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[center Three [i ] couples who knows each other decided to buy a big house to foster/adopt kids. A few of them knows first hand how it is to either grow up in an foster care, keep getting a new family or get sent back. Maybe they can’t hve a baby for some reasons.

They agreed to help create family and they will help each other out. It would be amazing to create a family they never had and help those who in need. What can be a better feeling than helping out the next generation besides money?.]

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Name: First and last
Age: [#00FFFF kids: 6-16] [#6495ED Adults: 24-34]
Status: [i crushing, dating, married]
Foster Parents: [i kids only.]
Kids: [i Adults only.]
Sexuality: Straight,Bi,Gay,Lesbian
Occupation: Student and/or work
Short Bio:

~ ES rules applies.
~ Char limit is 900+
~ Violence, romance and cursing is allowed.
~ No cybering; Time Skip or take it to emails.
~ Fill out the Skelly and write Cookies under your Skelly
~ Real picture only & I am super picky! Nothing emo or scene. Make sure the picture ins't freakishly big.
~ Let me know if you're going to be gone for a while and/or dropping out. You got a week to post or else you would get kicked out.
~ Each couple can have up to five kids. They all live in the same house.
~ The kids share rooms. Of course its based on who's the parents. They can't just mix the kids in different rooms.
~ Once when people start joining, couples & kids, would have to pick a room together. Once when ya agree on a room send me the url.

[h3 [center Inside the house]]
[ Kitchen]
[ Dining Room]
[ Living Room]
[ Kid's bathroom
[ Adult's bathroom]
[ Teen Bathroom]
[ First flr bathroom [i open for everyone]]
[ Library]
[ Movie Room]
[ Kids playroom]
[ Game Room]

[h3 The bedrooms]
[ Toretto's Room]
[ Mason's Room]

[h3 [size20 [center Characters]]]
[h3 [b The Toretto Family [size10 [i Straight married couple || Need a husband]]]]
Name: Serena Toretto
Age: 28
Status: Married; 3 yrs
Kids: N/A
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: BSN [i ]
Likes: Disney movies, desserts, music, baking, reading, traveling, animals, shopping, family events
Dislikes: spiders, clowns, thunderstorm, seafood, cancellations, going to bed mad or sad
Short Bio: Serena can't says he knows how it is to be a foster child or adopted. Her parents divorced and had to spend every other week at the other parents house, which sucked ass. There was two of everything and her parents would use her to get the other mad or a favor. It was annoying. The girl always enjoyed helping people and wants a big, healthy, and loving family of her own. They tried to have kids of their own, but it never happened. Even with IVF treatments. Eventually she decided to stop ttc.

[h3 [b Couple #2 Lesbian. Last name tbd]]
[ Username: LizzyBear]
Name: Sapphire Mathis
Age: 25
Kids: Cleo & Riley
Sexuality: Lesbian
Occupation: Law Student
Likes: Horror movies, Grapes, Pickles
Dislikes: Brussel sprouts, Cows, Bullies
Short Bio: Was a foster kid herself and was in a group home until she aged out of the system.

[h3 [b Couple #3]]

[h3 [center The kids]]
Name: Mason Burton
Age: 7
Status: crushing on his teacher and a school aid lady
Parents: Justin & Max
Sexuality: What’s that?
Occupation: Student & artist
Likes: coloring, going out as a family, reading sort of, trying new things, animals
Dislikes: reptiles, seafood, thunder, the dark
Short Bio: Mason is actually new to the system. He has only been there for about two years. He hasn’t asked any questions because his mother promised he would come back for him. He remembers his parents yelling all the time. One day his mother gather her things, his older sister’s and his things. The only thing that bothered him a little was that he was the only one who was left behind. He had two families. In the first one everyone was abused and he spilled the beans. In the second home he was more to himself and never opened up so they sent him back because they thought he was a mute.

[ Username: LizzyBear]
Name: Riley & Cleo Rose
Age: 9
Status: Confused
Foster Parents:
Sexuality: what's that?
Occupation: Student
Likes: each other, sweets, singing
Dislikes: asparagus, being ignored, bullies
Short Bio: Twins Riley & Cleo were taken from their birth parents at the age of 2. Their mother was a heroin addict and was 16 at the time. Their father is unknown

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