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[right [size10 This thread was modeled loosely around [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=118153 || The [D o l l] Corner ||] and [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=119042 || The Hattress Shop] by [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=38996 Vinci]. If you read this, definitely give their open roleplays a check.]]

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[center [size10 This is my roleplay information/search thread/place for thoughts. I will leave it open for those who are in a roleplay with me currently or interested in roleplaying. Please make sure you read [u ALL] information before contacting me either here or through messages.]]

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[center [size10 [i I apologize in advance if these sound crass or rude. I truly do not mean for them to sound that way.]]]

[center [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [size10 I think myself a literate person. Literacy, by definition, is the ability to read and write coherently. Not just skimming over text to get the gist of the post. It shouldn't be that hard to read something completely. Do not write like a juvenile; I will give you a warning. I do understand honest mistakes, and that English may not be some people's native language, but please at least grasp the basics; that's all I ask of you.]]

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[center [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [size10 I refuse to roleplay an idea based solely off the idea of romance between our characters. Romance is not something I enjoy a whole lot of as it seems that most romance based threads fall apart completely after the romance starts. If that's what you want, then I will just put it here for all to read, I am not interested. Thank you.]]

[center [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [size10 Where pictures for our characters are concerned, I prefer illustrated photos. Semi-realistic anime photos are alright as well. I very rarely do roleplays with real photos as it makes me uncomfortable. I typically prefer to roleplay with an image base for my character, but I suppose that using descriptions would work just as well too with the right person! HOWEVER, over sexualized images IC or OOC will not be tolerated. I will ask you to change your photo. I don't want to see those types of photos.]]

[center [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [size10 Mature subject matter is to be expected in roleplays. I have a hard time writing combat scenes, but I'm not opposed to blood and guts and what not. Anything sexual will be timeskipped or taken elsewhere depending on my partner's preferences. In group roleplays, it will just be timeskipped. The rules of this site need to be respected.]]

[center [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [size10 Do NOT break the fourth wall. Do not bring OOC knowledge IC. That's infuriating and annoying. If we discuss something OOCly, I'd rather your character not already know about it before hand.]]

[center [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [size10 I have a three strike policy. Warning, warning, kick. I don't think this needs further explanation.]]

[center [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [size10 I can't and won't post 24/7. If you see me online, I am probably lurking or reading posts. I WILL get to ours eventually. If you OOC pester me to post, I will most likely take a lot longer. Unless it's a group roleplay, I very rarely pester people to post. If you need several months to post, then take that long. I'm a patient person, and I expect that in return. After about two weeks of inactivity, I will ask you if you are okay, and if you are still interested in the roleplay. If not, then you need to tell me so I don't waste my time writing for something you are no longer interested in.]]

[center [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [size10 When I plot together with someone, I expect a little give and take. If I don't like your idea, don't take it personally. If you don't like mine, then let me know. Though, I will not come up with an idea all by myself. I expect you to put a LITTLE input in on what we do. It's infuriating to be the only one thinking of ideas.]]

[center [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [size10 Let's be friends? I like to talk OOCly with the people I write with, and maybe gain a new friend or two.]]

[center [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [size10 Take your zombie and vampire plots elsewhere. Unless they blow me out of the water, I'm not interested. Think of something original and get back to me.]]

[center [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [size10 First person vs Third person. I write third person point of view always. I have nothing against first person, and will accept it if that's how you write. But please don't expect me to be comfortable writing in first.]]

[center [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [size10 For all of you out there who play [+pink female] characters. [+red Please read this one specifically]. I am tired of seeing a bunch of blushy, whiny, moe type school girls out there. Have a LITTLE more personality than that. Have a back bone for Christ's sakes. If you come to me, and tell me that you ONLY roleplay female characters, I will be a bit hesitant to start anything with you. Exceptions can and will be made, but you will have to impress me before I make exceptions for you.]]

[center [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [size10 I roleplay both male and female characters. I also play androgynous and non-gender conforming characters. I tend to prefer homosexual/lesbian type roleplays over heterosexual ones. This is my preference- even though there may or may not be romance involved. NOTE: if there is romance involved at all, it will not be instant. My characters are not the type to be lovey-dovey most of the time.]]

[center [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [size10 As far as post length is concerned, my normal is anywhere from 1,000+ characters. I normally post about 500-600+ WORDS a post. I can do more if I am interested or if the scene calls for such detail that it draws out my post. My longest post to date was about 2500 WORDS. I haven't been that inspired in a long time, but who knows.]]

[h3 [right [+red -Noteworthy Writers]]]
[center [size10 [i Even if they are not accepting roleplay at this time, please check them out. If you seek to hone your writing skills, these people are certainly work a good look.]]]
[right [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=38996 Mikaze] [- [size10 I certainly hope to roleplay with this person in the future.]]

[right [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=25827 SantaMonica] [- [size10 My first lady. I honestly can't say anything bad about her~]]

[right [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=10035 Spoofy] [- [size10 I adore her. Even though she's been on hiatus for a while, she's more than earned a spot here.]]

[right [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=4282 AutumnUnderFire] [- [size10 I've always enjoyed reading what she has to say. Rants and all]]

[right [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=8367 Nymph] [- [size10 A great writer, and an interesting new friend. One of those people I'd make an exception for when it comes to my preferences~]]

[right [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=13512 unmei] [- [size10 She somehow made a plot that involved romance so interesting that I joined it. Quite good, this one!]]

[right [pic http://media.tumblr.com/97e194ba74257cad03d826bbae846491/tumblr_inline_myrg86dlpP1qbq39l.png] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=24467 KitsuneKit] [- [size10 Probably one of the most reliable, well written people I've met on here so far~]]


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Roleplay Responses

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[Abel [Center

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/AUgqTOV.png]]

[center 「❤ The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. 」]

[center ➽➽➽ Name- Kinley “Ashe” Gerard
➽➽➽ Age- Twenty-five
➽➽➽ Sex/Gender- Male/Androgyne
➽➽➽ Sexual Orientation- Omnisexual
➽➽➽ Nationality- Gwenwyn

➽➽➽ Skills and Abilities-
☐ Metal Manipulation- The ability to manipulate, move, or otherwise control metal. The harder the metal, the harder it is to manipulate for Ashe, but with practice, what he can do with it is only limited to his imagination. Alloys and combined metals prove to be a harder challenge as their makeup and density isn't always clear.
☐ Dance of Blades- His fighting style has adopted characteristics from a ceremonial dance that his tribe of people have performed for hundreds of years. Though he cannot perform magic without his clockwork heart, he is very adept at using small projectile daggers to defend himself and move them in a way that appears as if the blades are dancing.
☐ Gymnastics/Acrobatics- As Ashe used to be a performer- not only for royalty, but for the common people as well- he is well adept in gymnastic and acrobatic feats.
☐ Enhanced Dexterity/Flexibility- A small, lithe body, and plenty of athletic training on top of the awakening of the magic bloodline in his veins has gifted him a sense of enhanced dexterity and flexibility. He is very agile and quick on his feet.

➽➽➽ Secrets-

➽➽➽ Partner-

➽➽➽ Personality-
P1 | P2 | P3 | N1 | N2 | N3 |

➽➽➽ History-

➽➽➽ Notable Information-
☐ Kinley prefers to go by Ashe which is the name he used as an entertainer in his hometown.
☐ He is part of a group of nomadic peoples that originated in Asis, but eventually settled in Gwenwyn. They were originally undesirables of the Asis caste system, and moved throughout the four kingdoms over the centuries to find a suitable place for them to live. While they respect the laws of whatever kingdom they're in, they have their own set of norms, values, customs, and laws. Due to their nomadic nature, many of them work as performers to earn their money- even after settling down in Gwenwyn.

➽➽➽ Clockwork Heart-

➽➽➽ Plot Devices-
  -Solaris- / 46d 16h 28m 22s
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[Abel [Center

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/AUgqTOV.png]]

[center 「❤ . 」]

[center ➽➽➽ Name-
➽➽➽ Age- Twenty-five
➽➽➽ Sex/Gender- Male/Androgyne
➽➽➽ Sexual Orientation-
➽➽➽ Nationality- Gwenwyn

➽➽➽ Skills and Abilities-

➽➽➽ Secrets-

➽➽➽ Partner-

➽➽➽ Personality-
P1 | P2 | P3 | N1 | N2 | N3 |

➽➽➽ History-

➽➽➽ Notable Information-

➽➽➽ Clockwork Heart-

➽➽➽ Plot Devices-
  「 mαхímσff 」 / -Solaris- / 47d 7h 11m 10s

Do monsters make war?



➽➽➽ You can call me Sol/Solaris
➽➽➽ In my early twenties
➽➽➽ I'm a human being first and a writer second
➽➽➽ Predominately homosexual
➽➽➽ Languages spoken- English and Mandarin Chinese (simplified)

To send a message, click the scarlet witch gif, and it will take you directly to my inbox. Please make sure that all messages are titled appropriately, or they will be deleted. If you click the image of Wanda, it will take you to my current favorite thread. If you click the image of Pietro, it will take you to my personal thread that also holds my rules, interests, and whether or not I'm accepting RPs.


➽➽➽ Please don't gender me. I prefer not to be gendered at all. As such, the pronouns he/she/they are all acceptable.

➽➽➽ I do not want to partake in an RP where I would be asked to play a canon character from a series, movie, or book. I prefer making my own characters rather than trying to fill the shoes of someone else.

➽➽➽ I am a full time student in college. If you pressure me to post, I probably won't bother to do so. Just because it says I am online does not mean that I am online.

Or does war make monsters?

|| || || || || || ||

All of my friends are amazing<3 Thank you. I love you all so much.


  |- Tea Hime -| / -Solaris- / 60d 6h 23m 5s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/ZHfgeH1.png]]
new minagi picture?
  「 Iolite 」 / -Solaris- / 65d 9h 20m 19s
[Center [pic https://i.imgur.com/w9pjyBY.png]]

[center 「❤ Ignorance is bliss... when not fatal.」]

[center ➽➽➽ Name- Cho Eun-Chae
➽➽➽ Age- Twenty-one
➽➽➽ Sex/Gender- Female/Female
➽➽➽ Sexual Orientation- Homosexual
➽➽➽ Nationality- Eirwen

➽➽➽ Skills and Abilities-
☐ Aura Manipulation- The ability to manipulate one's aura in a multitude of ways. Skilled users of this may be able to create weaponry or large barriers. Though, as Eun-Chae is new to this ability, her aura manifests itself in the form of quintessence. She is able to use her own energy rather than the energy around her. The longer that she uses this ability, the more taxing it is for her. If all of her aura is used, it will leave her unconscious for a few hours so that she can recover. Spending her aura will not kill her, but it will drain her. This can also be harmful to her as she has burned herself with her aura in the past. With practice, she may be able to manipulate her aura in more ways.
☐ Aura Duplicate- She is able to create one duplicate of herself by splitting her aura. The duplicate does not have abilities, and is significantly weaker than she is. It has a time limit of one hour. After an hour, its energy will be returned to Eun-Chae.
☐ Aura Detection- The ability to see and detect other people's auras. She can "see" another's aura by its color and size. Though, she can only manipulate her own.
☐ Adaptive fighting style- due to the mandatory military training in Qiu, she has learned to adapt to many fighting styles including close range. This is not a supernatural trait so much as one that was taught through rigorous military training.

➽➽➽ Secrets-
☐ Eun-Chae is not her real name. It's actually Mischa Maximoff. She was given the name Eun-Chae when she and her brother were sent to Qiu at a young age.
☐ She has a habit of dyeing her hair a dark brown so that she won't stand out. Her natural hair color is a bright auburn.
☐ Eun-Chae and her brother technically hold the titles of Crowned Margrave of Eirwen as they are Tsar Aleksi's first born children. The rigid caste system keeps them from attaining their titles through normal means.
☐ After being relocated, she developed a habit of self harming. This is a secret from even her brother, and she has many inventive ways of covering up the scars. She does this because of her anxiety of being abandoned by the people she loves- namely her family.
☐ When nervous, her aura tends to shock her- or others if they're close enough to her.

➽➽➽ Partner- . 

➽➽➽ Personality-
Positive Trait 1 | Positive 2 | Positive 3 | Negative Trait 1 | Negative 2 | Negative 3 |

Have a small paragraph about their personality as well just to describe them a bit better.

➽➽➽ History-
Born Mischa Maximoff to Tsar Aleksi Maximoff and one of his many mistresses, she and her brother were raised by their mother out of view of the Tsar. Because his mistress was not of the noble or royal class, he could not make her his wife, and his twin first born children were deemed bastards. He faced a hard decision in labeling them as undesirables or sending them away to a foreign land under new identities to live a more peaceful life.

Mischa and her brother were given new names, and we're forced to adapt to a land so different than the one they knew that was covered in ice. She found Qiu quite beautiful, and desired to fit in as a member of society. She adapted their customs and traditions over time- dyeing her auburn hair a dark chocolate color as it slowly grew in length. Her love of tea led her to her dream of owning her own shop. Those dreams were abandoned, however, after the people stopped enjoying being out after dark. She had no second thoughts in wanting to travel to Atris, and threw herself wholeheartedly into becoming a guardian. She does have a bit of an ulterior motive in that she hopes to prove that she is a more worthy Margrave than the Tsar's other children that currently wear the crown and title that she knows she and her brother deserve.

➽➽➽ Notable Information-
☐ She has a fear or large bodies of water as she cannot swim
☐ Mischa is 175 cm tall without heels or height adjusting shoes
☐ Sometimes without meaning to, her Eirwen accent will come through when she speaks the common language.

➽➽➽ Plot Devices- ]
  -Solaris- / 67d 15h 31m 41s
[u Tosho Minagi-]
Fighting Evil by Moonlight- - In which she and others talk about their powers/transformations and what they hope to get out of fighting. This can be one on one with someone else or with a group of people. I originally wrote this for Minagi to interact with Ayame specifically, but I won't limit it to that if other people like this idea. This could also work for Namiko as well.

Girl Talk- - In which the two of them decide to have a sleep over to talk about "hot gossip" over junk food only for Naho to discover Minagi's weebness and romance novel obsession hidden behind her collection of supernatural fiction. .

Cosplay Cafe- - In which a friend/enemy/crush finds out/lets slip/goes to/finds a picture of her at the cosplay cafe where Minagi works when not fighting evil or doing homework. If they're allowed to find jobs, I thought this would be a fun way to tie in her love of costumes.

Dating in the Dark- - In which Minagi decides to face her fear of the dark in hopes of making a connection with someone only to find out that the person that she just opened up to was a friend/enemy/crush

[u Mori Sen-]

A Night to Forget- - In which a friend/enemy/crush learns way more than Sen planned on sharing due to them touching him without warning/him touching them accidentally without gloves on. I'd honestly prefer to play this out with a character who doesn't really like him much/doesn't know him well and they either come away from it with a mutual understanding of one another or even more contempt.

Dating in the Dark- - Usually a very outwardly cold person, Sen is able to open up a bit more in the dark. Despite not technically being "single" he'd rather make a connection with someone his own age. Whether it be friendship or something more, he doesn't mind as he desires more friends, and he hopes that people will see past the walls he put up to keep himself from being overwhelmed with his own emotions.

I can't say I have very many ideas for Sen right now, but I'm sure they'll come to me.

@Ill; you wouldn't mind if Sen and Mai had kind of a older brother/younger sister relationship? I feel like it would fit them pretty well LOL.
  「 Iolite 」 / -Solaris- / 68d 4m 10s
[Center [pic https://i.imgur.com/w9pjyBY.png]]
  「 Iolite 」 / -Solaris- / 68d 11h 51m 13s
Plot one-

Muse A falls quite literally into Muse B's ex-villainous arms.

I'd prefer to be Muse B in this, but could go either way.

Plot two-

Muse A has always loved nature. Even though they live in an urban area, they find the time to walk to the local park every day and spend a few quiet moments enjoying the greenery and animals around them. They always relax on the same wooden bench and lately have been noticing the animals seem to have grown accustomed to their presence. In particular one beautiful, curious cat. It keeps its distance, but always appears so intelligent and sharp, watching intently with its piercing eyes.

One day Muse A brings a small bag of scraps as an offering to their new furred friend. The cat mews happily and devours the food offered to it. The following day Muse A returns with a snack and the cat is there, this time with a shiny twist of metal in its mouth. When the treats are scattered along the ground, the cat drops the paperclip - a gift - at Muse A’s feet.

This ritual exchange carries on until one day, the cat doesn’t show. Muse A is heartbroken, missing the therapeutic one-sided talks and charming company of their wild friend. Muse B appears, seemingly out of nowhere and sits down on the wooden bench beside a visibly distraught Muse A. Wordlessly, Muse B hands Muse A a small metal trinket, a perfect addition to Muse A’s collection. Is the gesture enough to reveal the truth about Muse B? The shapeshifter had been their cat companion the entire time.

I love this plot so much. LOL. I'd like to be B.

Plot three-

While driving home on a quiet backstreet, Muse A spots a wounded animal on the side of the road. Having a soft spot for suffering creatures, Muse A pulls over and scoops the animal up into the backseat of their car. Muse A drives home with the good intention of nursing the poor animal back to health, unaware that the animal is really a shapeshifter. After making a comfortable place for Muse B to sleep, Muse A heads off to bed. By morning, Muse B is feeling a bit better and they shift back into their human form just as Muse A enters the room to check up on them. Muse B tries their best to explain what’s going on without terrifying Muse A. According to shapeshifter law, Muse B now owes Muse A their loyalty and must stay with them until the debt is repaid.

Plot four-

This is sort of a mix of two and three. Instead of appearing on the bench beside muse a, muse a would be on their way home and spot the familiar cat wounded on the street/sidewalk and decide to take it home. I think it would be interesting to mix two and three together ;3

And uh. Just to cover my bases, I don't mind any paring in terms of homosexual/hetero, but my preference is gay whether it's male/male or female/female. If there's to be romance at all there is. Like I said before, there's no pressure for it to be romantic, and I'm chill if at the end of the rp, they're like "hey let's just be friends"
I also accept nonbinary/non-cisgender characters. As you may have noticed I'm pretty open in terms of these things.
  「 Iolite 」 / -Solaris- / 72d 23h 22m 17s
[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=394551 [pic http://i.imgur.com/n2E4SWN.png]] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=394547 [pic http://i.imgur.com/h5J50OH.png]] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=394621 [pic http://i.imgur.com/K14S6rV.png]]][center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=394603 [pic http://i.imgur.com/NnDfGeF.png]][http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=394685 [pic http://i.imgur.com/h2pDBOj.png]]]
  「 Iolite 」 / -Solaris- / 76d 13h 4m 23s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]

[center [size35 [#3AA8C1 「] ただより高いものはない [#3AA8C1 」]]
[size18 [#9f70ad 「] Nothing is more expensive than free. [#9f70ad 」]]

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/AoJIIVD.png]]

[center [size15 [Abel [#9f70ad [u Character]]
✩ Sen Mori
✩ He dislikes nicknames, and is vehemently against people giving him any.
✩ Sixteen
✩ Third Year
✩ Male
✩ Biromantic Asexual
✩ Single?
✩ Astronomy Club
✩ Knight

[#9f70ad [u Likes]]
☑ Classical music
☑ Spicy food
☑ Soda
☑ Science
☑ Night time
☑ Cats

[#9f70ad [u Dislikes]]
☒ Hospitals
☒ Insects
☒ Blood
☒ Being touched
☒ Reptiles
☒ Public displays of affection

[#9f70ad [u Secrets]]
☐ I've been in a “relationship” with a man for the past three years. He's almost a decade my senior, but he offers financial stability and a home to live in. Any feelings that I might have felt at one time for him have subsided, and now he's just a means to an end. If I wasn't afraid to lose my sick sister, I'd probably break up with him.
☐ From birth, I've been the stronger sibling. I use any money I can get my hands on- including stealing it from my “partner”- to pay her hospital bills, and though I've never been one to voice my emotions, I'm scared that I might lose her entirely.
☐ I'm afraid to love someone or get close to them emotionally. It's not that I don't want these attachments, but that I suppose I'm afraid of being abandoned.
☐ The reason why I wear cloth gloves is because I'm afraid of accidentally draining someone's energy if I touch them without gloves on. This alone makes me dislike having powers.

[#9f70ad [u Personality]]
I'm what some might refer to as an empath. As such, I feel other people's emotions very strongly, and as such, I choose to repress my own emotions so that I do not become overwhelmed. I'm a very caring individual- especially if a person has gotten past my walls. This is not always outwardly shown, however. Most people might think of me as cold and aloof as this is what I choose to display outwardly. The frosty persona I portray is in an effort to keep my sanity as I fear that wearing my heart on my sleeve will only hurt me more than it will help me. I've set many ambitious goals, but I know that none are unobtainable if I continue to make top marks. Despite being intelligent, I would ultimately describe myself as a lazy overachiever.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/lCDjrUp.png]]

[#9f70ad [u Biography]]
My mother and father were by no means wealthy, but from what I remember as a child, we managed fairly well. A few years after my sister was born, she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder, and she needed constant medical care which could not be provided as our apartment was far too small. My parents worked harder at their jobs to pay for the medical expenses, but when my father learned that my mother was using substances, he left her in hopes that it would force her to realize that she needed to be sober for her children.

This did not happen, and instead, she abused the substances harder- occasionally leaving us homeless. I did small jobs around the neighborhood to help pay for our expenses, but my mother was very persuasive and often asked to borrow money from me, and we were right back where we started- almost homeless with my sister's medical bills piling up.

At the age of thirteen, I was top of my class- a prodigy of many of my teachers. It was at this age that I met the person that I thought would be the answer to many of my issues. He was older than me- with an apartment of his own, and a well paying job. My mother had taken to leaving me home alone for days on end, and so I felt no guilt in leaving the family apartment to move in with this man. He offered emotional and physical support- something I'd never had from someone before. And I won't deny that I didn't feel anything for him then- though I'm sure those feelings have subsided by now.

I found a deep love for the sciences as they too are objective and unwavering in fact- something most people don't understand.

When I found out that I had powers, I hated them. I didn't mind so much being away from the man that I lived with, but they took away from the time that I could spend with my sister, and I can't even hold her hand without gloves on for fear of accidentally killing her by draining her energy. Lying and making up excuses is certainly not a new ordeal for me, but I hate lying to her.

[#9f70ad [u Magical Stuff]]
✩ Energy Manipulation; the ability to control, drain, or otherwise manipulate energy.
✩ An opalescent long dagger

[#9f70ad [u Magical Power]]
□ Empathy- this is not so much a magic attack as it is an automatic thing for Sen. He cannot turn off the empath part of his brain, and if he allows himself too, other people's emotions can consume him entirely.
□ Life drain- the ability to drain the life force from enemies or even friends if he so chooses. This is very dangerous, and he must wear gloves at all time to avoid accidental life drain. The victim of this ability usually recovers within a few moments depending on how much of their life has been stolen. If Sen touches them for more than a few seconds, the damage may be irreversible. While in this state, Sen is susceptible to the other person's emotional state, and as such, very vulnerable until the connection is broken.
□ Thief- If he touches someone else with magical abilities, he may be privy to taking their magical abilities as well. He can steal their powers for a short time. The victim of this will be left a bit nauseous, but otherwise unharmed. The stolen powers are always returned to their owner within a 12 hour period.
□ Hex- Being able to form blasts of energy- usually in the form of black mist around his hands. This power can drain him depending on how large the blasts are. If this ability is used with his weapon, it will drain him twice as fast. This has a limited use to avoid overexertion.

[#9f70ad [u Magical Weapon/Item]]
□ A long dagger opalescent in color. When or if the dagger is charged using a Hex, it can transform into a throwing lance for a longer ranged attack.

[#9f70ad [u You]]
 ✩ I live in CSD -6 Central US and Canada time zone. I am available every day, but I may not post every day.
 ✩ I'm Sol or Solaris. I truly don't care what pronouns you use for me, and you're free to use whatever you think fits me best. Due to limited internet until the nineteenth of August, I spend a good bit of time lurking on my cell phone. I can and will post OOC messages from mobile, but I won't be posting from mobile. I'm usually very timely with replies, but if there is an issue, I will mention it. If I'm stuck on a post, I will tell you. I'm very open to plotting, and you are free to message me if you have ideas that you think will work with our characters.]]
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[Center [pic https://i.imgur.com/AoJIIVD.png]]

[#9f70ad [size17 [u Character]]]
[size12 [tab ]✩ ] Sen Mori
[size12 [tab ]✩ ] He dislikes nicknames, and is vehemently against people giving him any.
[size12 [tab ]✩ ] Sixteen
[size12 [tab ]✩ ] Third year
[size12 [tab ]✩ ] Male
[size12 [tab ]✩ ] Bisexual with a male lean
[size12 [tab ]✩ ] Single
[size12 [tab ]✩ ] Astronomy Club
[size12 [tab ]✩ ] Knight

[#9f70ad [u Likes]]
[size12 [tab ]☑]write here
[size12 [tab ]☑]write here
[size12 [tab ]☑]write here ; can have as much as you want

[#9f70ad [u Dislikes]]
[size12 [tab ] ☒]write here
[size12 [tab ] ☒]write here
[size12 [tab ] ☒]write here ; can have as much as you want

[#9f70ad [u Secrets]]
[size12 [tab ] ☐]write here
[size12 [tab ] ☐]write here ; at least two

[#9f70ad [u Personality]]
[size12 [tab ] □ ][b positive trait] [size12 [tab ] □ ][b positive trait] 
[size12 [tab ] □][b neutral trait] [size12 [tab ] □][b negative trait]
describe their personality as much as you can in paragraph format or bullet points; if writing it in first person helps you can do that too.

[#9f70ad [u Biography]]
[size12 [tab ] □]write here; at least two paragraphs or couple bullet points, up to you. First-person is allowed. I won't hold it against you if this is incomplete and allow you to finish this part when you want.

[#9f70ad [size17 [u Magical Stuff]]]
[size12 [tab ]✩ ]their primary ability
[size12 [tab ]✩ ]magical weapon/item
[#9f70ad [u Magical Power]]
[size12 [tab ] □]write here ; explain the power your magical girl / knight possesses
[size12 [tab ] □]you can also list moves they've come up with using the bullet point provided
[#9f70ad [u Magical Weapon/Item]]
[size12 [tab ] □]write here; explain character's weapon that manifests from their soul
[size12 [tab ] □]or if it's an item just describe what it does/how it works as best you can
[size12 [tab ] □]any more information regarding weapon/item please use the bullet point provided

[#9f70ad [size17 [u You ]]]
[size12 [tab ]✩ ] timezone and availability
[size12 [tab ]✩ ]introduce yourself to me and mention anything important
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[center [size35 [#3AA8C1 「] 千里の道も一歩から [#3AA8C1 」]]
[size18 [#9f70ad 「] The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. [#9f70ad 」]]

[left [pic http://imgur.com/Tm2Pnv5.png]]

[center [size15 [Abel [#9f70ad [u Character]]
✩ Minagi Tosho
✩ No nicknames, but open to them as long as they're not degrading.
✩ Seventeen
✩ Third Year
✩ Biologically Male
✩ Mentally Viewed as and Perceived as Female
✩ Only answers to feminine pronouns (she/her)
✩ Panromantic Demisexual
✩ Single
✩ Occult
✩ Magical Girl

[#9f70ad [u Likes]]
☑ Scary stories
☑ Sweet mint tea
☑ Books in general
☑ Vintage clothing
☑ Leggings
☑ Rain
☑ Colored hair

[#9f70ad [u Dislikes]]
☒ Citrus such as oranges due to allergies
☒ Long car rides
☒ Spicy dishes
☒ Sour candies
☒ Children
☒ People who say they “hate reading” for any reason

[#9f70ad [u Secrets]]
☐ I guess I'm what people might call a closet nerd. I secretly love cosplay, and anything to do with it. Making costumes is exciting, but I know most people would look at me sideways or call me a weaboo if they found out.
☐ I... really hate the dark. If there's not a nightlight or a light on, I can't sleep. If people found out that a member of the occult club was such a baby when it came to the dark, I'd lose my credibility as an occultist.
☐ I've spent a lot of time trashing fluffy romance novels, but I love them just as much as I love the scary ones. Sometimes I even daydream about being the heroine in one of said romances- though I've never dated anyone before.

[#9f70ad [u Personality]]
I'm a rather analytical person whom many have deemed a “bookworm” as I seem to always have my nose in a book. Many mistake my quiet demeanor as that of being shy, and as such, people seem to be very open with me. If I were a meaner person, I'd use the things I've heard against my classmates, but I don't think it would be wise of me to do so, and so I keep these things to myself... mostly. I'm very open to those I regard as friends to the point of being brutally honest. At times, this honesty might be misconstrued as rudeness if it were to be with someone who did not know me well to know that I prefer giving an honest opinion rather than simply beating around the bush. I am reserved, but not shy by any means. I know I say that I don't care about other people's interpretation of me, but sometimes their words can really hurt me. I just do my best not to let it show.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/LqBIcdw.png]]

[#9f70ad [u Biography]]
I grew up as a rather sheltered child living with my grandmother due to an illness that left my immune system fragile. My parents decided that the fresh air of the country would do me better than living in a polluted city would. It was here that I found an interest in the macabre and the occult. My grandmother frequently told me ghost stories that she claimed to be true because they happened to her when she was my age, and I never thought of them as anything but that. They seemed too crazy to be real, but too real to be fake.

My grandmother taught me how to read tarot cards and how to do simple “spells” to bring good health or fortune upon someone. I was warned against curses and hexes as I was told they could sometimes backfire on me, and so I never attempted to do what was regarded as “black magic”. Due to being home alone often, I grew a phobia of the dark, and my grandmother would often times find me curled up on the sofa with the light on in the mornings rather than in my bedroom. This is a phobia that has carried with me since childhood.

Eventually, I recovered from this illness, and my parents allowed me to return with them to the city where I could attend a public school. My parents didn't understand why I no longer wished to be referred to as male, but they accepted me and allowed me to change my name to Minagi. None of my classmates other than those that I grew close to know that I was born male, but I wouldn't classify it as a secret. I just don't tell anyone other than those that actually try to be my friend because I don't believe it to be important. As long as they're not rude in asking, then I don't mind questions.

My grandmother passed away when I entered high school, and for a while, I was quite devastated about her death as I was close to her, but I keep a few momentos of her.

I was teased a lot in school, and the teasing and rumors about me being scary did leave a few with a negative impression of me. They heard the words “Occult Club”, and were so afraid of me that I might put some sort of curse on them. Though, I heed my grandmother's warnings, and while I do enjoy ghost hunting, I'd never actually attempt black magic. I'd truly like to think of myself as an urban spelunker when we go into these places that have witnessed hauntings. It's truly quite fascinating.

[#9f70ad [u Magical Stuff]]
 ✩ Physics Manipulation/Vector Manipulation; the ability to change the magnitude or direction of an object or the ability to control vectors themselves
 ✩ A pendant in the form of a pentagram worn around her neck

[#9f70ad [u Magical Power]]
□ Tactile Telekinesis- The ability to control physical vectors themselves. They are corporeal shadows able to slice/stab/wrap around an enemy. The vectors have a limited range, but she has yet to push herself to see how far they can reach.
□ Telekinetic Regeneration- In a battle, Minagi may be able to close smaller wounds to prevent blood loss. This is taxing on her body, however, and if she is seriously injured, it would be too taxing for her body to heal without proper medical treatment. Using this regeneration ability may leave her susceptible to physical exhaustion.
□ “Teleportation”- Using position (location) vectors instead of phsyical ones, she is able to “teleport” herself or someone else. These glyphs are in the form of a pentagram. She can use more than one glyph at a time to redirect an enemy, an ally, or even herself.
□ Absolute Defense- This is more of an involuntary power most of the time than a voluntary one. However, she can learn to control this over time. This rejects attacks from the user and redirects them- often times sending the attacker flying backward. As she tends to focus mostly on using her physical vectors as weapons, and these are set, calculated attacks, her absolute defense is sometimes vulnerable to instantaneous attacks. The absolute defense can also be “tricked” into harming it's user and redirecting the vectors back onto Minagi if the enemy is fast enough. Though the absolute defense is not taxing in and of itself, learning to control it will overexert her.

[#9f70ad [u Magical Weapon/Item]]
□ A pentagram shaped pendant given to her by her late grandmother. Each of the five lines of the star are representative of her physical vectors, and as such, she can only summon five at one time when her powers are active. She has no other weapons that are representative of her soul, and if they do exist, then they may require some soul searching.

[#9f70ad [u You]]
 ✩ I live in CSD -6 Central US and Canada time zone. I am available every day, but I may not post every day.
 ✩ I'm Sol or Solaris. I truly don't care what pronouns you use for me, and you're free to use whatever you think fits me best. Due to limited internet until the nineteenth of August, I spend a good bit of time lurking on my cell phone. I can and will post OOC messages from mobile, but I won't be posting from mobile. I'm usually very timely with replies, but if there is an issue, I will mention it. If I'm stuck on a post, I will tell you. I'm very open to plotting, and you are free to message me if you have ideas that you think will work with our characters. I purposefully did not name her attacks for the sole purpose of plotting out a candid scene about fighting styles and attack names because I think it would be h i l a r i o u s. If you're up for it, I'd love to do it- whether as a group, or just one other person.]]
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[center [pic http://i64.tinypic.com/29wtm6d.png]]

[center [size15 [Abel [#9f70ad [u Character]]

✩ Minagi Tosho
✩ Toshochin
✩ Seventeen
✩ Third Year
✩ gender
✩ sexuality
✩ Occult
✩ magical girl

[#9f70ad [u Likes]]
 ☑ write here
 ☑ write here
 ☑ write here ; can have as much as you want
[#9f70ad [u Dislikes]]
  ☒ write here
  ☒ write here
  ☒ write here ; can have as much as you want

[#9f70ad [u Secrets]]

  ☐ write here
  ☐ write here ; at least two

[#9f70ad [u Personality]]

  □ positive trait   □ positive trait 
  □ neutral trait   □ negative trait
describe their personality as much as you can in paragraph format or bullet points; if writing it in first person helps you can do that too.

[#9f70ad [u Biography]]

  □ write here; at least two paragraphs or couple bullet points, up to you. First-person is allowed. I won't hold it against you if this is incomplete and allow you to finish this part when you want.

[#9f70ad [u Magical Stuff]]
 ✩ their primary ability
 ✩ magical weapon/item
[#9f70ad [u Magical Power]]
  □ write here ; explain the power your magical girl / knight / avatar possesses
  □ you can also list moves they've come up with using the bullet point provided
[#9f70ad [u Magical Weapon/Item]]
  □ write here; explain character's weapon that manifests from their soul
  □ or if it's an item just describe what it does/how it works as best you can
  □ any more information regarding weapon/item please use the bullet point provided

[#9f70ad [u You]]
 ✩ I live in CSD -6 Central US and Canada time zone. I am available every day, but I may not post every day.
 ✩ I'm Sol or Solaris. I truly don't care what pronouns you use for me, and you're free to use whatever you think fits me best. Due to limited internet until the nineteenth of August, I spend a good bit of time lurking on my cell phone. I can and will post OOC messages from mobile, but I won't be posting from mobile. I'm usually very timely with replies, but if there is an issue, I will mention it. If I'm stuck on a post, I will tell you. I'm very open to plotting, and you are free to message me if you have ideas that you think will work with our characters. ]]
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[center [Abel [size15 [#0A7E8C 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/pm.php?u=4136 ιnвoх] [#0A7E8C 」] [#BF4F51 「] [u ooc тнread] [#BF4F51 」] [#0A7E8C 「] rυleѕ [#0A7E8C 」] [#BF4F51 「] cнaracтer card [#BF4F51 」] [#0A7E8C 「] rp тнread [#0A7E8C 」]

[center [Abel [size15 The Allied Kingdoms

「 A T R I S 」

Atris is the capitol of the continent, and is situated in a neutral area where all four kingdoms can come to meet. It is the home to the Emperor and his family, and is home to the Clockwork Guardians. The climate of Atris is very temperate during the summer and spring. It has a cooler Autumn, and a cold and snowy winter.

「 G W E N W Y N 」

This is the kingdom to the west of Atris. It is ruled by Baron Derosier and his family. The people here are characterized by light colored hair, eyes, and fair skin.

The climate of Gwenwyn is temperate year round. There is very little temperature change, and as such, they classify their seasons by the dry and rainy seasons.

Their economy is mainly agriculture and textile based.

「 E I R W E N 」

A harsh, snow filled kingdom to the north of Atris. It is covered in snow and permafrost all year long. Ruled by Tsar Aleksi- a ruthless man who rules with an iron fist. Characterized often by dark hair and pale skin, the people who live here are well accustomed to the cold temperatures.

They often trade furs, fish, and lumber to keep their economy alive. There is a caste system in place that is not intermarriable. It is as follows: Royalty > Nobles > Military > Artisans > Slaves > Undesirables. One's caste is often determined at birth, but also depends on their occupation. Undesirables are those who have been outcast for some reason or another.

「 A S I S 」

A humid kingdom to the south. It is a hot, humid, and sometimes hostile desert. Ruled by Queen

「 Q I U 」

Further Explanation on Magic Classes

「 V A N G U A R D 」

A vanguard is a front line fighter. Well adept at using their strength and weapons to cut down Shadows. Able to take a lot more damage due to stronger aura. They have a fairly low amount of magical stamina, and they are better for burst attacks rather than a long drawn out battle.

「 S U M M O N E R 」

Summoners are able to use their magic to summon creatures to fight at their side. Depending on the size of their summons, they should have enough magical stamina to withstand a longer battle. Larger summons takes up more of their aura and leaves them vulnerable.

「 A L C H E M I S T 」

Alchemists are well adept at using their aura to heal the members of their team. They are fairly weak in terms of offensive capabilities, but they should never be concentrating on offense. An alchemist's job is to defend their group members and heal them.

「 E L E M E N T A L 」

Elementals are exactly what it sounds like. They have about the same magical stamina as a summoner, but like a vanguard, they are best suited for burst attacks or defense along with the Alchemist.
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[center [Abel [size15 [#0A7E8C 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/pm.php?u=4136 ιnвoх] [#0A7E8C 」] [#BF4F51 「] ooc тнread [#BF4F51 」] [#0A7E8C 「] rυleѕ [#0A7E8C 」] [#BF4F51 「] [u cнaracтer card] [#BF4F51 」] [#0A7E8C 「] rp тнread [#0A7E8C 」]

[center [pic http://i1209.photobucket.com/albums/cc398/SilentDelusion/ornate-horizontal-line-md_zps48849d17.png]]

[#BF4F51 「] Your character's image here [#BF4F51 」]
[#0A7E8C 「 ❤] [#0A7E8C 」]

➽➽➽ Name-
➽➽➽ Age-
➽➽➽ Sex/Gender-
➽➽➽ Sexual Orientation-
➽➽➽ Nationality-
➽➽➽ Magic Class- .
➽➽➽ Skills and Abilities-

➽➽➽ Personality-
Positive Trait 1 | Positive Two | Positive 3 | Negative Trait 1 | Negative 2 | Negative 3 |

Please have a small paragraph about their personality as well just to describe them a bit better.

➽➽➽ History-

➽➽➽ Notable Information- ]
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