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When she told Marcus the news, it appeared that Marcus was just as excited about the news as she was. It was nice to see that he had a genuine concern for what she did with her time and even though neither of them had the chance to define their relationship she could tell that they had fallen for each other quickly. Perhaps later would be a time to really talk about what was happening between the two. Now that she had something to take up her time she would need to know if she would be spending her free with him. She hoped so because now that she had spent her time with him, she couldn’t imagine a life without him. Alexandria knew that it was a deep to feel after only meeting him a few days ago but it was clear that they belonged together in some way.

When he leant over to kiss her she took note that it was a congratulations and show of gratitude for offering him the chance of an interview. It would definitely be a good thing for his career and she knew that regardless of their relationship there was no other person she would rather have interview her. She remembered how comfortable he had made her feel and how easy he had made the process. The way he wrote was also part of her motivation to choose him.

When he began to mock up an article that they both knew would never make it to print she laughed and allowed him to see that she enjoyed the way he pressed his lips against her shoulder. “I agree, it’s probably best that you leave that bit out. Although, I wouldn’t want you to forget it.” She said, allowing her eyes to lock with his as she smiled. It was not a night she would so easily forget and even now thinking back to it quickened her heart.

She forgot for a moment that she had food in front of her and it wasn’t until Marcus returned to eating his that she was prompted to do the same and she smiled when he began to probe her about the role. “I can tell you.” She said finishing her breakfast and placing the plate down on the bedside table before she spun herself around. “Basically, there has been a decision that a popular film from the 1990s gets a remake. I am super excited about it because the novel was amazing, a real tear-jerker and the film was incredible. I mean, I don’t know how I am supposed to replace Mandy Moore but I am certainly excited by it. I landed the female lead in the re-make of A Walk to Remember. There is such a buzz around this film and there had been speculation in the media about who would land the part and I am sure most people will be disappointed that an unknown actress has been cast as the part but they really wanted a new take and someone who could make the part their own.” She took a deep breath. “I am so nervous about this.”
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Marcus knew she would take his joking lightly. He wouldn't have done it if he thought otherwise. He wondered when he had gotten to know her so well over the course of only a couple days.

He heard her out and thought about how much she might have missed after having left her phone alone for a day. Marcus knew if he had done that he would have had endless calls from his sister and texts in all capital letters. Eventually she would give up and just show up at his door. Other than that, he didn't really expect to hear from anyone. Work usually sent him emails about his work, so it wasn't as if he needed his phone to stay updated.

But he imagined it was a completely different story for Alexandria. As if the incident with her father wasn't enough to set her phone ablaze, he knew that her job wouldn't be able to function without the device. He almost expected to hear that her agent had given her a call.

The news about her role put a smile on both of their faces. "That's amazing!" he exclaimed, genuinely excited and happy for her. He loved that he never had to force or fake emotions with her. He was completely invested in her. But apparently that wasn't the end to her story.

When she got to the point of it all, his smile grew. He should have known to expect this. A piece like this could move him eve further in the company he had found himself in, especially since it was Alexandria that got him there in the first place. Followup interviews were popular, especially with individuals who were slowly gaining momentum in their career, so Marcus knew they would want him to tackle this.

He loved that they seemed to move each other forward in their careers. They balanced each other out. His successes were caused by her own and vice-versa. They could feed off each other like this forever and he would never grow tired of it. He leaned over to kiss her.

"That sounds like a plan," he said when he pulled away. The smile was still on his face. "Will I even be able to interview this rising star in my own bedroom?" He put on a fake voice as he pretended to read from the article which didn't even exist yet. "She sat across from me in nothing but her underwear. Her confidence was overwhelming." He chuckled and leaned in to kiss her exposed shoulder. "I probably shouldn't mention that we were busy going at each other all night, should I?"

It took all he had to pull away from her. When he did, he took another bite of his food. "So," he started again. "Does this mean I can finally hear what the mystery role is? Or do I have to wait until I'm officially interviewing you?"
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Even though there was humour in his voice she found herself surprised at his words at first until she she decided that she would go along with the joke.

"I am so glad we are on the same page. I didn't know how else to tell you." She shook her head, laughing along with him and found herself feeling more than comfortable once more. It was as though neither if them would be genuinely offended or touched by any joke at the other's expense. Had they really fallen that hard that the rest just fell into place so easily?

Alexandria looked up towards Marcus whose face was full of amusement and smiled at the sight of him. Even though they had joked about their intentions she did have to wonder what would genuinely happen now and she found herself hoping that they would find themselves locked in many moments like the night before. It wasn't even as simple as the fact that she wanted him but there was a deep inherent need for him now that she had that taste for him and she wasn't sure that she could ever fully satisfy that craving for him.

"Actually, I am wondering if it's more a favour for you. Perhaps..." she thought for a moment. Would it make a difference to his career if she were to offer him an exclusive interview about her new role? "Anyway, while you were slaving away in the kitchen ensuring that we have this gorgeous breakfast here, I checked my phone. It's a good job really because it turns out that people miss me when I go off grid for 24 hours."

Alexandria laughed at the thought and recalled having several messages from friends wanting the dirt on Marcus but she hadn't replied. Something had told her that she should keep him to herself for a little while longer and even though she was reluctant to share him with the world, it wasn't because she didn't want people to know about him. In fact it was the opposite, but once that news was shared their love life would become part of the public domain and until they talked to establish what their relationship was, it wouldn't be fair to subject him to the press.

"Anyway, my agent called me and I just got confirmation for this huge role." Her face echoed the pride that she felt ib her achievements and she put down her fork too and gave Marcus the same attention he gave her. "That's not the best part. Well, at least it's not the best part for you...because guess who is in charge of setting up an interview?" She smiled and pointed to herself. "By all means if you don't need this or it isn't something your media outlet would be interested in then say no, but how would you like an exclusive interview with a new upcoming star about the biggest role of her career?"

Alexandria hoped that he said yes for many reasons. One being that it meant she could stay with him all day and not have to leave to give some second rate writer the chance at a huge story. People seemed to want to know about her life and if she gave the story to someone else she suspected that they might exploit it. Marcus would really write about it and that was important to her but if it helped him in anyway she would be glad of it.
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Marcus might have blushed at her comment about being hungry if he didn't feel the same way. Instead, he simply smirked before taking a large bite off his plate. Halfway through chewing, she told him that she might have a job for him. Before he could reply, she let him know how good the food was.

He swallowed his bite before turning to her with amusement in his eyes. "So we sleep together and suddenly you think you can ask favors?" he asked, jokingly. "I was just planning on sending you home and never calling you again." The absurdity of the statement was too much joke for him to bare and he couldn't even make it through the entire sentence with laughing near at the end of it.

As far as Marcus was concerned, she was a part of this place now. It wasn't just the fact that they had slept together in every sense of the word. And it wasn't just the fact that they couldn't seem to let go of each other. It was simply a feeling he had. She was meant to be here.

That thought led him to contemplate the future. He hoped that they would have many more nights like the one they just had. And he hoped that she wanted that, too. His biggest question, however, was a silly one. It was something a love struck teenager might wonder. As an adult, labels didn't mean much. But he found himself wondering what they were to each other now. Would he dare call her his girlfriend? Or was that too much too soon?

That thought alone was humorous. If their passions the night before weren't too much too soon then nothing else would be. He could only hope that she wanted the same from him in return. He craved for her to tell people that he was hers, and that feeling was so foreign to him that it actually frightened him a bit.

Marcus looked back up from his plate after laughing at his own terrible joke. "So, what's this job, then?" he asked her, bringing another bite to his lips before setting his fork down so that he could focus on her completely.
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Alexandria was surprised to hear that it was so late and she laughed to herself. “I cannot believe it is that late!” She said, shaking her head with a smile, meeting his eyes with her own as he turned onto his side to look at her. She wanted to pull him close and allow herself to get lost in him once more but there was no doubt that he had things he needed to do with his day and she needed to check her phone at some point because soon enough she would hear back about her part in a film. She left a disappointed moan escape when he told her that he needed to move and when he did she allowed the disappointment to show on her face.

“Alright!” She said, sitting herself up in bed and getting ready to get up and dressed. She couldn’t help but allow her eye to wonder as Marcus found himself wondering around the room, looking for something to cover his manhood. Alexandria bit her lip and took a deep breath to steady her racing heart rate. She placed her hand on the covers, ready to move but she was instructed not to by Marcus. She thought for a moment and decided that she would put on some underwear herself and while she was out of bed she could find her phone from her jeans pocket. As expected there were several missed calls, mostly from her father but there was one from her agent. Alexandria cursed under her breath before she put on some underwear and climbed back into bed, dialing the number back.

It didn’t take her agent long to answer, almost as though she had been waiting by the phone for her call.

“Alex! Where the hell have you been? I told you to make sure that you were contactable for every waking minute and I find that you have been dodging my calls.”

“Lacie, I am sorry. I haven’t been dodging you! I have been…engaged with…”

“Let me guess. The guy you were photographed with. What a great way to get your face out there in anticipation of your new role.” She said simply and let the silence hang between them for a second.

“Okay, firstly. It’s not like that…wait…it’s confirmed? It’s happening? I have the part?” Alexandria was babbling now and she didn’t have any clue what to say but her face was painted with a huge smile. “You’re serious aren’t you?”

“Of course I am serious. Get yourself an interview Alex because the press are going to eat this up. You are going to need to come to the office tomorrow for a meeting but I will leave it up to you to set up an interview with a paper or magazine. You know the best people and we have been given the go ahead to tell people about your new role. Don’t get yourself too wrapped up in that new lover boy of yours. You will have a bust schedule after tomorrow.” Her lips parted but before she had time to reply the phone dialed out and she was left feeling excited, confused and slightly disappointed that she didn’t have a chance to defend Marcus.

Soon enough Marcus was returned to the room, with her emotions clearly written upon her face but it was clear that he had not yet noticed them. She smiled as her handed her a plate. “This is so great. I am actually starving. Must have worked up some kind of appetite after last night.” She said with a laugh before watching him climb into his side of the bed. She placed her phone on the bedside table before turning her attention to the brunch that he had provided. “So, I might have a job for you.” Alexandria took the first bite out of her breakfast and she closed her eyes, enjoying the flavour. “This is amazing by the way.”
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He almost chuckled when she prevented him from getting to the spot behind her ear and he gave in and laid himself back down onto the pillow. When their laughter died down, she seemed to take in the sight of him, and he couldn't help but return the favor. Her hair was slightly tangled, but no less beautiful than it had been the night before. The sun shining in on them made the red in her hair stand out even more and his heart skipped several beats.

She seemed to be thinking about something, but whatever it was she didn't decide to share it with him. Instead, she rolled over onto her back, keeping her body close. When she asked about the time, he turned to look at the clock on his bedside table.

"It's almost noon," he told her, turning back towards her. He rolled onto his side, propping his head up with his arm and looking down at her. A yawn escaped him. "I should really go give Cato his breakfast, but I don't want to move," he had to admit. "That poor dog probably thinks I'm replacing him." He laughed softly. "It's a good thing he likes you so much."

After a few moments of comfortable silence, Marcus finally gave in and sat up. He ran a hand through his curls, which wanted to lay in all different directions. He could still remember how it felt when Alexandria's hands snaked their way into that mess of hair.

The man stood to search for his boxers and once he had found them and tugged them on, he opened the door. For a moment he was out of sight, but the next second he was poking his head back in to look at Alexandria. "Don't move," he instructed her before disappearing again.

While downstairs, he fed Cato and played with him for a just a short moment so he didn't feel left out. Then he spent a short while making breakfast. He decided that omelets might be the perfect go-to breakfast food. And it was fast. Every second he spent away from Alexandria seemed to cause him some kind of pain. Not physically, of course, but mentally he was unable to stop thinking about her and the only remedy was to be with her. The entire time he made their breakfast, he couldn't stop reliving the night before in his head.

Soon, he was carrying their food upstairs. He slipped back into his room and handed her a plate. "I hope this is alright," he said, reclining back into his side of the bed to start eating his own breakfast. He smiled when he realized that he actually [i had] a side of the bed now. For the longest time the entire bed had been his side. He didn't think sharing it with somebody would feel so amazing.
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There was a faint feeling of something tracing along her skin as she finally began to regain some form of consciousness but she didn't allw her eyes to open just yet, at least until she was awake enough to realise what was going on. Slowly, she began to realise the pleasure that wmshe was feeling was coming from the finger tips of the man who had made her feel so much pleasure the night before. This kind was different though. While their night was full of desperate and passionate touches, this was pure affection and the feeling of his fingers running along her skin made her smile until eventually she allowed her eyes to open.

Alexandria watched for a minute as his hand drew figures upon her bare skin before she looked up towards him and looked into the eyes she had spent long staring into. She had made sure that her gaze did not leave his as they moved together that night and a flash of the memory made her move towards him with a smile, and a good morning kiss. He met her half way and her heart burst into life as they greeted each other.

"Good morning to you too." She said pulling herself closer to him. Alexandria wasn't even sure that was possible but she didn't seem satisfied until every part of her body seemed to be surrounded by his. She laughed as he seemed to tease her and she began to reciprocate the tracing if patterns onto his bare skin and she moved her head to give him better access to her jaw and neck. She allowed her eyes to close and enjoy the pleasure it brought her and she laughed to herself realising that he must have remembered how he had aided her enjoyment the night before. A shudder ripped through her body before brought her shoulder to her ear, blocking his path playfully.

"I slept perfectly well. I hope you did also. If you are not careful there will be very little chance of either of us making it out of this bed today," she warned referring to the way he teased at her neck. Alexandria opened her eyes again and allowed herself to take in the sight of him. A stray hair fell in front of his eye and she found that there was something about him that made it difficult for her to catch her breath. He was perfectly handsome and nothing like any other man she had ever laid eyes upon and she couldn't help but feel as though she had waited for the right person to come along. She wondered if she would scare him sharing such thoughts and she decided to keep the thoughts to herself. Alexandria shifted slightly onto her back and stared at the ceiling making sure that she was still wrapped in him and she enjoyed the comfort of being in his arms. "Do we even know what time it is?" She asked and after a moment she realised that she hadn't even so much as checked her phone since she had left her own house yesterday. She had to admit, the freedom from it was enjoyable and it wasn't as though she was complaining about the distraction that had provided her break from it.
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It was the best night he'd ever had. It was almost like the movies, at least when it came to their passion and their rush to get get things started. But what he loved most was how incredible comfortable they both were with one another and how the night was full of their laughter. Not once did things turn awkward. He could almost believe they had been made to fit and neither one of them seemed to be able to get a hold of themselves until several hours later wen they finally exhausted themselves.

Marcus couldn't exactly remember when they had decided it was time to sleep. He imagined it must have just slowly happened after they spoke about how neither of them had felt anything like that before with huge grins on their faces.

They slept in the next morning without even meaning to. Marcus's eyes fluttered open when the sun made its way to his face and he was greeted by the feeling of Alexandria's body against his own with nothing between them. Her head rested on his shoulder and her limbs tangled around his own. He had to smile and wrapped his arm around her. His fingers moved gently across her side. Her skin was soft, though he had noticed that the night before as well. He had to kiss the top of her head gently, trying not to wake her, but also being unable to stop himself.

His mind wandered to the night before a smile grew on his face once more. He couldn't really believe it, but there was no denying it, either. Of course he was worried that they had moved too fast and that this was going to backfire, but at the same time, he didn't find himself caring. This is where he wanted to be. And this was who he wanted to be with.

He resumed tracing figure eights on her skin and let out a happy sigh. One of the actions must have roused her from her sleep because the next second he was watching her eyes open. He ran his hand through her hair, waiting for her to look up to meet his gaze. When she did, they both smiled bigger than they ever had before.

"Good morning," he said, his smile turning into a smirk. They both simultaneously went in for a morning kiss. He trailed his kisses down to her jawline and under her ear since he had learned just how happy that made her. "I hope you slept well," he said, almost playfully.
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Alexandria was grateful that Marcus did not grow angry with her for keeping such a memory from him, especially since he had asked her once if she recognised it. It was not as though she purposely lied to him but the memory had been too much for her to recall to another at the time. It haunted her dreams and her memories and she didn't want the burden to be anyone elses, especially since Marcus had so many of his own. There was a silence that fell over the two as they seem to come to a stop in front of the villa; neither of them brave enough to find out the truth about the Orchids just yet. Instead they just stood and looked towards each other both seeming to be lost in the fantasy of being anywhere but here and both seemingly disappointed by the fact that a fantasy was all it was.

His eyes spoke before he did and she knew that he would begin to say how he wasn't enough for her as though he still didn't believe it. She rose her hand to his chin and lifted his head so that his eyes would meet her own and she smiled softly offering him all the love that she could offer in a smile.

"Marcus, I do not want anything more than you. Money has never been an interest of mine and while you think that it might be impossible for us to have any kind of life together without it, I believe that as long as we are together we are capable of anything. Perhaps it sounds strange because we have not known each other for long but I truely believe that in my heart." Her thumb traced a pattern upon his cheek and even though the moment called for an exchange of love they had something that needed to be done.

She took his hand in her own and looked up towards the villa and seemed to take a deep breath as though readying herself for whatever might have come. "Come now. We cannot avoid this forever." As she began to walk through the door, she couldn't help but let the nerves overcome her. Today she could find out that her father was not who he claimed to be.

[center [pic]]

[i [center Modern Day]]

Alexandria looked over at Marcus sleeping next to her and she could not help but feel anything but happiness. Even though the two had only met several days ago, the conenction was just too deep for either of them to ignore and even though they had seemed to move quickly neither of them seemed to be too scared of the propect. Tonight they had shared a little bit more of themselves with each other. There had never been a time when she had felt such desire or passion towards another and even though her feelings were oddly intense and scary she embraced them, knowing that she might not ever feel like this again.
Her last thought before she closed her eyes was of how perfectly their bodies and minds had fit together.

As the morning began to rise Alexandria lay peacefully, her body was dressed in nothing but the sunlight that beamed through the window overlooking the bed. It was the picture of pure peace and her sleep seemed to be a deep one. After the events of the night she had found herself to be exhausted and as soon as their moment of passion was over and there were some exchanges of satisfied kisses they had both allowed sleep to claim them. She leg seemed to cross over Marcus' and her arm draped over his chest, her hand resting flat against it and her face next to his. A smile danced upon her lips regardless of the fact that consciouness had not yet claimed her and she dreamt of the memories of the night before.
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Marcus listened to the story of her childhood for the first time. He had no idea that she had seen the serpent pendant before. He almost asked why she hadn't told him back before they even came to Rome when he showed her the necklace for the first time. But he knew that those were the memories that the pendent resurfaced, then he might not have wanted to speak of it, either.

He thought about her question and he didn't have an answer. How [i would] it have helped them if she was dead? Perhaps they found Lucan too hard to get to. Or perhaps they simply wanted to make him suffer. But if that was the case, what had he done to deserve their wrath other than taking part in the Orchids? Marcus wasn't sure he was ready for the truth of that. He knew that Lucan was a good man, despite his flaws and despite his lies. But was he always?

By now they had rounded back to the front of the house and together they slowly stopped. They were out of everyone's sight now and they seemed to subconsciously take note of that fact so that they could continue their solitude. He smiled when she said she would truly be up for running away together if worse came to worse. The feeling of having someone there for him was incredible. He was so glad that he wasn't alone in any of this. He would never with pain on Alexandria and he felt terrible that her own father was a part of this plot, but he knew he was still glad she was at his side.

"I wish..." he started, feeling foolish. But he had already started, so he decided he would commit. "I wish I was more. For you. Even if we did run away, you couldn't take your father's money and I have none to my name. I can't help but wonder how different things would have been if I was never forced into slavery. In a way, I am thankful because it led me to you. Everything they planned made me end up right here." He stroked the back of her hands with his thumbs and he looked down at them. "But I still wish I could give you more." He looked up at her but kept his head low in an ashamed sort of way.
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Alexandria knew that Marcus was right; they did need to understand more about what had been said when they arrived but that didn’t change how either of them felt. Betrayal outweighed everything and even though she didn’t say it aloud yet, she was fully prepared to run away with Marcus like he had suggested if it turned out that were not who they claimed to be. She hoped for Marcus’ sake and for her relationship with her father that the Orchid were good people and that they genuinely had stood for what they claimed to because it they didn’t, Aeliana would lose Marcus and her father would lose her. At least that was the case in her mind.

There was something about the way Marcus said ‘we’ when referring to what they were going to do about the situation that made her smile. It was nice to know that he had considered them partners in this and she was glad for the fact that nothing had changed between them. At least on the surface anyway and she could only hope that nothing that Titus or her father said could change that.

Alexandria couldn’t help but feel disappointed when Marcus pulled away from her. There was something about the way his body felt against hers that offered her comfort and there was something about the way they fit together that told her they were made for each other. She was glad when he took her hand though because she hated the idea of being without his touch now that she had experienced it.

“You don’t need to apologise Marcus. This is not your fault. Our families have been keeping things from us and neither of us could have expected that. At least we can get everything out in the open now and let everyone know where we all stand.” She thought for a moment before Marcus began to speak again, as if he had detected the pain behind her eyes. She was angry with her father and now he seemed to be making excuses for him. All the while they walked and edged closer the villa. “Perhaps you are right but I don’t see how the truth would affect my safety. He had claimed all these years that all he wanted to do was keep be safe, yet concealing me from the truth has put me in more danger. Those assassins have been coming after me my whole life.” Alexandria remembered the pendant and decided that now might be a good time to tell Marcus about what had happened that day. “When I was small, just before my mother was taken from me we were visited by someone with one of those pendants. Father was out on official business and this man claimed to be a friend of his and mother invited him into the villa and told him that he could wait for his return. It was obvious by the time he had attacked my mother that he was no friend. I…I remember running and hiding under my bed but he followed me. That pendant dangled right in front of my eyes and became fear but something interrupted him from getting me too. He promised to return and they seem to have tried to do that on several occasions.” She thought for a moment before shaking her head. “How does it help them if I am dead?” She wondered, not really wanting to think about the answer.

They stopped just in front of the villa and she turned to Marcus for the last time and looked him in the eyes before she allowed herself to speak again. “I know that what we said before was, in reality, a fantasy but if this isn’t what we expect then there is nothing stopping us from leaving.”
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Listening to Alexandria talk about her own feelings on the subject helped him understand that he wasn't alone in this. Not that he ever thought he was. He knew she would be with him every step of the way. But that didn't make it any less comforting to hear. They were in this boat together.

When she claimed that no matter where their paths took them she would love him, that was a comfort as well. Her fingers met the stubble on his cheek. She looked over his shoulder, as if to make sure her father wasn't watching them anymore. But he was sure that neither of them really cared anymore what the man saw. At least not now in the moment when everything was so fresh.

She took the absence of her father's stare as a chance to kiss him. It lasted only a moment and he kissed her back as best as his distracted mind would allow. When she wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his chest, she wondered aloud what they should do now.

When she said they couldn't just roam the field forever, a smirk overcame him. He rested his chin on top of her head and looked out at the horizon, still dreaming about the two of them running off together. But he knew her words were true and he had no actual reply for them. He couldn't think right. Not with all that had happened and not with Alexandria being so close.

"I suppose we have to go back and talk to them. We have to understand everything. And then we'll decide whether it's something we want to be involved in or not." He paused, thinking. "If it was something that truly aided people in need, then I want to know. But if it was all for personal gain on their parts, then I want nothing to do with it."

He pulled away from her before taking her hand once more. He started the trek around the villa, making sure to take the long way. They needed more time to think and he hoped that was clear to the others.

"I'm sorry we've been swept up in this," he told her softly. He knew there was no way he could have controlled any of this without having known about it, but the sorrow was there all the same. All he had wanted was a simple life and just when he thought he might be able to live one, it was pulled out from under his feet.

He could only imagine how Alexandria was feeling. Marcus was somewhat used to deception being in his line of work and all his past experiences. But Aeliana... She loved her father and Marcus could see it in her eyes that it pained her that he would hide something so important from her. And it hurt Marcus as well. He had slowly become like his own father figure over the time he had spent with them.

"Perhaps Lucan was just trying to protect you by not telling you the truth," he offered suddenly. It seemed like something the man would do. After all, he spent so much of his time and effort and money on keeping his daughter safe. It might have been better for her not to know of the past he had with the Orchids. Marcus wasn't sure he could have done the same in his shoes, but Marcus had always been the truthful kind.

At least he knew that he and Alexandria wouldn't keep secrets from each other. He was still so relieved to know that she had no part in all the deception they had faced.
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The temptation to get upon the horse that had brought them here was too great and even though everything was telling her to leave and forget about what might be, she knew that it wasn’t the right thing to do. She could have been selfish but she didn’t know how to be. Alexandria had always been the loyal daughter who did nothing but honour his wishes but that girl was long gone now that her father had betrayed her trust.

She looked over his shoulder after to see what he was looking at and noticed that her father was peering over towards them and even though Marcus still held her hand neither of them seemed to care. Alexandria had wanted to talk to her father about Marcus and make sure he understood her feelings for him but everything had changed now. They continued to walk, trying to escape the smell and the prying eyes and with interlocked hands they attempted to ignore the looks of her father. She knew that even though her father was lied to her, she was still his daughter and now doubt Lucan would be expecting an explanation as to how she dared to show an interested in a man other than him and how she did so without his permission.

They continued to walk until eventually Marcus came to a stop again, turning towards her ready to talk to her about some of the things that seemed to be taking over his mind. “I understand Marcus. I do. I am not sure it would be so easy for me to trust my father again. I really wish I knew what to say but I just don’t.” She looked away from him for a moment as if the wind would provide her with the answers they sought before she looked back towards Marcus and ran her hand over his cheek. “One thing I know for sure is that I love you and that no matter what transpires here, nothing will ever change that fact.”

Alexandria smiled and looked towards where her father had been to see that he was no longer observing them from a distance before she took the opportunity to kiss him. For now it would distract their thoughts and they deserved the chance to enjoy their love even if it was only for a moment. Her lips turned into a smile when she pulled away from him she placed her head against his chest. “What do we do now? I suppose we cannot just roam this field forever. No matter how much we try to escape eventually we are going to have to face them.”
  Alexandria / d1gn17y / 4y 350d 19h 37m 12s
Marcus had to smile when she agreed that that kind of life would be perfect. But it faded when she spoke of the inevitable. He nodded. He knew that it would all be in a fruitless effort. They wouldn't let things end like this. Not without explaining further or trying to convince them to help them recreate the order.

Marcus could still smell the burning bodies, so he took her hand and led her father away from the stench. He peered over his shoulder and noticed that Lucan had noticed their presence, but he made no attempt at following them or trying to speak with them. Perhaps he knew that they would need time to process what had happened.

Marcus knew he was still holding onto Alexandria's hand. He knew that her father was unaware of their affection for each other for the most part. But so much had happened in so little time that Marcus found himself not caring. If they could betray his trust, then he could do the same to them. It was a childish thought, of course, and he wished he didn't have to be like that. But he needed Alexandria in that moment. She was the only other one that had been left out of the loop. Even Felix seemed to know or he would not have been so calm about the bodies or the situation.

Marcus finally turned towards Alexandria again and they stopped walking once more. "I want to trust them," he confided in her. "But I'm not sure that I can. I have no idea what I'm meant to do now. Everything had been laid out before me. My path was clear. Up until now."

The truth was that Marcus actually admired what their organization had done. The Orchids seemed to truly want to protect people and help them. But that didn't change the fact that he had been lied to about his own past or that nothing he had done up until that point seemed to matter.

He missed when he was just a simple gladiator. Or a freed man. But there was so much more happening in the world around him. Things he couldn't see or recognize and that almost made him fearful of the future. He had no idea what to do.
  Marcus / linkthehero / 4y 351d 52m 43s
The way he paused worried her and she began to wonder if he placed as much blame on her as he did with everyone else. She wouldn’t blame even though he was wrong about it. She could understand that he had lost in everyone as they all seemed to deceive him but she wanted him to know, to understand that if she could have changed anything she would have done.

A smell that disgusted her made its way to her and she felt sick knowing that it was and it was clear that perhaps that is what Marcus was looking at. Her father would have been there too and as much as she wanted to get answers, she wanted to be with Marcus more and for now it was important that he understood that she knew nothing about their history.

Eventually Marcus turned to face her and waited as though waiting for her to come to him and she did so walking slowly. “Marcus, you must know that I had no idea about any of this. I have never heard of an organisation called Orchid, nor did I know anything about my father’s involvement with them.” She paused for a moment, now even sure if Marcus wanted to hear any of this. “I don’t know what I can say to make you believe me and all I can do is hope that you trust me enough to believe that I am just as surprised by all of this.” As she approached him it was as though none of what she had said mattered and he leant down to kiss her cheek as though to tell her she didn’t need to explain herself. A smile formed upon her lips as he moved her hair and he took her hand and began to walk with her. There was silence for a while, until they were far enough away to ensure that no one would be able to hear them without seeing them approach first.

He broke the silence with a proposal and it was one that caused her to raise her eyebrow in shock although she still smiled and they naturally came to a stop before he turned towards her taking her jaw in his hand and she felt the longing for his lips to be upon hers but the words he spoke seemed just as appealing to her. Alexandria listened and as she did she was able to imagine what it might have been like for the two of them to escape and live and life that both of them deserved and wanted but as he began to finish speaking she knew that it was just a fantasy and if she agreed to it, he probably would have told her that is all it was.

“Sounds like heaven.” She said simply. “We could be so happy Marcus. I just wish that we could; just run away and never look back. No doubt they would find us though. They have already proved they are determined. After all they have deceived us both and were able to track you and Aeliana down after all these years. Do you really think we would ever be able to just forget about all of this?”
  Alexandria / d1gn17y / 4y 351d 2h 11m 5s

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