Family is where the heart is

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Looking to start or make a family even become part of one
Sister older-TheUnderDog
Sister younger-
Brother older- Askredsamurai
Brother younger-
girlfriend/partner- Odette
Friends -FallynAngel

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oh looks like people are awake and all that what's up yo
  TheUnderDog / TheUnderDog / 6y 37d 23h 22m 53s
That's worse than me falling down a 10 stair on my ass
  Jeffabel / Askredsamurai / 6y 53d 12h 17m 51s
Getting kicked several times by a calf hurts like a sonofabitch, believe me
  Urutu / Dragoncita / 6y 53d 13h 16m 30s
well i'll join you in the pain club cause first day at work they ran me thru the mill.
  Soma Hiaide / HollowLink / 6y 53d 13h 24m 57s
omes in rubbing her eyes- hi everyone good morning or afternoon
  Kember / Odette / 6y 57d 3h 54m 40s
Jeffabel is back now with more pain than ever besides the fence nutshot
  Jeffabel / Askredsamurai / 6y 57d 20h 18m 35s
-walks in all dressed up looking pretty- hiya eveyone
  Kember / Odette / 6y 57d 20h 21m 2s
*walks in with a gas mask and meat* heyo meat anyone?
  Jeff the Midnight Meat Man / Askredsamurai / 6y 58d 13h 52m 44s
rawls in an lays down- oh my legs hurt bad ugh need massage
  Kember / Odette / 6y 58d 13h 56m 26s
Hellz yeah i have the HD remake for the ps3 i also got zone of the enders as well.
  Soma Hiaide / HollowLink / 6y 58d 17h 45m 24s
I should really play those 2 again >w>
Been awhile since I last played them...[b Shadow of the Colossus] is also a pretty good game
  ::Forest Guardians/Beasts:: / Dragoncita / 6y 58d 23h 37m 18s
well i did it i got both and i picked up drakengard 1 and 2 as well since the ps3 i got is backwards compadible
  Soma Hiaide / HollowLink / 6y 58d 23h 50m 25s
*Yawns, looking up from ball*
Mm, I always have a hard time choosing a game I want...nearly all the ones I look at look fun to play >w<
  ::Forest Guardians/Beasts:: / Dragoncita / 6y 59d 1h 50m 30s
yes i do have a major problem cause as a gamer picking games is always been hard for me cause i can't think of just myself i ask other people what would they like or what should i get
  Soma Hiaide / HollowLink / 6y 59d 3h 56m 3s
-stumbles in rubbing my eyes holding my blanket- I hate morning
  Kember / Odette / 6y 59d 5h 56m 57s

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