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Okay so, this is just going to be where I'm gonna put my fanfic as I write it. Once in a while I might get writers block, so I might unlock it, let people in to give criticism [i CREATIVE ONLY], and maybe even a co-writer since that sometimes works well for me. Note that, since I'm still writing more, I will edit my post occasionally until the end of the chapter, then I will post a new chapter once I begin it, edit that as I write more on the chapter, then make a new post and repeat the cycle...or not if I get a co-writer later. I dunno...


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[center Chapter one: ]

It was just an average day in Castle town. Hylians were preoccupied as they bustled to and fro, carrying about their daily lives with getting through the day their only goal in mind. Though it was really quite routine, today was just a tiny bit out of the ordinary as a hooded figure moved in the shadows of the buildings without a single sound. ‘I am so tired of this drab, rather boring lifestyle. It is time I shed the monotony from my life...’ A quiet chuckle emanated from the figure as she slipped past everyone and out of town without a single soul even sensing something was off. ‘Hmmm, judging by the silence in the field, even the guards have yet to notice...Heh, I almost pity them for having to endure the fury of my “parents”...’ She smirked a tiny bit more and looked about the field before beginning to walk, the sound and smell of rain-watered grass under her boots...

Meanwhile, as if on cue, a loud yell emanated from within the massive castle inhabited by the Royal Family. “WHAT !? What do you mean you can’t find her, haven’t you searched the whole castle !?” “I don’t care if you have to tear the place apart, just find her !” Needless to say, the furious orders from the king caused every guard to bolt from the room in a semi-blind panic. Some of them ran to check the upper floors, some the lower, some the secret passages, and the others scattered themselves throughout the outside area and into the town. As all this chaos was going down, the young princess of Hyrule stood watching through the garden window.She sighed heavily and closed her eyes a moment, thinking before speaking to her caretaker. “Hmm, it seems Viacka has snuck off again...I have the feeling she won’t come back willingly this time...” Her voice was heavy with worry, for she knew more about her sister than their parents did...particularly the elder siblings desire for freedom and...perhaps something darker, though that she could not be sure about. A second or so passed before the Sheikah a bit behind her spoke in a calm and thoughtful voice. “She is a wild one, to be sure. But fear not, despite what many may think your sister is sister is indeed more than capable of handling herself against any monsters she might encounter.” “....” The young princess remained silent, as that was partially something she worried about as well as why her parents were having a mini freakout.

See, Viacka wasn’t exactly your average Hylian nor was she royalty by blood. The king and queen had found her one day while visiting an elderly friend of the family in Kakariko village. One could only imagine their surprise when the gravekeeper came running out of the graveyard screaming like a madman about some tormentive little child driving him crazy. They decided he was fit for a dungeon, but decided to humor him anyways. Needless to say they were more than surprised when a bucket of water was dropped upon the gravekeepers head, water first then the bucket. The culprit, a little girl no more than a couple years old. A wide smirk was set on her features, revealing sharp fangs which would become a practically permanent feature. Her hair, even then, was wild as the somewhat unnatural violet locks stuck out just a tiny bit almost like spines but nooot quite.

“PLEASE ! GET HER OUT OF MY HAIR ! I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE, SHE’S TOO WILD AND...I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE SHE CAME FROM ! PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEASE !!!” The gravekeeper just ran into his hut then, not caring what happened after and just wanting a little peace. Though they didn’t want to, the Royal Couple had decided to take the child in anyways. At that time they weren’t sure they’d ever have a child of their own anyways, so this was the only option they could see fit. Though they had their own child a year later, they kept the troublesome orphan. As time went on, the child began to show rather remarkable intelligence and skills that weren’t exactly normal for a Hylian. But then again, the troublemaker was never exactly normal to begin with. She was smarter, sneakier, just...weirder and far more than just a handful. In fact, that was such an understatement that one could say she even gave Impa of all people a run for her money... and that was reaaally saying something.

Those were days long past though, before the adopted princess developed her more adventurous side. Though she tried not to for the sake of her sister, she just couldn’t fight the urge to get out and do a little exploring of the field without anyone knowing where she was. At the moment though, she was a little stuck on just where to go. The royal family had many connections and there were only so many places an eleven-year old could go alone without looking completely conspicuous. That part was kind of funny, as it was the exact thought of each ad every guard as they spent hours searching every inch of town. Every slow second was pandemonium until finally the last ray of sunlight disappeared beyond the horizon and the moon began it’s slow ascension into the sky, the distant howling of a wolfos announcing it’s impending arrival. “Well...guess we’d better tell them...” Though they knew the king and queen would be furious,the rather reluctant guardsmen gave up and began heading back. Searching the field would be impossible anyways, as the drawbridge was ritualistically risen each and every night.

‘Heh man, I almost feel bad for them. Almost being the key word there since they’re so darn overbearing...Now, what to do for the rest of the night since I can’t exactly get back until morning...’ She scratched her head and sighed heavily, running a hand through her hair and closing her light blue eyes a long moment. ‘I wonder...Who are my real parents, why did they abandon me like that ? I mean, the least they could do is t...crud...’ Her thoughts were interrupted by a distant but slowly approaching sound of clacking bones, a distinct sound that only Stalkids made. ‘Darn ! They’re not strong, but they’ll keep coming one after another...’ She took a deep breath and started running, the only safe place nearby she could think of being Lake Hylia.
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