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Animal you shift into:
Likes: (3-4)
Dislikes: (3-4)
Fears: (1-3)


Name: Deryn Calamus
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Animal you shift into: Australian Shepherd
Likes: Animals, the color Blue, drawing, music
Dislikes: cars, her house, crowds
Fears: Amaxophobia, Claustrophobia, Paranoia
Crush: None yet
Bio: Deryn wasn't born into a great home. Her father abused her and her mother never cared that much about it. By the time she was ten, she knew the rules of the streets, and went about them carefully. She is usually never home due to the fact she's afraid of it. She has mental conditions mostly because of her home life. Amaxophobia because of frequent car accidents with her mother, Claustrophobia because of said cars and staying in her small room when she was a child, and paranoia because she's always afraid of her father's verbal and physical abuse.


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Saffron sighed softly as she brushed through her bleach-blonde hair. Except, she didn't bleach it; that was her natural color. It was the closest to white her human side would let it get. Her wolf side had pure white fur. Though she didn't have a unnatural human-hair color, her eyes were brilliantly yellow; and that's why her name was Saffron.
She hurried down stairs to see her mother curled quietly up on the couch watching the tv. That's what her mother does when she's not working; sit there a mourn. Nobody died or anything, but she's still shocked about Saffron's father's sudden abuse towards them. It's only been about two or three months. Saffron deals with it a different way: constantly doing something. That's why she engages in hockey, field hockey, and softball.
She waved good-bye to her mother, who gently waved back and went back to focusing on the tv. Saffron softly closed the door behind her and set off for school, which was only a few streets away. When she reached the school, she went straight to locker, waved to a few of her friends; boys and girls, and then went to homeroom and sat behind Deryn and Raj.
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Raj frowned to himself as Sara and Matt talked about upcoming school events and assignments. He sat in his chair, picking at his food with a fork. He dozed off waiting. Soon he was shaken from his thoughts as he heard a car horn. He quickly got up and rushed to the door, grabbing his school bag he ran to the car, almost tripping.

He froze when he reached the car. "Um... Go on without me, I'll walk" Matt rolled his eyes but pulled out of the driveway. Raj walked to school alone, he was almost always alone.

He reached the school and put his lunch in his locker. He then made his way to home room. He ignored people trying to get his attention, he needed to focus, the beating and threats his foster parents delt him were still fresh in his mind, he couldn't make his fate at home any more worse than it already was. But the next day, or the day after he would be his normal self again, well, at least his fake normal.

He took his seat, next to Deryn and behind Xeon and Zorro.
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Deryn slowly tiptoed down the stairs. She had gotten this far without disturbing her father, who was now in the kitchen banging around dishes and pans making himself breakfast. If he even so much as caught a glimpse of her, she would be in for either a mental or physical beating.
So when her Vans gently touched the first floor, she glided towards the front door. She could see her father turn his head to look at her, his already drunken face twisting up with anger, and came at her with a small pan. However, Deryn was quicker; she sprinted through the door and slammed it noisily behind her, and ran down the street towards her school.
Once she slowed to a walk, she looked down at her clothes panting. She was wearing a dark pair of skinny jeans, and a t-shirt that had "Twenty One Pilots" written across the top and the band's symbol below it. Black and white Vans covered her smallish feet.
The walk to high school was fairly long, and she would get a bus, if it weren't for the terrible fear of cars she had. She even got nervous walking next to the street, like right now. She walked as far to the left as possible on the sidewalk. Soon enough, the school came into view, and she slipped inside without being noticed a lot. Deryn went straight to her locker, got her needed books, and hurried to homeroom.
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