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Wendy was always the "good" kid. She had friends, good grades, and everything pretty much going for her. Then she was paired up with YOU for their final project. He was the "bad boy". He smokes, drinks, skips school, gets into fights and rides a motorcycle. Everything Wendy learned to stay away from. During their project, YOU starts to playfully hit on her, her denying everytime, even though she is slowly falling for him herself.

They talk all summer and finally start dating, still being the two totally different people they are. When her parents finally want to meet YOU, they don't like him. Saying is "isn't for her". So YOU says
Will she run away with him? Will she listen to her parents?

[size16 Let's Find Out]

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No ditching.
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Also, if you could, I would like him to resemble peter pan as close as you can. If his name could be Peter pan that would be awesome as well. He should act and resemble Pan, as my character will resemble Wendy as close as I can. I can help with pictures. Also, he should have friends Tink could be a younger character that has a thing for peter, and maybe he likes her a little as well, making his cruh on Wendy harder. Thanks and hope to talk to you too!

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Truth be told, Peter wasn't entirely sure how the cheese was supposed to taste. His face scrunched up as he processed the new texture. [b "Tastes like how feet smell,"] he swallowed it, reaching for his glass of water.

Pasta, at least, he could handle. [b "I'm on board with anything that requires food being thrown,"] he eagerly set himself beside the sink to fill the pot with water.

It was noticeably domestic, the two of them maneuvering around each other in the kitchen. More than once he had to shush a lost boy back to play with the others, not missing the way the boys would look to Wendy for support. Much like they would a maternal figure. He'd have to keep an eye on that before the boys got the wrong idea.

[b "Do you cook a lot, then?"] he asked her, watching how smoothly she navigated herself. [b "I imagine with your parents gone a lot that someone has to feed you three. Unless you're living my dream of eating takeout every single day because if that's the case, I need to move in immediately."]

He fought the temptation to dip a finger into the homemade sauce to taste it, trying to be as gentlemanly as he could muster. He couldn't help it though, the smell of the fresh food was making his mouth water. [b "Do we have to share with the rest of them, because I could manage all of this on my own,"] he lifted the pot of pasta noodles to strain the water in the sink.
  Peter Pan / Kooza / 2d 8h 29m 29s
Wendy decided on a simple pasta dish to make for them. It was cheesy, carb-filled, and would feed the nine boys she had to feed. She also was going to make a salad, she needed to make sure these boys ate a vegetable this year at least once. The women looked over as Peter examined her fridge, taking the bowl of mascarpone cheese out of his hands. "It is cheese. Mascarpone cheese, here" she took a spoonful and popped it into Peter's mouth. "Like it?" she smirked before pouring two boxes of pasta into a large pot of boiling water.

"How about I work on the sauce, and you can make sure the pasta cooks. Do you the fun way to see if pasta is cooked?" Wendy smirked. "If you throw a pasta noodle at the wall and it sticks, it's done. But only ONE strand, don't waste it." she smiled.

"How does a mushroom, tomato and cheese sauce sound, with chicken and the pasta. I'm feeding those boys veggies and you can't stop me." she smiled. She threw together a quick salad and put in back in the fridge to keep it cold. "And you need to eat your veggies too." she winked at him.

"Oh, John will be fine. He has a little brother who wants to be just like him. He'll be okay, he needs to be roughed up a bit anyway. As long as the lost boys don't pull a sword on him, I think he'll live" she laughed, cutting, dicing and started creating a sauce for the best dinner Peter and the Lost Boys will ever eat.
  Wendy Elizabeth Darling / SmileBright / 4d 8h 24m 41s
Peter was grateful to be pulled from his thoughts. [b "As long as I get to sample everything,"] he gladly took her hand.

Half of the food in her fridge would probably last him and the boys two weeks worth of meals. They tended to eat light - and mostly junk - to save their small bits of money for their more preferred purchases, none which were responsible or sensible.

[b "What's this stuff?"] he poked at something that looked like some kind of fancy cheese. [b "Is it even edible? It doesn't smell edible."]

He stood by dutifully, waiting for her instructions on what to do. At best, he could make a sandwich or microwave a frozen dinner. Once he'd tried to make pizza from scratch and it ended up being hard as rock, and then used as a frisbee for an entire week. They'd ended up digging into their Halloween candy that night.

[b "You sure the boys won't mind sharing their stuff? Michael seems to be enjoying it but I don't want John to be uncomfortable. You mentioned he could be a bit more difficult when it comes to socializing,"] he spoke as they worked.

The lost boys didn't know the first thing about personal space, let alone personal items. Everything was shared between them, from clothes to toys. Nothing was really off-limits at the barn. He wasn't altogether convinced that they would have enough manners to back off if John started to get antsy about sharing his stuff.
  Peter Pan / Kooza / 16d 7h 17m 25s
Wendy smiled as she felt the warm water hit her body. She cleaned her body and washed and conditioned her hair, scrubbing the mud off of her entire body. She wrapped herself in a fluffy towel and brushed her long brunette hair, scrunching her hair to make sure her waves stay in her hair. She placed her glasses back on her nose and got dressed in a pair of high waisted black leggings and a tight grey crop top. She pulled on some slip-on shoes and threw her wet hair in a ponytail.

Wendy headed into the basement, seeing that Michael had started showing off his favorite toys, and even some video games he played. All of the lost boys and Jon had joined, and Wendy didn't want to ruin this picture. She watched as awed lost boys watched Michael and John play some random game they played together. She looked over to Peter who watched the scene unfold as well. She felt like she wanted to give them a console and some games so the lost boys could play when they were back at the barn, but she knew Peter would never except a gift from her.

Wendy wandered down, "Michael, John. Make sure you let the boys try too. Boys, don't break the controllers." she smiled. She watched as Michael and John showed two new boys what all the buttons mean. Wendy stood next to Peter, looking up at him. "Want to make some lunch with me?" she asked, her hand out for him to go with her.
  Wendy Elizabeth Darling / SmileBright / 21d 4h 9m 24s
Peter couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt in his stomach as he watched the lost boys move around the basement with wonder in their eyes. Half of them had probably never seen an entire house as big as the basement was. It was something they'd likely never experience without Wendy inviting them. A flash of jealousy ran through his blood but it was gone as soon as it came. Wendy wasn't like the other rich snobs. She was kind, and had invited them into her world.

Most people would have just slammed a door in their face, even if they were begging for table scraps like dogs.

The hot shower alleviated any tension retained in his shoulders. He fiddled with the shower head settings until the water was shooting out like a firehose to scrub off the dirt and grime. It was practically like being at a spa. The only thing that pulled him away from the water was knowing Wendy would need it next.

His hair was messy enough dry but sopping wet from the shower made it a nightmare. Peter dragged his fingers through it to untangle any knots but it was pointless without a brush. When he opened the door to let Wendy have her turn, he snorted a laugh at her teasing voice. [b "I'll give it until tomorrow morning and it'll smell like wet dogs and sweaty feet,"] he joked in return.

Not wanting to wait around awkwardly for her, Peter went to check on the boys. To his surprise, half of them had even cleaned the dirt out from under their fingernails. Tootles and Nibbs were the first ones clean and used the extra time waiting for the others to wander the basement and look at everything. [b "Don't touch anything,"] Peter reminded them, already picturing the accidental damage they could inflict.

Both boys stood straight and shoved their hands into their pockets to keep from temptation. Michael joined them shortly after. The smaller boy eagerly pointed out all of his favourite things, eventually leading them to his video games and the giant tv. Seeing the amazement on his boys' faces, he resigned himself to looking for a cheap television and used gaming system from a pawn shop. It wouldn't be what the Darlings had, but he could at least try to provide them with fun.
  Peter Pan / Kooza / 24d 8h 18m 25s
Wendy's brothers were lost as Peter spoke to the lost boys. Pretending was something they didn't do, they never learned how. Their father always spoke about how things were real, and that was that. There was no pretend land, no pirates, no anything. That's why all their toys were based on real things, such as Michael's train set and John's telescope. Wendy was never allowed to play with the boys as a kid, she was taught etiquette as a kid instead. Their 'childhood' was lost among the real things around them. "Peter, look at John and Michael. They never were able to pretend, they have no idea what to do." Wendy sighed.

Wendy approached her brothers, bending down to their height. [i "Wendy, I don't understand. Are they spies or something?"] Michael asked, confused. [b "I think they are playing a game or something. But why are they taking it so seriously? Is it like acting?"] John spoke up, asking Wendy to explain. "Yeah, it is just like acting, John. Peter has explained it makes things more fun, and sometimes it helps them take things more seriously." Wendy smiled. [i "That does sound like fun! Do you think I can play?"] Michael exclaimed. "I think they'd love for you to play. John, will you play too? For Michael." Wendy asked, knowing he would do anything for his little brother. [b "Yeah...I guess."] John sighed, mumbling these things under his breath.

Wendy went back to Peter, smiling. "They're gonna try." she smiled. "Alright, men! Line up! Now, we must make it to my house, sneak in, and once we get in, you need to get clean. I'll help you figure out how to turn the showers on." Wendy said. They marched through the woods, hiding behind trees, making a game through the woods. Wendy couldn't help but smile as Michael and a moody John took place with the acting. John would be a great actor if he let his guard down, but he had such an air of importance his dad instilled in him.

The mud-covered group made it through the basement door and entered into the finished basement. She watched as the lost boys made their way into the basement in awe. Their basement was finished, mostly used for TV and video games they boys had. They had a large tv, video games, board games lined the walls, Michael's trains set up over in the corner and a large couch sat in front of the TV. "Well, this is the basement. Slightly, your bathroom is over there through that door. I'll be back to help you turn on the showers." she smiled.

Wendy showed all the lost boys through the house, giving them a quick tour to show them their bathroom. She let them know to meet in the kitchen when they were done. She let Peter into her bathroom to shower first while she went around helping the boys turn the showers on, laughing as the twins had gotten fingers stuck in the faucet. She made her way back upstairs, meeting Peter in her room. "Okay, the boys seem like they vaguely understand showers. One of the twins got some fingers stuck in the faucet, but I got them out." Wendy laughed. "The barn is gonna smell so good for like maybe a day" she laughed, smiling at Peter.
  Wendy Elizabeth Darling / SmileBright / 25d 4h 59m 30s
Peter couldn't help but grin at the astounded look on the boys' faces as they counted on their fingers with each room she listed. [i "You got more bathrooms than the barn has rooms,"] Slightly's jaw fell in awe.

[b "Good luck getting them to leave your house now,"] Peter teased Wendy, bumping his shoulder playfully against hers.

The best way to get the boys to focus was always to give them a challenge. As long as they made it seem like a mission or a game, the lost boys would immediately listen to all commands. [b "Alright, men! Your mission is this: march steathily through the woods, following Wendy's lead, and make it to the Darling house without being spotted. If none of you fall out of line, I'll get you all another box of firecrackers."]

Like little soldiers, they all eagerly organized themselves into a straight line with their bags heaved over their shoulders. [i "Ready to march!"] Tootles was at the front of the line, beaming at Wendy to lead the way.

[b "You heard the man, Captain,"] Peter saluted her, stepping into the back of the line to make sure he could keep an eye on all of the kids, lest one of them get distracted and wander off the path. [b "Let the mission begin!"]
  Peter Pan / Kooza / 32d 6h 11m 9s
Wendy watched as he was able to get all the boys organized and agree to get somewhat clean. Wendy knew a back way into her house from the woods behind her house, so they could get the group of them into her house that way, and through the basement. I was the same way Wendy was able to sneak out at night to watch stars as a kid, and even now. It was her one way out of her "perfect" life she pretended to have on the outside. She admired Peter and his leadership, he was a great person and cared so hard for these boys.

"I think it went well too. The boys seem to be getting along." Wendy smiled, as John was trying to explain the chemical compound of mud to a pair of confused twins and Michael seemed to make "mud rain" with Curly and Slightly. "But I think Michael fits in a little better, John just doesn't know what to do with all the knowledge he has." Wendy laughed.

"So, the best way to go to my house without being seen is through the woods. My house had an entrance from my basement that basically starts at the edge of the woods. My home has bathrooms with showers/baths. Michael and John, you can use our parent's room to shower. Peter, you and I can use my bathroom. Twins, you can use Michael's bathroom. Tootles, John's bathroom. Slightly, you can use the basement bathroom and Curly, you can use the first-floor bathroom. They all have soap, shampoo, and conditioner in them. If you are wondering, I don't know why our home has six bathrooms." Wendy explained to the group. "We can all meet up after in the kitchen, and I can make us something to eat, how does that sound?" Wendy smiled. "Is everyone ready?" she smiled.
  Wendy Elizabeth Darling / SmileBright / 32d 9h 50m 45s
[b "I was just going to hose them off behind the barn but I think they might need a bit more cleaning than that,"] he agreed, taking in the sight of them all caked in layers of mud and strands of grass.

Thoughts flashed in his head of neighbours spying through their windows and seeing a trail of dirty kids filing into the Darling home. Would they alert her parents? He'd have to be diligent to clean up after them all to keep them from covering her house in dirt and grime.

[b "Okay, lost boys, listen up!"] he called to get their attention. [b "Wendy and her brothers are being nice enough to let us clean up at their house. You all need to bring a change of clothes in a bag so you at least look presentable when we leave there. No one is to touch anything in the house until you are sparkling clean. Cleaner than you've ever been. If I find a muddy handprint on anything, I will sell you to the nearest circus, is that clear?"]

With their orders, they all scrambled back to the barn to find relatively clean clothes to change into. [b "I think that went well. We managed to stay clean for a whole ten minutes,"] he grinned at Wendy, reaching out to pull a gob of mud from her hair. [b "As long as John and Michael were fine with it, I'd say it was a successful first meeting."]

He was banking on the boys' enjoying themselves. He knew Wendy loved her brothers more than anything, even if they had their moments of bickering. If John and Michael didn't like him or the boys, it could make Wendy change her mind about them.
  Peter Pan / Kooza / 39d 7h 32m 9s
Wendy couldn't contain her laughter as Peter's face was covered in mud. "I agree. I think we need to retaliate." she crossed her arms, smiling. Wendy wasn't expecting that Peter would literally lunge at the boys, his whole body covered in mud. She gasped, covering her mouth. "Peter, oh god." she said, sighing. All the boys were literally covered in mud, she wished she had extra clothes for every one of them, but she did not.

When Peter called for her, she joined him. Wendy had never played in mud before, there was a first time for everything. She jumped in, grabbing John and Michael, plopping mud right on their heads. She looked over at Peter, "Peter! Not in their mouths!" she yelled. As she pulled her attention away, the twins both rubbed mud into Wendy's long brown hair.

"TWINS! Do you know how long this takes?!" Wendy said, pointing to her hair, and threw mud at the both of them!

The whole group played in the mud for hours, until they were all on the floor, exhausted. "Peter...I think...we won" Wendy said through heavy breaths. "God, I'm gross. Did you say something about a hose? Maybe let's pull that out. Do you have shampoo for this mess the twins made of my hair?" she asked, pulling chunks of mud from her curly brown hair.

John and Michael approached their sister. [b "Wendy, we need to shower or something. It's kinda gross.] John said. [i "Is there a shower or something here, Peter? We have lots of showers, you guys could come to our house!"] Michael said. Wendy was nervous if Peter really wanted them to go to her house. "It's fine with me, but it's really up to Peter" she replied, smiling.
  Wendy Elizabeth Darling / SmileBright / 44d 3h 8m 13s
It was true, her brothers did look happy. He hadn't had much interaction with them before, but he's sure he'd never seen either of them smile as widely as they were now. The playfully smug comment he was about to make was stolen from his lips as she reached out and kissed him without warning.

Peter's face flooded red as he tried to maintain his composure under the disgusted stares of the boys. [b "What are the odds that they'll believe me if I tell them they saw nothing?"] he murmured to her.

[i "I'm going to be sick,"] Michael faked gagging, prompting several other boys to follow suit.

[i "You need to clean yourselves up!"] Nibbs declared, chucking a handful of mud at Peter and Wendy, catching the older boy in the face.

All embarrassment left his face as Peter wiped the mud from his eyes. Looking to Wendy, he raised a mischievous eyebrow. [b "I think we've been challenged into a battle,"] he crossed his arms over his chest. [b "I don't think we can back out now."]

Without hesitating a moment longer, he lunged towards the nearest lost boy - poor Tootles - and tackled him into the muck. Laughing maniacally, he scooped handfuls of the sopping wet dirt and rubbed them onto the boy's face. [b "Not funny now, is it?"] he cheered, turning his sights on the twins next. [b "Come on, Wendy, I need backup!"]
  Peter Pan / Kooza / 46d 5h 56m 39s
Wendy's brothers were nothing like the lost boys. They loved their parents, even if they were never home. John would rather play on his computer locked in his room, and Michael was usually found playing with his train set. These lost boys played with the things around them, and things that were not truly appropriate for kids.

"I understand, but I don't know how my boys will react." Wendy replied. As she replied, she heard the lost boys yelled mud pit. Both Michael and John's eyes widened, looking at Wendy for her to help them. But all she offered was a wave and a shrug.

"Peter, stop apologizing. They are kids, they should play in the mud. I don't think Michael or John has ever played in mud before. Our parents would make sure they always avoided those when taking a walk." Wendy replied. She watched as John got pelted with "mud balls" while Michael made angels. And...John was smiling. Peter mentioned something about cleaning them up and spare clothes but Wendy could barely hear him as he took her hand, she just focused as John picked up a mud ball and hit Nibbs in the face, laughing. "Peter..." Wendy said, her tone shocked. "John is smiling. John never smiles, he's the most miserable teenager in the whole world. But, you and your boys made him happy! Thank you, thank you!" Wendy smiled at Peter, giving him a huge hug, and pressing her lips against his, closing her eyes.

When Wendy realized she just kissed him in front of all the boys, she quickly pulled away. When she looked back to the boys, the lost boys and her brother stared at the older pair. [i [b "Wendy, DID YOU JUST KISS A BOY?!"]] John and Michael said at the same time, their jaws falling open.
  Wendy Elizabeth Darling / SmileBright / 52d 17h 41m 8s
Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck, they were on their way.

[b "I said no swords!"] Peter yelled at the twins, spying them trying to hide the blades down their pant legs.

If this ended without anyone bleeding, he'd consider it a success. [b "Welcome back,"] he greeted Wendy with a nervous smile.

The lost boys wasted no time in yelling over each other to introduce themselves to John and Michael, surrounding them in an almost full circle, nudging Wendy out of the way to get to her brothers. [b "I'm sorry, I warned them,"] Peter at least looked embarassed.

[i "Mud pit!"] Nibbs yelled, followed by the rest of the group chanting.

Peter watched, horrified, as his lost boys hurded her brothers into the middle of the pack and manoueverd them away towards the massive pit that they flooded with water for the sole purpose of mud baths. [b "I'm so sorry,"] he winced, noting that the twins were pelting John with handfuls of mud while Michael laughed hysterically, making mud angels.

[b "We have a hose to clean them off before you go home. I'm sure all that would be hard to explain,"] he moved closer to her to take her hand. [b "I'm sure we have spare clothes too."]
  Peter Pan / Kooza / 53d 8h 9m 17s
The three siblings got ready, as the usually did. Wendy put on a pair on skinny jeans, and a light blue flowy shirt. John put on jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black hat. Michael had a red shirt with a pair of jeans as well, his favorite bear tucked away in a backpack he had on his back.

[b [i We are heading there now!]]

Wendy, John, and Michael walked down to the barn. "Now John, please don't be an asshole. Michael...just be you. Now these boys are a little mischievous, so be aware. They play with swords, they throw firecrackers and just fight. Just be aware, and be nice" Wendy explained to the boys. Michael pulled on Wendy's sleeve, getting her attention, [i "Wendy, that's dangerous. Where are their mommies and daddies?"]. Wendy froze, she never told the two boys about that part yet. "Well, you know how Mom and Dad are never home for us? Well, they just aren't at their home. They live with Peter in the barn. That's their home. And neither of you will say anything bad about that, or I will kill you John." Wendy said. John turned to her, [b "Of course you think I'd do it. But okay, I won't. It may be fun."] he said. John hadn't been positive in years.

Wendy and the boys stood in front of the door to the barn. Wendy grabbed Michael's hand, and took a deep breath. They opened the door and Wendy smiled. "Hi boys. These are my brothers." Wendy said smiling. [b "My name is John Darling, I am 14 year old, in the 8th grade."] John said, almost how he would introduce himself to their father's friends. [i "And I'm Michael! I'm 9!"] And Michael said just as he would to anyone. John and Michael were raised by business people and Wendy was concerned about how the two groups would mesh together. "John and Michael, these are the lost boys. Introduce yourselves boys!" she smiled to the lost boys.
  Wendy Elizabeth Darling / SmileBright / 60d 4h 58m 43s
Peter was anxious for the first time in years.

Wendy was bringing her brothers to visit and so far, the lost boys were entirely unresponsive to his orders. [b "Guys! Just listen up!"] he yelled, trying to get their attention.

The boys had been up far too early for his liking, and had been running nonstop since noon. He'd had to end two sword fights that had gotten out of hand, but now they'd moved on to tossing firecrackers at one another. He was nearly ready to kill them all.

Sticking two fingers in his mouth, Peter whistled as loudly as he could. Finally, it snapped them out of whatever focus they were in. [b "I need five minutes of you guys just standing still and listening to what I have to say because we have people dropping by today, alright?"] he yelled.

Nibbs raised an eyebrow. [i "You don't know any people."]

Peter bristled. [b "I know people! What about Wendy?"]

[i "Wendy isn't people, Wendy is one person,"] Tootles countered.

Curse their smartass attitudes. [b "Well Wendy is bringing her brothers here later on, okay? They count as people."]

All at once, voices were yelling over each other.

[i "How many brothers?"]
[i "Do they like to fight?"]
[i "Do they like swords?"]

Peter rubbed at his temples to thwart the oncoming headache. [b "She has two brothers. John and Michael. You will NOT attack them with swords when they get here. You are not permitted to throw firecrackers at them, or shoot them with anything unless Wendy says you can. Let them decide what they want to do. Understood?"]

He got a few disappointed promises to behave in return. Pulling out his phone, he grinned when he read her message.

[i The boys are in a mischievous mood. Come over whenever you'd like.]
  Peter Pan / Kooza / 60d 7h 28m 38s

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