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Marcus smirked at her innuendo and agreed with finding him something while they were already there. She went back inside to change again and put his hand on her back as they went in search for something he should wear.

"I should tell you I've never really been to anything like this," he admitted with a smile in her direction. "Fancy parties, I mean."

He pulled a nice, this red wine tie from where it was hanging and held it up to the dress to match colors. It was practically made for it.

"Also," he said, moving over to the blazers. "You know this is going to out us, right? I'll no longer just be a face in a magazine." He lowered the one he was looking at to look at her fully. "Well, I mean I will be, but this time it's bound to have the 'boyfriend' word attached to it. Your father isn't going to like that."
  Marcus [Modern] / linkthehero / 54d 13h 11m 28s
Alexandria didn't really need a verbal reply from Marcus because the way that he was looking at her was enough to tell her that the dress looked good. She wished that she was somewhere more private because the look was making her want to have a repeat of the night before. She chuckled a little and spun around in her dress and waited for him to finish whistling.

"Well I wouldn't mind you dressing me down." She said with a grin and bit her lip. Then she pointed towards the men's section. "We could find something for you here, maybe get you a matching tie." She disappeared back into the changing room and pulled the dress off and placed it back on the hanger and placed the other dresses on the rail to go back into the store.

She came back out and smiled towards him. "Come on, let's find you something to wear!"
  Alexandria (Modern) / d1gn17y / 54d 15h 36m 51s
Marcus held onto the bad of their books as they stepped inside so she should look around hands free. He didn't pay much attention to what she was grabbing.

He sat down and crossed his legs as he waited. Obviously the first few dresses weren't working with her because she didn't even come out of the room to show them to him. When she finally did emerge she was wearing a dark red dress that he dared notice hugged her in all the right placed.

His mouth opened slightly when she asked him what he thought. "Wow," was all he managed for a moment. "I like it. A lot. But I have nothing to go with that," he said with a chuckle. "I guess I'm going to have to do some shopping of my own. I'd hate to dress you down just by standing next to you." He chuckled and motioned for her to give him a spin. He whistled.
  Marcus [Modern] / linkthehero / 54d 16h 7m 54s
Alexandria chuckled and accepted the kiss willingly. "I meant to the cast party but if you want to help me choose something from the boutique then that would be welcomed."

Once they arrived at the book store she found herself browsing through the books while Marcus looked through his choice of books. Everntually they found each other again and she kissed his cheek and showed him three books she had found. "These look really interesting and well-read. You look like you have your fair share there too."

They paid and made their way towards the boutique and after searching for a little while she found herself a few dresses and made her way towards the changing room, indicating for Marcus to take a seat so she could show him some of the dresses.

After trying on several and dismissing them, she tried the final dress on and stepped out of the changing room. "What do you think?"
  Alexandria (Modern) / d1gn17y / 54d 17h 39m 55s
"Sure," Marcus said. "The bookshop is closest, so that makes sense." He plotted out their route as they walked. He smiled over at her at the mention of a new dress. "Come with you to the cast party or to the boutique, because yes to both," he teased, leaning in to kiss her lips quickly.

They made it to the bookstore. It was a small place with tightly packed shelves, but it was just the kind of place he loved. They stepped inside and he gravitated instantly to the fiction section. If he was really going to do this, he had to know who his competition was. He made the excuse of research when really he just loved to read. He grabbed a few interesting titles before finding Alexandria again in another section.

He sidled up behind her, kissing her shoulder. "You find anything?" he asked, genuinely interested.

After paying they headed down a few shops to the boutique Alexandria wanted to check out.
  Marcus [Modern] / linkthehero / 54d 18h 36m 44s
This was what they both needed to really relax. They had only been here for a day and she was already the most relaxed she had been in weeks. The filming was taking a lot out of her and she barely had time with Marcus, so this was perfect. She didn’t want to waste a moment.

Once they were done in the shower, they got ready and made their way into town, deciding to walk. They wanted to take advantage of the weather and the walk was nice and easy enough. She had chosen a light summer dress, something that would keep her cool, but also looked smart enough for the two of them to sit in a restaurant if they chose to stop somewhere.

Alexandria clasped onto Marcus’ hand tightly and she smiled towards him as they looked at the different places they could stop by if they wanted to. “It looks like there is plenty to do in town. Did you want to stop by the bookstore first? I would quite like to check out the boutique store, I need a new dress for the cast party in a few weeks. Will you come with me?”
  Alexandria (Modern) / d1gn17y / 54d 19h 38m 46s
Marcus smiled when she stepped into the shower after him. "I'm not complaining," he said, pushing her wet hair back and kissing her softly.

After their shower they got ready for the day. Marcus put on a smart looking button down and some jeans then pulled on his boots while he waited for Alexandria to get herself together. He was already imagining them sitting at a nice little table outside somewhere enjoying the breeze.

Marcus looked up some nearby places that might be interesting. There was a particularly interesting bookstore he decided he'd like to pop into. They decided they would check out a few places before choosing where to eat for lunch.

Luckily enough, they weren't far from the center of town. They just had to get back to the main road and it was a simply walk to anywhere they could imagine or want to be. So instead of getting a cab or renting a car, they decided it was nice enough to walk.

Marcus took Alexandria's hand in his own as they walked and he scrolled through his phone as it showed him the nearby attractions and stores.
  Marcus [Modern] / linkthehero / 55d 8h 7m 51s
If this is what Marcus had needed to finally get in the right head space to write again, than she was more than happy to allow him to use as much time as he needed. She would be happy simply being in his company. She loved feeling him so close. After she finished her food she looked towards him and kissed his nose before picking her their plates and taking them to the sink to be washed.

"I think it would be nice for us to get out into the town. Maybe stop for some lunch and a glass of wine because day drinking is completely acceptable when you are on vacation." She chuckled and moved the plates to dry and then made her way to the bathroom.

When she was there she removed her dressed gown and stepped under the water with Marcus. "I just can't keep away from you."
  Alexandria (Modern) / d1gn17y / 56d 2h 44s
Marcus couldn't help but feel grateful to Alexandria for offering him the time to write if he wanted it. But he wasn't going to let that stop him from spending their long awaited time together.

Marcus pushed his empty plate away and turned towards her with a permanent smile on his face. "I appreciate that, but I'm also not going to let you go unaddressed," he told her. He smiled and nodded at her next words, standing and kissing the top of her head as she finished her food. He hummed his agreement into her hair.

"I'm going to shower," he said, finally walking away. Should we check out town later? Sure, it's a bit touristy, but we might as well indulge ourselves."

He disappeared into the bathroom and turned on the shower, not bothering to close the door as he climbed inside.
  Marcus [Modern] / linkthehero / 56d 8h 42m 18s
Alexandria was quick to tuck into her food, having worked up an appetite the night before but right now she wanted to know more about his writing, always having taken an interest in what he wrote. She looked up at him momentarily as he spoke about it and she offered him a smile.

"Then don't tell me but I'm sure it's great whatever it is. I don't want you to feel guilty either. If you want to write you can sit and write all day long and just enjoy the sun outside." She smiled as he kissed her shoulder and she nodded.

"I slept so well. Better than I have in such a long time. I think we both needed this!" She said as she finished up her breakfast. "It's so nice knowing there is no pressure for either of us to have to do anything isn't it?"
  Alexandria (Modern) / d1gn17y / 56d 15h 16m 30s
Marcus gave her a mischievous smirk when she alluded to the night before. When she put the food in front of him he dug in happily. She joined him a second later and he spared her a glance, unable to keep his eyes off her for long.

"Something for myself, strange enough," he mused. "I haven't disappeared into writing like that for a long time. But I'm afraid if I tell you what it is, then it might jinx it," he said, taking another sip of his fresh coffee.

"What about you? Did you sleep okay?" He leaned over and kissed her shoulder gently. "You were dead to the world when I woke up."
  Marcus [Modern] / linkthehero / 56d 15h 25m 6s
Alexandria was amused by the look on Marcus' face and she could tell instantly that he had been lost in his work and didn't even realise how long he had been working on it for. "No need to be sorry!' She said with a smile before turning to head back inside. However, Marcus seemed to have a different idea and pulled her back and she was quick to oblige him with a kiss. "Alright babe. See you in a sec."

She got back to work and soon enough he was inside with his laptop put away. "Oh it's fine! You looked like you were really onto something and I didn't want to disturb you. Besides after the night you gave me..." she looked his way and smirked. "It's the least that I can do."

She served up breakfast and placed it down on the breakfast bar and sat opposite him. "What were you writing? Something for you or something for work?"
  Alexandria (Modern) / d1gn17y / 56d 16h 36m 4s
Marcus had no idea that Alexandria had woken up or that she had seen him typing away and decided to let him be for the moment. He was only pulled out of his reverie when he heard the sliding door open and Alexandria's soft words. He looked up at her, shocked that she looked so awake already. He glanced at the clock on his laptop.

"Shoot, I'm sorry- I didn't think so much time had gone by," he said, taking the mug. "Thank you." Just before she turned away after notifying him about breakfast, he gently grabbed the tie to her dressing gown and pulled her back. "Hey," he said, leaning his head back and obviously asking for a kiss. When he got one, he smiled widely and let her go. "I'll be in in just a moment."

And he kept that promise. He drank his coffee as he made a few notes about where his story was headed. Then he closed his laptop and headed inside. He set his laptop on one of the chairs in the living space before heading over to the kitchen.

"I could have helped," he said, feeling a little guilty, watching her cook.
  Marcus [Modern] / linkthehero / 56d 19h 39m 9s
It didn't take them too long to decide what they were going to eat and like most times they worked around each other to cook together. They clearly didn't get their fill of each other the first time though because as soon as their energy was replenished they were back in the bed, exploring each other once more. They fell asleep tangled in each other and she wouldn't know that they woke up just the same way because Marcus awakened much earlier than she did.

A couple of hours later she woke up feeling the absence of Marcus beside her and after giving herself a few minutes to adjust to being awake she pulled a dressing gown around her and exited the bedroom. She saw Marcus with his laptop outside and she smiled to herself, deciding she would give him a bit longer.

Alexandria set to work making them some breakfast and when that was almost done she brewed a fresh pot of coffee, taking a mug out to him. "Morning sunshine." She held the coffee out to him. "I made breakfast. It'll be ready in five minutes."
  Alexandria (Modern) / d1gn17y / 56d 19h 54m 19s
Marcus set to looking through the kitchen at the groceries they bought, waiting for Alexandria to join him. He still felt a bit like jello after their lovemaking, but that made him feel all the more happy. He had just closed a cabinet when he felt her come up behind him, hands splaying across his chest and her lips against his shoulder. The marks from her nails were no doubt still there.

He smiled wide and hummed. "Well, let's see," he said, slowly turning around in her arms. She was wearing a silk night dress and he couldn't help but notice how see through it was. His mouth got stuck open. "Sorry," he said after a moment. "I got distracted." He lifted his eyes back to her eyes with a grin.

They made some dinner together, maneuvering around each other as they worked, pressing kisses against bare skin as they passed. Then after they ate they fell into another bout of eager lovemaking.

The next morning, Marcus woke with her legs tangled with his own and her head on his arm which was totally numb now. He smiled to himself and made sure she was still sleeping as he slowly and carefully pried himself away from her. Miraculously, he did not wake her.

He pulled on his boxers once more and stepped out onto the back porch for a smoke. It was the first time either of them had stepped foot out there, obviously too enraptured with each other to care much about the ocean. When he was done, he fetched his laptop and went back outside, an idea suddenly taking him over.

He sat in the lawn chair outside, unafraid to be seen in nothing but his underwear since their section of land was private. And then he started to type away without worrying how good it was or how well it might be received. He was writing for himself now and for some reason he felt like it was the best writing he had ever done.

He hadn't noticed the time ticking by, but two more hours passed. He didn't feel his hunger or thirst.
  Marcus [Modern] / linkthehero / 56d 20h 3m 34s

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