ** see below]]]
[center [Raleway ☆ Writers who do not challenge themselves and attempt to grow. Example: "I only write female characters, I only write 250 words" etc. If you are not good at something, [i all the more reason to practice.] ]]
[center [Raleway ☆ Absolutely no coloured font and please mind orange/yellow tones in photos, I have very sensitive eyes. ]]

[center [Poiret+One [b Approval +5♡] | Likes | What I [b will] do]]
[center [Raleway ♡ Aesthetically pleasing images, limited to illustrations, artwork or stylized animation]]
[center [Raleway ♡ Historical ]]
[center [Raleway ♡ Groups ]]
[center [Raleway ♡ OOC Threads]]
[center [Raleway ♡ Communication]]
[center [Raleway ♡ Characters with provided, partially completed bases and instruction throughout the roleplay if I'm portraying what you had in mind, within a reasonable margin of error. I'd like to practice remaining in character, thus I tend to avoid completely original roleplays. ]]
[center [Raleway ♡ Doubling, tripling - I will even quad up, if I think you're something special. I very rarely play a single character. ]]

[center [Raleway [b Please approach me with the purpose and intent of collaboration.] "What do you want to do?" is not an acceptable invitation and will be ignored. The purpose of this thread states what I enjoy and what I'm looking for - you meet the criteria or you do not. [b If I'm searching for something specific, it will state so down below in the "what i'm wanting" section.] Ensure you check there before contacting me. Please, give me some form of substance. "Hey, I have this character I want to use..", "I have this idea, what do you think about it?", "I have a picture I've been dying to use but can't think of a roleplay for it", "I have an open roleplay that I think matches your tastes because of ___, ___ and ___." ]]

[center [Raleway [b It is alright to invite me to a roleplay that is being advertised currently!] As long as it meets my requests, sometimes I just need assistance and someone to point out to me that [i yes] it is what I'm looking for. Sell me on your roleplay. ]]

[center [Raleway [b A little about my writing style:]]

[center [Raleway I am a very, very detail-oriented writer who spends far too much time plotting a roleplay to the point where I lose interest before the writing can even begin because I sweat the small stuff. I need a partner who is willing to collaborate with me on writing detailed pieces, but is able to stand up and tell me when I'm taking it a little too seriously and just start the roleplay. I've been writing for as long as I can remember - writing little short stories and illustrating them to be presented in front of crowds, when I was as little as five years old. I began to take my writing seriously in 2007, writing fanfictions and drafting my own stories. A couple of years later, I pursued writing through roleplaying with other people and haven't quite been able to stop. I write in what many deem as "purple prose", though my understanding of the term is minimal and I didn't know what it was until someone I cared for used it to insult me simply because their writing style changed. It's stuck with me since and I can't help but pick up on frustration from a lot of people, that my responses are fairly long and may be a little too detail-oriented - but I want to immerse myself and you in the world. In the character. In the moment. I want to bring a scene to life and I can't do that in a few, short sentences; granted, quality over quantity and I will never ask a partner to match my length. However, my writing style is just simply very, very long - some might view it as an annoyance, but I find it engaging. Writing is very important to me and I feel I've lost a lot of the talent I used to have; I don't hate my writing, but I see room for improvement and I want to expand my horizons. I want to work on building characters, mainly focusing on strengthening them through events in stories and working on intellectual characters. I love complex storylines and I will very rarely turn down something historical. I tend to take quite a long time to post, as I hack away little by little and save my responses in a word document - sometimes I can rip several posts out in a single day if I'm feeling it, but other times I might need a month. Either way, I'm highly communicative and you can expect wonderful chats with me - I will absolutely not roleplay with someone who isn't interested in being a friend! <3]]

[center [raleway [size30 WHAT I'M WANTING | MAY 25th '17 ]]]
[center [Raleway ♡ Princes! Please, please! I want to write as a Prince! ]]
[center [Raleway ♡ Mermaids. I haven't a single clue on how to get a roleplay going focused around them, that isn't so out there that it just isn't entertaining. I've been wanting to do a mermaid for like, two years- .. but every idea I've come up with just isn't interesting for me to actually do. ;; ]]
[center [Raleway ♡ Familial-based roleplays, focusing specifically on the bonds between siblings. Any long-time ES roleplayers should be familiar with The Food Kingdoms from Solaris - that's what I'm looking for; lots, lots, and lots of familial interaction is what I would love. I actually have a WIP roleplay based on this at the moment, but I haven't finished it because I feel like there isn't a specific direction for the roleplay to go in. I'm concerned there will be a lack of interest and I don't want to put the effort in if it's going to fall flat. ]]
[center [Raleway ♡ Small groups. I'm talking, two to three other writers, preferably where most people are doubling. ]]
[center [Raleway ♡ [b Completed roleplays.] This one is huge. I'm not interested in starting from scratch. If you have a thread that is almost finished, or you only need to create the thread, or it's an old roleplay that just needs a bit of polish to be revived, throw it at me. This isn't me refusing to collaborate - but I would prefer most of what I offer to be in actual plot twists once the roleplay begins. I don't have the juice to start fresh. I'm interested in just getting in there, not plotting for six months ]]
[center [Raleway ♡ Character building. I'm currently experimenting where I'm, on purpose, creating flat characters with minimal skeletons/details. One of which is a complete and intentional Mary-Sue, who will become well-rounded through the roleplay. I have two ladies in the works with this experiment, so I'd love to test it with a male. ]]
[center [Raleway ♡ Cocky characters. Please give me your complete dickheads, I would love to write them. ]]

[center [raleway [size30 BEFORE YOU CONTACT ME: ]]]
[center [Raleway ☆ I know that I have a lot of standards for roleplaying and I apologize. I know this can be off-putting for some people, but I love to write and I don't want to give you only a portion of my effort. I want it to be something beautiful and I want this to be a chance to make friends.]]
[center [Raleway ☆ Please make sure you haven't skim read this thread. If you ask something stated here, I'm not going to respond to you. If you don't read this thread, I have no reason to believe you'll read my roleplay posts. ]]
[center [Raleway ☆ Please know my inbox is very slow. I do not load it very often. Yes, you are free to PM me to ask me for a roleplay but please know you might be waiting a few weeks for a response. If you would like to get a hold of me faster, contact me [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=142316 here.] If you want to speak privately, make us a locked thread and link it [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=142316 here.] This is by far the best way to get a hold of me. Just say, "Hey there Ai! I'd like to run a RP idea. Mind if we talk in a private thread? I made one for us here." and then link it. ]]
[center [Raleway ☆ [b If you intend on PMing me, make sure it is titled.] ]]


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