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Alexandria looked towards Marcus, waiting for him to tell her friend what it what he would be ordering. His response made her laugh and she shook her head. Her friend just pointed out her section and told them to sit there before she began to walk away from them as if to give him some time to think about what he wanted. They had chance to order some drinks first.

“You are an ass.” She said as she began to walk towards the section where her friend had directed her to and looked back towards Marcus to make sure that he was following her and as they sat down Marcus talk about all the sleeping in he had been doing just in time for their waitress and her friend to come back. Alexandria eyed Marcus as if to warn him about what he said in front of her but she could tell by the raised eyebrows and mischievous smile that she knew exactly what Marcus was suggesting when he spoke.

“Don’t even go there.” She told her and luckily she kept her mouth shut for the moment and set their drinks down, asking Marcus if he had decided what he wanted for breakfast. The way that she called him handsome was meant to provoke her slightly but she ignored it and looked towards her friend, almost as though communication with her silently and soon enough she began to move away, giving them some time alone.

“Get up off the table darling you will fall asleep if you are not careful. You can blame me all you like, it was my fault and I am damn proud of it.” She said with a smile and took his hand in her own to give him some encouragement to sit up. “We have to promise to schedule in some breakfast, lunch and dinner dates when I have my filming schedule tomorrow. I will be damned if this film gets in the way of us trying to build a relationship. I can’t say that our timing doesn’t suck but it will be worth it right?” She asked aloud as if wanting some kind of reassurance.

She could see that she might end up spend all of her nights at his place. If that was the only time they could make for each other then she would be willing to do that. In all honesty, at least she knew that her father couldn’t speak to her there and the press didn’t know that she was seeing Marcus officially just yet and it would stop them trying to hound her at least but she didn’t want to scare Marcus with the prospect of her being there all the time. It was clear that he wanted this relationship but she didn’t want him to feel overwhelmed.
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The door chimed as they walked inside the diner and before they even started to debate on where to sit, they were approached by Alexandria's friend. He couldn't help but smile a bit when she asked if it was another interview, and then proceeded to chuckle at her following comment.

Marcus looked between the two women as they seemed to turn to him to hear what he was craving.
"Oh, I didn't know we were ordering," he said mischievously.
Her friend rolled her eyes playfully and pointed to a section of booths. "That's my section over there. Anything to drink for you love birds?"

They told her what they wanted before going to claim a booth by the window as she walked off to get their drinks. They sat down and Marcus gazed out the window. His mouth opened into a yawn and he shook his head when it was over.

"I don't think all this sleeping in has been good for me," he joked just as the waitress came back. She set their drinks in front of them.
"So, Alexandria wants pancakes and bacon. What about you, handsome?"
"Just bring me the same thing. We'll make it easy," he told her with a smile. He knew she was only calling him handsome as a way to playfully provoke Alexandria. She hopped away once more to put in their order.

Marcus folded his arms across the table and rested his chin on them. He had no idea how he was going to get anything done that day while feeling so exhausted. He yawned once more before looking up at Alexandria from where his head rested on his arms.

"I blame you for all this yawning," he told her with a smile.
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His smirk was one of the many things that attracted her to him and she smiled towards him as he thought about the concept of her having a drawer. Alexandria couldn’t deny that she was slightly worried in case he thought it was far too soon for them but he seemed to agree that it made sense for them at this time. Perhaps before she started to work they needed to have a conversation about exactly what would happen now. They knew that they wanted to be exclusive and she knew that he wanted to see where it goes; so did she but there was something about their intimate morning that suggested they were not ‘just seeing where it goes’.

Finally he got out of bed and she laughed at the way he hunted for clothes and she was slightly disappointed to hear that he didn’t have anything in the house that would satisfy her craving. “We are going to be broke if we keep spending money on food.” She said shaking her head. The kiss he had placed upon her lips seconds before that seemed to make up for it though and she looked into the mirror to run her fingers through her hair. “Bed hair is always a good look right?” Alexandria checked her reflection and decided that it was good enough and reached for some deodorant. After that she picked up the laundry basket, throwing some of her clothes in with it. “We should perhaps put some of this on to wash while we are out.” She said as she made her way down the stairs and into the kitchen. As Marcus fed Cato she spent some time sorting through the laundry and tried to figure out the washing machine before they were ready to leave.

As he took her hand she looked down and realised how nice it was to be open about their relationship. Neither of them seemed to be too bothered about the consequences of being seen and as they walked towards the café she leant into him. “You and me both!”

Once they arrived at the café she saw that her friend was on shift and the second she walked in she was greeted with an embrace and she placed a kiss upon her cheek before looking towards Marcus, clearly recognising him she raised her eyebrows. “Another interview?” She asked before noticing that they were holding hands. A smile creeped onto her face and she looked towards Alexandria once more with mischievous grin. It had been a long time since Alexandria had been seen with a man, especially in such a way and it clearly made her friend happy to see. “Extra ground work for an upcoming interview then?” She said again, laughing.

“We merely want pancakes and bacon. Well, I do. I am not too sure what Marcus here wants.”
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After about half an hour of talking about anything and everything, Alexandria squeezed him before sitting up and he grunted in disappointment. But a smile was on his lips when she mentioned pancakes. She obviously couldn't get the food out of her mind as she hunted around the room for the bag with the clothes she had packed. He watched her pull on her underwear and snap on her bra before clothing completely.

"That was really rude," he told her with a smirk. "I was enjoying the view." Next, he let out a chuckle. "A drawer, huh? I could probably arrange that." He liked the sound of Alexandria having a drawer. It made their relationship truly start to feel like they were planning on it lasting more than just these few days. He took in that thought for a moment and only pulled himself out of it when Alexandria put her hand son her hips and started to whine about food once more.

"Okay, okay, fine," he said, rolling out of bed and hunting for his own clean clothes. He was down to his last pair of boxers. "But just so you know," he started, pulling a slim t-shirt over his head and snaking a belt through the loops on his jeans, "I have no pancakes and I have no bacon. So we're gonna have to go out." When he was finally dressed he approached her and put a hand on either side of her face before leaning in to kiss her gently. "That little diner where we met... they serve breakfast right?"

When it was decided that they would go back to where they held their interview, Marcus ran his hands through his hair and watched as Alexandria fixed her own. The last thing he wanted was to run into Alexandria's friend who worked there and have her know exactly what had taken place before they got there. But if she knew Alexandria well enough, she might be able to tell anyway. And something about that made Marcus smile. Maybe he wanted people to know that they were together. In every sense of the word.

After Marcus fed Cato and gave him some attention, they left. It was nice when they stepped outside so they decided to walk, hand in hand.
"I probably could have used a shower," he mumbled jokingly. At least he remembered to spray himself with cologne just in case their love making lingered on him.
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She hadn’t realised that there was a chill in the air until Marcus leant down to pick up some covers to place over them but she was definitely grateful for it. She nodded in agreement at his comment and found herself enjoying being wrapped up with him. Even though they had no idea what the time was she was sure that it was about time for them to get out of bed but their calming breaths and tired states told her that they were not ready to get up any time soon.

“As much as I would love to stay here with you forever, I am sure that quitting our jobs would not be a good idea at all. How else are we going to fund our appetites? Speaking of which I am starving! That doesn’t mean I want either of us to get out of bed yet.” She said, looking up towards him with a smile. It was an easy conversation that came yet again. They spoke about work and what they would do with their final day of freedom before Alexandria decided she couldn’t wait any longer to get some food.

She squeezed him before sitting up. “I can’t take it anymore. I need food. My stomach is literally going to shout at me in a minute. I fancy pancakes and bacon,” she said, the pleasure of thinking about food so clear upon her face as she nodded. “I need pancakes and bacon in my life. You want some?” She pulled to covers from her and hunted around the room for clothes and fresh underwear before pulling the material over her bare skin.

“I am totally going to need a drawer if I am going to stay here again. I can’t be leaving my clothes lying around like this.” She said smiling. Even the idea of having a drawer at his place seemed to sudden but she knew deep down that it wouldn’t have much of an impact on Marcus. He seemed to want this as much as she did and as far as she was concerned, they were already going to have some kind of future together. Their connection was far too strong to break and there was nothing in the world that would break that. The media and her father could do whatever they liked but her feelings for him were already stronger than anything she had ever felt before and she wanted nothing to taint that.

“Come on, I really need breakfast.”
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His kisses made her roll over in the bed to face him. Her hand found the side of his face and she smiled as if she hadn't seen him in a week. She kissed him and he wanted to fall into it, but Cato whines and reached out to paw at them.

When they broke apart, Alexandria spoke to the husky and Marcus knew that the dog wouldn't move even if she used such a nice tone. So he was actually very surprised when Cato stood up and waltzed out of the room after she asked him to give them some space.

"He listens to you more than he's ever listened to me," Marcus complained, his brow furrowing in confusion. With his gaze still on the door, she took advantage of his exposed next to plant kisses down it and to his shoulder. Her hands were cool on his back and he turned back towards her with a smile growing on his lips.

"Mhm," he replied, closing his eyes. "Lots of things to do. And you said you weren't distracting," he joked, pressing his weight against her and running his hand down her exposed side.

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“I am sure you can be cute but come on, look at his face.” She said as she finally opened her eyes and watched as he began to stroke Cato after she felt Marcus climb onto the bed. If she didn’t know Marcus so well already she might have been offended by the way he seemed to be bothered by the fact that they had to share the bed but she knew that it was merely a joke. In the end Cato jumped over Alexandria and lay down the other side of her and she groaned slightly as he seemed to lazily trample on her in the process. As if to give Cato more room, Marcus moved her closer to him and she sighed with the satisfaction of feeling his body next to hers. She couldn’t deny that she was disappointed that he was clothed now though.

Alexandria moved her head slightly to expose her neck a little more to him and she listened to him partly complain about his sister and she nodded. “It’s definitely better than just walking in.” She could feel his lips turn up into a smile. “I am sure that is that case. I will try and find some time in my busy schedule for her.” She said with a laugh and she began to enjoy the silence between them for a moment and found herself drifting off again until Marcus spoke once more and a soft groan escaped her.

“Really? It’s so early Marcus. I blame your sister for waking you up. I am sorry but I am not moving yet. I am not at all distracting. You are just lazy.” She said, giggling to herself. It seemed that her evening with Marcus was more than enough to tire her out and she found herself wondering how Marcus was so awake. The way he kissed her neck and shoulder made her feel relaxed and even though she wanted to sleep she knew that Marcus was awake now and she didn’t want him to think that she was being rude as s guest in his home. She was more than exhausted but she turned over to face him and allowed her eyes to open for the first time since Marcus had entered the room. “There he is,” Alexandria said with a smile and brought her hand up to his face. There was something about his eyes that made her heart skip a beat and she pressed her lips against his and watched as he looked over towards Cato as though he was providing him with some kind of distraction. “Hey Cato,” she addressed him as she looked over her shoulder and noticed the way that his ears pricked up and she moved her arm to pat his back. “Go play so I can enjoy some time with Marcus.” She said with a laugh and was surprised to see that he jumped off the bed and left the room. “Was it something I said?” Alexandria looked back to Marcus and shrugged. “You were saying there was stuff you needed to do today?” She playfully kissed his neck and moved to his shoulder, running her hands down his back, feeling the muscles in his back react to her touch.
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"I can be cute," Marcus protested her defense of Cato's behavior. He pretended to sulk in jealous before climbing into the bed with Cato squished between the two of them. "This bed isn't big enough for the three of us," he told the husky who whined. "You think you're a lap dog, but you're not." He took Cato's face in his hands and ruffled his fur with affection. "This place used to be our bachelor pad, I know, buddy. But we have to share her, okay?" he chuckled when Cato let out a howl of anguish at the idea. He got up and planted himself on the other side of Alexandria as if he was finally giving in and Marcus slid under the covers once more.

He pulled Alexandria close and she let him. She asked who it was that had pulled him out of bed. "My sister wanted her pictures. Apparently we were so deep in sleep that I didn't even hear her ringing the doorbell." He nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck. "At least she thought better than to walk right on in like yesterday. You know she's not going to leave me alone until she takes you out for a drink or something," he told her, his lips on her neck forming a smile.

After a long moment of silence, Marcus started to think of all the things he needed to do that day. Things that had been building us since he met Alexandria and had been so distracted that he simply didn't find the time to do them. "I need to throw in some laundry, today," he muttered into her skin, clearly unhappy about the idea. "The dishes could use a wash. And I need to take Cato to get groomed. You are a very distracting woman, you know that?"

But despite knowing everything that needed to get done, he still didn't move to get out of bed. Instead he displayed his affection for her by kissing her neck and shoulder, but he didn't exactly feel comfortable kissing any other parts of her with Cato staring them down.
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Alexandria was more than ready when he asked her if she was ready to be interviewed. It was so easy with him and the interview flowed more as a conversation. It began to get a little deeper as the interview moved on and she had to spend longer thinking about her answers to ensure that her answers were meaningful and she hoped that she did a good enough job for him. As he turned off his recorder she smiled towards him as he acted professional. “Oh wait, are you not going to ask me any questions about my love life. Surely your readers would love to hear about my lavish sex life with a sexy journalist. Did you know that his muscles are just to die for?” She said, mocking the behaviour of a ditzy girl. With that they seemed to explore their sex life a little more and fell into another night of passion. In her mind there was no better way to get to know each other than explore what made the other person tick and she enjoyed watching how he reacted to the different things that she tried as they exchanged their passion.

They fell asleep wrapped around each other and she couldn’t remember ever being so comfy. Even as his phone rang in the morning, she hardly stirred at all. She was oblivious to the fact that Marcus was talking to someone on the phone and it wasn’t until he started to move away from her that she even began to wake up but as she was half asleep she didn’t turn to look at him. Perhaps he was just going to use the bathroom and they would go back to sleep when he returned. She had no idea what time it was but she had no intention of moving if she didn’t have to have. Through her dreamy state she could hear voices downstairs but it wasn’t until Cato began to jump on the bed that she began to stir. She turned over and smiled towards the dog and brought her hand up to stroke him. It was nice having the affection of an animal as well as another human and she knew that she would be able to get used to this feeling. It made her sad to know that tomorrow she would have to leave this behind for a little while without knowing when she would next get to spend time with them.

Alexandria didn’t want to think about that any more though as she removed her hand from Cato and closed her eyes again, still feeling tired and nowhere near ready to wake up yet. He nuzzled into her and she smiled, hearing Marcus’ voice. “Leave him be. He is cute!” She said, moving over as if to make more room in the bed for Marcus to return. Cato seemed to move as well, wanting to be close to Alexandria. Perhaps on some level he knew that this was the last day she would be spending here with them until she found some time away from filming.

“Who took you away from me anyway? I was enjoying my sleep.” She said with her eyes closed as if she had no energy to open them.
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After a short while, Marcus figured he had everything written down that he needed. He reached over to his bedside table and opened the drawer where he kept his recorder and an old journal that was almost completely filled with random thoughts and old photographs tucked between the pages. He retrieved the recorder and turned back to Alexandria.

"You ready?" he asked with a a crooked smile. When she confirmed, he started the questions off easy and led into the more intense questions later. He asked her everything from how she felt when she got the role to why she wanted the role in the first place and what it meant to her. Despite having his recorder on, he would type away on his laptop every once in a while when a certain phrase interested him or when he thought of a great way to word something. They were through all of his questions within fifteen minutes and he switched the recorder back off, laying on the table beside himself.

"Well, thank you for you time," he mocked his usual professionalism as if they hadn't executed the interview in his own room and as if they weren't familiar with each other in the slightest. He closed his laptop before smiling at her and returning to his usual demeanor. "I'll get that typed up and it should be printed sometime next week. Because we both know I'll need something to do while you're away filming."

They spent that night much like they had the one before making their showers quite pointless in the long run, but neither one of them seemed to care. That next morning they woke up around nine to the sound of Marcus's phone going off.

He reached over lazily with his free arm. His other one was wrapped around Alexandria and there was no way he was going to let go for anything if he didn't have to. He didn't even have a chance to say anything when he picked up.

"Helloooo! I'm standing outside. I've been ringing your doorbell like crazy. Where the hell are you?" Aeliana's voice was too shrill for being the first thing he heard when waking up.
"Sorry, I didn't hear. Hang on, I'm on my way."
"You better b-" Marcus closed the old flip phone and sat up in the bed and looked over to Alexandria who seemed half asleep. If she had heard his phone it must not have bothered her sleep too much. Her bare back was to him and he wanted nothing more than to fall back into bed and hold her close. But duty called.

Marcus stood up and pulled on his sweatpants like he had the last time Aeliana showed up at his place. He grabbed the flash drive with the pictures she wanted and moved quietly out of the room and down the stairs, not wanting to bother Alexandria any more than he had.

When he got to the door and opened it, Liana stood there with an impatient expression. "Took you long enough," she said, though he knew she was half joking. He held out the drive and she took it. "Why am I always your wake up call?" she asked, taking in the sight of his messy hair and dark circles.
"That's what happens when you work on your own schedule," he told her with a shrug.
"Is your girl still here?" Liana asked, unabashed.
Marcus nodded, knowing he wouldn't be able to lie. "Look, you can talk to her later if you really want to. But now isn't the best time."
"Why, did you tire her out?" she asked with a smirk.
"You're too forward for your own good," Marcus said, shaking his head. He started to close the door on her.
"No, you're just an open book."
"Bye," he said, dragging the word out as he continued to slowly close the door. She returned the gesture by flipping him the bird before she was out of sight completely.

If anyone else were to see that exchange, they would have thought that the siblings hated each other. But in reality it was all in good fun and they understood that they had privacy. Ever since they were kids people had mistook them for twins. They did look a lot alike, but it was more the way they treated each other that gave off that impression. They were completely comfortable in each other's presence.

Marcus headed back upstairs and stepped back into the room. Cato had woken up and raced him up the stairs only to jump up onto the bed, taking Marcus's spot.

"Hey, you little devil. Get down." The dog didn't listen and she started to nuzzle Alexandria's face. "That's [i my] job," the man complained and Cato just looked up at him with big, innocent eyes.
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The water felt amazing against her skin and there was nothing that she thought she would be able to enjoy most in this moment. That was when she heard a knock at the door and she turned towards the door with confusion and shouted over the sound of the water, asking what it was that Marcus needed. When he walked in she found that there was no embarrassment towards the fact that he could see her naked body. After all, he had explored most of her the night before. She was surprised that he would think it necessary to join her but she laughed at his excuse and watched as he didn’t waste any time getting himself getting undressed and into the shower with her.

At first he stepped up behind her and placed a kiss upon her neck and she closed her eyes in pleasure. It was in that moment that she thought that she could stay here all day, they started to talk and embrace at different moments, with kisses placed in the middle of sentences. Eventually she came to the realisation that they had been in the shower for a long time. “Considering there is a water shortage, I really don’t think that showering together as helped to save any water. We have been in here for almost an hour I am sure.” She said as she reached over and turned the shower off.

As they climbed out she grabbed a towel from where Marcus had instructed her before and she wrapped a towel around her body after running it quickly over her hair. A satisfied sigh escaped her lips and they moved into his bedroom where they were able to change into something far more comfortable than the towel. At this point Marcus had retrieved his laptop and he decided to begin writing the interview questions for the approved interview between them and she found a comfortable position curled up next to him and glanced over at the computer screen. It wasn’t long before he was telling her off for doing so and she sat up quickly beginning to sulk jokingly as he tried to block her view. “That’s so unfair!”

Alexandria was excited about this interview in particular and letting the world know about her new role and she was happy about the fact that Marcus was the one who would be interviewing her. She could trust him completely with anything and she knew that he would not twist her words or make her look bad like some other journalists might have done. Perhaps it was because they knew who her father was and they loved to make the politician squirm but she knew that soon enough she would be able to make a name for herself and separate herself from him.
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Alexandria might not have thought that there was anything seductive about pizza, but Marcus was sure he could find something when it came to her that made it so. For the rest of the meal they spoke as freely as they usually did and when she had obviously had her fill, she asked to use the shower.

He nodded. "Of course. There's towels in the bathroom closet." She thanked him with a kiss on his cheek and he went back to eating his last slice of pizza. He heard the water turn on a moment later just after he threw the empty pizza box away. When he turned around, Cato was looking sad that he hadn't had any scraps to give him. Marcus checked the time and decided he could give the dog his supper. He pulled the bag off the top of the refrigerator and scooped out some food to put in Cato's bowl. The husky went to nibbling away and Marcus pet him with admiration as he did so and then made sure to put the bag back up and away from his reach.

When he was forced to stand there without anything else to distract him, he realized how strange it felt to be without Alexandria, even if it was only for just a few minutes. He smirked when an idea arose in his head. After all, he needed a shower just as much... And it's not as if they hadn't seen each other naked before.

Marcus approached the bathroom, feeling braver than usual and tapped his knuckles on the door. When he replied over the noise of the water he opened the door a crack. "You know there's a water crisis," he said mischievously. "We could save water by showering together." When he heard her laugh he took that as a yes and stepped inside. After pulling off his clothes he slid into the shower behind her and pulled her back against him so that he could kiss her neck, a smile still on his lips. The water made his curls flat and heavy and he pushed them away from his face in the next moment.

They spent way too long in the shower, but it was only because they got to talking once again. They could have easily taken the route that all the romance movies took, but he thought it was a good sign that they didn't need to be all over each other to feel special to each other. Not that the shower went without its kisses and embraces.

When that was over they climbed out to dry themselves off and get dressed. They both chose something comfortable, knowing that they wouldn't be going out again that day. He couldn't believe how quickly the day had gone by. Within fifteen minutes he was sitting on his bed with his laptop open once more and he started to write the questions for her interview. She was curled up beside him and he had to keep her from reading what he was writing. "If you knew and had time to prepare, it wouldn't be genuine," he told her, laughing and trying to block her eyes like a couple of kids playing some kind of game.
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It was actually quite upsetting for her to see Marcus put himself down in the way he was doing but she spent quite alot if their conversation trying to convince him that he was better than he thought he was and even though she didn't know him all that well yet, she believed in him completely. If it wasn't for the knock at the door she might have forgotten about the fact they had ordered food but just like Cato, she jumped up quickly and made her way to the door. Marcus beat her there with his wallet and she cursed under her breath hoping that he might have let her pay for the food but he was too much of a gentleman to let the lady pay for food again.

She sighed as he handed her the pizza and shut the door behind him. At least if she had the pizza she would get the first slice. As soon as she flipped open the box Marcus reached over and grabbed a slice and she pretended to look shocked as she took her own slice, pushing herself up onto the kitchen side opposite where Marcus propped himself against the island and she smiled as she took a bite of the pizza. It was worth the wait and definitely began to satisfy her hunger. When Marcus spoke she laughed and shook her head. "I never claimed to be a daddy's girl, nor do I claim to be anything but the girl next door. What does that even mean?" She asked, amusement clear upon her face. Alexandria had heard the saying many times before but she wasn't sure if she really fit into any of the stereotypical roles that people enjoyed to categorise others into. "Pizza and lounging around is more than perfect to me and I am not changing that for anyone." Alexandria took another bite from her pizza as if to prove it and ensured that she made eye contact with him the whole while. "Christ, there is nothing seductive about pizza is there?"

It was cosy sitting in the kitchen opposite Marcus, sharing a pizza and pointless conversations that neither of them woukd recall but that is exactly why she enjoyed it so much. Pointless, yet it meant so much to her. She finished a couple of slices of pizza before realising that she couldn't eat anymore and looked towards Marcus who seemed to be enjoying the pizza far too much to stop anytime soon.

"Would you mind if I took a shower?" She asked after a while, realising that she hadn't had time to do so that morning with his sister's intrusion. It wasn't as though he could say no to her and when he nodded, he told her where she could find a towel. "Thanks, I won't be long!" As she walked past she placed a miss upon his cheek and almost bounced up the stairs with complete happiness eminating from her and before she knew it she was being drowned in the hot water that began to wash away the day. She had to admit that it was strange taking a shower at someone elses home but she knew that her father would be monitoring her place waiting for her to come home and not to mention the creep who practically camped outside of her home to take as many photos of her as possible. Alexandria knew that it would only be a matter of time before they both found out where she was staying and then she would be responsible for bringing the drama into Marcus' home and that wasn't something she wanted to be responsible for.
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"Top selling author," he said sarcastically with a laugh. "That's a good one." Her hand rising to his face silenced him as she continued to speak. She leaned in to kiss him once. And then again and again until they were no longer separate touches but one long moment.

It was so easy for him to lose himself when she did that and he almost did just before she pulled away. He didn't know if he was relieved or disappointed. She studied him and he raised a hand to push her hair back.

"Well, if I ever do decide to get something published, you'll be my first reader. How about that?" he asked, more as a joke. But she had been right. His father didn't run his life. He didn't control his passions and aspirations and if it was something Marcus really wanted and saw himself doing in the future, then he needed to embrace that, no matter how absurd it seemed even to him. Hell, he had only recently met Alexandria and she was already telling him that he could accomplish writing a book. As opposed to a lifetime of his father putting him down about it.

In that moment, Marcus promised himself that he would pick up an old story. He would rework it from every angle. He would perfect it and finish it. It had always been his dream to see it published, but he knew it needed a lot of work because after he became a journalist, he simply dropped the project all together.

They spent a while longer talking about the subject before the doorbell rang. For a moment he had forgotten his hunger or that pizza was even on the way. Together they sat up as Cato started barking excitedly. Marcus shushed him as he made his way to the door, making sure to grab his wallet before answering. After he payed he handed the pizza to Alexandria before shutting the door behind the deliver boy.

He followed her into the kitchen and the smell wafted through the house. His stomach rumbled and he didn't even bother grabbing a plate before he had to grab a huge piece and take a bite. Cato circled them as if he might catch a piece that fell.

"So," Marcus started after a few bites as he leaned against the kitchen island. "I'm starting to see why the media loves to pick you apart. Daddy's girl isn't really daddy's girl and the attractive actress is actually more of a pizza loving 'girl-next-door'." He smirked. "Only thing is I fail to see how that's bad at all. Seems to be just my type." He couldn't help but laugh at himself.
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Her cheeks had flushed a light shade of red when he spoke of their kissing experience. Even as she ordered the pizza and their conversation had changed into something other than their appetites she found that her cheeks were still a pink shade. She didn’t need to see her reflection to know that because her temperature was slightly higher when she was around him. He had some kind of effect on her that she did not yet understand but she knew that it was a feeling that she had enjoyed.

While she enjoyed the feeling of Marcus’ arms around her and their legs entangled she listened intently to what he was saying about his career and she was not at all surprised to hear that it wasn’t his first choice. There was something about the way he wrote that told her he was more interested in the telling of a story. Her lips curved into a smile and she could tell that his dream of becoming an author was something that he was frustrated about losing. In honesty, she could almost guess that his father was behind it and that was perhaps the reason for their strained relationship. When he confirmed that, she found that she understood him a little better.

Alexandria enjoyed the way that he pulled her closer and she kissed the end of his nose. “I bet you were not. If it is something you enjoy you should never give it up and who knows what is around the corner? Your father does not run your life and there is no reason why you can’t continue to write alongside your job so you know that you have a steady income before you take off as a top-selling author.” She smiled again and looked him in the eyes before she brought her hand up to her face. “I would love to read something you have written one day. I mean something that you wrote for enjoyment, not for your job.” Alexandria placed a kiss upon his lips and watched his reaction for a moment before kissing him again. He was right before. When they kissed it was getting harder and harder for them pull away from each other and it wasn’t as though she could think logically about anything when she was lost within him but she knew that it could be too easy for her to lose herself completely if she didn’t stop soon. Alexandria had to force herself to pull back from him but she spent several moments studying his eyes.
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