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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]

[size15 [center “yoυ wanт a [+red roмanтιc] lιғe; a ғaιryтale тнaт'ѕ ғυll oғ [s [Abel cнarм]]”

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/VXSoCdD.jpg]]

[center “тнιѕ wιll вe тнe day we've waιтed ғor
тнιѕ wιll вe тнe day we open υp тнe door
ι don'т wanna нear yoυr [u aвѕolυтιon]
нope yoυr ready ғor a [+red revolυтιon]
welcoмe тo a world oғ new ѕolυтιonѕ
welcoмe тo a world oғ [+red вloody] [s [Abel evolυтιon]]”

▌│█║▌║▌║ тнe мargrave ║▌║▌║█│▌

[+chocolate Name-] Piper Willow
[+chocolate Age-] Twenty-Three
[+chocolate Gender-] Female/Female
[+chocolate Sexual Orientation-] Demisexual/Biromantic
[+chocolate Height-] 179 cm (5'10'')
[+chocolate Weight-] 70 kg

[+chocolate Additional Details-]

✧ Piper is able to lie quite easily without elevated signs that she is lying such as elevated heart rate or excessive perspiration.

✧ While she hides her illnesses well, her sanity past the surface of a calm, collected leader is questionable at best. It hinges entirely on the fact that she is able to use fear and bullying to coerce people into listening to her. If people were to defect from her side, she would probably lose all semblance of rational thought. She is very paranoid of losing what "friends" she does have. She does desire healthy relationships, but is unsure of how to go about it since fear and emotional abuse is all she knows.

✧ She prefers masculine pronouns over feminine ones for herself despite not identifying as a man. It mainly stems from a desire to not be seen just as a woman. She took the title of Margrave- a noteably male title- rather than Princess.

✧ The rumor that her older brother didn't die of natural causes, and was instead poisoned by her is true- although she won't admit to it.

✧ She's never been known to speak using contractions- favoring instead to speak formally to everyone. This can sometimes appear very rude in informal situations.

[+chocolate History-] Born the second of three royal children, Piper was very close to her father as a child. Her oldest brother was a drunkard and a coward in her eyes, and she hated how he squandered the money on alcohol and cheap whores. Her youngest sister is weak and fragile- often doted on by their overprotective mother.

Her brother was set to inherit the throne, but he was unfit to rule in her eyes. Out of the three of them, she was the only one that was healthy enough or suitable enough to take the throne. His death appeared to be from alcohol poisoning, but she'd had a hand to play in it with no one the wiser. She was sixteen at this time, and he twenty.

The kingdom had mixed feelings about mages and the power they possessed, and as such, her father outlawed the use of magic. Anyone caught using it in any form or fashion was taken from their home or wherever they were residing at the moment to be made examples of. Mages eventually became second class citizens.

Eventually making examples out of them didn't work any longer, and the king has left his Margrave daughter in charge of finding new inventive ways of dealing with the mage problem.
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[font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue Writer Interested-] -Solaris-]
[font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue Character Name-] Alois Guo]
[font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue Nickname-] N/A]
[font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue Age-] Twenty Five ]
[font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue Sex-] Male]
[font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue Preference-] Asexual, but panromantic]
[font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue Blood Type-] Akebi]
[font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue Nationality-] The Fruit Kingdom]
[font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue Occupation-] Prince]
[font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue Talents/Skills-] I'm quite competent with my abilities as a prince. I'm also quite loyal to my people and our allies. I'm a decent fighter, but that doesn't mean that I lack manners.]
[font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue Pitfalls/Weaknesses-] My loyalty can be taken to the extremes. My family is important to me, and so they come first.]
[font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue Personality-] I can be stubborn and bitter, but always sweet towards those that I love. I'm loyal through and through. If you wrong me, you might want to watch your step.]
[font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue Love Interest-] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=335801 This lovely girl~]]
[font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue Alternate Pictures-] [http://i.imgur.com/wyOnMUg.png Age 8] // [http://i.imgur.com/JS8vAuf.png Age 10-12] // [http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e53/yinrixing/AloisGuo_zps240f34ab.png Age 22] // [http://i.imgur.com/1AW2ebX.png Age 25] // [http://i.imgur.com/II2Z4DJ.png Age 25-26]]

[size10 [right [font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue “You wanna know my story? Well, fine. I'll tell you.”]]]]

[center [size10 Alois is the eldest son of the King of the Fruit Kingdom. His father had many wives- his mother being a concubine that had wanted to get close to the king. The eldest daughter of the Fruit Kingdom had been born a year after he was, and the two of them became close friends as they grew up- despite only being half siblings.

When he was eight, his mother killed the queen and had tried to kill Astrid- claiming that her son was the only one who could be the heir, but Alois had saved his sister from his mother's hateful rage just barely. The woman was apprehended, and he knew he would possibly be exiled for his mother's behavior. But the king let him stay and train his skills as both a prince, and an effective fighter.

His father put them in charge of the military force, and named them Generals. They both are very serious about their position, and will do whatever it takes to uphold it. While Alois has proven himself to be rather flirtatious at times, he knows that there is a time and a place for everything. When danger has presented itself to the male, he has a no nonsense attitude, and will protect those that he holds dear to him.

His Kingdom comes first, but there are moments when he can put that to the side. He has an interest in non-royalty types- even though he once was to be Miyuki's suitor. That didn't last for long, and he had long since given up on the white haired girl. He met a librarian girl, and even though she's kind of spacey and out there, he likes her quite a bit.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/GTcuq1W.png]]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/dBuVKgE.png]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/dlS2LUi.png]]
[center [font "Euphemia" [size11 [https://youtu.be/QpgWc5u0PPw ғreyr'ѕ тнeмe]]]]
[center [font "Euphemia" [size15 [+grey “]] ι'м вreaĸaвle;
ι'м ѕнaĸιng yeт,
υnтιl тнe day тнaт yoυ ғιnd мe.
ι'll ѕтand нere,
eхιѕтιng and ғeelιng wreтcнed eхιѕтence
conѕυмιng lιғe-ғorce тιl ι grow dιѕтanт
don'т вoтнer ѕearcнιng ғor ѕoмeвody lιĸe мe.
a ғadιng no one.
ι don'т wanт тo нυrт yoυ, ιт'ѕ noт мy naтυre. a мonѕтer вorn ғroм dυѕĸ тo dawn can'т вe yoυr ѕavιoυr [+grey [size15 ”]]]]

[center [pic http://i1209.photobucket.com/albums/cc398/SilentDelusion/ornate-horizontal-line-md_zps48849d17.png]]

[center [size20 [font "BatangChe" “[+slateblue What kind of monster doesn't like cheescake?]”]]

[size30 【 [size15 aттιcυѕ] 】]

[font "Euphemia" Name- Llewellyn, Freyr
Age- 19
Birthday- Jan 7
Sex/Gender- FtM transgender
Sexual Orientation- Homosexual

[size20 【 [size15 Cascade] 】]

Badge ID number- 200
Rank- Knight of Cascade


[+red --] Retractable Katar- A knife like weapon that can retract and appear from a gauntlet hidden in his sleeves. The line of attack is in line with the user's arm. The basic thrust is identical to a punch, but the single blade also allows for slashing. This type of weapon allows (requires) the fighter to put their whole weight into the thrust. This weapon has little or no defensive capabilities.

Skills and Abilities-
[+red |] Hand to hand combat [+red |] High pain threshold [+red |] Gymnastics [+red |] First aid [+red |] Turning any dish imaginable into an inedible mess [+red |]

[+red --] His mother had forced him into gymnastics at a young age, and as such, it allowed him to be quite flexible. While he loved gymnastics, he hated performances due to the costume that he had to wear, and did not pursue it past middle school as it made him uncomfortable.
[+red --] A high pain threshold allowed him to take any bruises or scrapes from the rough training in stride. While he was most definitely sore, he could clench his teeth and get through it if it meant achieving his goal.
[+red --] Hand to hand combat styles suited Cascade as they wanted to train their members to be strong.
[+red --] Freyr knows basic first aid as he often has to clean up his own injuries from time to time.
[+red --] Cooking though, is foreign to the boy. Even the most simple of recipes is a disaster waiting to happen, and so he opts to stay out of the kitchen.

[size30 【 [size15 Personality] 】]

Efficient [+red |] Resilient [+red |] Empathetic [+red |] Discreet [+red |] Perfectionist [+red |] Forgiving [+red |]

[+red --] Somewhat of a selective extrovert, he enjoys being around people, but only people that he can trust or only people that he knows. An open mind might seem hard to keep in the world they live, but Freyr has always been too forgiving- even if someone has wronged him in the past. He hates to hold grudges unless it was something truly unforgivable. While he may be good natured at heart, he is quite efficient in what he does.

[+green ✔] Sweets
[+green ✔] Helping others
[+green ✔] Tea
[+green ✔] Cheesecake
[+red ✘] Being called a girl
[+red ✘] Odd numbers
[+red ✘] Orange things
[+red ✘] Blood

[size30 【 [size15 History] 】]

An only child doted on by an over adoring mother and a strict father who rather disliked the tomboyish nature of her "daughter". They lived a pretty normal, suburban life in Monochrome City. Both of them excelling in their business, and oftentimes leaving Freyr home alone.

Arranged marriages had become quite common- making sure that the population of Monochrome City grew at the expected rate. But Freyr refused to be a damsel in distress while his parents figured out who to sell him off to, and so he did what he could to get out of being married.

When he was sixteen was when the bombs hit. They hit the high school that he was attending, and when he woke up, he found himself so sensitive to light and sound that he thought he was dying. He spent the next year in quarantine- getting over the symptoms of the infection. People had to wear hazmat suits just to visit his room.

At eighteen, he joined Cascade- a subgroup of the "terrorist" organization Technicolor. The boy became their Knight, and was trained well. It was a fresh start for him where no one knew his past life. He officially became "Freyr". He supposed one thing his mother did right was allowing him to take gymnastics courses. While he was never famous for it- or dared to pursue it past middle school- he was able to implement it into the rigorous training that he had been given.

[+red . | . | . | . | . | .]

It had been about a couple of years since he'd caught the illness. It still felt so vivid in the eighteen year old's mind. Though, he supposed that being held down as you seize or having someone clean up your vomit because you're too sick to do so would be enough to stick around most people for a long time.

In the year that had passed since, he knew that people looked at people like him differently. He covered up the vibrant splash of purple on his neck with scarves, ascots, or high necked shirts since even the strongest foundation wouldn't cover the colorful mark. In this black and white world, color was a disease, and those without color viewed those that had been infected as lepers.

Freyr traveled to the southern part of Monochrome City. He'd been told that the group Cascade had dug in their roots there. They recruited occasionally- mostly word of mouth. They were right though; people like him could never live in a world like this.

He found himself approaching a large gated area. Two large men holding rifles quickly pointed the weapons towards the approaching boy who raised his hands.

“[+slateblue No, wait. Don't.]” Freyr tugged the scarf free from his neck. The vibrant violet patch of skin was clearly visible in the bright sunlight. They lowered their rifles and handed the boy a blank key card.

“[+orangered Go inside, take the elevator to the top. It will be the first door on your right.]”

He followed their instructions. The elevator seemed quite slow, and he could hear his heartbeat in his ears the whole time. The unknown was quite scary for the boy, but so was going back to his previous life. He didn't know how much more of “Aris, why don't you wear something more feminine?” or “Aris, my daughter, is such a wonderful girl.” that he could take.

“[+LightCoral Aris, right?]” The voice boomed from inside the room. Freyr cringed at the use of the female name he'd hoped to run away from.

“[+slateblue Freyr. My name is Freyr.]”

He could see the eyebrow of the male raise in a curious manner- knowing that it wasn't everyday someone came across someone who felt uncomfortable in the gender they were assigned at birth. “[+lightcoral And why do you want to join us?]”

“[+slateblue I want to be stronger. I can't help everyone, but I don't want to be weak anymore. I want to do what I can not only for people like us, but those who don't know better. They're just scared, but we can change that.]”

“[+lightcoral We need a Knight. Training starts tomorrow. Questions?]”

He shook his head. “[+slateblue Not so much a question as a request. I'll be your knight. But I want to live the rest of my life as a man. Not as Aris, but as Freyr. And I'd rather everyone not know about my previous life.]”

“[+lightcoral It's your secret to tell. Keep that key card until tomorrow when you get your own badge. Barracks are on the sixth floor. Men's side is the west wing.]”

[size30 【 [size15 Miscellaneous] 】]
Relationships- (friendships, relationships, enemies all go here.

Character Trivia-
[+slateblue ♘] Voice Reference- [https://youtu.be/O9sH5PJ8MVc?list=PLCDD4FEF0954BB6BB Sarah Strange/Male Ranma]
[+slateblue ♘] Color mutation color [+slateblue 6A5ACD; slate blue]
[+slateblue ♘] His color mutation starts on the left side of his neck and ends on his left thigh.
[+slateblue ♘] He has to use a binder.
[+slateblue ♘] He can't cook; even boiling water is too much to ask.
[+slateblue ♘] Cheesecake is a major weakness. He loves it more than any other sweet.
[+slateblue ♘] Due to his quarantine, he didn't finish school past the tenth grade.
[+slateblue ♘] He is 175 cm
[+slateblue ♘] He weighs 70 kg
[+slateblue ♘] Refuses to answer to the name he was given at birth. Calling him 'Aris' is a no go.
[+slateblue ♘] He uses both his given name- Freyr- and his code name. It's up to who is addressing him which one they use.
[+slateblue ♘] Music-
[https://youtu.be/e8qDOGLCSFo ♫] [+red |] [https://youtu.be/I6WG0de8FA4 ♫] [+red |] [https://youtu.be/KbTf5iYTNXM ♫] [+red |] [https://youtu.be/HGNLk3zcO2g ♫] [+red |] [https://youtu.be/DaVA6sgOpws ♫] [+red |] [https://youtu.be/6-wEAeNcA_A ♫] [+red |] [https://youtu.be/jBiQCZd8UII ♫] [+red |]

[center [size20 [font "BatangChe" “[+slateblue We were never the disease; we are the cure.]”]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/NgCLXzD.png]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/Q32E2pj.png][pic http://i.imgur.com/Q32E2pj.png]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/y797yoE.jpg]]
[center [http://i.imgur.com/dBuVKgE.png <3]
[https://youtu.be/QpgWc5u0PPw ғreyr'ѕ тнeмe]
[size50 ♘] [size30 [+slateblue The Knight]] [size50 ♘]

[size20 [font "BatangChe" “[+slateblue What kind of monster doesn't like cheescake?]”]]

[size30 【 [size20 aттιcυѕ] 】]

[size15 Name- Freyr Llewellyn
[i (*His legal name is Aris Llewellyn, but calling him this
is not recommended as he does not answer to it.)]
Age- 19
Birthday- Jan 7 (1/7/xxxx)
Biological Sex- Female
Perceived Gender- Male [i ]
Sexual Orientation- Homosexual/Homoromantic

[size20 【 [size15 Cascade] 】]

Badge ID number- 200
Rank- Knight of Cascade

-- Retractable Katar- A knife like weapon that can retract and appear from a gauntlet hidden in his sleeves. The line of attack is in line with the user's arm. The basic thrust is identical to a punch, but the single blade also allows for slashing. This type of weapon allows (requires) the fighter to put their whole weight into the thrust. This weapon has little or no defensive capabilities.

Skills and Abilities-
| Hand to hand and close quarters combat | High pain threshold | Gymnastics | Basic first aid | Turning any dish imaginable into an inedible mess |

[size12 -- His mother had forced him into gymnastics at a young age, and as such, it allowed him to be quite flexible. While he loved gymnastics, he hated performances due to the costume that he had to wear, and did not pursue it past middle school as it made him uncomfortable.
--A high pain threshold allowed him to take any bruises or scrapes from the rough training in stride. While he was most definitely sore, he could clench his teeth and get through it if it meant achieving his goal.
--Hand to hand combat styles suited Cascade as they wanted to train their members to be strong.
--Freyr knows basic first aid as he often has to clean up his own injuries from time to time.
--Cooking though, is foreign to the boy. Even the most simple of recipes is a disaster waiting to happen, and so he opts to stay out of the kitchen.]

[size20 【 [size15 Personality ] 】]

Efficient |Resilient | Empathetic | Discreet | Perfectionist | Forgiving |

[size12 -- Somewhat of a selective extrovert, he enjoys being around people, but only people that he can trust or only people that he knows. An open mind might seem hard to keep in the world they live, but Freyr has always been too forgiving- even if someone has wronged him in the past. He hates to hold grudges unless it was something truly unforgivable. While he may be good natured at heart, he is quite efficient in what he does.]

✔ Sweets
✔ Helping others
✔ Tea
✔ Cheesecake
✘ Being misgendered
✘ Odd numbers
✘ Oranges
✘ Blood

[size20 【 [size15 History] 】]

Freyr was born Aris Llewellyn- the only child to two very popular business people who worked out of the suburbs of Monochrome City. They often neglected their child in the care of a nanny while they worked and went to parties to keep up their image. When his parents were home, his mother was over attentive to everything that he did. She took great pride in any of his achievements even if they were the most basic of this. His father, on the other hand, was strict. He was a no-nonsense type man who didn’t put up with any type of back talking. He firmly lived by the belief that children should be seen and not heard.

As Freyr got older, his parents decided that they wanted an active child. They were unhappy that their daughter was so tomboyish, and hoped that gymnastics as well as being around other girls would help. It didn’t help much- although Freyr did greatly enjoy gymnastics.

At the age of ten, Freyr became much more adamant in his desire to be less feminine. He’d told his nanny that he didn’t feel right as a girl, but she just laughed and brushed him off, and went back to whatever she was doing. He took a pair of scissors from the kitchen and cut his long hair short. His parents were called home by the nanny over his tantrum. Even though his father was a strict man, he’d never hit Freyr- that was until this day. His mother just looked on teary-eyed while her husband made sure that their child wasn’t to be embarrassing them like this.

As he got older, he noticed that arranged marriages were becoming more and more common throughout the population of Monochrome City as the birth rate declined. His mother attempted to doll her masculine daughter up into something that would be more suitable. After the incident with the scissors, he insisted that his hair be short, and his parents finally gave in- knowing that they’d only have more incidents if they didn’t give in to his demands.

He hated the dresses. They didn’t fit right. And the way that the men that his parents attempted to suit him with looked at him with such disgusting looks. If this is what it meant to be a woman, he wanted no part of it. By now, the dysphoria he felt with his maturing, feminine body was too great to ignore.

When Freyr was fourteen, he shredded all of the expensive dresses that his parents had bought for him with the same kitchen scissors he’d once cut his hair with. He refused to allow his parents to sell him off to the person who they thought would be the best fit for him.

Later Teen Years
At sixteen, Freyr felt a lot less dysphoric about his body. He was able to wear something other than designer dresses. Jeans felt foreign, but they were much more welcome. He’d started to bind his chest. Although his chest was small, he still felt better having it bound down where it wasn’t noticeable. By this time, he’d already quit gymnastics due to the revealing leotards that they were forced to wear. Despite it being his passion, he was pushed from it.

Then, it all went to shit.

All he remembered was the hysteria in the school as the first explosion sent shockwaves through everyone. He woke up to a bright hospital room- only to vomit the contents of his stomach on to the floor.

His mother in a hazmat suit as she wiped away the bile from his face and the sweat from his forehead was a vivid memory. The next year in quarantine was dreadfully boring when not wracked with seizures and heaving out whatever nutrients they were pumping in to his stomach.

After he was released, he noticed a lot had changed. People were no longer colorless. They were so vivid, and the color that they said had disappeared nearly blinded him. Everyone stared at him. He returned to school- or at least tried to. His locker had been written on, and there had been a half assed attempt to scrub it away, but it had just been written over. TRANNY and FAG were among the more colorful terms that had been littered there.

A year of depression passed before Freyr found what to do with himself. He left at eighteen, and never returned home. Cascade was where he belonged. These people understood him, and he could start over here. It renewed him with a sense of happiness, and he decided to put the past entirely behind him to fight for what he knew was the right thing. He officially became “Freyr”, and dropped the name Aris. He was trained as their Knight, and while the training was rough, it was worth every second to him.

[size20 【 [size15 Miscellaneous] 】]

Romantic- N/A
Positive- King Buster
Neutral- Yoko, Luxx

Character Trivia-
[+slateblue ♘] Voice Reference- [https://youtu.be/O9sH5PJ8MVc?list=PLCDD4FEF0954BB6BB Sarah Strange/Male Ranma]
[+slateblue ♘] Color mutation color [+slateblue 6A5ACD; slate blue]
[+slateblue ♘] His color mutation starts on the left side of his neck and ends on his left thigh.
[+slateblue ♘] He has to use a binder.
[+slateblue ♘] He can't cook; even boiling water is too much to ask.
[+slateblue ♘] Cheesecake is a major weakness. He loves it more than any other sweet.
[+slateblue ♘] Due to his quarantine, he didn't finish school past the tenth grade.
[+slateblue ♘] He is 175 cm
[+slateblue ♘] He weighs 70 kg
[+slateblue ♘] Refuses to answer to the name he was given at birth. Calling him 'Aris' is a no go.
[+slateblue ♘] He uses both his given name- Freyr- and his code name. It's up to who is addressing him which one they use.
[+slateblue ♘] Music-
[https://youtu.be/e8qDOGLCSFo ♫] [+red |] [https://youtu.be/I6WG0de8FA4 ♫] [+red |] [https://youtu.be/KbTf5iYTNXM ♫] [+red |] [https://youtu.be/HGNLk3zcO2g ♫] [+red |] [https://youtu.be/DaVA6sgOpws ♫] [+red |] [https://youtu.be/6-wEAeNcA_A ♫] [+red |] [https://youtu.be/jBiQCZd8UII ♫] [+red |]

[center [size20 [font "BatangChe" “[+slateblue We were never the disease; we are the cure.]”]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/NgCLXzD.png]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Mrs+Saint+Delafield]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Calligraffitti]
[calligraffitti [size25 [left “Do you know why]

[right people and roses are alike?”]]

[font "book antiqua"
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/dHJHXhg.jpg]]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Meddon]
[center [size50 ♘] [size30 [meddon [+rosybrown S]ervant 4]] [size50 ♘]
/ˈkɛlən ˈdɑrsi/

[size35 [mrs+saint+delafield [+rosybrown A]spects]]

Character Surname- D'arcy
Character Forename- Kellen
Physical Gender- Male
Identified Gender- Demigender/Agender
Current Titles Held-
Preferred Prounouns- they || them

Alias(es)- N/A
Age Appearance- 19 - 20
Mental Age- 13 - 15
Physical Age- 17

[size35 [mrs+saint+delafield [+rosybrown P]ersonality]]

[u negaтιve perѕonalιтy тraιтѕ]
childlike || self-conscious || fickle || rigid || reserved
[u neυтral perѕonalιтy тraιтѕ]
mute || even tempered || curious || perceptive
[u poѕιтιve perѕonalιтy тraιтѕ]
friendly || empathetic || reliable || honest || clever

[size35 [mrs+saint+delafield [+rosybrown Q]uirks & Habits]]

[+rosybrown ♘] Due to being raised in a fairly large family, Kellen was used to being talked over and ignored- thus they became a selective mute. During social interactions where they may not feel comfortable, they may seem withdrawn and will refuse to speak. This is oftentimes misconstrued as being rude when the problem instead is with an anxiety that isn't easily pacified. During an episode, they resort to pen and paper, sign language, or gestures to communicate.

[+rosybrown ♘] When speaking to someone, they will avoid the other person's eyes. They've trained themselves to look at the person's forehead or nose out of respect for those who prefer eye contact during interactions.

[+rosybrown ♘] They have frequent insomnia which often leads to walking about after everyone has gone to sleep so that they can calm their thoughts.

[+rosybrown ♘] When thinking, Kellen tends to rub the pendant around his neck between his thumb and index finger. He is not aware that he does this. When it’s out of his mind, the necklace is tucked inside of his dress-shirt.

[+rosybrown ♘] Due to having five younger sisters, he may be a bit impatient with women- though he means no disrespect. He also may act a bit flustered around women who demand attention. He simply doesn’t know how to deal with them.

[+rosybrown ♘] His speech may seem a bit mechanical and forced at times. This is mainly to keep his accent from being too noticeable. It slips through more than he thinks.

[size35 [mrs+saint+delafield [+rosybrown B]iography]]

[+rosybrown ♘] Kellen was raised in a Scottish immigrant family. They bought a large farmstead with a fairly average number of acreage. Not too long after his mother and father bought the farm, they had him. He was followed by five younger sisters. The large family quickly rose to become pillars of the community as they both sold and gave away crops that they raised on the farm as there were more goods than they knew what to do with.

[+rosybrown ♘] The D’arcy family never wanted for much, but still taught all six children the value of hard work. His father was a farmer and his mother was a florist- as these were the only jobs that had been open to them as immigrants when they’d been new. Kellen often helped his mother with the flower garden, and her prized roses. She passed on much of her knowledge of botany to him, and he was always willing to learn.

[+rosybrown ♘] All six children attended public schooling. While they all seemed to be doing anywhere from average to excellent, the public school system was hard on the more withdrawn D’arcy- Kellen. From the age of five, he’d exhibited a case of selective mutism. He often felt stifled in conversation where his sisters would simply talk over their soft spoken brother. He never seemed to be able to find his footing in most conversations- even if he’d been the one to instigate it. In a situation where if he felt at all uncomfortable, he would lapse into silence. This would also be followed by refusal to meet the gaze of anyone who was talking to him.

[+rosybrown ♘] They got used to Kellen simply writing everything down or using his hands to talk to them- either through simple sign language or gestures when pen and paper was inaccessible.

[+rosybrown ♘] He was quite close to his mother throughout his life, and often helped her when she had large orders to fill, and she couldn’t do it on her own. When The End came around, the change was too great for Aislin D’arcy, and she passed away. Losing his mother hit him particularly hard. He dropped his classes in order to continue what she enjoyed doing. It was traumatic for him to lose his mother in the ever changing world. He didn’t speak for quite a while after that. It was his way of coping. The silence simply made him comfortable.

[+rosybrown ♘] They had influence in the community. Perhaps not enough to gain the title of Lords and Ladies, but enough to be able to serve those who now lorded over them. His father continued to offer his support in the best way that he knew how.

[+rosybrown ♘] An invitation came in the mail. One with Kellen’s name on it. An invitation to Treleau Academy. They were truly stunned by this. He’d dropped his classes before, but now they wanted him to attend a boarding school of sorts for servants and royals? With his father’s pushing, he accepted the invitation- although skeptical about how well he would fit in with the others.

[size35 [mrs+saint+delafield [+rosybrown S]chool Information]]

In Service of/Serviced by- [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=379490 Royal 4]

Specializations- honesty || good at understanding others emotions || botany || floral arrangements
Shortcomings- being on time || social skills || embarrasses easily

[size35 [mrs+saint+delafield [+rosybrown P]ersonables]]
[+rosybrown ♘] Floral arrangement. He's often done this in the past as a way to relax himself, and calm his mind down.
[+rosybrown ♘] Botany. The male has a rather extensive knowledge of plants- mostly pertaining to flowers though.
[+rosybrown ♘] History. He could read history books from the moment he woke up until he fell asleep reading.

[+rosybrown ♘] Having his accent pointed out by other people. Or being teased because of it.
[+rosybrown ♘] Forced socialization. Being social isn't his strong suit. He's much more used to being a silent observer.
[+rosybrown ♘] People touching things he holds dear to him.

Typical Style of Dress

Favorite Surroundings / Setting
[+rosybrown ♘] They tend to find outside more comfortable than inside. Large open spaces and fresh air does them more good than being inside of a stuffy room.

[+rosybrown ♘] Kellen carries their mother’s necklace around their neck. It’s engraved with a rose. It was what his father gave to her as an engagement present, and the thing that she gave to him before she passed. Of all of the things that he has, he regards this as one of his greatest treasures.

[+rosybrown ♘] He feels somewhat disconnected with gender as a whole, and prefers gender neutral terms. However, to make it easier on those around him, he will use masculine pronouns.

[+rosybrown ♘] His youngest sisters are the reason that he has blonde hair instead of red hair. They bullied him into letting them experiment on his hair. He doesn’t mind it as much as he thought.

[+rosybrown ♘] His favorite subject is history. He finds reading large volumes of the travels of others through history extremely fascinating.

[+rosybrown ♘] He is afraid of fire.

[+rosybrown ♘] Kellen is fairly short at only 165.1 cm (5'5'')

[+rosybrown ♘] He is often a few moments late to things such as parties or meetings.

[size35 [mrs+saint+delafield [+rosybrown A]bout the Writer]]
Hi, I'm Solaris/Sol~
I'm friendly, and open to plotting. :D

I think it would be really cute if someone were to point out his accent or maybe they were interested in it. It would be cute to see him flustered.

On that same note, there seem to be nothing [i but] demanding women in this roleplay. Flustered Kellen for days!

[calligraffitti [size22 [left “Roses have thorns to protect themselves...]

[right Much in the same way that people have thorns...”]]]

[right Skeleton by- Mikaze and Apt ]]
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[center [google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Mrs+Saint+Delafield]
[size40 [mrs+saint+delafield [+slateblue C]haracter [+slateblue I]nformation]]
[font "book antiqua"
Alias(es)- If applicable
Age- All characters [u must] be 16 or older.
Sexual Orientation-

Blood Type- Ice cream, pudding, tea, etc. Make it unique.
Nationality- Make sure this fits your blood type. If your person is ice cream, there'd better be a good reason why their nationality is something other than the Sweets Kingdom.

Occupation- What does your character do for a living? This can include being royalty.

[size40 [mrs+saint+delafield [+slateblue P]ersonality]]
Positive 1 || P 2 || P 3
Neutral 1 || N 2 || N 3
Negative 1 || Neg 2 || Neg 3

[size50 [mrs+saint+delafield [+slateblue I] am strong against...]]

Outline your character's strengths or anything that they are generally good at here. No powers or magical abilities. Please keep this somewhat realistic.

[size50 [mrs+saint+delafield [+slateblue I] am weak against...]]

Your character's pitfalls and/or weaknesses.

[size40 [mrs+saint+delafield [+slateblue H]istory]]

Those that do not understand history, are doomed to repeat it. So, do you know your history?

[size40 [mrs+saint+delafield [+slateblue M]iscellaneous]]

Relationships, Trivia, and anything else under this category. As much or as little as you'd like to share. ]]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/NK9QtZq.jpg]]

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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/3pSeFk4.jpg]]
[center [pic http://i1209.photobucket.com/albums/cc398/SilentDelusion/ornate-horizontal-line-md_zps48849d17.png]]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]
[Abel [center [size18 “The snow doesn't give a soft white damn whom it touches.” -- E.E Cummings]

[+darkslateblue . | . | . | . | . | . | .]

[size15 The email had sat in her inbox for a few days before there had been any action on her part. She had almost desperately wanted to find others like her. Her finger hovered over the accept button, and her heart hammered in her chest. As she let out a breath she'd not realized she'd been holding, her finger descended, and that was that. Acceptance.

A small icon that showed a new message flashed immediately. It was in the same strange format from the same unknown sender who called himself DIAMOND. She was perplexed by his choice of codename, and why he would want to call him something a loose woman would call herself when she didn't want others to know her true name. Or at least she assumed it was a man from the way his tone read through email. She could easily be wrong, and it was a woman. Either way, it didn't truly matter.

[size20 SUBJECT: operation GEMstone
[size16 【G】reetings my dear 【GEM】,
【YOU'VE】 chosen well. Tomorrow 【YOU】 will meet the others, and be placed into teams of two that have already been decided upon. 【YOU】 are expected to work well with all of those who chose to accept the task laid out, but all missions will be carried out with teams of two.
【YOUR】 electronic devices will be replaced by 【GEM】scrolls, an device that allows you access to other 【GEMS】 profiles, message boards, and other necessary information. 【YOU】 are welcome to customize this profile to a certain extent, but partners and codenames are chosen in advance.
Attached below is a copy of the 【GEM】scroll profile. The address you should come to is also below.

Astrid swallowed thickly and clicked the link that lead to her profile, and what information would be accessible to other people. Her eyes fell upon her codename, and wasn't disappointed in the least. OBSIDIAN. It [i was] a beautiful stone. Her name and age were both public information. Thankfully, there was nothing about her history, and how she'd once been institutionalized. That came as a bit of a relief to her. The following day, she would be able to customize it- or at least he'd said so. There was no mention of a partner there, and she imagined that he would tell them their partners when they arrived.

Then she froze. What if it was all some sort of trap? A trap to get enough people who could use magic in one place and capture them. It made her break into a cold sweat.

Her fingers reached for the deck of tarot cards that had seen a lot of use in their days. She chose six of them, and flipped them over one by one.

“[+darkslateblue How do I feel about myself?]” She asked the card as she flipped it right side up. It read The World. To her, it brought a smidgen of peace, but knew that there were five other cards in her hand that could make everything go wrong.
“[+darkslateblue What do I want most right now?]” Temperance.
“[+darkslateblue What do I fear?]” The Tower. She flinched a bit at the card. It wasn't the Death card, but it still represented a world falling apart at the seams. That was certainly her fear.
Shakily, she flipped the next one. “[+darkslateblue What is going for me right now?]” The Lovers. Never had she gotten this card that signified the budding chance of new relationships- possibly even [i romantic] relationships.
“[+darkslateblue Okay, what's going against me right now?]” Justice. Another bad sign. She'd always been wary, and knew to watch her back around other people, so this card told her nothing new.
“[+darkslateblue Last one. What is the likely outcome?]” Astrid asked as if the card itself could tell her how the next day would go. The Empress. This was a good omen. She was filled with a new sense of happiness at having drawn this card.

She would go. If only to humor her deck.

[+darkslateblue . | . | . | . | . | . | .]

The time specified to meet was noon on the following day. Astrid bundled herself in a heavy winter jacket, scarf, and gloves. There were no longer any seasons- just perpetual winter. It was cold inside her tiny house even with the stove on. Breakfast consisted of whatever she could buy with the ration cards that she'd gotten for the week from her job- usually oatmeal or the occasional eggs and toast if she had enough left over. Eggs were regarded as luxury items because of the conditions of which people had to do to be able to gather them. The same with the wheat that was used to make bread. They both required a much more temperate climate to grow than the frigid wasteland that surrounded them on the daily.

That was something else that struck her. Would they still work? They needed ration cards to survive or they wouldn't eat- much less have any luxuries. He mentioned something about missions, but what would these missions consist of exactly? Would they be doing illegal things? Her curiosity had outweighed the fear of being locked away once more. It was too late now to say no and go back to working, earning meager portions of ration cards, and being all around miserable.

Eating quickly, she didn't have time to consult the cards once again. Astrid didn't dare jinx the reading she'd had last night. Honey colored eyes looked at the clock, and she rinsed her bowl before heading out.

The cold was bitter, and bit at her flushed face. The woman tugged up the scarf over her nose to keep some of it out. Other than the artificial lights that lined the streets, it was perpetual and unforgiving darkness. They gleamed a soft purple off of the white snow drifts. A few other people were out and about at this time as well. It wasn't particularly early, but she knew that if they had a choice, they'd rather not be outside.

The walk took all of twenty minutes from her home. It was what looked like an old warehouse. The fence clinked softly as her gloved fingers rested against the chain links. For a long time now, this place had been an eyesore to the public, but it seemed to have been renovated. The dilapidation was no longer obvious to her eyes.

Astrid took a startled step back as the fence slid open. Taking but a moment to adjust herself, she stepped through the opened gate and into the warehouse which was sparsely decorated. It was much more warm inside than out- which made her wonder just how they heated this place. Cautiously, she removed her scarf from her face.

“[+chocolate You don't have to be shy,]” a man's voice chided gently- almost as if he were consoling a child who couldn't make up their mind.

A dark colored brow raised. “[+darkslateblue DIAMOND?]” Astrid asked somewhat incredulously.

“[+chocolate The one and only,]” He opened his arms in a somewhat theatrical fashion. “[+chocolate Welcome home, my dear GEM. Who might you be?]”

Choosing to humor him, a small smile pulled at her mouth. “[+darkslateblue OBSIDIAN. My real name is Astrid Darcy.]” Not that it mattered what her real name was at this point. She realized that this was indeed true, and not a trap, but she still felt a bit uneasy. Perhaps it was because the others had yet to arrive, and she was just being paranoid.

“[+chocolate We will wait for the others,]” He said. That was more than fine with her.

Astrid moved to find a place on one of the sturdy boxes to sit. She couldn't resist anymore. Her fingers plucked one card from the deck in the small bag at her hip. [i The Moon.] It told her that her uncertainty was alright, and that things would go well in the end. If he took notice of her nervous tick, he didn't say anything, and she placed the card back in its holding place.]]
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[center [pic http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e53/yinrixing/MikkiIcecream_zps438c024b.png]]

[font "Euphemia" [+seagreen Writer Interested-] -Solaris-]
[font "Euphemia" [+seagreen Character Name-] Mikki Von Menthe]
[font "Euphemia" [+seagreen Nickname-] Mint]
[font "Euphemia" [+seagreen Age-] Seventeen]
[font "Euphemia" [+seagreen Sex-] Female]
[font "Euphemia" [+seagreen Preference-] Women]
[font "Euphemia" [+seagreen Blood Type-] Mint and Chocolate Ice Cream]
[font "Euphemia" [+seagreen Nationality-] The Sweets Kingdom]
[font "Euphemia" [+seagreen Occupation-] Violinist]
[font "Euphemia" [+seagreen Talents/Skills-] I'm an excellent violinist; I was practically raised with it in my hands! I'm also able to write my own music- even though I'm a sucker for the classics.]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/T3ScSYo.png]]

[center [font "Euphemia" [+violet Character Name-] Hyacinth Guo
[+violet Nickname-] Hy
[+violet Age-] Seventeen
[+violet Sex-] Female/Female
[+violet Preference-] Demisexual/Homoromantic
[+violet Blood Type-] Grape
[+violet Nationality-] The Fruit Kingdom
[+violet Occupation-] Princess
[+violet Talents/Skills-] While I can fight, and have trained in the defensive arts, I'd much rather focus on the divine arts of divination. The Dairy Kingdom's traditions have interested me very much, and I strive to mimic their peaceful, nomadic traditions.
[+violet Pitfalls/Weaknesses-] I have a habit of being inquisitive to the point where I annoy people- especially Alois and Astrid. At this point, it's become a bit of a game. I'm the youngest of the Fruit siblings, and so I tend to be ignored often.
[+violet Personality-] I'm always curious about the world, asking questions and trips to the library are frequent. I want the answers to the important questions that people seem to ignore.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/YOrdo8y.png]]
[center [font "Euphemia" [+deeppink Character Name-] Veloce Fen
[+deeppink Nickname-] "V"
[+deeppink Age-] Twenty-Two
[+deeppink Sex-] Female/Female
[+deeppink Preference-] Asexual
[+deeppink Blood Type-]
[+deeppink Nationality-]
[+deeppink Occupation-]
[+deeppink Talents/Skills-]
[+deeppink Pitfalls/Weaknesses-]
[+deeppink Personality-] ]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/5cUmiXd.png]]
[center [font "Euphemia" [+burlywood Character Name-]
[+burlywood Nickname-]
[+burlywood Age-] Twenty-Five
[+burlywood Sex-] None
[+burlywood Preference-] Asexual
[+burlywood Blood Type-] Custard
[+burlywood Nationality-] The Ember Isle
[+burlywood Occupation-]
[+burlywood Talents/Skills-]
[+burlywood Pitfalls/Weaknesses-]
[+burlywood Personality-] ]]
[font "Euphemia" [+seagreen Pitfalls/Weaknesses-] I hate hot weather. I would melt if it's too hot!]
[font "Euphemia" [+seagreen Personality-] I can be a bit frosty with people, but I don't mean to. I'm an overall sweet girl with a temper if I'm pushed too far.]

[center [pic http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e53/yinrixing/Ming_zpse06578d1.png]]

[font "Euphemia" [+mediumaquamarine Writer Interested-] -Solaris-]
[font "Euphemia" [+mediumaquamarine Character Name-] Chen MingHua]
[font "Euphemia" [+mediumaquamarine Nickname-] Ming]
[font "Euphemia" [+mediumaquamarine Age-] Eighteen]
[font "Euphemia" [+mediumaquamarine Sex-] Genderless; female pronouns]
[font "Euphemia" [+mediumaquamarine Preference-] Homosexual]
[font "Euphemia" [+mediumaquamarine Blood Type-] Asti Wine]
[font "Euphemia" [+mediumaquamarine Nationality-] No affiliation]
[font "Euphemia" [+mediumaquamarine Occupation-] Mercenary]
[font "Euphemia" [+mediumaquamarine Talents/Skills-] A master of deceit. I do what I am told to a T. I am loyal to the person who is willing to pay me the highest.]
[font "Euphemia" [+mediumaquamarine Pitfalls/Weaknesses-] I don't play well with others that I haven't worked with before.]
[font "Euphemia" [+mediumaquamarine Personality-] An ever changing display of personalities that I forgot which one was mine.]

[center [pic http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e53/yinrixing/AA_zpsbd4b02f7.png]]

[font "Euphemia" [+crimson Writer Interested-] -Solaris-]
[font "Euphemia" [+crimson Character Name-] Andromeda Aristov]
[font "Euphemia" [+crimson Nickname-] N/A]
[font "Euphemia" [+crimson Age-] Twenty-Two]
[font "Euphemia" [+crimson Sex-] male]
[font "Euphemia" [+crimson Preference-] Anything and everything]
[font "Euphemia" [+crimson Blood Type-] Roast Beef]
[font "Euphemia" [+crimson Nationality-] The Meat Kingdom]
[font "Euphemia" [+crimson Occupation-] Prince]
[font "Euphemia" [+crimson Talents/Skills-] I've apprenticed under the best sword maker in my village, and can craft weapons with ease and skill.]
[font "Euphemia" [+crimson Pitfalls/Weaknesses-] I'm quick to anger. My fuse is not that long. If something captures my interest, I'm quick to go after it.]
[font "Euphemia" [+crimson Personality-] Being born in the Meat Kingdom, I was raised not to show fear or sadness.]

[center [pic http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e53/yinrixing/LiuYiFeidotn_zps8213e53f.png]]

[font "Euphemia" [+maroon Username-] -Solaris-]
[font "Euphemia" [+maroon Character name-] Liu YiFei]
[font "Euphemia" [+maroon Conduit name-] Dragon of the North]
[font "Euphemia" [+maroon Age-] Eighteen]
[font "Euphemia" [+maroon Sex/Gender-] Female/Female]
[font "Euphemia" [+maroon Preference-] She has no preference- Pansexual]
[font "Euphemia" [+maroon Conduit of-] Bone]
[font "Euphemia" [+maroon Powers-]]
[font "Euphemia" [+maroon + Absorb-] Has the ability to absorb calcium from animate and inanimate objects.]
[font "Euphemia" [+maroon + Harden-] The ability to make her bones as hard as steel.]
[font "Euphemia" [+maroon + Bone Daggers-] To be able to extend, sharpen, and use her fingers/fingernails as weapons.]
[font "Euphemia" [+maroon + Bone Sword-] To be able to pull sharpened bone blades from her body and use them as if they were metal swords.]
[font "Euphemia" [+maroon + Spikes-] The ability to shoot small spikes made out of bones.]
[font "Euphemia" [+maroon + Bone Armor-] Able to use her attacks on a massive scale by creating a dragon made from bones.]

[font "Euphemia" [+maroon Weaknesses-] The girl's use of any of her powers is very limited to her concentration. It takes a long time for her to heal after a long battle as using her powers for an extended amount of time makes her ill.]
[font "Euphemia" [+maroon Karmic Streak-] Neutral]
[font "Euphemia" [+maroon Additional Details-] [http://youtu.be/tJ28CRhAObw voice reference- Lust Full Metal Alchemist]]

[font "Euphemia" [+maroon Picture URL-]]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/ewkzvtL.jpg]]

[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=379950 [size20 ✿]][size20 ❀]]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]
[Abel [size20 [center SUBJECT: operation GEMstone]]

[center [size16 BODY:
【OUR】 sun was extinguished.
It seems 【YOU】 are all that's left in this world that is devoid of life.
【I】 am but a stranger. But 【YOU】 may refer to me as 【DIAMOND】.
【YOU'VE】 lost your sparkle, my dear gem.
Wouldn't you like it 【B A C K ?】
Wouldn't you like to 【S A V E】 the world?
It's 【YOUR】 time. Find others like 【YOU.】
Welcome to operation 【GEM】stone
【Y】ES / 【N】 O]]]

[font "book antiqua" [center Welcome to the GEMscroll! Here, you can find everything you need to know about your partner whom you will be working with very closely while on missions. You will be a conclusive team with the five other members of the group. However, you and your partner will be responsible for certain tasks. Please do try to get along.

Pairings are as follows.
[i ]

【GEM】 / 【GEM】
【GEM】 / 【GEM】
【GEM】 / 【GEM】
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/ewkzvtL.jpg]]

[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=379950 [size20 ✿]][size20 ❀]]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]
[Abel [size20 [center SUBJECT: operation GEMstone]]

[center [size16 BODY:
【OUR】 sun was extinguished.
It seems 【YOU】 are all that's left in this world that is devoid of life.
【I】 am but a stranger. But 【YOU】 may refer to me as 【DIAMOND】.
【YOU'VE】 lost your sparkle, my dear gem.
Wouldn't you like it 【B A C K ?】
Wouldn't you like to 【S A V E】 the world?
It's 【YOUR】 time. Find others like 【YOU.】
Welcome to operation 【GEM】stone
【Y】ES / 【N】 O]]]

[font "book antiqua" [center The year is 3 X X X. The sun has been extinguished. An err of man the in the centuries before. The magic that they discovered was much too powerful for them. They had good intentions in mind, but the road to hell is often paved with good intentions. Without the sun, crops died and the people starved. Animals too suffered as the landscape became more frigid by the day. Soon, the land was transformed from lush greens to frozen wastelands. Only the strongest survived- surrounded by artificial lights. The world descended into madness.

Technology still thrived thanks to scientific advancements. Magic was banned, and anyone caught using it was locked in prisons that were built to hold them.

Six twenty-somethings had grown up, forced to hide away their wonderful gifts. They all lived in a town less than 300 people that seemed to grow smaller as time went on, but their paths had never crossed. This life had been all they'd known, and so the world seemed quite small. Until they all received the same message. All they had to do was click yes.

The main purpose for operation GEMstone is to find other survivors. Find others like them as well as try to find a way to bring back the star in the sky that brought this world light.]]
  |- ♕ -| / -Solaris- / 4y 70d 15h 55m 9s
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/YXTGR4A.png]]

[center [font "Euphemia" [size15 [+grey “][sub [+darkmagenta dιd ι drιnĸ тoo мυcн?
aм ι loѕιng тoυcн?
dιd ι вυιld тнιѕ ѕнιp тo wrecĸ?]][+grey ”]]]]

[center [font "Euphemia" [+darkmagenta Character name-] Atticus Llewellyn

[+darkmagenta Age-] Twenty-Four

[+darkmagenta Sex/Gender-] Male/Male

[+darkmagenta Preference-] Homosexual

[+darkmagenta Powers-] Atticus is a shifter. He can shift between his human form and his black cat form. However, he cannot shift into anything other than the animal form he had decided upon. He gained the abilities of the animal as well- excellent night vision and hearing capabilities as well as enhanced agility and dexterity.

[+darkmagenta Weaknesses-] He has a strong dislike of mornings, and prefers to be active at night. Despite being intelligent, he rarely puts effort into things that don't interest him.

[+darkmagenta Occupation-] He works full time as a body modification artist- including both tattoos and piercings.

[+darkmagenta Additional details-] The son of someone who was considered royalty. At a young age, Atticus shunned his royal tasks for a more mundane life, and his father was more than happy to exile him until he learned to "grow up and be a proper prince." Most people knew that the king had a son, but few- if any that he was always around- knew that Atticus was said son. Usually not someone to cause trouble without a valid reason for doing such. He tends to keep to himself and his small circle of friends. He may not seem like it, but he is also a friendly person once he warms up to someone.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/s8I0saF.png]]


[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/52NFBfZ.png]]

[center [font "Euphemia" [+darkmagenta Name:] Alcyone Hei. "Hei" also serves as a functioning nickname as well.

[+darkmagenta Gender and Sexuality:] Demisexual Genderfluid.

[+darkmagenta Age:] Nineteen

[+darkmagenta Role:] The Anti-Hero

[+darkmagenta Skills and Abilites:] Mental manipulation through eye contact. Alcyone is able to use the power of suggestion to put a thought into someone's mind and make them believe it- though this only works through eye contact. Even without this ability, Alcyone is able to lie without the physical signs that she is lying such as elevated heart rate or excessive perspiration- though this is not so much a supernatural trait so much as one that they had learned to develop themselves.

[+darkmagenta Biography:] A prodigy born to parents who had already had one child. Alcyone's sister was far too fragile to be able to do the things that their parents wanted out of their children due to an illness. Though, their mother doted on her sister- often times leaving the girl to play alone since none of the other children wanted to play with a 'deformed child'.

Eventually, Alcyone found out about her ability- essentially terrorizing the kids to play with her- lest she do something terrible to their toys. Lying and fear became her weapons of choice. Never settling for second best, the girl grew up to detest the flowers and ceremony of being 'womanly' and preferred instead to wear men's attire and having people call her 'sir'.

[+darkmagenta Personality:] Known for their perfectionist nature, they seldom lets people off easy if they don't meet their standards. They've never been known to speak using contractions- preferring instead to use very formal speech and tone. They can be cruel at times- often lacking empathy. Though despite all of their negative flaws, they're afraid to lose friends and desires healthy relationships with people without the need for fear or emotional abuse- even if that's all they know how to guarantee that people will stay near them.

[+darkmagenta Appearance:] Dark, medium length hair that falls onto their forehead and almost covers one eye. One powder blue eye and one eye with black sclera and a red iris. Almost always dressed in formal attire in a way that their true gender shouldn't be known instantly.

[+darkmagenta Other:] Voice reference: Grey DeLisle

[+darkmagenta “Almost is not good enough.”]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/NEJX8Xx.jpg] [pic http://i.imgur.com/YdaDUxN.jpg] [pic http://i.imgur.com/sWECKrn.jpg]]


[center [font "Euphemia" [+teal [font "Forte" [size20 The Skeptic]]]

and yoυ're a cнerry вloѕѕoм
yoυ're aвoυт тo вlooм
yoυ looĸ ѕo preттy, вυт yoυ're gone ѕo ѕoon

[+teal Text color:] +teal

[+teal Name:] Elowen "L" Sol

[+teal Gender and Sexuality:] Asexual female

[+teal Age:] Twenty-One

[+teal Role:] The Skeptic

[+teal Ability:] L has the ability to manipulate the probability of something happening. She can also produce psionic energy- often in the form of green mist or fire around her hands of which she can use to form blasts of energy. However, her ability to manipulate probability causes more problems than they do good. Such as if someone were to touch her, they might experience mild form of static shock.

[+teal Biography:] Her parents often took their child with them when they worked long hours in the lab. Always told just to sit there and not touch anything because everything was either volatile or harmful. There was an accident caused by one of the many assistants that they employed. No apparent injuries were caused by the chemicals, but they noticed that Elowen's hair to be spotted with green. It has stayed that way since.

She too is interested in science, but not to the extent of her parents. One is most likely to find L in the library instead of a lab.

[+teal Personality:] Elowen is a bit awkward in social situations, but she is never afraid to speak her mind- often times coming across as crass or rude. She is not the type to be confrontational, and dislikes direct attacks.

[+teal Appearance:] A tall woman standing at 175 cm tall. Her hair is most notably blonde with vibrant highlights of mint green. Steel grey eyes are lined heavily with kohl and heavy lashes. A pair of goggles sit proudly on top of her head. Her clothing is described best as rouge-ish.

[+teal Other:] Despite her role as a skeptic, L also has a desire to learn what is beyond their home. Her days in the library fueled hopes that there truly was a bright orb in the sky that lightened the world. However, she will not openly admit this.

The girl is awkward in social situations. Romantic encounters make her nervous, and she will ultimately run away from the person who shows a romantic interest in her because she doesn't know how to act otherwise.

She has a phobia of touch- usually only allowing those closest to her to touch her.

[+teal “I'm byesexual. As in: bye, don't touch me”]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/harUWFS.jpg] [pic http://i.imgur.com/dzTCPkl.jpg] [pic http://i.imgur.com/hUtER7V.jpg]]


[center [font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue +] [size20 姚淑兒]]]
[center [font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue +] Twenty Three]]
[center [font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue +] Female]]
[center [font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue +] Asexual; panromantic]]
[center [font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue +] Phoenix]]
[center [font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue +] ShuEr was well trained in espionage from a small child. Groomed by her father to spy on those that were the enemies. She is fairly good at disguises- able to worm her way in through the ranks to learn about the people that her clan does not trust. As far as guns go, she's far more content behind the scope of a sniper rifle than being up close with a hand gun.]]
[center [font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue +] A modern woman that has all but cast tradition aside. She does enjoy traditional music- a terrible guilty pleasure for her. She also has trouble remembering which personality is her own as she's gone through so many over the years. Hand guns and swords are things that she can't wield with much accuracy. Her blunt words can sometimes be a bit off putting. While she may be one of the best at espionage and hacking, she lacks normal people skills such as empathy and conversation.]]
[center [font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue +] ShuEr is a complicated personality- often hiding behind a new personality. She's quite adept at technology, and hacking is simple to her provided there aren't many obstacles in her way. Stealing money has become child's play at this point.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/TOtC5Lq.png]]

[center [font "Euphemia" lιғe and deaтн.
one cannoт eхιѕт wιтнoυт тнe oтнer.

[+mediumpurple Character Name-] Cerin

[+mediumpurple Role-] The Destroyer

[+mediumpurple Sex-] Genderless- though often uses masculine pronouns as their default form is male

[+mediumpurple Preference-] No preference

[+mediumpurple Abilities/powers-] He is never without a musical instrument that was given to him from his travels on the world. He had transferred the ability to take life and create destruction into the strings of the instrument. He can also shift his form. Though, despite which sex he appearas as, his hair and eye color as well as the unnatural scale patterns on his skin are the same.

[+mediumpurple Personality-] Cerin is a bit of a "realist" as he only desires to be realistic and not create false hope when there is none. He has a bit of a cold personality, and puts himself out there as uncaring, blunt, and sometimes crass. Despite these flaws, he is quite good natured.

[+mediumpurple Other information-] The "scales" on his arms, neck, and torso have been on his body since he could remember. He often opts to hide these as he cannot explain them. Even though the "child" that he and the Creator made through mortal means was something they feared, he does not want to keep them locked away. Though, after so long of being trapped in a prison, neither of them has the ability to control the child's hate and anger.

[+mediumpurple Appearance-] White hair and blue eyes. He is toned, but not overly muscular. In his male form, he is rather tall- about 182 cm. Though, as a woman, he is only about 152 cm tall.

[http://i.imgur.com/o96Aojw.gif x] ]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/alTcK3L.jpg] [pic http://i.imgur.com/immB2UZ.jpg] [pic http://i.imgur.com/AjQrtO7.jpg]]


[center [font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue +] [size20 孙明富]]]
[center [font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue +] Twenty One]]
[center [font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue +] Male]]
[center [font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue +] Demisexual; Homoromantic]]
[center [font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue +] Dragon]]
[center [font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue +] MingFu is excellent at martial arts- excelling especially well with sharpened fans, small projectile weapons, and knives. He enjoys music, and enjoys his profession as a performer. He is a quick thinker- able to normally think his way out of a sticky situation. He is very intelligent.]]
[center [font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue +] MingFu's skills with firearms are limited. The male can shoot arrows with better accuracy than he can shoot a pistol of any kind. He tends to stick to things that he is more familiar with. He is a bit of a perfectionist.]]
[center [font "Euphemia" [+dodgerblue +] His parents are medium in ranking in the clan, but they had no intention of rising in status as they are content with their lives. They own an opera house where MingFu often performs and helps out- sometimes even working as a teacher of how to play ancient instruments. He had earned the title of master in the use of projectile weapons, and wears his tattoo with pride even though he has to hide it from his fellow actors who know nothing of the male's involvement in the Dragon Clan.]]

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You're damn right I'm butthurt.
When a character I love gets misgendered just because of one arc of the manga where they happen to be wearing a dress does not make them female.

Yes, he was born female, but he is a man. And calling him female and reverse trap in the tags pisses e off.
Then, someone has the gall to tell me that "she wants to be a girl" when I've actually read the manga. I've read his wiki article. He uses male pronouns. Has a male name.

Yeah, tell me I'm wrong when I'm fucking not. :|
Stop misgendering people. It's not okay. It's fucking not.
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/BOQ38RR.png]]
[center [pic http://i1209.photobucket.com/albums/cc398/SilentDelusion/ornate-horizontal-line-md_zps48849d17.png]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Meddon]
[center [size50 ♕][size30 [meddon [+slateblue R]oyal 1]] [size50 ♕]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Mrs+Saint+Delafield]
[size35 [mrs+saint+delafield [+slateblue A]spects]]
[font "book antiqua"
Sofi Schaal
Preferred Prounouns- she | her | they | them

Alias(es)- Sidney Schaal
Age Appearance- 15 - 16
Mental Age- 15 - 17
Physical Age- 18

[size35 [mrs+saint+delafield [+slateblue P]ersonality]]

[u negaтιve perѕonalιтy тraιтѕ]
prideful || demanding || picky || tomboyish
[u neυтral perѕonalιтy тraιтѕ]
ambitious || extroverted || confident || outspoken || skeptical || studious
[u poѕιтιve perѕonalιтy тraιтѕ]
active || admirable || amiable || eloquent || mannered || cultured

[size35 [mrs+saint+delafield [+slateblue Q]uirks & Habits]]

[+slateblue ♕] Sofi often crossdresses. Her hair is often worn tied loosely with a ribbon over one of her shoulders with lightly tousled bangs. While she says that her reasoning for doing so is to avoid "lady-like behaviors", it has become much less of a forced thing, and something that she likes to do.

[+slateblue ♕] If the right person piques her interest, Sofi is quite talkative. Her extroverted nature tends to scare some people away. Or in some instances, she has even been called rude for talking too much.

[+slateblue ♕] While in shape, she chalks it up to nothing more than good genetics as well as being tall. She feels fairly indifferent about sports or other athletic activities, and does not play them mainly to protect her hands from damage.

[+slateblue ♕] She has a large collection of what is commonly referred to as "dinner table knowledge" which is often used to show up other people at dinner time with otherwise useless information. Anything that ranges from simple facts to misconceptions.

[+slateblue ♕] Any attempt to shorten either her name or her Alias is instantly corrected and met with instant disdain. She dislikes shortened form of her names.

[+slateblue ♕] She often wears gloves to protect her hands from outside damage that would keep her from playing music.

[+slateblue ♕] Always feeling the need to be the best is a bad habit that carried over from the private school. She is very critical of her own playing, but very encouraging to others.

[size35 [mrs+saint+delafield [+slateblue B]iography]]

Sofi's parents worked hard at their jobs to give their children what they did not have. Her father was a lawyer, and her mother was an accountant. Her mother often remarked about how closely Sofi resembled her brother- even though he was 8 years her senior. Although her parents were loving and supportive, they were often busy, and left Ashten and Sofi in the charge of babysitters until he was old enough to look after both of them alone.

As she attended her brother's music lessons, was where her passion for music blossomed. She was still young, but she asked if she too could take music lessons. Her parents agreed to the request wholeheartedly, and enrolled the then young Sofi in a beginning class which happened after school every day.

Music lessons continued for the next few years. Violin seemed to be what she lived and breathed- even though she did have outside interests. Her tutor recommended a performing arts school to her parents where Sofi could get better schooling that suited her interest. As the school that was mentioned was an all boy's school, her parents were hesitant, but agreed after much insistence. Sofi wore unisex clothes usually, and so the transition from unisex to male clothes was not that difficult. She assumed the alias "Sidney Schaal."

At [i The End], her parents gained royal titles through their hard work. The school she'd attended had been evacuated, and Sofi returned home.

[size35 [mrs+saint+delafield [+slateblue S]chool Information]]

Dormitory Roommate- Royal 3
In Service of/Serviced by- Servant 1

[size35 [mrs+saint+delafield [+slateblue P]ersonables]]
[+green ✔] Flowers, most notably the tiger lily, but any beautiful, fresh flowers are sure to catch her attention.
[+green ✔] Music- mostly classical violin pieces, but anything that sounds good to her is good in her opinion- even if it doesn't necessarily fit what she likes on a normal basis.
[+green ✔] Books. Large, thick books with lots of pages. Or small ones. She's truly not picky when it comes to literature.
[+green ✔] Competition. A little friendly rivalry never hurt anyone.
[+green ✔] Dinner table knowledge- the type that a person learns to appear smarter when having conversation over dinner. She is oddly passionate about this as well.

[+red ✘] Large bodies of water that are murky or otherwise unclear.
[+red ✘] Anything slimy
[+red ✘] Milk
[+red ✘] Horror anything
[+red ✘] Fish- eating it is fine, but touching it while it is still alive is not.

light green
anything practical
Food that is either sweet and/or salty
Most pieces of music sound good except for things that involve minor scales or accidentals.

Least Favorites
minor scales or accidental pieces

Typical Style of Dress
[http://i.imgur.com/Bd4021m.jpg female attire]/[http://i.imgur.com/HZ868KH.jpg male attire]

Favorite Surroundings / Setting

Her favorite setting is anywhere cold. She loves cold weather and snow.
She would be lying if she said the concert hall wasn't amongst her favorite settings. The bright lights and open stage are very much a second home to her.

[+slateblue ♕] She is afraid of large bodies of water that she cannot see the bottom of.
[+slateblue ♕] Her birthday is April 3
[+slateblue ♕] She is [u very] lactose intolerant
[+slateblue ♕] She is 5'9 without heels
[+slateblue ♕] The name Sidney has sentimental value. Her hedgehog is named Sidney.
[+slateblue ♕] *WRITER'S NOTE- Many violinists wear gloves to protect the hands and wrists from daily wear and tear as their hands are their lives, and any damage to them could decrease the ability to play well or at all. Thus noted that Sofi wears cloth gloves- usually black in color.
[+slateblue ♕] Sofi has thought hard about her gender identity, and is not very sure about it.
[+slateblue ♕] If asked, Sofi would tell you that her sexuality is very fluid, and that is why she identifies as Pansexual and Panromantic. However, due to priorities, dating is relatively low on her mental list of goals.

[right Skeleton by- Mikaze ]]
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Don't be a shitty customer in a place where you shop. Those people are trying to do their jobs, and by being a shitfaced asstwat, you are hindering their ability to do so.

I do not personally work at Walmart, but I have a friend who works there, and I have seen how they treat her, and heard her stories. You dickfaced shitbags who are rude as fuck to people who bag your groceries are the reason people who work in those places hate people so much.
Jesus fucking Christ. My friend already has chronic depression. I was appalled when she came to me with dinner and just cried. She didn't eat. Just cried. It hurt me inside because I've never seen her so upset and I don't know how to help.

"I always feel so useless. I bought these sleeping pills thinking that maybe I should just disappear."
This is literally what she said to me. And it hurts because my close friend thought about suicide because of something that happened in a place that she shouldn't be harassed. I wish I could do more. At least I can trust her not to do anything now. I took away the pills she bought and hid them because the last thing I want is her to think she's worthless. That's the furthest thing from the truth. She's my best friend and I fucking need her.
We may not get along all the time, but fuck.
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