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[h3 Background]

1986: The peak of crime in St Augustine, Florida. For years there had been growing crime rates and the corruption of the police was slowly beginning to show in the media. The people of the town were slowly losing their ability to trust anyone and their need for an alternative police force was slowly growing. That was when two friends who had lived in separate towns decided to come together to fulfil the needs of the town.

Peyton had lived in St Augustine as a child and left to work in New York as a police consultant for years. She had always kept in touch with ________, her childhood friend. He was the only person he could fully trust and she told him of the frustrations she experienced. With sexism and the inability to move up in her career _______ offered her the opportunity to work for herself somewhere she could actually make a difference.

With people losing members of their family and gang crime slowly beginning to creep in, she couldn't have returned at a better time but with the memories of why she left and the close relationship with her childhood friend being tested to the limits with the new dangers that faced them both. Will their business and friendship survive? Will [b they] survive?

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