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Alpha - taken by midnightdoom
Beta - open
Healer/story teller - taken by xTaintedSoda
Hunter - taken by SecretOfThePen
Hunter - open
Hunter - open
Omega - taken by everdream (Tomb)


Age: (2+)
Wolf Breed:
Username: everdream
Name: Tomb
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Wolf Breed: swamp wolf, interior Alaskan wolf
Likes: Pups, having fun, adventure,
Dislikes: Fighting, being asked about his life before joining the pack, hunting
Mate: N/A
Rank: Omega
Bio: Tomb, named Runt at the time, was only three or four months old when he was playing with his half sisters and got his hind leg caught in a bear trap. One of them fled right away, after telling the crying pup he'd have died soon anyways, and soon the other did after trying to help before they heard humans coming. He was bagged and thrown in the back of a truck. He was too small to be sold to a fur coat maker, so the hunter gave The small pup to his sixteen year old boy, as a month early birthday present, who renamed him Tomb. His leg never fully healed, causing him to always walk with a limp.

The two became loyal friends and did many things together. Their favorite thing was to go on adventures. One day Tomb collapsed and his boy had to carry him home, he was taken to the vet and they found Tomb had a small heart murmur that could kill him if he didn't take it easy. The fun died down, they never went further then a block to a park. Tomb was confused but could tell wanting to do more made the boy sad so he tried to enjoy it.

When summer came Tomb came into season but was locked inside the house. The boy was busy with another human who soon convinced his owner to send tomb away, the boy recurrently agreed. Tomb now was living his life in a cage, then trained to be a fighter. He learned to kill or be killed. He hated his new life, and it only got worse when he was forced to face his sister who abandoned him when he was a pup, he attacked her without mercy, ignoring her pleas to forgive her.

Her last words scarred him more than the ones he received from fighting. He was forced away and taken out back and the humans tried to kill him but he attacked them, escaping. He was a lone wolf for several months before finding Valley Peak, he joined as an omega, making a promise to himself never to fight or kill again.
Name: Nevaeh
Age: 2
Gender: Female
Wolf Breed: Baffin Island Wolf
Likes:Running through the woods,Playing.
Bio: Nevaeh is the Alphess of the pack, she is very protective of her pack and family, She loves to play and run with her pack but takes some things very serious.
Username: xTaintedSoda
Name: Tainted
Age: 3
Gender: Female
Wolf Breed: Arctic Wolf
Likes: neatness/cleanliness, deer, and Spring time
Dislikes: Her fur dirty, teasing her about her blindness, humans
Mate: None
Rank: Healer
Bio: Tainted was born blind. She was also born in a testing facility on animals - birds, dogs, cats, and wolves. Once she turned six months old, she was taken away from her mother and siblings and put under immense chemical testing by human scientists. Then, when she turned two years old, police took over the illegal animal testing building, and Tainted escaped. She survived by learning about herbs from a friend who escaped with her, who later died by being hit by a car. Not too soon after that, Tainted came across Valley Peak, and joined them.


Username: SecretOfThePen
Name: Ryder
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Wolf Breed timber
Likes: Running with the pack, watching over the pups, serving the alpha and hunting
Dislikes: Pack dispute, disrespect of his alpha
Rank: Hunter
Bio: Ryder was brought up from pup-hood to do two things. Respect and serve the alpha, and protect the pack. He's a three year old timber wolf with a desire to follow in his parents foot steps and honor his pack, protect his alpha and one day find his mate.


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Ryder lifted his muzzle towards the sun and let the scents of summer annihilate his senses. The wind carried with it the scent of other wolves and a far off pack, to the north if he was correct. The forest was quiet, which was unusual in the heat of summer and the blaze if the sun. His eyes closed on their own accord and he let his muzzle and feet guide him.

When he opened his eyes he was at a stream that flowed quickly yet, the sound was quiet. Soothing even. Lapping up some of the water he thought of his parents. Both who were very fine wolves. And he was the only of their pups to take on the same color of coat that his father had.

His father.

His father had been killed by trappers. Humans like those made Ryder sick. He scoffed into the water causing it to splash lightly into his face. Wrinkling his nose he shook his head lightly and turned away from the stream. As much as he loved the feeling of the sun warming his coat he could scent the approaching evening and knew it was best to head home.

He kicked up into a trot and made his way through the shaded forest that was now coming to life with the sounds of crickets and toads. Ryder loved chasing toads. Scaring them and then jumping with them. He let out a wolfy chuckle and trotted into the over-hanging of a boulder which he had marked as his den. It was shallow but, it was cool and welcoming to his heated body. He yawned before dropping to his belly and crawling inside. The last thought he had before he drifted off was of his father. A proud hunter of his previous pack.
  Ryder ~Wolf~ / SecretOfThePen / 6y 173d 14h 7m 43s
Tomb had wandered off from the packs camp grounds. He loved going off and finding fun things to do, even if it got him in trouble. He stopped and sniffed the air. He felt the wind against his fur and shivered, although it was almost summer, it was still cold in the shade.

He turned around and made his way back to camp, doing his best to sneak into his den quietly. He laid down and closed his eyes, exhausted. He got tired easily, that was one thing that made him mad. He grumbled to himself before falling into a light sleep.

  Tomb / Ever-Dream / 6y 174d 17h 32m 1s
A ivory female wolf sat quietly outside of a small den entrance that was really just a gap in the gnarled roots of an old oak tree. Inside, it was much bigger, and had herbs lined neatly along the walls. The wolf stared around with blurry eyes that hinted at blindness. She had been blind since she was a pup, and could only guess at what anything looked like, even trees.
This wolf's name was Tainted, and although she seemed very soft-spoken, she really wasn't; and had a sharp tongue and short temper. On the contrary, she was gentle with the sick or wounded, and skilled greatly with herbs and healing.
Tainted inhaled deeply, and let out a sigh as the breeze tugged gently at her alabaster fur. Although she couldn't see it, she could feel the warmth of the sun on her.
  || T. Soda || / xTaintedSoda / 6y 174d 18h 1m 10s
Navaeh laid out front of her den which happened to have a pine tree sitting next to it which aided as shade, her white pelt shined in the rays of light that broke through the trees. Her golden-green orbs were closed as she took in the warmth from the sun, but she listened closely for any danger that could be lurking, even if they haven't had an attack in a long time she was still very cautious and kept her ears perked...After awhile she opened her orbs and looked around to see where they others were...
  Akino/Katon / MidnightDoom / 6y 174d 18h 28m 20s

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