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Wendy was always the "good" kid. She had friends, good grades, and everything pretty much going for her. Then she was paired up with YOU for their final project. He was the "bad boy". He smokes, drinks, skips school, gets into fights and rides a motorcycle. Everything Wendy learned to stay away from. During their project, YOU starts to playfully hit on her, her denying everytime, even though she is slowly falling for him herself.

They talk all summer and finally start dating, still being the two totally different people they are. When her parents finally want to meet YOU, they don't like him. Saying is "isn't for her". So YOU says
Will she run away with him? Will she listen to her parents?

[size16 Let's Find Out]

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Literate Please
No ditching.
Tell when your leaving.
Have fun and be creative with your post.
Post AT LEAST once a day.
Tell me when your leaving
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Also, if you could, I would like him to resemble peter pan as close as you can. If his name could be Peter pan that would be awesome as well. He should act and resemble Pan, as my character will resemble Wendy as close as I can. I can help with pictures. Also, he should have friends Tink could be a younger character that has a thing for peter, and maybe he likes her a little as well, making his cruh on Wendy harder. Thanks and hope to talk to you too!

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Peter set out a few hours later, following the trail of tree marks he'd made earlier that day. It was mildly terrifying to be marching through a wooded area with only a flashlight in the middle of the night, hearing the noises of animals scurrying around him. Despite the chance of running into a coyote, he kept moving.

Wendy's last texts played in his mind. He couldn't imagine ever not wanting to be around her and her brothers. The mere idea of him turning his back on them over something Hook had done was impossible for him to even think about. He'd fight tooth and nail to keep them safe, just like he had done for the boys and Tinkerbell over the last couple of years. Hell, he and Tink bickered almost constantly yet he would never let anything bad happen to her.

When he finally got his bearrings at the first sight of the road, Peter stayed just behind the tree line until he navigated his way to the Darlings. His heart was hammering in his chest when he caught sight of them waiting. [i They're here,] he thought to himself as a wave of relief rushed through him.

[b "Wendy!"] he whispered as he came closer.

John was the one to hear him first, turning sharply to see Peter coming out of the trees. [i "There he is,"] he grabbed for his sister's arm.

Unable to help himself, Peter rushed over and grabbed her by the waist in a hug. [b "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry,"] he murmured into her neck.

[i "Peter!"] Michael joined the hug, latching his arms onto both of them.

[b "It's going to be okay, I promise,"] Peter pulled back to look at the siblings. [b "We'll get this figured out. I just have to deal with Hook."]

Grabbing Michael and Wendy's duffle bags, he gestured for them to follow him. They kept quiet until they were far enough into the bushes, away from the road. [b "I'll give you fair warning. The boys are oddly excited about being on the run, but Tinkerbell is...let's just say she's in a fighting mood. I apologize in advance if she says anything. We had a disagreement last night and she's probably still planning on punching me at some point today."]
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Wendy opened his text, taking out a piece of paper, and writing down what he said. She planned on leaving her phone in the room in a box, that way her parents couldn't track her. After explaining to John as well, he unwillingly gave up his phone as well. Before locking it up, she sent Peter a final text.

[+green Peter. I'm leaving John and my phone at the house. That way they can't track me. They are both turned off and locked, so my parents won't be able to get your number either. I'll meet you at dawn tomorrow but if you're not there, I assume you don't want anything to do with me or my family any longer. We will go home, and will not bother you anymore. Thank you for taking me to Neverland, and I hope to see you tomorrow.]

Wendy sent the text and would turn hers off tomorrow before they left. She hoped Peter would meet her and her brothers tomorrow, but she would understand if he didn't want to meet her anymore. Her parents are the reason they aren't safe anymore, but she tried to help them be safe. Her parents had given up begging for them to leave the door and had resided to their bedroom.

Wendy turned to the boys. [i "We are leaving early tomorrow. We are meeting Peter and getting somewhere. We will be okay."] she smiled, hoping to provide hope. [b "Wendy, is this a good idea? For us, for Michael, for you?"] John asked. [b "You just met Peter, how do you know he won't use us as a reward to our parents? What if we have to resort to crime? Then Mother and Father will be right."] John asked. He was 13, these were valid questions for a 13-year-old. [i "John, Peter cares about me, about you boys. He vowed to keep those boys safe, he wouldn't hurt anyone."] she responded. [b "He vowed to keep THEM safe, not us."] John replied softly.

Wendy hoped John wasn't right.

The three Darling kids showered in Wendy's attached bathroom, ready for tomorrow. The pilled into her bed, ready for the early hours of tomorrow. Wendy turned her phone off, throwing it in the box.

Wendy couldn't sleep, she worried too much. She woke the boys up, snuck them and their bags outside. Wendy put Michael on her back and started walking. Wendy didn't look herself, she wasn't put together, no makeup and her hair pulled up in a messy bun. She hoped Peter would even be able to recognize her, she couldn't recognize herself.

She looked at the paper, realizing they had found they rendezvous spot. She sat down on her duffle, the boys joining her on theirs. Wendy had made sure to leave early, as to not be late. She sighed, the sun rising just above some houses now. Peter would be there any moment now. At least, she hoped it would be Peter. She hoped he wouldn't go against her now.
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By nightfall, the boys were beginning to get tired. They'd made use of their time by playing behind the waterfall, splashing each other and taking turns jumping into the water below. Peter was more than distracted. While the others had overexerted themselves with activities, he kept a close eye on the woods around them. He'd left Tink in charge and took Tigerlily with him to make barely noticeable notches in trees, carving a path for them to find their way out. Hook wasn't going to get the jump on them, not again.

[i I'll come for you at first light,] he'd texted Wendy. [i Look for me up the road, where the intersection branches off to the highway. There's an alley behind the corner house, where I'll be waiting.]

When he'd ventured back to his boys, they were all passed out in halfhazard piles in the cavern. Unable to rest, Peter took watch. His adrenaline was pumping too much for him to sleep now. Even in the darkness of the night, he tracked the line of water until it disappeared from his view, leaving only the trickling stream and noisy insects ringing in his ears.

[i "Is she really worth this?"]

Tinkerbell was just as good at sneaking around as he was. She'd taken a seat beside him on the edge of the creek where the rocks jutted into the water. Peter didn't even spare her a glance. It was too late at night to start an argument, especially when they were trying to not get caught. Shouting at each other was only going to blow their cover.

[i "You've known her what, barely a few weeks? You're going to jeopardize all of us for some rich girl you have heart eyes for?"] she wasn't even hiding the jealousy in her tone.

[b "Tink, I'm mentally exhausted, okay? I can't do this with you right now,"] Peter spoke lowly to not alert the boys.

[i "Oh I'm sorry, when will it be convenient for you so we can point out how absolutely stupid you're being?"]

Finally looking her way, he felt a twinge of guilt. She looked just as tired as he felt. Her eyes were blazing with her anger and despite being tiny, she had the force of a hurricane. [i "You dragged us from our home into these goddamn woods because your precious Wendy Darling failed to mention that Hook is a family friend."]

[b "Wendy didn't know anything about this!"] he snapped, darting to his feet to put space between them. [b "She warned me to run. If she'd wanted us to get arrested, she wouldn't have said anything. Her parents are barely around, how is she supposed to know who their friends are?"]

Tink wasn't going to be deterred. Following right after him, she prodded him in the chest with a bony finger. [i "You brought her into our circle, and now look! We've lost our home, Peter. The home you promised we'd always be safe in. I hope Wendy-bird is proud of herself."]

[b "You can ask her that yourself when I go get her in the morning,"] Peter spat back, glaring down at the girl he'd always viewed as a little sister though she was now trying his patience.

Tink looked at him with her jaw hanging. [i "You can't be serious. Peter, for god's sake, she could lead him right to us!"]

A headache was building, he could feel it. [b "Wendy is not her parents. I leave in a few hours. I suggest you join the boys and get some sleep. We're done talking about this."]

The two friends continued their staredown until Tink couldn't take it anymore. With a swift kick to Peter's shin, she stormed off behind the waterfall to join her adopted brothers. Peter sank back down to sit, rubbing at his eyes.

God, he hoped Tink wasn't right.
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Wendy wanted to go. If her family wasn't going to leave the house, she had to leave the house. The Darling Family had many vacation homes, and they had too much room for the five-person family. The 6 lost boys, her brothers, Tink, Peter and Wendy would have more than enough room. Wendy was sure her family forgot about the house, it was deep in the woods, and it was supposed to be for "camping". They fully built the house from scratch, at least 8 bedrooms. Maybe they could find it again, and the group could stay there, at least for a little while. As much as Wendy wanted to believe her parents, she couldn't anymore. The police were after Peter, and they were her new chosen family. She knew her parents would fly off soon again, as always. The family never wanted children, but how else to build their empire.

Wendy started packing a small suitcase. She wasn't picky about what she brought, but she should be smart. Leggings, sweatshirts, teeshirts, nothing fancy. She remembered one thing she needed to remember. She went to her jewelry box, one thing is held. It was a silver necklace, two charms hung from it, a thimble and an acorn. She put the necklace on, a gift from her late grandmother who loved to tell stories. Her grandmother was nothing like her parents and she missed her dearly.

The three children were able to quickly slipped from Wendy's room to the boys. The boys packed a bag, packing smart. Wendy told the boys they could take a special thing with them. Michael grabbed his stuffed bear and John looked through his things. He found a top hat, given to him by his grandfather. It was easily able to fold up and tuck away, and John fit it in his bag. [i "Peter said he'd come here and get us. I'm thinking we take them to the camping house. Mother and Father have definitely forgotten about it, we haven't been in many years. But right now, we wait. We are all packed. I'd love to bring Nana, but we will have to see what happens. Right now, we just wait. Make sure you have sneakers, and extra socks."] she told the boys in a hushed tone. She could hear her parents arguing downstairs, all she could do is sigh.

[+green We've packed. Let me know when you are ready.]

Hook and Smee pulled up to a broken down barn, pushing the door open. All that was there were some scattered pieces of clothing, a few items left behind. [b "Only if we had some damn dogs. We could sniff out those kids easily. But whatever, they've already left. They have to come to the town eventually, we'll wait 'till they are more comfortable."] Hook said to Smee, throwing the small dirty shirt away from him. [+blue "Hook, why didn't you just grab Peter when you took those photos, they were comfortable."] Smee replied. All Hook replied with was a swift hit to the back of Smee's head, heading back to the cruiser.
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Peter hadn't even stopped to explain what was happening when he stormed into the barn. The boys watched with raised eyebrows as he started pulling bags from under their cots, throwing clothes and whatever else he could until they were bulging at the seams. [i "Are we going somewhere?"] Nibbs was brave enough to question.

[b "Yes. Immediately,"] Peter snapped.

No one moved. [b "I need you all to just trust me,"] he sighed. [b "I told you I wouldn't let anything happen to you, and I meant it. I've not steered you wrong yet, have I?"]

Chucking their bags at their feet, he ran up to his loft. Material possessions weren't exactly something he was interested in, but he did have one particular item that he quietly kept to himself. The brass compass was right where he left it, tucked under his pillow and safe. His fingers traced the words etched on the back before stowing it in his pocket and hurrying back to the others. [b "We have to go now."]

[i "Is this because of her?"] Tinkerbell spat from where she'd been watching from the back of the group.

[b "Wendy is not at fault for this!"] Peter yelled, losing his patience. [b "Hook is on to us, and we need to move as quickly as we can, unless you all want to be shipped back to your families."]

That was all it took for them to fall in line. Leaving his bike behind, Peter led the boys, Tink, and his excited dog through the trees at the end of the property. Tigerlily marched happily beside him, tongue hanging out and fur getting muddied with each puddle but it was just another adventure for her.

Peter didn't trust it was safe until they'd been walking for over an hour. They'd found a creek and followed it along until they hit the edge where water spilled down from a steep clifftop. Behind it was soggy and musty, but the cavern was deep enough to hide them all with relative space to themselves. [b "Everyone rest. I'll be back."]

Dropping to his knees beside the creek, he dunked his cupped hands and splashed the sweat from his face. Pulling his phone out, Wendy's message made him ache.

[i It's not your fault, Wendy-bird. Hook and I have our own troubles. I've gotten the boys and Tinkerbell as far away as I safely could. I'll come for you, I promise. All three of you. Hell, Nana can come too. Stand by and I'll figure out how to navigate where we are, and I'll get you here.]
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Wendy turned around, staring James Hook in the face. [i "What? Why do you hate him so much?"] she said, standing up to the first adult in her life. [b "Me? I hate him because he gets away with far too much. And you? You deserve someone good, maybe my son."] Hook replied. Wendy knew Hook's son, a pretty boy who got away with things just because his dad was head of police. All he cared about was what looks cool and getting stuff done for him. [i "I'd rather marry Nana than ever think of being with your son."] she said, [i "Please, just leave Peter alone."]

[b "Maybe we can strike a deal. You tell me where Peter and those forgotten boys are, and I will never bother your family ever again."] Hook suggested, a sneaky smile forming on his face. [i "Peter is my family. Your deal doesn't make sense."] she responded. She wanted to hit him, hurt him for ruining the best thing going in her life.

[+grey "Wendy dear, I scheduled you and the boys some etiquette classes for later tonight. Miss Maryann said she could come by the house, isn't that lovely?"] Mrs. Darling pranced down the stairs. Wendy's mother liked to pretend that confrontation never happened, and just glazed over things. [i "No, I'm all set."] Wendy said, walking past her mother. Wendy's motehr grabbed her wrist. [+grey "Wendy. Please, let's go back to how things used to be."] her mother responded. [i "But they aren't! Peter has been more of a family than you and Father ever have! The boys agree with me, John has been smiling. Michael is playing again. You ruined them, made the clones of Father. You both should just leave again, we're better off."] Wendy responded. [+grey "You guys wouldn't be able to survive without your father's money, you know that. The only reason we left is that we thought you'd make good choices, but you are just spending it all on charity and hoodlums like that Peter character. He using you for our money, how can you not see that."] Her mother responded, ice cold. Wendy was crying now. She was crying so much she never saw Hook slip out their front door, in an attempt to catch Peter. [i "Liar. Peter would never. He doesn't care about the money I have, he cares about me as a person. And I care about him."] she responded, pulling out of her mother's grip, running upstairs into her room. The boys joined her, locking the door behind them.

[+red "Wendy, what are we gonna do?"] John asked. [+blue "Is Peter gonna be okay?"] Michael asked. [i "All we can do right now is wait. Father and Mother are lying to you, don't listen to what they say to you. I'm gonna text, Peter."] she said.

[i [+green Hi Peter. I'm sorry. They all showed up out of nowhere. I think Hook tipped them off. Get the boys and leave the barn, I don't know if he has been tracking me or what. He left my house, so I don't know where he is anymore. I wanted to go with you, but I couldn't leave my boys either. Let me know if you need my help, I can try and sneak away. Be safe. xoxo, Wendy-bird.]] Wendy held the phone to her chest, hoping for a miracle.
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Peter had been running a little ahead of schedule.

He'd been far too eager to leave the barn that morning, nearly forgetting to brush his teeth in his haste. They'd planned a full day together, starting with a late breakfast at the local diner before moving on to a carnival that had opened in the next town over. His brain was running rapid-fire to the point where he hadn't noticed a police cruiser tailing him into town.

The gas station was the only stop on the way to Wendy. He'd have to fill the tank to ensure they were prepared for a day of traveling. Peter barely looked up from the gas pump, not noticing a short, pudgy officer approaching him.

[i "Up a little early, aren't you Pan?"]

Fighting back a groan, Peter plastered a smile on his face under his helmet. [b "Early bird gets the worm, Sneeze."]

The cop snarled. [i "You know that it's [i Smee], you little pest."]

[b "What can I say, I'm a slow learner,"] Peter tucked the gas pump away and turned to head inside to pay.

[i "Slow enough to get yourself caught one of these days,"] Smee antagonized him, following the teen into the store.

[b "I'd have to be breaking some kind of law to get caught,"] Peter turned on his heel to meet the officer's eyes. [b "Why don't you give me an insight into what I've done wrong?"]

Instead of answering, Smee only smiled. [i "Wouldn't want to ruin the fun. Watch your back, Pan. Life will catch up with you."]

[b "Tick tock, Officer Sneeze,"] Peter tapped his watch. [b "Wouldn't want to be late for the donuts. I've got things to do."]

A busy schedule left no room to banter with Hook's sidekick like he usually would. They'd both been a pain in Peter's ass as long as he can remember since moving there. James Hook had a reputation for being an absolute douchebag to anyone under the age of twenty-five, and it irked the man to no end that Peter's legal emancipation meant he answered to no adult.

On his own, Peter was in no trouble.
If Hook found out that he was harbouring the lost boys, however...Peter would never let his thoughts wander that far.

He'd all but pushed the interaction with Smee out of his head by the time he rode up to Wendy's home - braking hard as he spotted the two vehicles in the driveway that definitely hadn't been there the last few weeks.

Especially the blacked-out police cruiser.

Heart hammering in his chest, Peter locked onto Wendy yelling at him from the lawn. Behind her, Hook's smug face appeared in the doorway. Hating himself for the decision to leave her, Peter obeyed her wishes and cranked the throttle again, scorching the road as he fled from whatever destruction Hook was looking to inflict.

[i I have to get to the boys,] he hurried home.
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Wendy had been enjoying her time with Peter. She felt like she was really part of his little family he had created. Her own family could care less about her unless they were using her for attention. Wendy was the oldest and the only girl of her family, and she was supposed to marry into more wealth, basically after high school. That was what her mom did with her father, and that was what her family had chosen would happen for her. Peter had made her feel free, feel happy. Her parents had met Peter, and he wasn't what they wanted for their daughter. That was when Hook had called them. Hook had told them lies about how their daughter was going to become a criminal hanging out with a guy like Peter Pan. How Wendy was exposing her young impressionable brothers to this man who would ruin their kid's lives. The Darling parents hopped on a plane, ready to protect their daughter and sons.

Wendy woke up at home, ready for a day of fun with Peter and the boys. It was even one of the lost boys' birthdays. She was able to pull together something all the boys could use together, an inflatable raft they would use in the river nearby. She had the package neatly wrapped in the corner of the room, and she went downstairs to have some breakfast and get ready for the day.

As Wendy finished her shower and was brushing her hair, the front door to the house opened. [i "Peter? Just come upstairs, I'm almost ready."] she yelled, hearing footsteps come upstairs. Wendy was so used to his motorcycle by now, she actually enjoyed the rides they took. As the door to her room opened, expecting to see her Peter, stood the Darling parents and Mr. Hook behind them. [i "Mom! Dad! What are you doing here?! I thought you guys were in Europe until next month?"] she spoke to them. [b "You guys?!"] her mother repeated, fanning herself with her hand. [u "Wendy, where have your manners and etiquette gone?! It's because of that hoodlum Peter. Hook told us everything! All the criminal activity you have been a part of!"] her father yelled at the girl. [i "What are you talking about? Peter is not a criminal or anything."] she responded, Michael and John now entering her room.

[b "And you have been bringing your brothers into this mess as well. You should be ashamed of yourself Wendy! How dare you!"] her mother said, pulling Michael and John into her, the boys squirming out if her grasp.

[i "Me? Maybe you shouldn't leave your daughter to provide for two kids. Peter is the most special person I have met, the only person who has given me any happiness. Say whatever you want, but he will always be there for me."] she replied, crossing her arms.

[u "Oh, Hook will be taking Peter as soon as he arrives. You won't have to worry about him anymore."] Her father replied. Wendy heard the motorcycle revving in her driveway, Peter was there.

As she heard the front door open again. [i "Peter! Go back home!"] she yelled nervously down to him. She wanted more than anything to go with him, but she couldn't leave her brothers alone with her parents, [i "Quickly!"].
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Peter's laughter turned into a groan. [b "This is unfair! I only get stories from two of them, you have nine to pick from! That's an uneven amount of embarassing stories."]

His lost boys didn't seem quite as nervous as he was. The twins practically spat out their food to ramble off a story but Nibbs beat them to the punch. [i "One time Peter tried to snowboard off the barn roof onto a snow ramp he built. He went right through it, straight to the bottom!"]

[i "Broke your arm, didn't you Peter?"] Tootles snorted a laugh.

It was truly one of the more idiotic stunts he'd ever done, but at the time it seemed perfectly reasonable. [b "How was I supposed to know it wouldn't hold up?'] he poked at his food.

[i "Then for Christmas one year, he tried to deep fry a turkey but it was still raw on the inside when he tried to carve it. Please don't let him cook anything,"] Slightly joined the fun.

Peter mentally jotted down every story each of them told, crossing his arms over his chest. [b "I hope you're all pleased with yourselves. That's three Christmas gifts each that you won't be receiving this year."]

Immediately, they started backpedaling.

[i "Peter is the best cook! He can make tacos!"]

[i "One time he saved me from a lion!"]

[i "He can lift a car with his bare hands!"]

[b "You all need excessive practicing at your lies,"] he groaned with disappointment.

Looking up a Wendy, he pouted. [b "Don't let these monsters tarnish your image of me."]

The rest of the evening flew by without a hitch. Each of the boys were on their best behaviour, and even waited patiently for their turn on whatever gaming console Michael had started up. Peter, truthfully, spent most of the evening stealing glances at Wendy and her smiles, feeling his heart hammering in his chest a little harder.

The next two weeks passed much the same. Occasionally Michael and John joined her for adventures at the barn. Michael had even gotten up on the ladder to help the twins paint [i 'Neverland'] across the side of it in bright green letters.

[i 'Neverland', like we never have to follow rules here!] Nibbs had explained while he supervised.

Things had been going so smoothly that Peter hadn't noticed the unmarked police cruiser following him around town. Nor did he notice the camera snapping evidence soon to disrupt his time with Wendy.

Hook's phone was already in hand, dialing the Darling home's number as he watched Peter hold the door open for the lone Darling daughter.
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Both John and Michael's mouths hung open as they explained the attempt at cooking the have had. [i "So, you guys don't have family dinners at night? Wendy cooks dinner almost every night, well, sometimes she makes it and we heat it up. Or we get take out. But we always have food, Wendy makes sure!"] Michael said to the lost boys. [b "I have made dinner once!"] John interjected. [i "CEREAL ISN'T DINNER JOHN! It's a yummy breakfast Wendy only lets us have on weekends."] Michael responded, eating another big bite of pasta.

"It will rot their teeth." Wendy shrugged, taking another bit as well.

Wendy had an idea, but she also wanted more insight into Peter as well. "So, boys. I have a great idea. How about each of you tell me a story about living with Peter in the barn. You all have some interesting stories, also, if they embarrass Peter, even better!" Wendy smiled, winking at Peter.

John raised a hand, [b "As long as we can tell stories and embarrass you too! Like the time you found a raccoon and thought it was a dog, and you had to get a rabies shot. Or the time you thought you could return me and Michael so you taped us in a box and stole all of moms stamps. Or the time Mom and Dad sent you to etiquette classes because ..."] John started, but Wendy covered his mouth before he could finish.

" I think they get it...John" she smiled. "Now, tell me about Peter!" she smirked, standing behind Peter's chair. "I'm excited" she whispered into Peter's ear, teasing him.
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Peter wasted no time in sampling the spoonful of sauce she offered him. His eyes blew wide open the second it touched his tongue. [b "Alright, now I really don't want to share it,"] he looked longingly at the rest of the pot.

Soon she was calling the large group of kids to eat and it was somehow more organized than the usual mealtimes at the barn, when they all pushed each other around like cattle to get to their food. They all looked just as eager as he felt to devour the pasta but mercifully held off until they were seated around a table larger than they'd ever seen.

Peter cleared his throat before the boys could hurry to stuff their faces. [b "What do we say, guys?"] he prompted, trying to maintain some kind of manners in front of John since he was still unsure how the boy felt about them all.

A chorus of various 'thank yous' was the response. Not bad, considering it was immediately followed by forks scraping against plates. Peter couldn't even try to rein them in, considering his reaction was much the same after the first bite. [b "That's it, I'm moving in,"] he muttered, scooping another mouthful.

[i "Wendy cooks best! Our mom burns everything,"] Michael smiled, clearly proud of his sister.

[i "Peter found a barbecue once and brought it home for us. It caught fire when he tried making burgers,"] Nibbs snickered.

The older boy flushed red. [b "I didn't know you aren't supposed to use an entire bag of charcoal to cook, okay?"] he defended himself, glaring at Nibbs.

[i "Made a great fire, though. We melted our shoes,"] one of the twins remembered fondly.
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"I mean, we do get take-out sometimes, but if the boys want something specific, I usually want to try first. So I've made pizza, dumplings, Chinese...but somethings I just can't do. I refuse to make fresh pasta ever again...the kitchen was a mess." Wendy smiled. She remembered how the boys wanted to help, and by the end of it, they had hard pasta and a completed floured kitchen.

Wendy laughed to herself as Peter kept ushering little groups of ost boys back downstairs, as they stared at the two of them cooking together. Of course, she wondered why, but she didn't want to ask. She had a few things she wanted to ask him, but she didn't know how he'd take them. She was curious about what their relationship was at this point. He trusted her with a group of the most important people in his life, and she did with him. He had met her parents, took etiquette lessons from her just to go to a fancy restaurant, and had made a wonderful impression on her brothers. Were these merely friendly gestures, or did he have feelings for she did for him?

Wendy was taken out of her head when she heard Peter speak again, and she smiled. "Of course. You want them to eat grass?" she said, taking a spoon and dipping it in the sauce. She tasted it, it was perfect. She handed him the spoon, that still had sauce on it, "Taste it, it's awesome." she smiled.

She grabbed the pot of drained spaghetti, and covered it with sauce, her chicken she cut up, and the veggies she cooked with the sauce. You could barely tell any veggies were in there. "Ready for the madness?" she looked to Peter. "BOYS! Dinner's ready?"

After using her "teacher voice" to line up the boys, she smiled. She piled food on every plate, handing it out to all the small boys. She put the rest of the pasta on two more plates, handing on to Peter. Wendy ushered them into her dining room, with seating for 12 or so. It was one of those rooms that were locked with a special key and used for special occasions, but it was the only place they would all fit. They all found their seats and Wendy smiled. "Enjoy boys." she smiled, twirling her pasta and taking a bite. It turned out great, she just they all enjoyed it too.
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Truth be told, Peter wasn't entirely sure how the cheese was supposed to taste. His face scrunched up as he processed the new texture. [b "Tastes like how feet smell,"] he swallowed it, reaching for his glass of water.

Pasta, at least, he could handle. [b "I'm on board with anything that requires food being thrown,"] he eagerly set himself beside the sink to fill the pot with water.

It was noticeably domestic, the two of them maneuvering around each other in the kitchen. More than once he had to shush a lost boy back to play with the others, not missing the way the boys would look to Wendy for support. Much like they would a maternal figure. He'd have to keep an eye on that before the boys got the wrong idea.

[b "Do you cook a lot, then?"] he asked her, watching how smoothly she navigated herself. [b "I imagine with your parents gone a lot that someone has to feed you three. Unless you're living my dream of eating takeout every single day because if that's the case, I need to move in immediately."]

He fought the temptation to dip a finger into the homemade sauce to taste it, trying to be as gentlemanly as he could muster. He couldn't help it though, the smell of the fresh food was making his mouth water. [b "Do we have to share with the rest of them, because I could manage all of this on my own,"] he lifted the pot of pasta noodles to strain the water in the sink.
  Peter Pan / Kooza / 67d 13h 11m 25s
Wendy decided on a simple pasta dish to make for them. It was cheesy, carb-filled, and would feed the nine boys she had to feed. She also was going to make a salad, she needed to make sure these boys ate a vegetable this year at least once. The women looked over as Peter examined her fridge, taking the bowl of mascarpone cheese out of his hands. "It is cheese. Mascarpone cheese, here" she took a spoonful and popped it into Peter's mouth. "Like it?" she smirked before pouring two boxes of pasta into a large pot of boiling water.

"How about I work on the sauce, and you can make sure the pasta cooks. Do you the fun way to see if pasta is cooked?" Wendy smirked. "If you throw a pasta noodle at the wall and it sticks, it's done. But only ONE strand, don't waste it." she smiled.

"How does a mushroom, tomato and cheese sauce sound, with chicken and the pasta. I'm feeding those boys veggies and you can't stop me." she smiled. She threw together a quick salad and put in back in the fridge to keep it cold. "And you need to eat your veggies too." she winked at him.

"Oh, John will be fine. He has a little brother who wants to be just like him. He'll be okay, he needs to be roughed up a bit anyway. As long as the lost boys don't pull a sword on him, I think he'll live" she laughed, cutting, dicing and started creating a sauce for the best dinner Peter and the Lost Boys will ever eat.
  Wendy Elizabeth Darling / SmileBright / 69d 13h 6m 37s
Peter was grateful to be pulled from his thoughts. [b "As long as I get to sample everything,"] he gladly took her hand.

Half of the food in her fridge would probably last him and the boys two weeks worth of meals. They tended to eat light - and mostly junk - to save their small bits of money for their more preferred purchases, none which were responsible or sensible.

[b "What's this stuff?"] he poked at something that looked like some kind of fancy cheese. [b "Is it even edible? It doesn't smell edible."]

He stood by dutifully, waiting for her instructions on what to do. At best, he could make a sandwich or microwave a frozen dinner. Once he'd tried to make pizza from scratch and it ended up being hard as rock, and then used as a frisbee for an entire week. They'd ended up digging into their Halloween candy that night.

[b "You sure the boys won't mind sharing their stuff? Michael seems to be enjoying it but I don't want John to be uncomfortable. You mentioned he could be a bit more difficult when it comes to socializing,"] he spoke as they worked.

The lost boys didn't know the first thing about personal space, let alone personal items. Everything was shared between them, from clothes to toys. Nothing was really off-limits at the barn. He wasn't altogether convinced that they would have enough manners to back off if John started to get antsy about sharing his stuff.
  Peter Pan / Kooza / 81d 11h 59m 21s

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