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Death friend of pain yet enemy to life however pain still making a friendship that would last with both. Death relies on pain to work, pain relies on life exist. All three making different sides of the same di. Life allows pain to escalate into fear. Fear of things life wolves and gapping jaws of a predator. Fear of an illness unknown so who ever may have it would be tested on or killed for others to feel safe.

Death comes into play when pain reaches a toll and what ever is being cause pain gives in. Death spares lives in suffering and leaves another to cope with their loss and newfound pain that will only grow stronger. Death like a black angel sends your pain away and allows you to awaken to a felling less word were you may do anything.

But then there is life again grabbing that spared soul and placing the all the pain back into the care of the one they claim to save. However another chance comes with not only the past pain but with gift as well. A second life to do what a person so pleases to be cautious or reckless with they new life.

With a pair of red and golden eyes Lucas looked through his houses window to see everyone asleep. Sneaking in through his unlocked window he left open in his room welcomed back by his dog's growl. "Shhhhh...." Lucas held his finger to his lips trying to keep his dog quiet, but to no avail. His father came running into his room frantic thinking a robber came just in time to see Lucas pull in his left leg from the window. Outraged his father swung blindly hitting him across the face. When his father pulled away and looked down at his hand noticing blood and shook realizing he just hit his son. "I-I'm sorry hold on I'll het you a band aid..." He father fearfully said as he ran out the room thinking he made his son bleed. It was four in the morning and pouring out. Lucas whipped the blood from his lips and looked out the window wondering what his last victim thought before they ran out of blood. When his father walked back into the room Lucas could see tear lines down his father's face and a faint smell of alcohol on the man's breath. "Go to bed dad your drunk." He calmly spoke as if nothing had happened and took the bandaged placing it on the side of his lip then watched at his father left the room. Lucas sat down on his bed and pulled up his laptop from the space between the wall. He opened up a file of names and wrote another addition in, Sally Amber. The folder titled victims.

The rain continues throughout the rest of the time as everyone in the house slept. Lucas just sat and watched the rain hit the window and rolled down creating small trail for more to follow. He remembered when he was a kid, on rainy days when him and his friends couldn't go out for reses he would always say 'Lets watch the rain drop race!' Everyone found it funny yet amusing to follow through with his idea. Chuckling he stood and pulled out a suitcase from under his bed and opened it viewing everything inside that he had packed. Cloths, CDs, toothbrush, etc. all matching and checking off with his list. Three hours had now past.

Lucas stood and walked out of his room seeing his younger sister swinging her legs off the couch watching her morning kids show. She smiled and waved to him as he walked over and ruffled her hair making her giggle. "Dad I'm packing the car!" He yelled up the stairs as he picked up the keys off the counter. and dragged his bags and suitcase out to the car. His neighbor was out yawning getting their mail and waved over to him covering their head with the daily news paper. Lucas waved back as he lifted the truck up and tossed the carriers in the car.

Eventually his father came out the house and into the car, starting the engine and beginning their drive. For the first thirty minutes of their hour long drive it was silent besides the static filled music playing on the radio. During that time Lucas occupied himself looking out the window and viewing the trees through the water covered glass. The silence broke with his father speaking, "Listen I'm sorry about this morning I was drunk and I couldn't control myself I'm sorry." Lucas nodded to his dad but gave a harsh reply. "You may say that but you were well aware of what your actions were as you committed to acting on them", He could see the collage in the distance, "and you know I'm right. You have no reason to say sorry but to only have your self feel better. So to end this conversation I'll say I forgive you." His head turned to look back out the window for the remaining time until they reached the collage were he would get out and go check in without his father's assistance.

When the car stopped Lucas took an umbrella from under the seat and opened it after getting out the car and closing the door. He walked around and opened the trunk pulling bags over his arms and holding the other extras. Lucas slammed the trunk shut not realizing he left hand marks on the metal of the car as he turned and left to the collage main desk. He signed in and got his room number and quickly head to his room. After reaching there he dropped his bags on the bed and unzipped his bags putting his cloths in the drawers on the half of the room he claimed for his own figuring there were two beds in the room were here for a reason. When the rooms door opened again he expected to see another guy instead he saw a female stumbling over a paper wondering if it was really her room. He almost laughed seeing her panic. "Yeah this is 213." He got a veg familiarity from the girl when he peeked over his shoulder at her and was about to introduce himself until she had started to talk again. When her name came about his eyes widened now knowing why he felt he knew her. She was his old friend also the person who he blamed for his death, but the image of what she really was popping in his mind made his fear strengthen now that they'd met again. He calmed his expression before turning to her and hold out a hand with a small smile. Both eyes, red and gold, looked at her as he returned the favor of introducing themselves. "I'm Lucas Emit nice to meet you. If you really would like to they might have open spaces with a girl at the female dorm."
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[font Cambria [i [size17 [b Running.]]]]

[font Cambria [size15 Through the brush, while feeling the wind whip around your soft yet thick and wild fur. As it impacts against your face and past your ears, it's cool sensation and clear crisp sound becoming addictive. Causing you to feel the need to run faster, just to continue experiencing your new found blissful freedom.] [center [font Cambria [i [size17 [b Training.]]]]]
[font Cambria [size15 Your senses and natural strengths, learning to know everything and everyone by scent or sound. How to read your environment and understand the temperament of the wilds. How to find your way in travel, simply by reading the stars overhead. And predicting the weather by the cycle of the moon, or the smell of the air.]]
[right [font Cambria [size17 [b [i Calling.]]]]]

[font Cambria [size15 To all who can hear you, claiming your place in this world. Proudly letting loose your voice, your powerful howl. A song to those you love, a mournful cry for those you have lost. A lonely voice that sounds inside, pleading for answers, security and someone who might understand. One, who might run along side you in those cold and untamed nights.]]

[center [font Cambria -]]

[font Cambria [size15 There was a loud and urgent rapping sound upon an old wooden surface, four demanding knocks that echoed through the bedroom of a young brunette female. The obnoxious noise disrupted her sleep and caused her to bolt into a sitting position, her long hair flew upwards along with her quick motion before landing obscurely in her face. One of her hands then reached up and combed her hair back and out of her face with her fingers. She glanced at the clock and let out a gasp before jumping out of bed, before running to her room door in her pajamas. She swung the door open to reveal the annoyed expression and quizzically raised eyebrow of her friend's face. The brunette bit her lip, then smiling nervously she spoke. [#CC0066 "I'm really sorry Kim... I guess I forgot to set my alarm."] She said sheepishly to the impatient looking female in front of her, who let out a soft sigh that seemed to wipe the stern expression on her face away. [b "Yeah, I guess you did Hiro."] She replied in some exasperation, [b "If you don't want to be late you should get ready now, I'll drive you when you're done okay?"] she added in defeat but she smiled softly at the end as if to cheer up the brunette.]

[font Cambria [size15 Hiro smiled a little anxiously before nodding and racing off to the showers, [#CC0066 "You're the best Kim!"] she called back as she entered the bathroom. Kim shook her head with a small smile of her own and yelled in response, [b "I know!"] then walked casually from Hiro's room and down the stairs while letting out a chuckle. Hiro showered, dressed and double checked her packing. Once she was certain she was ready, she nodded and picked up her bag then headed down the stairs after Kim quickly. Her friend was already waiting at the door with her hands in her coat pockets, by the time Hiro made it down. Kim took a look at the rather large duffle bag Hiro was carrying over her shoulder and chuckled again, [b "Hope you didn't forget anything."] she remarked at her cheekily then turned and opened the front door. Hiro only pouted silently in reply, as she followed her friend outside and into the car. While on the road, Hiro eventually looked away from her window to address Kim once more. [#CC0066 "Seriously though, thanks. I would have been screwed if I had to take the city bus there. You really are a life saver."] She said gratefully and smiled sheepishly again, obviously a little embarrassed over her own apparent carelessness. Kim however merely scoffed and rolled her eyes, [b "It's not a big deal, I just don't want my best friend to flunk college by never showing up. Besides, it's not just you who would look bad.. You're living in my house after all, it'd be pretty embarrassing for me."] she teased with a small grin as she pulled the car up to the college. ]]

[font Cambria [size15 Hiro looked at the huge building, then back at Kim and smiling humorously. [#CC0066 "Well on the bright side you might be rid of me for a few years."] She replied and chuckled, while Kim shook her head and smiled as she turned and looked at the building herself. She quietly commented in response, almost as if she was speaking to herself; [b "Living in a dorm with a complete stranger, that should be interesting for you..."] she then glanced back at Hiro, [b "You sure you'll be able to survive without me there to bail you out?"] she joked and grinned at her again. Hiro made her thoughts clear by pointedly and playfully elbowing Kim in the ribs, before opening the car door and stepping out. [#CC0066 "I'll be fine, I can take care of myself."] She informed her haughtily, she closed the car door and began to march towards the front door of the university. Kim laughed behind her and called out, [b "Call me when you get settled, and don't go making any new best friends!"] Hiro merely held back a chuckle and waved at her as she walked. [#CC0066 "No promises!"] She heard Kim start up the car again and pull out of the parking lot, one her friend was gone she let out a deep breath to calm her nerves. She hadn't ever lived in such a big and public building before, getting used to that many people full time would take a lot of effort.]

[font Cambria [size15 It took her a while to find her way, this place was huge! It was as if she was weaving her way through a maze, with dozens of doors and stairs. Eventually however, she found the room that had the same number on the letter she was sent engraved on the wooden door. Room number 213, she pulled out the key she was given and unlocked the door. When she got it open she froze at the first sight she saw inside, there was a young man already in here. But, that couldn't be right. She wasn't informed in the letter she would have a roommate, plus... he was a man! She was a girl, she couldn't be roomed with a guy right? She gaped at him for a second before she quickly and urgently looked back down at the piece of paper in her hand, she scanned hastily before glancing back up at the male for a double take. Did she seriously just walk in on a man's room? Her face flushed with color, and her expression was that of clear embarrassment. [#CC0066 "I-I'm sorry"] She stammered quickly before looking at the paper again, furrowing her brows in a confused and irritated fashion. [#CC0066 I think I must have gotten the wrong dorm room.. But this is 213 right?"] She asked rhetorically, as she tried to recompose herself from the initial shock and embarrassment. She didn't want her first impression to the first person she met, to be one of a clumsy and ditsy idiot. She didn't make a mistake, which actually frustrated her. Because that meant that somehow, one of the staff members in filing must have messed up. She cleared her throat and tried to straighten up, putting the letter back in her pocked as she did so. [#CC0066 "Right um.. Well this was awkward, sorry about this. I'm Hiro Nanasi, I'm guessing one of the staff thought I was a boy..."] She said quietly, she mustered up the courage to actually look at the young man directly. She certainly wasn't a coward after all.]
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