Shining Brightly

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(size15After losing her eye sight, Natik, The Guardian of the Light, falls in great danger, for only she knows where the light is and evil creatures might want to take advantage of this opportunity. Fortunately Narik finds a way to lead a good soul toward her, a man who she had never met before, so that he would be her eyes for a while.

(size15Meanwhile the dark forces are lead by a powerful demon who has a large grudge against Narik, but know one knows why.As Narik trains the human some feelings surge, but Narik is fated to roam the earth ageless, to protect the light...She can't fall in love.Ignoring their feelings for each other they prepare for battle not knowing that the Evil Lord is watching then jealousy roaming through his veins.


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Ok no gonna delete the occs and you can post your intro when u can.
  Narik / NekoArashi / 9y 287d 18h 46m 29s
A long yell came from her palace, birds flew away from the area as she growled loudly.
She yelled as she destroyed some of the trees around the palace making loud noises everywhere.
Everything was so white and loud! She couldn't see anything but her hearing was better than ever.She could hear the flapping birds and the dripping water drops from the leafs, reminder of the early rain.Exhausted she felt on the floor, she was furious.She had woken up one day without her eyesight,she thought it was just temporally but it's been 10 days! She was beginning to get annoyed with everything so she ripped part of her clothing to cover her eyes.
  Narik / NekoArashi / 9y 287d 23h 38m 57s

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