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  -Solaris- / 2d 33m 39s
Mischa was not at all surprised to be separated from Meilin after everything that had happened. Though, he was admittedly concerned for the brunette as what they'd gone through was more than traumatic. Even now, the blonde was trembling- not out of fear at being questioned, but rather because of the adrenaline that had been coursing through him when they were back there in that cell. He felt exhausted, and was barely able to keep up with the line of questioning- though he did his best to answer their questions to the best of his abilities regarding why they were kidnapped.

As he was released, a sense of relief washed over him knowing that there was nothing that they could hold him on as well as being able to see how Meilin was doing.
  -Solaris- / 7d 3h 37m 3s
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Remi and Shyloh caught a break six months ago when the most assholeish of guards- Jeremy- had been the typical tool he'd always been when he'd decided to pick on Shyloh as per his usual routine. There were rumors he was sleeping with his boss, so that might've been why the head of Hollylock kept him around. He seemed to have it out for the females- especially those who were much smaller than he was. Remi had used Shyloh's situation to get out of the walls of Hollylock for the first time in over two years since having been brought there.

The two became fast friends out of necessity, and Remi actually gained some confidence with her abilities in their time on the run. She came to see herself less like the bad-luck charm or a burden. They became close to the point where even Remi opened up more about how she felt because the brunette was an open book. They had to learn to work together to save and budget the money they'd stolen- only buying the base essentials until they could do odd jobs for money or use Shyloh's magical talents to make things they could pawn. At first, she'd been against this as it could lead to them getting caught, but as their money became tighter and tighter, she eventually gave in if for nothing else to keep them fed.

They'd moved far enough away from Hollylock a few towns over where they'd be less recognized- despite media coverage of two supposedly dangerous girls- that she'd gotten too comfortable with it just being the two of them. They were in all senses of the word a couple- though unofficial as neither of them had wanted to jinx what they had.

It'd been two months since she'd been brought back, and it was already starting to get cold out again. Running away had cost her her privileges, and gained her extra work she had to preform. They'd made it exceptionally clear that she shouldn't break the rules again, but she honestly didn't care. All the blonde hoped for was that Shyloh was able to make it through the winter on her own as they'd barely made it through the last together. Already here, there was a thin dusting of early Massachusetts snow and frost that blanketed the well groomed lawn of the facility.

Remi had probably been here the longest- a whole two years nearly. Minus the time she'd spent away of course. She'd seen new arrivals come, but never leave. Some had been disappearing, but no one addressed it, and she was hardly in a position to question things after her stunt. She didn't believe that she needed “rehabilitation” for allegedly pushing someone off a bridge, but at first she'd opted to stay when she had been told that this place was just a cover for a coven of witches. It validated her, and proved that she wasn't simply bad luck. She enjoyed being there, and being part of something much larger. And the potential to practice her magic in a safe area was exciting. Though, as time went on, she started to notice how off putting things seemed. How everyone seemed to have eyes in the back of their heads, and how sketchy it seemed to frame everyone for some sort of crime just to get them all in one place. The girl knew her knowledge about it only scratched the surface, but no one would tell her anything she didn't already know or that was useful.

Slender fingers of her right hand tightened the grey sweater around her shoulders. Even inside the building, there was no reprieve from the cold air. It was frigid everywhere but the bathrooms which were blessedly kept heated. It was early in the morning, and she knew that a new wave of people would be arriving soon just in time for breakfast. Remi stood on the second floor looking over the foyer as the doors opened.

She felt a tap on her shoulder that startled her from her thoughts. The half eaten-cookie she'd snuck from the cafeteria the night before fell unceremoniously from her fingers onto the ground- shattering in what seemed like a million pieces. Somewhat saddened by the loss of the first decent thing she'd eaten since being back, she glared daggers over at the male that stood beside her. He held up his hands in an apologetic gesture.

“Sorry for scaring you. It's Ash,” He introduced himself, and she nodded- knowing who the pierced boy was in front of her. She'd seen him before with a loud girl that had gone missing before she'd ran away with Shyloh. “I've been looking for you since last night. I got this in the mail, and it's addressed to you.”

It made her curious why he was getting her mail, but after hesitantly accepting the folded up piece of paper, she understood exactly why. It was a drawing that she'd done of Remi early on into their time away with a newly added '[i Be safe. Love always, Shyloh]' scrawled at the bottom. Though safe to open in public, it still brought a light coloring to her face. If the staff found out that she was getting mail from Shyloh, they'd use her to draw the brunette back to this place somehow. Attached to the drawing was [http://prntscr.com/izh3sy one] of the tarot cards from her deck that'd gotten left behind the day she'd gotten brought back here. “[#5DA493 The lovers],” The girl mused aloud. Though her smile was short lived as he continued speaking.

“I...” He started- seemingly unsure of what to say. “Remi, I know we're not close, but can you keep some things for me?” His words were cryptic in a way, and looking at his face, she found no reason why she shouldn't trust him. Shyloh had trusted him enough it seemed. “Just in case I end up going missing too. My sister is gone, and I might be next.” His words were faint, and barely above a whisper.

“[#5DA493 Hey, don't talk like that. I'll keep whatever you want me to. We'll sort that out later. Why don't we go say hi to everyone else and make them feel 'welcome'.]” She used her fingers to make quotations at the word 'welcome', but he shook his head and left her to her thoughts. She let him go and folded the photo around the card- sticking it into the pocket of the grey frock she wore. The last thing that she wanted was for the only source of a modicum of joy in the past two months that she had to get confiscated.

With bare feet, she followed after the group of newbies that were led into the cafeteria for the morning breakfast. Certainly not the greatest, but at least on days like this when there were new people, they attempted to make it decent. Remi took a seat at a nearby table after grabbing her own breakfast- a muffin, an apple, and a glass of juice. ]]
  -Solaris- / 14d 18h 43m 21s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oI3hUst.png]]
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[abel [center [b *group c patients are considered new or those who are thought to be helped the most in a group therapy session. New patients are automatically placed into this group.]

Hollylock loomed over the block ominously- or at least that's how it felt to the raven-haired boy. The old building showed no signs of age or dilapidation, but the modern renovations of the old house did nothing to ease the ever growing pit in the boy’s stomach. Rowan wasn't used to this part of the game- getting caught that was. Even if this was part of the plan to get himself caught, it still felt wrong. He should still be running and gathering information- not trapped like a wounded animal in a cage. Powder blue eyes looked outside the frost obscured window of the vehicle as it transported him and a few others to the gated space that was Hollylock Care and Rehabilitation.

The place reminded him of the home of his adopted family- if such people could be considered that- and that in and of itself made his skin crawl from the memories. Though he was grateful to them as without them he would have never discovered that he could do much more than cower in fear of other people's intentions. The crazy, old rich woman had four adopted children already. She said that she adopted them out of the goodness of her heart to keep them from selling their backsides on the streets, but he'd always thought she was full of shit. All of them were girls because she said they were more obedient and less unruly than male children, and would amount to more in the end if she could marry them off to a “nice wealthy man”. The children's home where he'd been left had had no girls for adoption at the time she had come by, and on account of him having been the prettiest child there- as she'd mistaken him for a girl, he'd been adopted by the old widow, and joined the small gaggle of girls who seemed devoutly pure and innocent, but they were anything but. As he grew up, he received nothing but scolding and bullying remarks about his appearance despite being small in stature and effeminate.

Running away had been nothing new for him as he'd run away from the children's home on multiple occasions. But he had already decided that he'd had enough when his sisters had cornered him and held him down long enough for them to dye his dirty-blonde hair the color of midnight. He wasn't strong enough to fight them off on his own, and at the time he had no idea he was a witch. Even when one of the girls had been pushed backward with quite an amount of force he hasn't known he'd had, he simply took that as his opportunity to grab his things and leave. The formal charges had been first degree assault, truancy, and running away, but he hadn't stayed in one place to wait on them to catch him. It was only through someone else that he'd come to know about the rehab facility. He'd run into her multiple times in the past with her gang as most street rats like the two of them ran in the same circles, and they had somewhat of a tepid friendship. He had to admit it had been nice to see her in a more humble setting after she'd run away from Hollylock with some pretty blonde girl who didn't really feel the type of person she'd be hanging out with.

He caught himself as the bus jostled to a stop and the orderlies filed them off one by one. Rather than hurry inside, the barefoot boy took his time walking along the snow and frost covered sidewalk. His first thought was that they went overboard with security for a rehab facility. Everything was so structured and rigid that it was somewhat overwhelming. Rowan didn't have much time to process his culture shock before being nudged forward into the foyer where he was greeted by the sight of other patients, guards, and nurses all attempting to get a bite to eat before the day really started. The thought of food made his stomach churn violently. He caught sight of the back of a tall blonde in a grey frock- sweater cinched around her small midsection tightly. She seemed almost fragile in a way.

Seemingly renewed with energy, Rowan followed silently behind the others- twisting an ebony strand of hair around his finger. He wasn't interested in food, and skipped the line in favor of sliding into the seat in front of the bespectacled blonde. “Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes,” his lips pulled into a coy smile as she looked up from her muffin to him. She seemed surprised by him, but she said nothing- only gazing at him in mild disbelief or disinterest- one of the two he couldn't tell which.

“Shyloh is the common denominator between us. She's the one pulling both of our strings. She seems to have pulled yours a little too hard,” that coy smile swept into a Cheshire like grin. She'd flinched some at the name of the person that linked the two of them together. He almost felt bad for the girl in front of him- almost- as she and Shyloh were far closer than he had ever been with her. “Will you please stop looking at me like I killed your pet or something? You're going to hurt my feelings,” He feigned a pout, but the playful expression returned to his face quickly.

There was a man who seemed to be inching his way closer as the two of them talked- or as Rowan talked and the girl listened to him. He didn't need to be told that man was bad news to know that just by his outputting appearance. He wore dark shades atop his equally as dark slicked-back hair. Definitely was a orderly. He was too greasy not to have some position of power in this place. In the few seconds he'd been distracted by the sleazy man, he was soon met by a half eaten banana muffin to the face. “What did you-” he started but was cut off by her staccato tone.

“Don't talk about her. You'll get us both in trouble. And the last thing I need right now is more trouble. I'd really appreciate if we talked about this later if at all.”

He'd successfully wiped the muffin- or most of it anyway- from his face. The grin now replaced with a grimace of his own. She was probably right. This was not the time nor the place to discuss such things. Rowan had barely noticed in his haste to wipe the food from himself that the greasy man had come close enough to lay his hand on the blonde woman's shoulder. She shivered in what could only be construed as disgust. He squeezed her shoulders and she winced as if in pain or discomfort from how close he was- not that he could blame her for being uncomfortable in the least bit.

“Why not talk about her? I've been told you both were very acquainted with one another,” the man leaned down to whisper the words to the two of them- though Rowan knew he was speaking mostly to Remi by how he was squeezing her shoulders. “You still haven't told me the details. I feel left out, Remi~” he laughed- almost as if he thought he was entitled to the details of their intimacy.

Before Rowan could open his mouth to get him off of Remi who was visibly distraught, a voice came over the PA system. “Will group C patients please gather in room 110. Again, group C* patients please gather in room 110.”

He released her shoulders slowly. “Saved by the bell yet again. Looks like you're both off the hook for now. Since he's new, why don't you show him the way,” leaving the command at that, he left the table with a confident swagger.

Rowan reached across the table, but she drew her hand away before he could reach her. When she stood, he followed silently behind until the talkative male couldn't tolerate the silence much longer. “I didn't mean to get you in trouble with that man.” He said finally as they made their way towards where he assumed the therapy rooms were. “I just wanted to give you some peace of mind so you wouldn't worry about your girlfriend.” They reached a door and before it was opened, he caught sight of her smile. It was meager, but he had caught it before the deadpan expression fell back across her features.

In the room, chairs were set up in a circular fashion. He decided he'd bothered the girl enough and sat on the opposite end of the misshapen circle. On the chalkboard in the front of the room “know thyself” was written in large script surrounded by hastily drawn flowers and hearts. The attempt at philosophy only furthered the sinking feeling about this place he'd had before he'd gotten there. More structure. More authority. More things of which made him wish he hadn't volunteered for this.]]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/IoThgLZ.png]]
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Remi had half a mind to tell whoever took the seat in front of her to fuck off as she'd thought it was the smarmy guard who pestered her daily about multiple things that pertained to Shyloh. She was a little surprised to be met with a face she didn't yet recognize. It was a boy by, she realized, the deeper alto of his voice. Though, if he hadn't spoken, she'd have assumed he was a girl- and a pretty one at that. He seemed to put off an aura- a black mist around his body. It was disconcerting to say the least. The last thing that she needed was someone else trying to get into her head.

He seemed too familiar with her. The way he acted and spoke to her as if he knew her somehow really put her off. Remi said nothing and continued eating the dry muffin she had selected for her breakfast. That was, until he mentioned Shyloh. Of course she was their common denominator. The arrogant and cocky way he acted made the girl uncertain as to how Shyloh was able to put up with him in the first place. In an effort to get him to stop talking, but more so to wipe the smug look off his face, she threw the uneaten half of her muffin at him and almost snickered when it hit him squarely in the face. If he didn't stop talking, he'd attract the attention of a rather unsavory person whom she didn't want to deal with right after waking up. It also made her sad to think about as the brunette was certainly missed. “Don't talk about her. You'll get us both in trouble.”

He'd opened his mouth to speak, but a looming shadow fell across the table. A hand was placed on her shoulder and the malice behind the touch almost made her vomit up her meager breakfast. She didn't have to ask who it was to know they didn't mean well. The hand tightened its grip.

“You still haven’t told me the details. I feel left out, Remi.”

The breath of the man was foul and Remi turned her head to the side only to have his other hand clamp down tightly on her other shoulder.

“Don’t be jealous your dick is too small to please a woman. You know how us girls are~ Do you really think she’d want to be with you when you can’t even get-” Her mocking words were cut off immediately by the announcement. For once, the blonde was thankful for the daily therapy session she had to endure if only to get away from Jeremy. Her shoulders were released as even he realized that he had to let her go or the higher ups would make a fuss. She let out an audible sigh of relief- though she was still shaken from the encounter. Every time she encountered him, his hate filled emotions made her want to vomit or cry- or both. Never had she encountered a person who had such strong dislike- or even hatred- for the patients here. Not even in the other staff members could she feel such disdain and malice.

She quickly stood when she was able to regain her composure- casting a sideways glance over to her new tag-along. He was like a puppy- even looked like one she’d decided. He talked like a barking dog- which was to say that he talked way too often for her liking. Though, she did smile at his words before they entered room 110. He was right; she would be fine. The person she should be worrying about was herself- being stuck here in this place once again. The only difference now was that all of her past good behavior and keeping to herself was gone out the window- replaced by someone everyone knew to have broken the rules.

Remi took a seat that was open as most of the others had already made it there by the time she and Rowan had taken their seats, and crossed her ankles. None of the others she knew very much about. Rowan was new here, and Faye was someone Remi attempted to steer clear from. Not because she didn’t like the girl, but because she, like Rowan, put off a disconcerting aura that made her feel uneasy. Tabby was an enigma to her, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow the two of them had met before. The raven haired girl looked so similar to her minus the hair color. It really was uncanny. Her gaze moved to June. June seemed the friendliest amongst all of the faces she had seen thus far. Sure she might be tall and intimidating, but her demeanor was anything but.

Before Remi could finish her gaze around the room full of people that she hardly knew, a small woman with dark skin stepped into the room. A notebook in her hands and a pen behind her ear as she was ready to take notes on her patients. At least Hollylock had had some sense as to send their nicest therapist to take care of their session. It should have probably been a dead give away that it would be her since the chalkboard was covered in hearts and flowers. She’d clearly taken the time to want them to feel comfortable with her.

“Good morning, everyone,” The curly-haired woman mused almost too cheerfully for Remi’s liking. Though, she supposed with all of the glum faces in the room, she was doing the best that she could. “I see we have some new faces today, so before we talk, why don’t we all get acquainted with one another. I’ll call out names, and when you hear yours, you can raise your hand and that way we can all be on a first name basis,” The woman seemed pleased with her idea. “Remi Page,” She read the name from her list.

Remi slowly raised her own hand- placing it in her lap when she was done. “Tabitha Page,” Angelica continued calling out names, and Remi’s green eyed gaze once again turned to the girl across from her who shared her last name. It was certainly strange, but the name was common enough to make it less so. ]]
  -Solaris- / 14d 18h 43m 47s
Listen up, homeboy.
Since you like to creep other people's things.
I stumbled upon your search thread of which you posted that search thread and claimed the linked piece of written work was good. I have a differing opinion and
oh my god. god forbid someone doesn't agree with you. my first thought upon reading that was "these colors hurt my eyes and there's so fucking many." and then it was "no one talks this much. it's like they're trying to spout exposition through dialogue and they're telling us things rather than showing us things."

As a writer, you need to have that gentle mix of show vs tell. I'm sorry you took offense to what I said , but I won't apologize for how I feel.

And don't you dare say "if it was your work, then you'd feel the same way" because that's where you're wrong. If someone thinks what I write is bad, then that's not on me. That's on them. I never claimed to be a good writer. I never claimed to be perfect. I try. I fail. I'm human. I ENJOY what I write, and therefore I will continue to write what I enjoy whether people like it or not. You don't have to agree with me. You don't have to like me. But what I said was said in a discord- a private server- of a conversation that you were not involved in in any way, shape, or form. The person who messaged you had no right to betray my trust and screenshot what I said. I don't fucking care if you're best friends. She had no right, and she knows what she did is wrong.

I don't think the writing I saw was that good, and I stand by my opinion. You can continue to write slanderous things about me all you want. That's on your character, and it speaks volumes.

By the by,
I don't respond to untitled dms. I just delete them. c:
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]
[center [Abel

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/ATehegb.png]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/zKQutPg.png]]

Everything was foggy and distorted somehow. The girl opened her eyes to the dimness of the dark room she found herself in. There was a record player in the corner nearest to her playing a scratched record. Each time the distorted song echoed off the corners of the perfectly square room. She sat up slowly- not knowing where she was. She didn't even know if she knew [i who] she was at this point. There were others around her that were still sleeping. These people felt familiar, but she couldn't put names to faces. There was a good chance that one of them knew where this was or who she was.

She walked- barefoot- the the window of the room and brushed aside the curtain. There was a person there- or what she assumed to be a person. Hanh tapped on the window lightly with her knuckles to catch their attention, and when they turned around, she let out a soft shriek. Rather than two eyes, they had four and a small pair of horns growing out of the top of their skull. The blonde covered her mouth quickly and closed the curtain once more- moving back from the window. Oh god. Where was she? Was that person in a costume or was this real? She felt her heart-rate rise rapidly at the thought of being trapped in this room or in some sicko's twisted idea of a prank.

In her hasty movement, a cellphone slid out of the pocket of her jacket and clattered onto the floor. Bending down, she picked it up and unlocked the phone with the correct passcode. Was this hers? It felt familiar to her. The homescreen was blank, and there was only one app on the whole device called Mastermind. There was no text app or internet. And there was certainly no service on this device.

“[#c9a0dc This is... a joke, right?]” She laughed nervously to herself, and returned to the small mattress that she'd been asleep on before she woke up and opened the app hesitantly. All of this was incredibly elaborate for a joke that someone had cooked up. Her thumb hit the first name on the list, and the only thing that came up was a photo of herself. This was her face. With the title of Wisteria at the top. What the hell did that mean? All she knew about it was that it was some sort of flower.

With a huffed sigh, she tossed the device to the edge of the mattress and stood up once again- making her way toward the door. She jiggled the doorknob and attempted to pull the door open. “[#c9a0dc Are you fucking kidding,]” She groaned- using the flat of her palm to bang loudly on the door.

Before she could open her mouth, the record stopped playing that annoying tune that she'd already decided that she hated. A red light above the door came on, and a voice that she didn't recognize filled her ears. It caused her body to chill, and her arms prickle with goosebumps just from his introduction. His voice was deep and distorted- just like everything else in this place. It was also oddly soothing to know that there was indeed someone to blame for her memory loss.

“[+maroon Hello, and welcome to my domain. You can call this Hell or Purgatory. Many before you have called it as such. You have questions, so I won't waste your time. I am the King of this place, and you've volunteered to play my game whether you want to or not. ust to make sure you're being a good sport, the bracelet around your wrist should keep you in line. Each time you fail a task or act up, the bracelet will gain a glowing blue bar. Avoid getting nine of those bars or you lose the game.

You're all already dead, so you can't die here, and trust me, there's no point in trying to kill yourselves. I can and will still inflict harm onto you or your competitors as I see fit should you break the rules. Or maybe I'll decide to turn you into one of the many unfortunate souls wandering my Hellscape instead. I'm sure you've seen those poor lost souls out there by now.

To sweeten the deal, and to keep things fair, the three people with the least amount of points at the end of the game will get whatever wish they desire granted and the second chance at the perfect life. The cellphones will give you information and clues. It's all you need. As of now, Purgatory's Game has officially begun!]”

The red light blinked off and on before turning back off for good. Once again the record played in the corner and a ding on the device caught her attention. A good luck message was sent likely in jest from the so called King of Purgatory. “[#c9a0dc Oh god. What have we gotten ourselves into?]” She whispered- feeling her knees buckle under her as she lowered herself to the ground.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]
[center [Abel

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Eusw42j.png]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/munRqPS.png]]

Some people say that dying is just like falling asleep- that you never feel what happens to you. What people never say is that if you’re murdered- if you don’t expect it- dying hurts like hell. When Dahlia woke, his eyes opened slowly, and he took in the ominous red glow on the ceiling. He wondered if everything was a dream, but the pain radiating from his chest that burned like white-hot embers told him that it wasn’t, and that he was awake. A hand moved to rest against the left side of his chest and there was nothing there but a hole in his shirt that was stained with some viscous mess. Groaning, the onyx-haired boy sat up and noted the commotion around him. He was uncertain about what was going on, and only caught the end of the rather ominous speech about them being dead. Honestly, he wasn’t sure if it were a joke, but he believed it was a possibility that he could be dead.

He realized quickly that he knew none of these people around him, and they certainly didn’t seem familiar. Some of them were panicking, and he felt for them, but before he could do anything, he wanted to get his bearings. Dahlia reached into the pocket of his pants only to find them empty. The device that he was looking for had fallen out likely as he’d slept onto the floor beside the dirty mattress he laid on. It was a rather curious device as it looked just like his phone- except this one only had one app. “Mastermind,” He whispered to himself- tapping at it with his thumb. Portraits of those around him as well as his own with names he didn’t recognize. “Dahlia,” It was a bit feminine, but he shrugged it off.

Drawing himself to his feet, he slid the phone into the pocket of his jeans and rubbed once again at the hole in his shirt before making his way over to where the others were crowded around what seemed like a pale haired girl that seemed very close to hysterics. “I’m not sure any of us know the answer to that,” he answered both the blonde haired girl and the green haired boy as they both asked similar questions. “I think all we know are the names on the app,” Even though he knew next to nothing about the intricacies of psychology, he knew that whoever was in control wanted them all to feel helpless. To him, it was a game. But to them, they were playing for their lives and sanity it seemed. “My name is Dahlia,” The boy added- knowing the next question they asked would likely be his own name. There was an odd group of people here it seemed as they all looked to come from different backgrounds, but understood one another perfectly.

It was then that his phone dinged loudly in his pocket- followed immediately by the rest of the devices held by the others. He opened the mocking message. “After waking up, your brains may feel like mush. So I’ve decided to give you need a bit of a push. Surely this won’t be too much of a chore, just open up the door. You have two minutes to complete, but be wary of the monsters you will meet,” Dahlia read the message aloud, and as he did so, the lock on the door clicked open. They could finally leave this small enclosed space which felt like a blessing as he was somewhat anxious about small spaces filled with many people. “We should do it,” He decided- knowing there was a time limit, and this was probably their first task in this demented game. Thankfully, the King didn't make their task an impossible one- at least yet anyway.]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Homemade+Apple]

[Abel [center

[size18 [Homemade+Apple [#436CB9 [size13 ❤]] ι υѕed тo [b вιтe] мy тongυe and нold мy вreaтн
ѕcared тo rocĸ тнe вoaт and мaĸe a мeѕѕ
[left ѕo ι ѕaт [size13 qυιeтly,]] [right agreed [size13 polιтely]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/NJsjABb.png]]

ι gυeѕѕ тнaт ι ғorgoт ι нad a cнoιce
ι leт yoυ pυѕн мe paѕт тнe вreaĸιng poιnт
[left ι ѕтood ғor [size13 noтнιng,]] [right ѕo ι ғell ғor [size13 everyтнιng [#436CB9 ❤]]] ]]

[pic http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk97/Starfish711/1-a-TWP-BOTTOM-post-divider-branch1.png]

[size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] Name [size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]]
[size13 Laurel Pryde ]

[size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] Gender & Pronouns [size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]]
Female | she/they preferred

[size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] Age [size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]]

[size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] Sexuality [size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]]

[size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] Height & Weight [size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]]
5'10 (177.8cm) | 132 lbs

[size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] Hair & Eye Color [size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]]
Auburn hair and chocolate colored eyes

[size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] Noteable Features [size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]]
Tall and slender, bordering on lanky with an ice-skater's physique and elegance. She has an underboob tattoo that covers up a birthmark.

[size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] Sanity [size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]]
Laurel exhibits no signs of insanity or mental illness. However, she is predisposed for addiction on her mother's side as addiction runs in the family. At eighteen, Laurel is a functioning alcoholic and recreational user of hard drugs . She drinks because she's afraid of her powers- afraid of the 'shadows' as she calls them, and she thinks she'd be better off forgetting they exist.

[size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] Abilities [size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]]
[size13 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] Tactile Telekinesis- She is able to control vectors or corporeal shadows. They have the ability to wrap themselves around, slice, cut, or otherwise harm enemies . The vectors have a limited range, and limit of how many can be summoned at once. She can also use these as a defense mechanism to deflect any attacks back onto said attacker.
[size13 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] Laurel is afraid of these abilities when she is sober, and thus cannot control them. When intoxicated, she is unaware that she even has powers.

[size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] About [size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]]
[size13 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] Born to a middle-class, divorced family, Laurel is the eldest child with one younger brother after her. Laurel's mother's drinking after the birth of her second child went up exponentially to handle the depression and loneliness she felt after her husband left her to raise two children on her own. Due to her alcoholism, the woman handed over custody to their father who did his best to provide for them.

[size13 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] He encouraged his children to take up sports activities after school, and even as a young girl Laurel found herself resenting this despite enjoying ice-skating. Her father wanted them to compete, and that certainly wasn't what she wanted for herself. She was able to make a competitive team that had Olympic sized hopes for their team in the upcoming years- though she wasn't sure she was Olympics material. Despite being a jock in school, she was somewhat reserved in her mannerisms and behavior. She was part of the 'in-crowd', but she never really felt like she belonged there. Though, the girl pushed herself harder to please her father- hoping that he would be happy with her efforts to stay away from the path that their mother had taken in an effort to break the cycle.

[size13 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] It was the age of fifteen that Laurel began to see corporeal shadows around herself. She was afraid of them, and more importantly, she was afraid of her own mind as she didn't people to think she was losing her mind or that she was crazy. Desperate, and with no one to turn to, she remembered that her mother used to “drink to forget”, and she too turned to the bottle to cure her of her demons.

[size13 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] This pattern of behavior went on for almost two years before Laurel's father found out about her chasing her demons away with alcohol and pain killers. The track marks he found were more than enough for him to decide to send her away to Hollymore.

[size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] Personality [size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]]
[size13 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] When she's sober, Laurel has an outwardly [b sanguine] personality even if she's much more [i cynical] than she lets on. As her last name suggests, she has a lot of [b pride], and is too proud to admit that she might need help. One might say that Laurel is a bit [i two-faced] as she displays two different sides of herself depending on who she is around. She's rather [b confident] and [b amiable] in the public eye, but [i [u reserved]] and [i anxious] when she's alone. She's a functioning alcoholic, and when she drinks, she can be a bit of an [i [u emotional]] drunk.

[size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] Extra Information [size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]]
[size13 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] She's a rum and coke kind of girl
[size13 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] Laurel is more open to others when she's intoxicated than when she's sober
[size13 [b [#436CB9 ♡]]] She doesn't believe there is a god because if there was one, then he would be merciless and cruel for putting humans into a world so actively against themselves

[pic http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk97/Starfish711/1-a-TWP-BOTTOM-post-divider-branch1.png]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/IdKiHiC.png] Level of Friendship [pic https://i.imgur.com/V5KQV2i.png] Level of Attraction
[pic https://i.imgur.com/hVX29s1.png] Level of Romance [pic https://i.imgur.com/8FwdPyr.png] Level of Distrust]

[size17 [b [#436CB9 ♡] ♡ [#436CB9 ♡] ♡ [#436CB9 ♡] ♡]]

[center [pic http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk97/Starfish711/00d1bb22-bcd1-4e1b-a717-647af44fb866.png]] [right [pic https://i.imgur.com/dY5KMdS.png] Friendship [pic https://i.imgur.com/dY5KMdS.png] Attraction [pic https://i.imgur.com/dY5KMdS.png] Romance [pic https://i.imgur.com/8FwdPyr.png] Distrust]
“Who is this idiot and why should I care that he managed to crawl out of the basement?”

[center [pic http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk97/Starfish711/f00065bf-772f-4222-b08c-55040521640b.png]] [right [pic https://i.imgur.com/dY5KMdS.png] Friendship [pic https://i.imgur.com/womDJz8.png] Attraction [pic https://i.imgur.com/dY5KMdS.png] Romance [pic https://i.imgur.com/DtjjDlr.png] Distrust]
“This world is going to chew up and spit out this poor, trusting child. I can't remember the last time I looked as happy and fresh-faced as Elaine.”

[center [pic http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk97/Starfish711/950eb980-fd6a-4f7b-b3c2-92354593005e.png]] [right [pic https://i.imgur.com/dY5KMdS.png] Friendship [pic https://i.imgur.com/dY5KMdS.png] Attraction [pic https://i.imgur.com/dY5KMdS.png] Romance [pic https://i.imgur.com/8FwdPyr.png] Distrust]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Lk6Qrsx.png]] [right [pic https://i.imgur.com/VB3cBkM.png] Friendship [pic https://i.imgur.com/cJlB3Lm.png] Attraction [pic https://i.imgur.com/dY5KMdS.png] Romance [pic https://i.imgur.com/DtjjDlr.png] Distrust]
“She knows something she's not telling anyone. I'd like to find out what she knows.”
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]

[#436CB9 「] A [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=336109 Alois Guo] [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=399234 Atticus Miles] [#436CB9 」]

[#436CB9 「] B [#436CB9 」]
[#436CB9 「] C [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=400257 Cherise Stirling] [#436CB9 」]

[#436CB9 「] D [#436CB9 」]
[#436CB9 「] E [#436CB9 」]
[#436CB9 「] F [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=374093 Freyr Llewellyn] [#436CB9 」]

[#436CB9 「] G [#436CB9 」]
[#436CB9 「] H [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=398838 Hanh Nikula] [#436CB9 」]

[#436CB9 「] I [#436CB9 」]
[#436CB9 「] J [#436CB9 」]
[#436CB9 「] K [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=380968 Kellen D'arcy] [#436CB9 」]

[#436CB9 「] L [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401176 Laurel Pryde] [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397233 Lisette de Faure] [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] Loren Weathers [#436CB9 」]

[#436CB9 「] M [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=394849 Maxine von Stratton] [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=394621 Minagi Tosho] [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=335812 Miyuki Cha] [#436CB9 」]

[#436CB9 「] N [#436CB9 」]
[#436CB9 「] O [#436CB9 」]
[#436CB9 「] P [#436CB9 」]
[#436CB9 「] Q [#436CB9 」]
[#436CB9 「] R [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=387893 Reiley Guo] [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=399746 Remi Page] [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=374089 Romi Yessenova] [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] Rowan DeLaney [#436CB9 」]

[#436CB9 「] S [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=394685 Sen Mori] [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=379114 Sofi Schaal] [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] Sydney Lancaster [#436CB9 」]

[#436CB9 「] T [#436CB9 」]
[#436CB9 「] U [#436CB9 」]
[#436CB9 「] V [#436CB9 」]
[tab ][tab ] [#436CB9 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=388151 Veloce Kava] [#436CB9 」]

[#436CB9 「] W [#436CB9 」]
[#436CB9 「] X [#436CB9 」]
[#436CB9 「] Y [#436CB9 」]
[#436CB9 「] Z [#436CB9 」]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]
[center [Abel

[size18 [#9C51B6 「] Another day another dream, perhaps? [#9C51B6 」]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/s65KRxT.png]]
[center [Abel

[#9C51B6 [size18 ♥] Name [size18 ♥]]
Schuyler Linley

[#9C51B6 [size18 ♥] Age [size18 ♥]]

[#9C51B6 [size18 ♥] Sexuality [size18 ♥]]

[#9C51B6 [size18 ♥] Height [size18 ♥]]

[#9C51B6 [size18 ♥] Abilities [size18 ♥]]
Schuyler is able to synthesize any drug that she's been exposed to within her body and exude it through her pores. A light purple aura is constantly surrounding her body like a cloud of vapor. Rather than the drugs affecting her, affect those around her. Stimulants increase the mood of those around her, hallucinogens cause mild to extreme delusions and minor paranoia, while downers and sleep aids cause a mellowed mood. She generally prefers stimulants or drugs that would cause hallucinations because downers just lower the mood too much for her liking.

[#9C51B6 [size18 ♥] Personality [size18 ♥]]
Proud | Stubborn | Sanguine | Charismatic | Haughty | Facetious

[#9C51B6 [size18 ♥] Speech Color [size18 ♥]]


[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/EeL8I1T.png]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/MAWsZkj.jpg]]
[center [size15 /mɪʃkə vændəm/

[#778BA5 「] [+778BA5 ❤] Who wants to trudge through life doing everything just right? Taking no chances means wasting your dreams. [#778BA5 」]

[+778BA5 ➽➽➽] Name- Mischa Vandom
[+778BA5 ➽➽➽] Age- Twenty
[+778BA5 ➽➽➽] Alias- N/A
[+778BA5 ➽➽➽] Biological Sex- Male
[+778BA5 ➽➽➽] Perceived Gender- Female
[+778BA5 ➽➽➽] Acceptable Pronouns- She/Her
[+778BA5 ➽➽➽] Sexual Orientation- Demiromantic Asexual
[+778BA5 ➽➽➽] Able to be romanced- Yes
[+778BA5 ➽➽➽] Past Occupation- Intern
[+778BA5 ➽➽➽] Current Occupation- Wannabe author ; inn attendant
[+778BA5 ➽➽➽] Birthday- Fall 7

[+778BA5 ➽➽➽] Loved Gifts- Gemstones, Books, Sweets
[+778BA5 ➽➽➽] Liked Gifts- Flowers, Seashells, Art, Chocolate
[+778BA5 ➽➽➽] Disliked Gifts- Stationary, Spicy food
[+778BA5 ➽➽➽] Hated Gifts- Fish, Active wear, Sports related gifts

[+778BA5 ➽➽➽] Personality-
+ Adaptable | Imaginative | Open Minded |
- Easily Bored | Meticulous | Self-Critical |

Mischa is an extroverted soul despite what her somewhat reserved demeanor may suggest. She's adaptable in most situations- choosing to logic things out rather than jump to conclusions or give in to hysteria. She's easily bored by monotonous work like her desk job, but if set to a project, she will meticulously see to the details herself to make sure that it's completed in a way that she can be proud to call it hers. She's very critical of herself- whether her appearance or her skills, and sometimes, this is a bit more apparent than she'd like to admit.

[+778BA5 ➽➽➽] History-
There was truly not much that set Mischa apart from other happy children growing up. Even being adopted as an infant by people who lived halfway across the world from where she'd been born didn't bother her. She never sought after her birth parents as it was never a big issue to her.

They noted a decline in her happiness at the time of grade school. She explained to them that she was no longer confident or comfortable in her own skin. They struggled to understand their child, and brushed it off mainly as nerves due to a new school, and having to make new friends. It was rarely brought up as her parents struggled to understand the plight of their child, and she instead focused on school and a newfound hobby.

It was here that Mischa threw herself into the world of literature. The girl always fancied herself a writer like those that were famed for writing classics. Perhaps one day, it would be her name on the shelves amongst them all, and people would praise her for her exceptional skills with the written word. A girl could dream, right?

As a student who recently finished up her stay at a local university, Mischa found herself looking for a job- like many of her other classmates. She found herself pushing papers as an intern- struggling with the menial tasks of paperwork that always looked like paper mountains on her desk. It was among a shuffle of papers that she found the leaflet for Mont Blanc. A getaway. A chance to start over new. Perhaps she could even finish her book?

[+778BA5 ➽➽➽] Miscellaneous/Trivia-
- Mischa always dresses semi-formally. There are no exceptions to this unless the attire is formal, and then she will wear women's formal wear.
- Fantasy is by far her favorite genre. If you're willing to discuss Harry Potter with her for hours on end, she'll likely be your best friend. .
- She likes being complimented on her hair or having it brushed by other people.
[Spoiler - Mischa isn't "out" so to speak. Meaning family and friends that she made in the city don't know of transgender status. She is using the getaway of Mont Blanc to hopefully gain some confidence to "come out". ]

[size30 [#AD6F69 「] relaтιonѕнιp card [#AD6F69 」]]

[#778BA5 「] ғrιendѕ [#778BA5 」]


[#AD6F69 「] eneмιeѕ [#AD6F69 」]


[#778BA5 「] love ιnтereѕтѕ [#778BA5 」]

  「 мιѕcнa 」 / -Solaris- / 65d 14h 36m 19s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/cN5bKX9.jpg]]

[center [size35 [#3AA8C1 「] 玉不琢,不成器 [#3AA8C1 」]]
[size18 [#ad6f69 「] jade cannoт вe мade ιnтo anyтнιng wιтнoυт вeιng cυт and polιѕнed. [#ad6f69 」]]


[#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●]
「 What is your name? 」

「 你们好。我的名字是孙琴~
Hello~ I'm 孙琴 .
Sun like Sunzi- the famous poet who wrote The Art of War or 孙子兵法 . And Qin like GuQin- or a type of Chinese zither.」

[#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●]
「 Do you have any nicknames? 」

「 My real name was sold to the Madam, but they call me 姚珍珠 (Yao ZhenZhu). I would prefer you not call me this, however. 」

[#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●]
「 How old are you? 」

「 I'm eighteen 」

[#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●]
「 What is your gender? Who attracts you? 」

「 I suppose I've never given this much thought due to my... profession. Though, I would say that I am a woman who is attracted to other women. 」

[#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●]
「 You are cursed? With what and why? 」

「 I was cursed with the Dragon Zodiac. Even though I knew what I was- a YueJi* - I grew nervous as the day of my eighteenth birthday neared. Being eighteen meant more responsibilities than just cleaning and preparing meals. It meant that I too had to bring income to the Madam who owned what was essentially a brothel- although it was certainly not called as such.

Though I enjoyed performing music and dance, the idea of a man sleeping in my bed and being able to touch me intimately was terrifying. I ran away from the compound- although sure it wouldn't take long for them to find me as well groomed YueJi stick out very easily in a crowd of people. Not sure where I was going, I found myself at a nearby shrine. I carried with me my dearest possession- a zither that had been a gift from a potential suitor. As kind as he'd been in giving me the expensive gift, his intimacy scared me. I was not ready for this- despite having told myself over and over again that I had to for the sake of ever getting out of that place. I had some say over what happened to me, but ultimately, if I did not make any income, I faced the harsh reality of never being able to be free.

The night was clear, and this was as good a place as any to wait for them to- inevitably find me and take me back. I plucked the strings of the zither, but instead of smooth, gentle twangs of the strings, they were muffled and sour. Painful pins and needles sensations coursed through my fingers.

“You sell your smile to those men you look down on. Their smiles make your skin crawl, and yet you lie to yourself so that you don't have to accept who you are.” The voice was low, and my whole body felt numb. “The thing you love will soon turn into your greatest fear.”

When I noticed there were people surrounding me, I was shaken- mostly from the words that had not come from any of them. However, after being returned to the compound, I soon forgot about the pain in my fingers after they punished me for running away. 」

[#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●]
「 What triggers your curse? 」

「 My curse is triggered by lying or the sound of zither music. One might think it easy to always tell the truth, but it really isn't- especially when you lie to protect yourself. And now, to avoid the one thing that I loved the most- my music- is heart breaking. 」

[#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●]
「 How many years do you have left? 」

「 I have fifty-five years left. 」

[#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●]
「 What exactly does your curse do? 」

「 My curse comes with an increased metabolism- although this does not take years off my life. I eat much more than most people, and can still be hungry several hours later. Along with this increased metabolism comes a healing ability. I can heal myself- or perhaps others though I've never tried before. This takes four months from my life each time. I think if I could heal others, it could potentially take more of my life though. Years at most. My body is also changed noticeably each time my curse is used. A large patch of scale like skin slowly grows each time. I keep it concealed underneath my clothes, but I know it's only matter of time before it grows to where I cannot hide the scales. 」

[#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●]
「 What is your personality like? 」

「 I simply want to make the best of the situation that I am put in. Being YueJi has not made me a bitter person, and in fact, I rather like most aspects of this life. I can sometimes be a bit sensitive in regards to somethings in my life such as lack of interest in the possible suitors or relationships. Self preservation takes precedence over anything else to me. Ambition and the bigger picture do sometimes get the better of me as I sometimes fail to see small details along the way. 」

[#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●]
「 Where were you when your curse finally took hold? 」

「 I was being dressed when the girl noticed something that looked like colored scales along my shoulder. I could hear the voices of the other YueJi performing already, and the gentle plucking of their stringed zithers and pipas. The bruises from my punishment the day prior had healed and no longer throbbed in pain when I pressed on them. She only stared in open-mouthed horror as the scales grew along my shoulder. I begged her not to tell, but I know it won't stay a secret for long. 」

[#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●]
「 Anything else? 」

「 - I prefer those that do not know me from where I'm working to call me by my real name rather than ZhenZhu.
- I was the daughter of a poet and musician before working as a YueJi
- YueJi is the Chinese equivelant of a Japanese Geisha. In essence, they are prostitutes. But they are well trained in poetry, music, dance, and calligraphy. Keeping people company, and not just for sexual purposes.
- My sexuality is somewhat... repressed. I do not think I could be open about desiring to be with another woman.
- My favorite food- although is somewhat of a forbidden food for me due to a strict diet- is Baozi. Steamed buns with meat are my favorite, though I don't think I'd say no if it were to have vegetables in it either. 」]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/5ODiUKi.png]]
[Abel [size15

[center [size30 [#3AA8C1 「] тнoυgнтѕ [#3AA8C1 」]]
[center As inspired by Darcy

[size15 [#0081AB Level of Friendship ✰]
[#FF5470 Level of Attraction ✿]
[#B768A2 Level of Romance ღ]
[#FFAA1D Level of Distrust ✧]]]

[center [size15 [#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●] Tadashi Nakagawa [#3aa8c1 | |] The God

“He's far too loud and far too obnoxious, but I feel as though he's much smarter than he lets on. Perhaps it's too early to judge him. He reminds me a lot of the men from the music houses sometimes, but at least he's mostly polite.”

[size18 [center [#0081AB ✰]✰✰✰✰✰✰✰
[#FF5470 ✿]✿✿✿✿✿✿✿
[#B768A2 ღ]ღღღღღღღ
[#FFAA1D ✧✧✧]✧✧✧✧✧]]

[center [#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●] Himeko Uzuki [#3aa8c1 | |] The Tiger]]

“I believe the adage is 'good things in small packages'. Himeko is like a younger sister that I didn't know I wanted until we met. I trust her despite having only known her for a short amount of time. I would admit that I'm a bit envious of her ability to be unjaded. She's rather cute. She makes it too easy for the boys to pick on her though.”

[size18 [center [#0081AB ✰✰✰✰✰✰]✰✰
[#FF5470 ✿✿✿✿]✿✿✿✿
[#B768A2 ღ]ღღღღღღღ
[#FFAA1D ✧]✧✧✧✧✧✧✧]]

[center [#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●] Xian Jun [#3aa8c1 | |] The Sheep]]

“My first thought was that she's rather beautiful. It's smart to make friends with the other women in the group. Maybe when we're closer friends, she'll tell me her secret to how she keeps her hair so long and shiny.”

[size18 [center [#0081AB ✰✰✰✰]✰✰✰✰
[#FF5470 ✿✿✿✿✿✿]✿✿
[#B768A2 ღ]ღღღღღღღ
[#FFAA1D ✧✧]✧✧✧✧✧✧]]

[center [#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●] Yi Hui Ling [#3aa8c1 | |] The Dog]]

“I have had no notable conversations with them, and as such, have no thoughts at this time.”

[size18 [center [#0081AB ✰]✰✰✰✰✰✰✰
[#FF5470 ✿]✿✿✿✿✿✿✿
[#B768A2 ღ]ღღღღღღღ
[#FFAA1D ✧✧✧]✧✧✧✧✧]]

[center [#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●] Yukitsune Chikusa [#3aa8c1 | |] The Snake]

“He's pretty. For a man, at least.”

[size18 [center [#0081AB ✰]✰✰✰✰✰✰✰
[#FF5470 ✿✿✿]✿✿✿✿✿
[#B768A2 ღ]ღღღღღღღ
[#FFAA1D ✧✧✧]✧✧✧✧✧]]

[center [#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●] Lin Yu [#3aa8c1 | |] The Rat]

“I have had no notable conversations with them, and as such, have no thoughts at this time.”

[size18 [center [#0081AB ✰]✰✰✰✰✰✰✰
[#FF5470 ✿]✿✿✿✿✿✿✿
[#B768A2 ღ]ღღღღღღღ
[#FFAA1D ✧✧✧✧✧]✧✧✧]]

[center [#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●] Ying En [#3aa8c1 | |] The Horse]

“They seem like an enigma, but I feel it's too early to make decisions about them as I haven't talked to them much.”

[size18 [center [#0081AB ✰]✰✰✰✰✰✰✰
[#FF5470 ✿✿]✿✿✿✿✿✿
[#B768A2 ღ]ღღღღღღღ
[#FFAA1D ✧✧]✧✧✧✧✧✧]]

[center [#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●] Minami Raiden [#3aa8c1 | |] The Rabbit]

“For someone who's zodiac creature is so small, he's quite loud.”

[size18 [center [#0081AB ✰]✰✰✰✰✰✰✰
[#FF5470 ✿]✿✿✿✿✿✿✿
[#B768A2 ღ]ღღღღღღღ
[#FFAA1D ✧✧✧✧✧]✧✧✧]]

[center [#3AA8C1 ●][#AD6F69 ●][#3AA8C1 ●] Takumi Kobayashi [#3aa8c1 | |] The Boar]

“I almost thought he was female until our brief conversation. I rather like his clothes though! And he seems rather graceful. I know almost nothing about him, but I suspect he might also be some sort of performer.”

[size18 [center [#0081AB ✰]✰✰✰✰✰✰✰
[#FF5470 ✿✿]✿✿✿✿✿✿
[#B768A2 ღ]ღღღღღღღ
[#FFAA1D ✧✧]✧✧✧✧✧✧]]
  「 мιѕcнa 」 / -Solaris- / 65d 14h 43m 27s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]

[Abel [Center [pic https://i.imgur.com/w9pjyBY.png]]

[center 「❤ Ignorance is bliss... when not fatal. 」]

[center ➽➽➽ Name- Cho Eun-Chae
➽➽➽ Age- Twenty-one
➽➽➽ Sex/Gender- Female/Female
➽➽➽ Sexual Orientation- Homosexual
➽➽➽ Nationality- Eirwen

➽➽➽ Skills and Abilities-
☐ Chi Manipulation- The ability to manipulate one's aura or chi in a multitude of ways. Skilled users of this may be able to create weaponry or large barriers. Though, as Eun-Chae is new to this ability, her chi manifests itself in the form of quintessence- or life energy. She is able to use her own energy rather than the energy around her. The longer that she uses this ability, the more taxing it is for her. If all of her chi is used, it will leave her unconscious for a few hours so that she can recover. Spending her chi will not kill her, but it will drain her. This can also be harmful to her as she has burned herself with her chi in the past.
☐ Chi Duplicate- She is able to create one duplicate of herself by splitting her chi. The duplicate does not have abilities, and is significantly weaker than she is. It has a time limit of one hour. After an hour, its energy will be returned to Eun-Chae. She can only create one duplicate at a time.
☐ Chi Detection- The ability to see and detect other people's chi. She can "see" another's chi by its color and size. Though, she can only manipulate her own.
☐ Adaptive fighting style- due to the mandatory military training in Qiu, she has learned to adapt to many fighting styles including close range. This is not a supernatural trait so much as one that was taught through rigorous military training.

➽➽➽ Secrets-
☐ Eun-Chae is not her real name. It's actually Mischa Maximoff. She was given the name Eun-Chae when she and her brother were sent to Qiu at a young age.
☐ She has a habit of dyeing her hair a dark brown so that she won't stand out. Her natural hair color is a bright auburn.
☐ Eun-Chae and her brother technically hold the titles of Crowned Margrave of Eirwen as they are Tsar Aleksi's first born children. The rigid caste system keeps them from attaining their titles through normal means.
☐ After being relocated, she developed a habit of self harming. This is a secret from even her brother, and she has many inventive ways of covering up the scars. She does this because of her anxiety of being abandoned by the people she loves- namely her family.
☐ When nervous, her chi tends to shock her- or others if they're close enough to her.

➽➽➽ Partner-

➽➽➽ Personality-
Amiable | Dedicated | Dependable | Cold | Prideful | Haughty |

Mischa is eager to prove herself to those around her that she can do what she set out to do. The last thing that she wants is for someone to see her ask weak, and she would do anything she could to keep that image out of people's heads. The girl has a lot of pride in her skills, and can sometimes come off as though she thinks she's better than others, but she truly doesn't mean to act this way. She is friendly and dependable to those she's gotten to know.

➽➽➽ History-
Born Mischa Maximoff to Tsar Aleksi Maximoff and one of his many mistresses, she and her brother were raised by their mother out of view of the Tsar. Because his mistress was not of the noble or royal class, he could not make her his wife, and his twin first born children were deemed bastards. He faced a hard decision in labeling them as undesirables or sending them away to a foreign land under new identities to live a more peaceful life.

Mischa and her brother were given new names, and we're forced to adapt to a land so different than the one they knew that was covered in ice. She found Qiu quite beautiful, and desired to fit in as a member of society. She adapted their customs and traditions over time- dyeing her auburn hair a dark chocolate color as it slowly grew in length. Her love of tea led her to her dream of owning her own shop. Those dreams were abandoned, however, after the people stopped enjoying being out after dark. She had no second thoughts in wanting to travel to Atris, and threw herself wholeheartedly into becoming a guardian. She does have a bit of an ulterior motive in that she hopes to prove that she is a more worthy Margrave than the Tsar's other children that currently wear the crown and title that she knows she and her brother deserve.

➽➽➽ Notable Information-
☐ She has a fear or large bodies of water as she cannot swim
☐ Mischa is 175 cm tall without heels or height adjusting shoes
☐ Sometimes without meaning to, her Eirwen accent will come through when she speaks the common language.

➽➽➽ Clockwork Heart-
☐ Her Clockwork Heart is purposefully split into two forms. The magic channel is in the form of a brooch that she uses to clasp the front of her qipao shut. It is shaped like a lotus and made of hand cut jade from the Qiu jade quarry. The timer itself is a watch made from obsidian with six gear dials that move independently that count down the years, months, weeks, hours, days, and seconds respectfully.

➽➽➽ Plot Devices-
  「 мιѕcнa 」 / -Solaris- / 65d 14h 44m 14s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/ulciHxj.png]]

[center [size15

[#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●]
「 What is your name? 」

「 我的名字是颖恩~ 很高兴认识你
Hello, my name is Ying En. 」

[#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●]
「 Do you have any nicknames? 」

「 I do not have any nicknames, but I'm open to the thought as long as they aren't degrading. 」

[#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●]
「 How old are you? 」

「 I am 24 years old 」

[#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●]
「 What is your gender? Who attracts you? 」

「 I was born a woman, but I was always much more comfortable when my parents treated me as their "son" instead of their "daughter". I'm comfortable in my body as a woman, but I prefer masculine pronouns over feminine ones. As for who I like, I truly have no preference for gender- though I do prefer someone more ambitious than me, and someone who wouldn't be afraid to work hard to achieve their goals. 」

[#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●]
「 You are cursed? With what and why? 」

「 The spirit that I was cursed with was the horse. Raised by a general of the imperial army and his prostitute-turned-trophy-wife, my sister and I were raised under an iron fist. We were often treated like sons rather than daughters, and where my sister excelled in schooling, I struggled to pass the examinations. I had little goals when it came to matters of acadamia. She was frail in stature, however, and did not stand up to the rigorous physical training. I learned swordsmanship from my father, and he was the one to give me the name En.

When I became older, freedom was something I craved. I told my father I wished to be a historian, and he relented- allowing me to travel as I pleased.

I returned home one year to learn that my sister had died. I was devastated, and left once again, but this time, I knew that I would not be returning. I had nowhere to go, but that had never stopped me before. The only thing I had to my name was the sword I'd been taught to use.

I lived on the streets and traveled from city to city for the better part of two years- no drive nor ambition left in me to gather more information about the past. One night, in somewhat of a stupor, I was in desperate need of food and a place to rest when I was found thieving by an old monk. It wasn't that he'd caught me that had startled me; it was what he said to me that ultimately shook me.

“You never finish what you start. Perhaps you need some responsibility given to you in life to make up for your startling lack of ambition for a young person your age,” His touch felt as though I'd been knocked over. I couldn't breathe, and when I came back to my senses, I found myself gasping for air on the ground- no old man in sight. I know now that I've been cursed, and while I certainly don't see this as a good thing, deep down, I know he's right. 」

[#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●]
「 What triggers your curse? 」

「 It seems that any strong feelings of guilt trigger my curse. My emotions are always tied to the strip of color in my hair, but guilt is the emotion that I feel the strongest most of the time. 」

[#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●]
「 How many years do you have left? 」

「 Being told that I only have thirty-four years to live seems to have shaken me somewhat 」

[#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●]
「 What exactly does your curse do? 」

「 My curse has made me into a danger detector it seems. Like a dog with it's nose, I can sense when something bad will happen- even if I don't know what it is. Even if this doesn't take years from my life, it isn't a pleasant experience. The colorful streak in my hair I suppose the god thought it would be humorous to give me a built in mood detector as well. Normally, it's just pink, but occasionally, it does change color. What does take years off of my life is the probability manipulation. This takes six months from me each time, and each time I've been accidentally triggered, it has never been a good thing. 」

[#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●]
「 What is your personality like? 」

「 I tend to keep to myself. To be honest, I don't do well in a crowd, but I refuse to let anyone else know this. I am self-reliant, and quick to think of solutions to problems that might seem difficult otherwise. I might not be book smart or well educated, but I would like to think I am intelligent about other things. At times, I suppose I can be a bit stubborn. Over-all I'm not an open-book- despite what the color changing hair might say about me. 」

[#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●]
「 Where were you when your curse finally took hold? 」

「 I was in the middle of town when I first experienced my curse. A small girl reminded me of my sister, and I felt guilty and sad about the things that had happened when I was away. There was a sharp throbbing in my head, and the next thing I knew, a lantern had tipped over, and caught the hay the horses were eating alight. People were obviously frightened, and even though I was disoriented, I hurried to get away before I caused more damage. 」

[#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●]
「 Anything else? 」

「 - I'm rather fond of dancing. While I've never experienced it myself, the times that I did see dance performances, it reminded me quite a lot of sword techniques.
- I'm afraid of large bodies of water.
- I enjoy brush painting very much. While my calligraphy was always a bit sloppy, painting always was very calming.
- I do not enjoy when others touch my hair- especially the colored streak. 」

[center [size30 [#319177 「] тнoυgнтѕ [#319177 」]]
[center As inspired by Darcy

[size15 [#0081AB Level of Friendship ✰]
[#FF5470 Level of Attraction ✿]
[#B768A2 Level of Romance ღ]
[#FFAA1D Level of Distrust ✧]]]

[center [size15 [#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●] Tadashi Nakagawa [#319177 | |] The God

“I don't understand why I'm attracted to him at all. Though, so far, he's proven himself to be more useful than he lets on. I'll reserve my judgement on him a little longer. I'm glad that he sees me as a man, however. If he treated me like he treated the other women in our group, I don't think I could handle it.”

[size18 [center [#0081AB ✰]✰✰✰✰✰✰✰
[#FF5470 ✿✿✿✿✿✿]✿✿
[#B768A2 ღ]ღღღღღღღ
[#FFAA1D ✧✧✧✧]✧✧✧✧]]

[center [#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●] Himeko Uzuki [#319177 | |] The Tiger]]

“She reminds me of my sister except not as frail. I think I might have offended her in my offer to carry her. For now, I think I should keep my distance so that I won't make her hate me more than she already does.”

[size18 [center [#0081AB ✰]✰✰✰✰✰✰✰
[#FF5470 ✿✿✿]✿✿✿✿✿
[#B768A2 ღ]ღღღღღღღ
[#FFAA1D ✧✧✧]✧✧✧✧✧]]

[center [#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●] Xian Jun [#319177 | |] The Sheep]]

“She is pretty, but what are her intentions I wonder? I'm not entirely sure. We haven't had many interactions yet.”

[size18 [center [#0081AB ✰]✰✰✰✰✰✰✰
[#FF5470 ✿✿✿]✿✿✿✿✿
[#B768A2 ღ]ღღღღღღღ
[#FFAA1D ✧✧✧✧]✧✧✧✧]]

[center [#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●] Yi Hui Ling [#319177 | |] The Dog]]

“I have had no notable conversations with them, and as such, have no thoughts at this time.”

[size18 [center [#0081AB ✰]✰✰✰✰✰✰✰
[#FF5470 ✿✿✿]✿✿✿✿✿
[#B768A2 ღ]ღღღღღღღ
[#FFAA1D ✧✧✧]✧✧✧✧✧]]

[center [#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●] Yukitsune Chikusa [#319177 | |] The Snake]

“He's pretty, but kind of off-putting. I'm not sure what to make of him quite yet.”

[size18 [center [#0081AB ✰]✰✰✰✰✰✰✰
[#FF5470 ✿✿✿✿]✿✿✿✿
[#B768A2 ღ]ღღღღღღღ
[#FFAA1D ✧✧✧]✧✧✧✧✧]]

[center [#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●] Lin Yu [#319177 | |] The Rat]

“I have had no notable conversations with them, and as such, have no thoughts at this time.”

[size18 [center [#0081AB ✰]✰✰✰✰✰✰✰
[#FF5470 ✿]✿✿✿✿✿✿✿
[#B768A2 ღ]ღღღღღღღ
[#FFAA1D ✧✧✧✧✧]✧✧✧]]

[center [#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●] Sun Qin [#319177 | |] The Dragon]

“She has a lot to say on every topic it seems. She's good at crowd control except when it comes to someone questioning her past it seems. It makes me curious about what she has to hide from us, but I'm not one to pry. She doesn't give me any negative feelings, but maybe she'll reveal why her past makes her so upset over time.”

[size18 [center [#0081AB ✰]✰✰✰✰✰✰✰
[#FF5470 ✿✿✿✿✿]✿✿✿
[#B768A2 ღ]ღღღღღღღ
[#FFAA1D ✧✧✧]✧✧✧✧✧]]

[center [#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●] Minami Raiden [#319177 | |] The Rabbit]

“I've had no noteable conversations with them yet.”

[size18 [center [#0081AB ✰]✰✰✰✰✰✰✰
[#FF5470 ✿✿✿✿]✿✿✿✿
[#B768A2 ღ]ღღღღღღღ
[#FFAA1D ✧✧✧✧✧]✧✧✧]]

[center [#319177 ●][#D98695 ●][#319177 ●] Takumi Kobayashi [#319177 | |] The Boar]

“I've had no noteable conversations with them yet.”

[size18 [center [#0081AB ✰]✰✰✰✰✰✰✰
[#FF5470 ✿✿✿✿✿]✿✿✿
[#B768A2 ღ]ღღღღღღღ
[#FFAA1D ✧✧]✧✧✧✧✧✧]]
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