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Marcus laughed aloud when she mentioned him acting. "I would be a terrible actor," he told her. "Besides, once we started kissing I don't think we could stop and then everyone involved would feel awkward."

Her laugh resonated in him and she turned around to face him. Their legs decided to tangle in the others of their own accord. She mentioned pizza and he let out a groan, equally of pleasure and pain. "I'm so behind on working out because of you and now you want to feed me [i pizza]? You really [i are] going to make me fat." He chuckled softly before nodding. "That doesn't mean it doesn't sound absolutely delicious though. Call it in." They decided on what to order rather quickly and it was interesting to find out that they had the same taste in toppings. He watched her face as she called it in and he fed her his address when she needed it. When she hung up he realized just how hungry he was.

As if to distract them from their hunger pains, Alexandria back stepped to their previous conversation. He was surprised to hear the question since no one else had even thought to ask him that before. But rather than thinking about it like some, he already knew the answer because sometimes it kept him up at night.

"It was more practical than becoming an author," he admitted without missing a beat. "My dad convinced me that it was the better route, and me, being young and stupid, took his advice. And despite the fact that I gave in, he still doesn't really approve of what I do now." He paused a moment, thinking. "I wanted to write fiction. And now I'm stuck writing non-fiction articles. Not that I really mind. At least I get to write at all for a living. But the two genres are so different." He let out a soft sigh. "It's probably for the best though," he admitted. "I was probably shit at writing stories, anyway." There was a hint of pain behind his voice that he had not meant to let out. It was almost like he was quoting his father than speaking it about himself.

He tried to shrug it off to make it seem like it wasn't such a big deal. He almost asked her the same question of why she became an actress, but he remembered he had asked her that in his first interview with her. So instead, he just pulled her closer.
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There was nothing more comfortable than sitting on the sofa next to Marcus, just relaxing as he worked. It was easy to feel at home here and every now and then she would make sure that he had a drink and that he had been fed to keep his focus on the tasks. She looked over to him working and found herself smiling at the sight. There was something about him in glasses that made her heart skip and the very image of him looking so comfortable in her company made her smile. Alexandria was getting hungry as the day turned into the evening and contemplated cooking something but all her energy had been drained from doing nothing all day.

Perhaps she would suggest ordering something in when he was finished. Part way through her watching TV she stretched over the sofa, making herself more comfortable and she found that she didn’t want to move. The sound of Marcus closing his laptop didn’t pull her out of her focus on the TV and it wasn’t until he began to rub his thumb over her ankle that she realised that he was no longer working. Alexandria smiled and enjoyed that way that he slid behind her and looked down at the arm that had wrapped itself around her. Alexandria shifted slightly to give him more space and found herself to be surprised at how much room was still available on the sofa.

As he spoke she found that his breath tickled her neck and she reacted with a shudder before laughing at his comments. “You know it’s not real though. The chemistry will literally be on screen and I am not actually going to die.” She said, going along with the laugh. “Of course, you could always change professions and act. Get the casting role alongside me and then we can definitely spend plenty of time together and kissing on screen will be magical.” She laughed at the idea and turned over so them her back was to the TV. “I was thinking of ordered a pizza because I am starving and I haven’t eaten junk food in forever. What do you think? Do you even eat pizza?” She asked as she reached out for her phone, ready to dial her favourite pizza place before he even answered. Once they agreed on what to order and dialled it in and felt her stomach rumble with hunger. Alexandria thought back to their conversation about her profession and how she had mentioned his and she found herself thinking. “What made you want to become a journalist?”
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The rest of the walk was perfect and every once in a while they would speak up about something only to fall once more into a comfortable silence. When they got closer to his house and she started to tell him that he needed to work when they got back, he laughed softly, but nodded.

Never in his life had someone been so distracting yet such a great motivator at the same time. So when they got inside and he hung up his jacket and Cato's leash he headed straight to get his computer, just like he promised.

Within half an hour, they were sitting on the couch with the television on. Alexandria had obviously learned to make herself feel at home at his place, which he absolutely loved. She would get up to grab a snack or fix him some tea so that he could finish his work without interruptions. And when she wasn't moving about she was at his side on the couch watching whatever she could find on tv. Her feet would find his lap nonchalantly as she got comfortable.

With his glasses on once again, he managed to type out the rest of the article he had yet to finish. It took him just over two hours to finish it and send it in for review. While he had his laptop there, he pulled the photos for his sister onto another flashdrive. He really hoped she would be able to find the one she lost, if that even was the truth. She might have just wanted an excuse to come see him, in which case he wished she wouldn't make up stories that wound up making him work more.

By now he had sent his boss an email about the interview he had with Alexandria, and just as he guessed, he was ecstatic about the opportunity and gave him the go-ahead.

It was almost evening by the time he had finished everything and all that was left was to think up the questions for Alexandria's article. He would have gone ahead and written them up if he had the energy, but a man needed a break. When he folded his laptop closed and set it aside, he looked over to Alexandria still lost in the shows on tv. He subconsciously started to run his thumb over her ankle as he looked at her. He let himself slide down to rest behind her on the couch and wrapped an arm around her. They found a comfortable position with his free arm under her head and he felt her fingers twine with his. He could have easily fallen asleep like that if he wished.

"I was thinking," he started after a yawn. "You'll be filming a tragic romance and I'm going to be forced to watch you kiss another guy." He was obviously joking and there was no real jealousy behind his statement. He had interviewed enough actors to know that that's all on stage chemistry really was: acting. But he still thought it funny. He never imagined he'd be in a relationship where his girlfriend's job meant she had to kiss other men. "Of course that will be nothing compared to watching you die on screen," he added, squinting slightly at the thought. "Now that I think of it, it might be best if I [i didn't] see you on set." He laughed so that she knew he was joking again. He didn't think he'd be able to stay away from her even if he had a legitimate reason to.
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Alexandria loved the way that Marcus kissed the back of her hand. It was a really nice way of showing his affection for her and it wasn’t something that she had ever experienced with anyone in the past. Before, a relationship would always end up with her making the effort with a man who clearly had no interest in commitment but this was different. After all, Marcus seemed to promise her commitment early on.

“I think there will be no problem with you swinging by the set every now and then. That is if you really want to be bored out of your mind watching me attempt to act.” She said with a smile and she nodded when he mentioned his boss. “I am sure they will give the article the go-ahead. The article Marcus had written was extremely popular and worked out really well so it would be crazy for his boss to turn this down, especially since she was offering them an exclusive that no other magazine or newspaper would have the rights to print.

Alexandria looked to where Marcus pointed to and she laughed. “We do have a lot to owe to him. I don’t think that I would have walked by you though. Something tells me that we would have stopped to chat anyway. I was going to call you and thank you for the article you wrote so either way we would have found a way of talking to each other.”

Their walk lasted an hour before they decided that it was about time they headed back to Marcus’ house. He still had quite a lot of work to do and she didn’t want to be the reason why he missed any of his deadlines and as soon as his boss confirmed her interview, at least they would be working together on something. Without a word, they naturally began to travel back down the route they had taken with Cato displaying exhaustion as they walked. “We appear to have tired him out.” She said with a smile leant into Marcus as they turned back into his street. “You need to get some work done when you get in. You didn’t finish your work last night because of me and there is no way that I am having you resent me being around because you missed a deadline and you got fired.” She said with a laugh, knowing that it was unlikely to happen anyway.
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When they stepped outside before him, Marcus followed and turned to lock the door behind them. After shoving his keys into the pocket of his jacket, he felt Cato pull on his leash, eager to get going.

Marcus was too busy keeping Cato from running into the street to see the people across the way from them recognize Alexandria. When he finally got the excited husky under control, he adjusted his hand in hers and together they started to walk down the street.

About halfway to the main road, Alexandria decided to break the silence. He knew it wasn't because the silence was awkward, though. They had somehow, fortunately, gotten over that hurdle early on. Now the silence was perfect when it was there, and when it wasn't the talking was just as amazing.

"You'll do great," he told her with a smile, pulling the back of her hand up to his lips so that he could plant a comforting kiss on it. "I'm just disappointed I won't be seeing as much of you for a while. Maybe they'll let me swing by the set once in a while," he half joked. "We'll say you have a private interview." He let out a chuckle. "Speaking of which, we'll get this interview out of the way after I talk to my boss about it today. There's no way he could say no."

When they reached the main road just outside his neighborhood where there were small shops up and down the lane, he turned right. For a moment they walked in silence one more, but then they passed a street corner and Marcus couldn't help but smirk. "I guess we owe Cato a lot," he said suddenly. He gestured to the street behind them now. "That's where Cato went crazy and made us bump into each other again," he told her. "I guess we might have walked right by each other if he hadn't been so excited."

He felt cheesy saying it. As if their lives were controlled by some kind of fate, which of course sounded insane. But he was thankful that he had Cato that day. If not they might have never seen each other again after that interview. He would hear of her again only when the trailers for her film started coming on television. And he might think "that's a girl I interviewed once" and nothing more ever again.

What they were living was a completely different story, though. He still didn't know how only a few days had passed and yet he felt so connected to her.
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At first he didn’t want to talk about it and even though she was close to letting it fall, something appeared to make him cave and tell her what was bothering him. It was surprising to hear that he had walked out on his father the same day that they had gone on their date. He had been surprisingly composed. Alexandria hadn’t been able to do the same yesterday when her father had upset her and for that she had nothing but respect for him. At least now she knew the reason why he had to take himself away from her while they were in the middle of desert that day.

“I understand completely. You know that I don’t have the best relationship with my father. I think they must believe we have to live our lives for them because it was them who gave us life. It’s not that you’re being childish. It’s that you father hasn’t realised that you are no longer a child yet. Or at least, that’s what it sounds like.” She looked into his eyes and smiled. He shrugged and shook his head and she knew in that moment that their conversation was over.

“I know there is more for you to talk about around this and I also know that you’re not going to talk about it now but when you want to. I am here.”

Cato’s barking is what pulled them back and she looked towards the door to see that he was demanding the walk that she had promised him. “I did say that word. I’m sorry – it just seems like a nice day and I have stolen you from him for the past couple of days. I suppose I felt guilty.” She said with a laugh and as he began to walk away from her she stretched out her arm as he kept hold of her hand before he really had to let go to get himself dressed.

She shook her head slightly and made her way to Cato, giving him the fuss that he deserved while they waited for Marcus to return from his room. Alexandria wondered what it would have looked like for them to walk hand in hand with Cato in toe. They would look like a couple who had been together for a long time and even though they both knew that it was only a matter of days, it definitely felt like a lot longer.

She looked up when he returned, approving of his new look and nodded as they walked out of the house. She waited for him to lock the door behind them before they waked, making sure that her hand found his out of desperation to be touched in some way by him. She noticed out of the corner of her eye that a couple on the opposite side of the road was pointing towards them and it was clear that they had recognised her but in the moment she didn’t really care about that. All she cared about what the fact that she was with Marcus and that they could let the embarrassing events of the moment disappear into nothing.

“I can’t believe that I have to start filming in two days.” She said, breaking the silence between them.
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Alexandria walked over to him, taking a hands in her own and pulling his arms around her as if she knew that her mere presence was enough to calm him. He pulled her close once more and he shook his head when she asked him what was wrong.

It was true that they were there for each other and that thought alone made Marcus's morning ten times better than it had been. But he also didn't want to burden her so soon.

"It's nothing, really," he said softly, taking in the sight of her gray eyes peering into his. The concerned look on her face made him cave. He sighed like he was giving up. "I walked out on my dad's birthday," he said, almost wincing at the memory. "Before we went to that gig. He tried so hard to play the father card every time we see each other that I just started to avoid him all together. And my sister, of course, hates to pick sides, so she'd forced into the middle to mediate everything between us like we're children." He paused for a moment, thinking. "I suppose it is childish. But he can't take me or my job seriously, so what do I owe him?"

He wasn't really asking her, he just wanted to get his point across. He was afraid that Alexandria might react just like Aeliana and tell him that he needed to grow up. But being in his shoes felt terrible. Finally, he shrugged the entire situation off and shook his head.

"Anyway, it's not enough to ruin the day," he said, his smile returning to his face as he returned his gaze to her. Cat had started barking by the door down the hallway and Marcus raised an eyebrow. "You said the 'w' word, didn't you?" he asked. His smile widened. "Let me go put on some real clothes and then we'll walk him together," he offered.

As he started to walk away, their hands lingered casually in each others until they were too far away to reach anymore. He took the stairs two at a time and when he reached his room he threw on some jeans and t-shirt before grabbing the new jacket he bought. After pulling on his boots, he went back down the stairs and met Alexandria and Cato by the door. He took Cato's leash off one of the hooks by the door and clipped it onto his collar.

"Shall we?" he asked, opening the door for the husky and Alexandria.
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His hands at her hips made her feel important to him. Perhaps it was just the contact but either way, feeling his hands upon her made her smile. She wanted nothing more than to fall back into bed with him but now that she was dressed she knew that they needed to do something more than spend the day in bed. She looked down at what he was wearing and smiled. “I happen to like the fact that you are under dressed.” She said as she followed him out of the room and down into the kitchen. Alexandria had to admit that she quite enjoyed the idea of saying hello to Cato and she found herself feeling content with the routine that they seemed to have fallen into so quickly.

Alexandria laughed at that way that Cato jumped up her. He was quite a heavy dog so she had to brace herself and found that she had been knocked back a few steps. “Hey there boy. We are so sorry that we haven’t been paying much attention to you.” She said as she ran her hands through his fur around his face and she could see the excitement in his eyes and he ran his tongue over her face. “Now, now…easy boy. How about we take you for a walk?”

She spent a moment or two showing Cato how much she had grown to love him until she looked up and noticed that Marcus was reading something. It was none of her business of course so she wouldn’t ask just yet but the way he crumpled up the paper in anger made her concerned. He caught her eye and she stopped stroking Cato who had jumped down from her after being satisfied with the attention he had received. Alexandria took his hand and pressed herself against him. “Talk to me, something is bothering you. What is it?”

Alexandria quite liked the idea of having someone to be concerned about and the fact that they had now established a relationship made it easier for her to convince him to talk to her. “You are able to confide in me you know. It’s what being in a relationship is about and we might as well start as we mean to go on: open and honest.”
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Marcus had to laugh when she told him his sister might know just a little bit too much about his personal life and he had to nod in agreement. He stepped up close to her and pulled her close by her hips. He was glad they hadn't made it any further. He didn't need that on his record with Aeliana along with everything else she had on him. That woman could blackmail him easily if she ever felt the need.

Alexandria spoke about how they might as well make something of their day now that she was dressed. "Such a shame, too," he couldn't help but mutter with a smirk. "Except now you have me feeling under dressed," he chuckled softly, looking down at his sweatpants. Then he turned away and grabbing their plates to return them to the kitchen. "Come say hi to Cato and we can talk about the day," he told her and started to make his way out of his room and down the stairs.

Cato jumped up from his spot beside the couch when he heard them come down to pace at their feet. Marcus held the plates up and away from the husky and gestured to Alexandria.

"Look, boy! Your favorite person!" Cato turned his head and was instantly distracted by Alexandria. He stood on his hind feet in an effort to give the woman a hug of some sort. Marcus continued to the kitchen and rinsed the plates before setting them in the sink to deal with later. He leaned against the counter there to watch Alexandria love on Cato. He was distracted, however, by the sticky note on the island. He stepped up to it and peeled it off the wooden surface.

[center [i You're lucky I didn't bring up dad. I understand the stunt you pulled at the party, but you'll have some explaining to do. Not to me, but to him. I know it's difficult, but he only wants what is best for you.]]
[right [i Love, sis]]
[right [i P.S. Don't forget those pictures. I'll be by in the morning to pick them up!]]

Marcus heaved a sigh before crumpling the post-it in his hand and tossing it in the trash. If his father wanted what was best for him, then why did he pressure him so much to be something he wasn't? He already convinced him to give up being a published author and now he was trying his hardest to make even his practical choices look bad.

When he looked up from his thoughts he caught Alexandria's eye and he knew that she could probably see that something was bothering him. He tried his best to put on a smile and he found that where it would be difficult with anyone else, his grin came easily around her.
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Alexandria laughed. “Don’t you think that is a suitable code word? Cunning yet believable.” When he pulled away from their kiss she couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed by the fact but continued to smile when he seemed to be talking through their idea. The way he trailed kisses in between his words made her stomach burst to life and her heart began to race again. He leaned her back so that she was almost trapped in between him and the bed and she smiled through their kisses. The feel of his weight on top of hers added to the excitement and as he began to work his way down to her neck she was seemingly annoyed with herself for squirming at the feel of his facial hair. A giggle escaped her lips and she allowed herself to get lost in him, preparing herself for a repeat of the night before.

When the dog began to bark she tried her hardest to ignore it but the sound of a voice echoing through the house made them both stop quickly. Was that the voice of a woman? For a moment she thought about how it could have been some girl that Marcus had failed to tell her about but soon enough she remembered that Marcus had told her about a sister that often lets herself in. The way he cursed made her laugh and she couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed by the situation they found themselves in. He stumbled into some clothes and she felt obliged to do the same but she was far too amused by Marcus’ reaction.

When he told her to get dressed she nodded and smiled at the way he watched her get dressed before he really had to leave the room. She quickly jumped into a pair of jeans and threw a top over her and sat down on the bed, grabbing her phone just in time for Aeliana’s entrance to the room. She was surprised with herself for getting dressed so quickly and when they both had time to reflect on this moment she knew they would both laugh about the situation and how comical it actually was. She had only moments ago listened to his sister try to figure things out outside of their door only moments ago and when burst in Alexandria only smiled as she looked up from her phone.

The greeting wasn’t what she had expected but she was thankful for the compliment either way. She looked towards Marcus who walked in, annoyance clear on his face. She rose from the bed, ready to greet his sister properly and found it odd the way he stepped forward, almost inspecting her. “It’s nice to meet you too.” She replied as Aeliana addressed her directly. “I don’t think so. I mean, you don’t look familiar to me I am afraid.”

She wondered what the exchange between them meant. It was either that Marcus didn’t seem to care too much about the people his was in a relationship with, or he had not been in one for a very long time. It didn’t seemed to matter at this point now thought and put it down to sibling behaviour and tried to laugh it off. When Aeliana asked about whether she had done any modelling work she shook her head and watched Marcus identify the confusion upon her face and explained.

Her lips parted to answer all of the questions that Aeliana was throwing her way, not really knowing where to start but luckily Marcus saved her by telling her that they were trying to enjoy each other’s company and in the politest way possible, she was intruding upon their private time together.

“Yeah, see you again sometime.” She said, calling after her after she left the room. The way Marcus looked towards her made her laugh again and she wasn’t sure how to control it. “You have nothing to apologise for. She is sweet. Know a little too much about you but either way. Sweet.” Alexandria looked down at her clothes and shook her head. “Such an inappropriate time though. Imagine ten minutes lately what she might have walked in on.” She blushed slightly. “Now I am dressed. Had we better do something with our day?” She asked, hoping that he would want to stay here.
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She reached over and took his hand and Marcus wanted nothing more in that moment. He heard her out, chuckling softly at her jokes and feeling glad that she was just as in over her head with all this as he was.

"Is that going to be our code word?" he asked with a laugh. "'Articles'?" Her smile widened and she leaned in for a kiss. He obliged happily. When he pulled back, he seemed to be thinking. "I suppose that way it won't sound like we're slacking at least," he joked. "My boss will think I'm working and so will your agent. When really..." he said, his voice growing softer. He leaned in for another kiss. "...We'll just be sitting here in bed. Among other things." And another kiss. And another. And then they couldn't stop.

He leaned her back against the pillows once more, his weight making sure she was unable to move as he started to nibble on her neck. His stubble tickled her and made her squirm and for a moment Marcus thought they might fall into another bout of love making.

That is, until of course they were interrupted by the sound of Cato barking and a voice from downstairs greeting the dog in a high pitched voice. Marcus sat up quickly, cursing. He flung himself out of bed and stumbled into a pair of sweatpants that he had pulled out of his laundry.

"Marcus?" came the voice of the woman. He could hear her in the living room, looking for him.
"Shit. It's my sister." He thought about asking Alexandria to hide simply because Liana would be pissed when she found out that he had been keeping this girl a secret. Last thing she heard about her was that they were going on a date. The last thing she would expect was to find her in Marcus's bed. But Marcus didn't want to hide her away just to spare himself a scolding from his sister.
"Dammit, Marcus, I know you're here!"
Marcus cringed and looked back to Alexandria. "Get dressed," he told her, almost sadly. He had loved sitting there with her, comfortable with nothing on. He loved that their exposure didn't have to be sexual. But Liana would take it all the wrong way if she saw Alexandria in the state she was in.

He couldn't help but watch Alexandria pull on her clothes as he stood by the door, waiting for his sister to get closer.

"Marcus!" She was starting to sound annoyed.
"Yeah?" he finally replied and opened the door just a bit to find her at the top of the stairs.
"You know if someone broke into your house, you'd probably never know.
"Yeah, probably. You want some tea?" He stepped outside of his bedroom door. He was hoping to get her to turn back around and head downstairs, but she knew him better than that.
"Wait, did you just wake up?" she asked.
"I've been working," he lied and made a gesture that mimicked him typing on a keyboard.
She pushed his hands away. "You care too much about your appearance. You'd at least have brushed your hair by now. Are you sick?"
"What? No, I'm fine- I just-"
"Oh my god, did you get laid?" The excitement in her voice obviously gave away how long it had been since he had because somehow Liana knew absolutely everything. Marcus was like a book to her and he hated it.
"Liana, wait-" Marcus started, but she was already dodging him and pushing his door open. He closed his eyes, just waiting for her exclamation.

"Well, aren't you beautiful?" He heard Liana almost shout two seconds later. All he could hope was that Alexandria had had the time to dress herself fully before Aeliana so rudely barged in. He turned around and headed back into his room, his hands on his hips in annoyance. His sister had her prideful look on her face, knowing that she had been right, after all.

"Liana, this is Alexandria," he said with a lazy gesture as if he'd given up. "Alexandria, this is Aeliana, my sister."

Liana stepped up and took a look at Alexandria. "It's so nice to meet you. You look familiar, are you sure we haven't met?"
"She's an actress, maybe you saw her in something. Can you stand back and give her some room? You are way too invested in my love life," he told his sister.
"Well someone has to be," she replied, sticking her tongue out at her brother. She returned her attention to Alexandria and Marcus gave her an apologetic look, knowing there was no way to stop the hurricane that was his sister. "An actress, huh? You ever do modeling work at all?"
"Liana is a model," Marcus explained.
"Most familiar faces are people I've modeled with in the past. It's hard to remember them all, though. Anyway, tell me about yourself. Do you like coffee? Marcus, can I take your girl out for coffee?"
"Liana..." Marcus said with a sigh. "You're hyped up enough. And besides... Our schedules are going to get busy soon so we're kind of trying to..."
Aeliana looked at him in confusion at first, then her eyes widened. "OH. Alone time. Right. Well, I guess there will be plenty of time for coffee later."
"Sure," Marcus said, just trying to make her happy. "So, what did you need? You came here for something, right?"
"Oh, yeah. Those pictures you took of Felix and I on our anniversary? You still have those, right? I can't find the flash drive you put them on."
"You lost my drive?"
"I'll find it, okay? I just need those pictures by tomorrow because I'm making him something special."
Marcus sighed and nodded. "Yeah, okay. I'll put them on another. But you better find that drive. It's got the most memory."
"Okay, okay. Anyway, I'll get out of your hair now so you can get back in hers." She turned towards Alexandria. "It was lovely to meet you. I hope to see you again!"

And with that Aeliana was bounding down the stairs in all of her excitement and Marcus was left there looking at Alexandria with a cringe still on his face. There was silence until he heard the front door close.

"I'm so sorry about that," he said, finally, running a hand down his face. "She's even more hyper today than usual. I had no idea she'd be coming by."
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Alexandria found the courage to look towards him trying to anticipate what he might say. Something told her that she had nothing to fear with him but that didn’t stop that little bit of doubt in the back of her mind. This was a conversation that they couldn’t avoid and it was something that was best to talk about now before things got in between them.

Her heart began to quicken when he admitted that he knew what he wanted. She played out a million and one ways in her mind that the sentence could be finished but when he finally did himself, she couldn’t stop the smile from forming upon her lips. The way he looked towards her held so much honesty and it pushed that last bit of doubt out of her mind and she nodded as he spoke.

He moved round in the bed so he was facing her and it took everything for her to keep herself from touching him. He wasn’t finished talking yet though and she had to hear him out because it wasn’t likely to be a conversation they would be able to have again anytime soon. She laughed with Marcus as he said he wanted to be exclusive. It wasn’t what I wasn’t what he said but more the way he screwed his eyes up after and she reached over towards him to take his hand and she squeezed it with reassurance.

“I want the same thing. We both know it’s crazy but I don’t see any other way around this. I have never felt like this with anyone and I just know that I would be dumb to give this up. Surely our jobs make it easier for us to see each other too. I could just schedule articles with you.” She said with a wink. “And by articles I mean…dates of course. Unless you want to write articles then in that case feel free.” She said, laughing. She moved round so that she was sitting in front of him and she leant forward to press a kiss against his lips.
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He listened to her tone change slightly as she spoke about staying grounded and not getting too swpt away in anything. He understood that. It was easy to get too excited about something and suddenly that one thing has taken over your life.

When she started to talk about their relationship that had bloomed over the past couple of days he couldn't help but feel the exact same way as Alexandria. She wanted to know where they stood and what they were to each other, and she seemed nervous asking, as if he might split and run at the thought of labels, but he had been wondering the same exactly thing.

"I know what I want," he confessed. "I want you. However that may play out. I just want you." He looked her in the eyes as he said it, hoping that she wouldn't think he was only saying it to make her happy and then he'd never call again. "I don't want you to think that I'm one of those guys that just ups and leaves after... I would never have moved this fast if I didn't think it was right."

He adjusted himself on the bed so that he could see her easier. Just as she was afraid he might run away, he was afraid of the same thing from her. He was scared she might regret the night before. Not now, but eventually. He had even tried to talk himself out of it, but they were both clearly engaged and that had eased his mind about it.

"I know you're going to be busy filming. But I would love to see you whenever we could." He took her hand in his and let out a short, breathy laugh as if he couldn't believe what he was saying. "And if it's alright with you, I'd like to... be exclusive." He squeezed his eyes shut at how terribly he worded that. It was like he was talking about interviews instead of a relationship. "I just mean that I don't want to see anyone else. I see this as the start of something. And I want nothing more than to... stick around."
  Marcus. / linkthehero / 4y 344d 1h 32m 55s
Alexandria loved the way that Marcus listened to her and she was glad to see that he was so involved in her business already. Most women would kill for a man who paid this much attention to them and she was lucky enough to pick him up before anyone else did. The conversation that she knew she needed to have would come soon enough but for now she was listening to his own excitement about her role.

“I guess you are right.” She said, thinking for a moment. “I am not expected masses amount of fame to come out of this. I don’t want it. I am simply doing this because I loved the novel; I loved the film and my passion is to act now and this is allowing me into that world but I don’t want to get swallowed up by it.” She looked towards Marcus who was now leaning against the headboard and she laughed when he told her that they should celebrate.

“I want you to keep me grounded through this. Life can’t get away from me and I can’t become obsessed with my work. Yes, I have to film but I deserve a social life and I deserve to have some kind of relationship.” She looked away for a minute. “The thing is, I don’t want to get you out of my system. In fact I want the complete opposite. I know that we have literally just met but there is something that I cannot explain between us. I know men run at the idea of defining a relationship but with what I am about to go into, I think it’s important that we know exactly what we want.”
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They both finished eating at the same time and together they discarded their plates to the nightstands. He turned his attention back to her to listen eagerly to what role she was offered.

When she told him that it was a remake of A Walk to Remember, his excitement increased even more. No wonder she wasn't allowed to say anything until she got the part. Remaking that movie was almost like remaking The Notebook or any other classic romance. Of course there was also a bit of tragedy. He knew what happened to her character, after all. When she told him how nervous she was, he grinned.

"They wouldn't have picked you if they wanted a well known face. People are invested in these stories and they want to see people succeed. There's no need to be nervous. You must have been exactly what they were looking for. So if you just show them the same woman that auditioned then everything should go smoothly." He offered her a wide smile. "Besides, if I remember correctly, Mandy Moore's career took off for the first time after she filmed that movie. She was a nobody before that. The same could very well happen to you, too."

He leaned back against the headboard and after a short moment, he started to speak again. "We should celebrate. After all, I'm sure we'll be seeing less of each other because of the filming. So we might as well get it out of our system now," he joked.
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