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Wendy was always the "good" kid. She had friends, good grades, and everything pretty much going for her. Then she was paired up with YOU for their final project. He was the "bad boy". He smokes, drinks, skips school, gets into fights and rides a motorcycle. Everything Wendy learned to stay away from. During their project, YOU starts to playfully hit on her, her denying everytime, even though she is slowly falling for him herself.

They talk all summer and finally start dating, still being the two totally different people they are. When her parents finally want to meet YOU, they don't like him. Saying is "isn't for her". So YOU says
Will she run away with him? Will she listen to her parents?

[size16 Let's Find Out]

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Also, if you could, I would like him to resemble peter pan as close as you can. If his name could be Peter pan that would be awesome as well. He should act and resemble Pan, as my character will resemble Wendy as close as I can. I can help with pictures. Also, he should have friends Tink could be a younger character that has a thing for peter, and maybe he likes her a little as well, making his cruh on Wendy harder. Thanks and hope to talk to you too!

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[b "No no, you're right,"] Peter frowned. [b "We can't risk them getting hurt to the point that they need medical attention. Not when we're in hiding. If they have to go to the hospital, we'd have no way to get them there safely."]

Hopping up on a rock pile, Peter called for their attention. [b "We're going to set some ground rules! This isn't like back at the barn, so we have to be more careful."]

[i "Careful?"] Nibbs raised an eyebrow. [i "We've never had to be careful before."]

Of course they hadn't. They'd also never had a manic corrupt police detective after them before, either. [b "Things don't get to be as laid back as they have been until now. There's real danger, guys. Wendy and I are doing what we can to protect you all, but we need you to do your part to make sure no one is badly hurt. So, new rules!"]

Peter began counting them off his fingers. [b "No hitting each other with sticks or other objects that can do real damage. We'll be at the cabin soon, so feel free to beat each other senseless with pillows, but no more stick swords or sling-shots."]

Slightly raised the hand that wasn't holding the ice bag. [i "What about wrestling?"]

[b "Wrestling is fine, as long as you're not jumping off the roof or balcony."]

[i "What's a balcony?"] the twins asked.

[b "Trust me, there's one in the living room, you'll see."] At least they seemed to be listening. [b "Just do what we say, and don't try anything that's going to likely leave you with broken bones."]

In the back, Tootles raised his hand. [i "What about the fireworks?"]

[b "What fireworks?"]

Tootles dumped his bag, filled to the brim with Roman Candles and firecrackers. [b "Okay, those fireworks. I'll take those. No explosives of any kind,"] Peter ran a hand over his forehead in frustration. [b "Give me the bag, Tootles."]

The boys were grumbling under their breath now, clearly unhappy with the new stipulations. [i "It won't be fun at all!"] Nibbs scowled.

[b "We'll make it fun, just trust us,"] Peter pleaded.
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Wendy sighed as she saw the boys, they seemed to have really gotten into this 'living in the wild' thing. She placed two fingers in her mouth, letting out a loud whistle that made all the boys cover their ears before looking over to her. [i "We brought food for you all. Slightly, come here. I have an ice pack in my bag, and I don't want your eye to swell too much."] she said, motioning for the boy to follow her.

Wendy brought Slightly to a rock, opening her duffle bag and taking out a first aid kit she packed, just in case. She popped the one-time use ice pack, wrapping it in a gauze pocket and showing him how to hold it to his eye. [i "Keep it on until it's not cold anymore. It will help the black eye heal faster."] she smiled toward him allowing him to join the other boys. [b "Thanks, Wendy. Peter never gave us ice packs, you're so cool."] he said and ran away. Wendy laughed a little, before rejoining Peter. [i "Slightly said I'm cool. We'll that I am /so/ cool, probably cooler than you."] she teased.

Wendy watched as the boys tore into the snacks that Wendy had packed. John even made his way down from the tree, bringing Tink with him to grab something to eat.

Wendy went behind Michael, taking the stick out of his hand. [i "Did you hit Slightly in the eye?"] she asked, giving him a look. [b "Sorry Wendy. It was an accident."] he said a small frown on his face. [i "Hey, it's okay buddy. Just be careful. Make sure you apologize to him, okay?"] she smiled. Michael perked up, and ran over, apologizing to Slightly. Wendy joined Peter, the stick still in her hand.

[i "Peter, we need to teach them they shouldn't be hurting each other? Sticks as weapons? They are kids. I know, I probably sound like an 'adult' but shouldn't they have /some/ boundaries?"] Wendy said. She hoped Peter wouldn't think less of her for making sure the kids were safe. His life was all about disobeying rules, but she wanted to make sure kids were safe. She didn't want anyone to poke an eye out or break an arm.
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Peter wasted no time pulling the shirt off and hacking away with the scissors, cutting the sleeves off entirely as well as the collar. Like hell was he going to have buttons on his shirt either, so he carefully snipped the thread holding them in place. It was haggard and uneven, but it did the trick. The pant legs were next, chopped just below the knee. After ten minutes, he looked like the raggamuffin boy from the woods again.

"I think the food is plenty," he answered her, hopping up onto the table to strike a dramatic pose. "You can have me for dessert," he grinned and flexed like an idiot, showing off his barely-there bicep muscle.

The boys would be fine with the snacks until they could gather some food for a real meal. Peter had resigned himself to the fact that he and a few of the older boys would have to hunt for small game to eat with the wild mushrooms and plants, if they ran out of food before they could restock through Alice. "Shall we?" he hefted the bag onto his shoulders so she wouldn't have to carry it.

Unsurprisingly, the kids were in absolute chaotic disaster mode when they returned to them. The twins looked more dishevelled than Peter's hackjob of an outfit, and Slightly was sporting a black eye. "Get those dirty pirates!" Michael cheered, brandishing a stick that acted as his sword and taking a swing at Nibbs.

"Is it too late to turn around and leave them here to be wild animals?" Peter whispered to Wendy.

"They're back!" John called out from above, tucked away in a tree serving as the lookout.

"You know when we said to have fun, we didn't mean wage a full-on war with each other and make more noise than the entire Civil War," Peter put his hands on his hips. "What if people were looking in the woods for us?"

Michael spun around, waving the stick. "Then we'd fight the pirates!"
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Wendy laughed, knowing he wouldn't find anything suitable for himself in his dad's wardrobe. Wendy took a quick shower and felt so much better getting clean. She showered yesterday before Peter found them, but after sleeping on the ground, she still wasn't used to the 'living outside' thing quite yet. Sure, she had spent a night or two in the barn, but this was different.

After her shower, Wendy pulled her up into a messy bun on her head, along with some leggings that had some cutouts on the side, along with a grey t-shirt. She walked out of the room and met with Peter, and couldn't help but stifle a laugh at how ridiculous he currently looked. [i "Oh Peter..."] she giggled, [i "You look like the prep boys my dad made me date."]. She fell into a fit of laughter just looking at him in chinos and a polo shirt.

When Peter complimented her, she smiled. [i "Oh stop it. Are you going to be this mushy with me around the boys? They'll destroy you. They also will destroy you for this getup. We got to do something."] Wendy said. She found a pair of scissors and handed them to Peter. [i "Do your worst."] she smiled. [i "I like your hair and beardless, I'll cut it in your sleep if you don't."] she smirked.

[i "Once your done, we'll head out to them, I'm gonna pack some snacks and some hotdogs for dinner. I asked one of our old housekeepers to grab us some things, my dad fired her but she was always such a nice person. She's totally on our side, don't worry. I didn't tell her we were on the run from the cops, but she wouldn't rat us out to Hook anyway."] she smiled. She knew Alice, the old housekeeper, was a good person. They used to talk about Hook and her parents all the time and made sure Wendy grew up nothing like them. She basically raised her, so her good qualities were thanks to her. She was fired once they thought Wendy was old enough to take care of them.

Wendy started packing granola bars, tortilla chips, and other snacks for the boys to snack on. They did have breakfast but they would appreciate the food. Alice really stocked them up enough for two weeks, but with all the boys, it might last a couple of days. She tossed two packs of hotdogs and buns as well. It was something they could cook outside, as they wouldn't be leaving for the house until dusk. [i "Do you think this is enough for the night?"] she asked, showing off the bag of food she's packed.
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Peter waggled his eyebrows. [b "I don't suppose you're trying to seduce me again under the guise of an innocent shower, Miss Darling."]

As interested as he was in that potential activity, he knew it was best to rein himself in before he neglected the kids any longer. [b "I'll grab some of your dad's clothes and shower in one of the other bathrooms, otherwise we'll get distracted again,"] he quickly kissed her.

Rummaging through the dresser convinced him that her father knew nothing of 'comfortable clothing'. Everything was either old-man slacks or chinos. Did the man even own a pair of jeans? He begrudgingly chose a pair of black chinos and a grey polo he'd found in the closet, immediately feeling like one of the preppy kids from school when he pulled the clothes on after his shower.

Is this what he would have looked like if he'd stayed with his family? Properly dressed and presentable to the general public? Peter felt like he was preparing for a day on the golf course rather than smuggling their small army of kids through the woods to their new hideout.

When Wendy joined him, he held his arms out and looked slightly nervous. [b "How do I look? Please tell me I don't look like an accountant. I don't think I even own a collared shirt,"] he tugged at the neckline a little, feeling more grown up than he ever had.

[b "Luckily for me, you're beautiful enough for the both of us, so I'm going to mooch off of your good looks to feel better about this ensemble,"] he plucked at the hemline of the shirt.

It would take approximately sixty-seven seconds for any of the kids to laugh at him over his new - but temporary - look. [b "Maybe I'll make some adjustments. I'm sure there are scissors in this place,"] he grinned. [b "Lose the collars, cut some pants into shorts. A real Tarzan look. Maybe I'll even grow out my hair and work on a beard."]
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All Wendy could do was let out a small squeak when Peter grabbed her hips, replying to her before allowing their lips to attach once more.

[center ****]

The room was in shambles when the teens finished their time together. As Wendy pulled on her shirt again, [i "Oh, 100%. This is our space."] she smiled. As she went around to pick things up, she found a spare sock of Peter's bringing it over to him. She bent down to be eye level with Peter, smirking, [i "You can't scare me anymore Peter."] she replied with a wink.

Wendy looked at the clock, realizing they had been away from the kiddos for a least 2 hours, maybe even 2 and a half. [i "Man, we should be getting back to the boys and Tink, huh? We could probably head over once it gets dark, make sure we aren't seen by hikers or the like. And they should ALL shower or take a bath. They are starting to stink."] she laughed. The boys were so used to rinsing off in a hose outside, a nice warm shower or bath would probably be luxurious to them. She hoped that the boys wouldn't think that the Darling's were spoiled, because she made sure the boys appreciated the things they got. They had the ability to have anything they desired, but Wendy wanted them to be raised as humble and kind humans.

Wendy brushed back Peter's hair, smiling softly at the gentle man in front of her. [i "Do you want to take advantage of the shower before the boys? I was thinking of showering and changing quickly, I have some clothes I've left here. My dad might have some 'camping clothes', or I can throw your clothes in the wash. What do you say?"] she asked. She hoped he didn't think she was trying to change him, she just wanted him to be comfortable.
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Was it possible to be this deliriously happy? Each kiss left him more and more lightheaded, and eager to get as close to her as possible. Her taunting only made him laugh, grabbing her hips firmly. [b "Maybe I like being claimed,"] he rose up to meet her lips halfway.

In all fairness, it was well past time that they had moments to themselves. It was exhausting being responsible for an entire gaggle of kids all the time, and Peter was more than happy to take the free hour with Wendy all to himself. Well, it could have been longer than an hour. Truthfully, he lost count between the tangled limbs and teasing.

The picture perfect bedroom was a mess when they'd finally collected themselves and got back on task. All the pillows were thrown everywhere and Peter was fairly certain that if they looked through the ruffled blankets that the feathered duvet was coming apart at the seams. Still, he couldn't wipe the stupid smile from his face.

[b "This room is strictly forbidden to anyone but us,"] he ran a hand through his hair to try and tame the disaster it had become. [b "No little monsters allowed."]

How the hell did his sock get across the room? Never mind that, his shirt was definitely inside-out. Peter snuck a look at her and flushed red - something he was positive would happen whenever he looked at her now. [b "I didn't scare you off, did I?"]
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Wendy laughed as Peter took her in his arms, leaning against the pillows. Her cheeks heated up, a pink tint lightly dusted her cheeks. She smiled as he pressed kisses along her jaw, and nodded. [i "I will."] Wendy smiled, letting their lips connected together. It was so different being with Peter when they were alone, then when they were with the boys. Peter wouldn't like to hear this, but he had become like a dad to them, well, more like an older brother. He made sure they ate, and that they were safe and happy. But he wasn't on top of them about school work, or chores, which is where her brothers excelled. John could probably teach the lost boys a few things, just so they were kept up to date on school things, while not requiring them to be in school.

When Peter was just around Wendy, he had his 'bad boy' air around him. He was playful and snarky, which was what Wendy loved about him. She loved both sides she had learned about him, his playful side, and his sensitive side as well.

Wendy allowed herself to get lost in the kisses her and Peter shared. She played with his shirt, helping him take the shirt off of his torso. She allowed her hands to explore his chest and then went to her own shirt. She pulled their lips away for a moment, as she took off the shirt she was wearing, tossing it to the side, and brought their lips together again. Wendy had no been intimate, in any sense, with anyone before. But with Peter, these things just felt natural. This just felt like what was next. Wendy readjusted their bodies, letting Peter lean his back against the pillows. Wendy readjusted her body to be sitting on Peter's pelvis, one leg on either side of him, facing toward him.

[i "Peter, I've always been told to be scared of you. But maybe you should have been scared of me..."] Wendy whispered playfully and she brought her lips to his neck. She took some light nips at his neck, stopping at a spot on his collarbone, biting, and sucking at one spot. She knew if she left any marks on him, they should be hidden. [i "Are you just gonna let me leave a mark on you, or are you going to do something about it?"] she teased to him, a small giggle escaping her lips.
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It was difficult to believe that someone who had grown up in a household that wealthy, and with parents as obnoxious as hers, could be such a kindhearted and warm person. Peter certainly didn't belong in this world, but Wendy had been more than ready to welcome him with open arms and was the first person to treat him as an equal instead of someone to sneer at and mock.

He willingly let her drag him upstairs and did as he was told, keeping his eyes closed before she instructed him to look around. The master suite was just as over the top as the rest of the house in terms of luxury, but not once did Wendy ever make him feel like he was below her. He'd lived in a barn, yet she smiled at him like he made her happier than anyone else could.

Peter's eyes locked onto hers as she spoke, drawing him closer to the bed with just the tone of her voice. [b "Miss Darling, are you trying to seduce me?"] he taunted playfully. [b "What about my reputation?"]

Climbing up beside her, he scooped her in his arms and moved her to her back against the pillows. With a hand on either side of her, Peter grinned. [b "I can't argue with your logic, Wendy-bird. We should take full advantage of what privacy we have before this place is flooded with nosy kids."]

Carefully ensuring he wasn't crushing her under his weight, Peter pressed his lips to her jawline, peppering kisses in a row until he met her lips. [b "You stop me the second you aren't comfortable, okay? Promise me."]
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[i "Aw, do you have to be an upstanding gentleman? I was hoping you'd stay exactly the same."] Wendy winked toward him, a small laugh escaped her lips as he dipped her. [i "C'mon, I'll show you the master suite."] she smiled. She took his hand, walking up the large staircase and she walked up to a pair of large double doors. [i "Close your eyes."] she smiled, waiting to open them until he closed his eyes. She opened the doors, leading him in blind. The room was probably as large as the barn was. The room was large and white, just how her parents would have wanted it. It had large windows, with blackout curtains that would completely cover them as well. The large king-sized bed sat in the middle, attached was their own bathroom, complete with his/her sinks, jacuzzi tub, and waterfall shower.

Wendy walked behind him, [i "Open them"] she smiled. She watched as he looked around the room with amazement. The room was over the top, but her family was over the top, and this was 'roughing it' for them.

After Peter had taken his time to have a proper look, Wendy walked up to him. She placed a hand on his chest lightly, pressed his body against a wall. She pressed kisses to his neck, smiling. She wanted to make Peter a bit nervous, as she finally had some time alone with him. [i "Peter, how do you feel about having a bit of fun before we head back."] she whispered, a smile on her lips as she hopping up onto the large bed, sitting on her knees in the center of the large bed. [i "Who knows when we will have time for just us two?"] she smirked, biting her bottom lip lightly.
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If he could have one happy thought for the rest of his life, this would be it. Peter practically felt his feet lift off the ground, he was so deliriously happy. Wrapping his arms around her, he dipped her playfully backwards like he'd seen in a thousand old romantic films. [b "There's no getting rid of me now,"] he grinned. [b "I've never been a boyfriend before. Am I off to a good start?"]

The kids were waiting and he knew he'd have to share her attention with them soon, but for now Peter just wanted her all to himself. Just a tiny speck of time that he could pretend this was their life; that they were just happy teenagers on vacation away from prying eyes, in a house that he knew he'd never be able to provide for her. But in the moment, they could just be.

[b "If I promise to be an absolute upstanding gentleman, what do you say we share a room?"] he offered up. [b "I could get used to waking up with you in my arms, Wendy-bird. I didn't want to move this morning. If it wasn't for Slightly, I would have stayed there all day."]

[i Stupid Slightly,] he grumbled in his head.

If they doubled up in the master suite, Tink would be able to have a room of her own away from the boys as well - and well-enough away from John that they wouldn't have to worry during the night. He knew they were thirteen but he remembered how much dumb shit he did when he was younger, and he felt protective of both Tink and John. The rest of the boys could divvy themselves up among the remaining bedrooms, though he knew it was likely they'd all drag mattresses into one single bedroom for a massive sleepover.

[b "We should check out the rest of the house. I wouldn't want to get lost around her,"] he kept hold of her hand as he backed into the foyer. [b "What trouble can we get into around here?"]
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Watching Peter walk slowly toward her, Wendy's back pressed against the couch. She wasn't scared of what he would, she was nervous. She just told a boy she loved him when the only love she felt toward anyone was her brothers. Her parents did nothing to make her want to love them, she had only ever said it because she thought that's what you were supposed to do. She bit her lip as he stood right in front of her.

[i "Peter Pan, I'd want nothing less."] Wendy smiled. As their foreheads were already resting on each other, she took his chin in her hand and pressed their lips together. She couldn't help but feel giddy when she was close to Peter. She never, ever expected to be in this position.

Just a few months ago, Wendy Darling was miserable. She knew as soon as she was 18, she would be married. She knew she'd become some rich man's trophy wife, working only to take care of children and cooking. But now, she was happy. She was so happy to be free of the chains her parents put on her. She was happy to have saved her brother's from taking over the banking business and be stuffy men in suits. Now, they were boys. What they should have been all along.

[i "I'm not scared of you like other people are, Pan."] Wendy teased, poking him in the chest. Peter always told her to be scared of him, but he was a big softy. [i "Peter, will you be my boyfriend?"] she asked, taking his hand in hers. She couldn't wait any longer, she wanted to secure him as hers. She knew she currently had no competition to be Peter's girlfriend, but she didn't want to risk it. She wanted her first boyfriend to her the legendary Peter Pan.
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'Overboard' was an understatement.

[b "This is an entire resort,"] Peter oggled. [b "You could fit six cabins in this place!"]

Inside was just as grand as the exterior, and he could already imagine the disaster zone it would look like once they set the lost boys free inside. Eight bedrooms meant that a few of them would double-up but it was more luxurious than the barn so he had little concern that any of them would complain. In fact, they'd probably be fine with sleeping on the pool table if it came down to it.

Wendy's soft voice calling his name drew his attention quickly from the high ceilings - seriously, they could install a tire swing in the living room - as he'd picked up the hint of hesitation in her tone. [b "What are we?"] he repeated, brow furrowing.

It was a damn good question, to be fair. Neither of them had broached any kind of subject relating to labels since they'd started spending more time together. Looking at her now, he certainly didn't want to imagine a life without Wendy Darling and her charms. Peter was quite sure the same dorky grin appeared on his face whenever he so much as thought about her. [i But what were they?]

His crippling fear of rejection and mild abandonment issues were a major factor in why he'd not voiced his feelings. The last thing he wanted was to come on strong, or push things too quickly and spook her off because he'd never done relationships before and therefore had zero concept of how to successfully express himself.

But then she dropped the L-word.

There was that stupid dorky grin. Wendy Darling [i loved] him. Him! The unlovable Peter Pan, according to his old social worker. The boy they said was born to make everyone's lives difficult. She loved [i him.] He'd never heard anyone say those words to him, even his parents. They'd been disconnected from him emotionally as long as he'd remembered, right until he was legally emancipated and on his own. Truthfully, he'd only ever known what love could feel like with one person.

[i Wendy.]

Peter took slow, deliberate steps towards her. [b "Be careful now, Wendy-bird,"] he warned as he came within inches of her. Tilting his head down, he pressed his forehead to hers. [b "You say something like that and you'll have to keep me forever."]
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Wendy smiled as Peter gave the lost boys a reason not to follow them, treasure hunting. She watched as Michael's eyes lit up, attempting to find a cool piece of treasure. Wendy couldn't help but smile, he had his own room in the cabin tailored by him, but he was all lost boy now, the Darling had left that 10-year-olds body. John was standing with Tink, being assistant to Tink as she was in charge. Tink and John held hands and he couldn't help but smile at Tink. Wendy took hold of Peter's arm as she took one last look at the group.

As the two made their way through the woods, Wendy had to tell Peter the extent of this 'cabin'. Her parents built this cabin for getaways and for 'camping time', but they didn't like being in the woods. The parents gave up on the cabin after using it once, but that didn't mean they didn't splurge on building it. [i "Peter, please don't hate me but the cabin isn't what you are expecting. My parents kinda went overboard."] she spoke, making their way deeper into the woods.

As the went deeper into the woods, a clearing opened up, and there was the large cabin. It had a small bridge over the small creek they followed to the cabin. She smiled sheepishly, [i "They hired a contractor. It has 8 or so bedrooms, a game room, and a full spa in the basement. It's no log cabin in the woods."] she smiled. She took his hand, leading him inside. She turned the key, opening the door into the main room. High ceilings in a large living area, connected to a huge kitchen as well. An old worker of the Darlings', who the Darlings' parents fired, who still liked Wendy had put together some food and toiletries together for the group before they came.

[i "Camera's are disabled. The alarm is disabled. We should be good for at least a week here."] Wendy spoke, walking around the living room for the first time in years. [i "I really liked it here."] she smiled, a finger sliding across the couch.

Wendy stopped, leaning against the couch. [i "P-peter...can I ask you something?"] she asked, coughing to clear her throat. [i "What is our relationship?"] she asked, very blatantly. She realized she didn't explain, so she continued.

[i "I mean, we have been going out on dates for months now. We have kissed, and now we have clearly run away together. I'm just so confused because I clearly love you and-"] she said, covering her mouth. Now she was rambling. She thought it was clear she liked him a lot, but she hadn't actually said it yet. She also didn't know if she loved him, she had never loved anything before. She was pretty sure this was what love was, but how could you be sure?

[i "I mean, I-I /love/ what we have. And, uh, I want us to be more than just friends."] Wendy said, looking down to the floor, her eyes slowly raising towards Peter's.

[ cabin]
[ front room]
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[b "You're telling me your father doesn't talk like he's the most important person in the world? I call lies!"] he crossed his arms over his chest with a smirk. [b "Besides, he's definitely an ass, I just had to make him sound like one."]

While Wendy fussed with her hair, he watched with an absolute love-sick fascination. She thought she looked terrible, while he believed she'd never looked cuter. Not that he was going to say such a sappy sentiment in front of her brothers and the other kids. He needed to maintain somewhat of a cool guy imagine.

[b "I think it'd be better if we checked it out alone first. Tinkerbell is small, but she'll keep the others in line while we're gone. If we run into anyone at the cabin, it'll be easier to hide two people than an entire gaggle of kids,"] Peter agreed with her.

[i "But we want to go on the adventure!"] Slightly scowled. [i "You can't just leave us here all bored!"]

[b "Why are you bored? You're telling me you don't want to hunt for treasure in these woods? Look around, who knows what you'll find while we're gone."]

None of them looked convinced. Peter sighed. [b "Alright, whoever finds the coolest treasure while we're gone gets first dibs on a bedroom. Deal?"]

Without another word of protest, the kids shot off in different directions. Peter crooked his arm out for Wendy to take. [b "Shall we, [i The] Wendy Darling?"] he teased.
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