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Young boys and girls travel to a past classmates mansion after being promised a night of heavy winter partying. But after alot of the party goers turn in for the night,leaving only six close friends a note says to meet in the cabin up the winding road for a private party with more drugs and alcohol and a game of truth or dare. Instead of the fun they hoped for, they meet a killer out to reap vengeance on them for the death of his brother.

1. This'll be set in the winter in Britain so I'd hate to dress in summer clothing
2. Real or anime pic doesn't really matter
3. There's gonna be a death or two so you might wanna have like a main character and a secondary cannon character
4. Go get shit faced drunk or anything during the party but keep it to alcohol and drugs
Characters Skelly:
What connection did you have with the killers brother?
That's all I can think of

Characters Skelly:
Justin Lerwick
Age: 27
Bio: Seven year older brother,joined the British military took two and a half tours overseas, once he learned his brother killed himself he went into a stage of madness promising to find the ones who made him kill himself


Name: Hadden Love
Age: 24
Connection: Best friends. They hung out all the time. He was nice enough to be Hadden's DD when he wanted to go out drinking.
Other: Party goer. Loves to have a good time. Major: Math.

Name: Jaelyn Teller
Age: 22
What connection did you have with the killers brother? Old Girlfriend

Name: Annah Simple
Age: 22
Connection: An old friend, who came to him from time to time ever since middle school for help with getting clean. She always fell back into it.
Other: Russian/American. Mom's american. Her dad is a Russian Mob boss. Major: Demonology. Minor: Criminology.

Name: Azrael "Zail" Manalay
Age: 23
Affiliation with brother: An old friend that left him for another group of friends that got her involved with drugs, and tried to make him use drugs at one point.

Name: Mira Frankir
Age: 20
What connection did you have with the killers brother?: An old friend

Name: Zeno Lauderson
Age: 22
Connection: (pending) Was formerly friends with the killer's brother. Ditched him after "reinventing" himself.
Other: Italian/Roman descent, Astrologist mother, Biologist father. Currently majoring in Forensic Science. Heavy pot user. Pagan.

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He grinned at her question about the games. "Yeah! Drinking games. There are lots of them, it'd be hard to pick a place to start to explain them to you." He shrugged with a grin. "But, mostly, there for getting you drunk, and some fun, all in one." When she made her comment about not being from the same country, he grinned.

"No, unfortunately. Plain old American." He shrugged. Her next sentence was very short lived as his shoulders began to support the weight of very tattoo'd man, carrying with him a very heavy aroma of weed on him. Hadden's drink was sloshed to and fro, and he practically had none of it by the end of this man's bantering.

Half of the things he said, literally went over Hadden's head, mostly because it was pretty speedy and not very enunciated. He was about to shrug the dude off when he decided to excuse himself instead, leaving the two alone once again. She seemed just as flustered as he was about most of his ranting.

"Oh, yeah. To "bum" here is basically to borrow without having to get it back. It's a strange, loose translation, but you get the idea." He translated, setting his cup on the table, as it was empty now. "Yeah, my confusion went from normal to cautionary with that one. I hardly caught any of it, it was relatively slurred, and... fast." He looked over the crowd to try and see him, but saw no sign of his whereabouts. He looked back to Mira. "Do people in England normally talk 90 miles an hour?" He grinned, a half-hearted joke.

To that, she seemed to blush, and he couldn't understand why. Maybe he'd hit a nerve somewhere. He hadn't meant to embarrass her. "I'm sorry, I-- If i've said something ridiculous, you have full permission to scold me." He laughed, but he was serious in a sense. He didn't want this girl to run off after he'd finally caught her attention.

Not to say he wouldn't mind the chase. He grinned to himself at that thought. Not to be mistaken for, however, only wanting to chase her skirt. Something about her, completely besides the fact that this didn't seem like her scene, made her intriguing to him. Looking her over in the small silence she game him made him think a little harder about what he was attempting to get himself mixed up with.

Black. Lacy clothes and heavy eyeliner were a thing for this girl. She didn't look like one of your typical "go goth" girls, though. It suited her very nicely. On top of that, she was completely missing the black lipstick. Good riddance. Even on the most attractive girls, he preferred something with a little more class, like red, or maybe even purple, depending on the day.

Black was definitely prominent on her. Not his typical girl, but maybe that was just it: he didn't really know his typical girl. Typical girls mostly just slept with him, typically.

He gulped gently, his throat suddenly feeling dry. Lack of alcohol, maybe? Or maybe it was the words lingering on the back of his tongue. He was very good at playing off the cheeky, confident guy, who got all the girls, and broke all the rules. And maybe that was the reason his girl struck him, was because, typically, this wasn't Hadden. He gulped again.

"Speaking of ridiculous things to say," He motioned, taking a brave step forward so he was a tad closer to her, "I find you incredibly attractive. I suppose it's a bit forward, but it is true." He grinned, looking down at his feet. "I, uh..." He shook his head. "Not normally like this." He couldn't chuckle that one off, on account of being too close to truth. He looked back up to her. "I'd been itching to say it since i saw you, earlier." He knew he was rambling and he mentally cursed himself. "I'm gunna shut up now." He laughed, putting a hand through his hair. Dumb. Ass. He thought to himself.
  Hadden Love / HextechZydrate / 5y 337d 8h 2m 20s
"Games?" She questioned out loud to herself as he went on. It seemed this boy was familiar with parties like these, meanwhile she was..less than experienced. Even so, it seemed she made rather good progress. That is, having met someone that could speak at least a bit proper and wasn't stumbling to terribly. Mira nodded to him with a smile as he asked, nearly giggling a bit. "Well, I take it you aren't?" What she said was of course not meant as anything near an insult. She only found it humorous that he would say such a thing whilst they were in Britain. "To ans'er, I wouldn't be so jolly accented if I weren-" As the next person approached, Mira seemed far less..comfortable.

In fact, she was pretty well scared.

It wasn't the tattoos, though their were quite a few. It wasn't the alcohol scent, though it was quite strong, nor was it the piercings. Those things did cause a bit of a bother, though she was usually good about not minding that sort of thing. No, what caused the chill was this man's face. His eyes seemed sincere, but the way he carried himself made him seem far too used to this sort of party. Mira's best option was to avoid these people, else she may get dragged into something she wasn't quite accounting for to begin with. Already what he was saying had her face going red.

"B-Bonk? R-Ruff and-" Her head shook quickly as she denied any sort of activity such as that. "O-Of course not! Don't be daft." Without quite noticing it, the girl took a step back. As he apologized, she only sighed, returning a light, forgiving half smile. As described before, he did seem to have sincere eyes with that rough look. Even so, she was still not sure on one thing.

"Bum?" Of course, the idea in general was odd to her. Have a bum? To Mira, that made no sense since he held up some odd instrument.

Oh, what was this girl doing at a party like this one?

Once he left, it felt like any bit of discomfort walked away with him from that moment. Not all of it seemed to be gone though, what with his past insinuation. The girl hoped these two did not seem that way at a glance.

[i We are just here chin wagging..but it's not as though we're that close or anything. Take a gander and everyone is much more fruity. One shouldn't be so naff as to assume..just gen up this lad, Hadden.]

"T-That was rather dim, wasn't it?" As he pulled out an answer, she allowed herself another assessment. It did look as though they were going to continue to talk after all, so she may as well know a bit more about who she was talking to.

This person, he initially looked like the party type. Dark hair, pretty eyes, and not too bad looking. In fact...he was rather attractive. He seemed closer to her age than some others here, and he didn't have too bad of a build either.
Noticing her thoughts though, that slight blush returned. Back to the investigation!

She hadn't classified him that way before, but he did have that pretty boy appearance that you would assume see at a place like this.

Again, why was she here? This was not the sort of place a girl like her should be at.

Along with this, he was taller, though most were, and he was rather confident seeming. His previous comments backed that statement up rather well really. Moving further along, he seemed to have a habit of laughing and taking small steps. Almost as though he was always happy around others and never allowed himself to be wrong. Well, maybe not to that full extent, though he seemed to take enough pride in being correct with assumptions.

There wasn't much she could know about him yet, though she hoped she was right in one thing. Although he had charm, she hoped she knew her own will power was strong enough, if not oblivious enough, to keep from falling into that. Just in case he tried to convince her of joining what most of the crowd was doing. Just in case.

  Mira (2) / Akiho / 5y 340d 10h 6m 39s
Annah got a little help with her leg. Mostly, a crutch to the bathroom, but it was a start. She washed off the blood in the bathtub, cringing at the pain that shot through her leg from the icy cold water. She then dug through the cabinet to find some gauze and some sort of leg wrap to hold it in place. Luckily, the bleeding had mostly ceased, but the pain... Oh, she'd have to take care of that.

Annah stumbled through the crowd until she found her bag of goodies, pulling out another needle, a bag of green, and a bowl. She made her way back to that couch, with the same table that had caused her greif. She scowled at it before taking a seat, careful to not touch it with her legs.

"Looks like someone already had some." She said, taking a random card out of her back pocket and scraping up what was left over of the weed on the table. She put that into her bowl. Waste not, want not. She then pulled out her own and broke it up, separating it out, and the loading it into her bowl until she was satisfied with the amount in it. She pulled a lighter out of her other back pocket, raised the bowl to her lips, and lit it up.

The taste was awesome. It was fresh, and lovely. She had gotten a fine quality, and she was glad of it. Settling for less was shit. And before she had known it, she smoked the whole bowl. She looked into it, noting the amount of resin in it, but decided against cleaning it... just yet. She took up her needle, shoved it in her arm with little complaint, and injected its contents.

Quickly, the drug and the weed worked its magic and she couldn't feel a damn thing. She leaned back on the couch with a grin, her head flopping backwards as she let out a sigh. Now, if only there had been someone to share this glorious feeling with. Most, however, looked preoccupied. So, she'd sit there, alone.
  Annah Simple / HextechZydrate / 6y 9d 18h 25m 21s
[size13 Zeno let the high cascade over his system in a fine blanket with each hit serving as the guiding hand that pulled it over him. The edges of the world gradually softened with every hit and everything seemed to blend at the seams. He felt as light as air, and the feeling was familiar enough that he could experience it with a lucid train of thought. As he laid on the cough, he let his eyes wander to the party-goers, taking in every hazy detail.]

[size13 The first few things he saw were dancing bodies. He watched as they moved this way and that, their hair of various colours swaying somewhat out of tune to the beat. It was almost hypnotic to see the energy flowing from them, the vibrancy of their localized actions in creating an erratic display of movement.]

[size13 Then his eyes drifted to the minglers, those who chatted on the sidelines like wallflowers with mildly outgoing personalities. He watched as they spoke with voices muted to him, their gestures telling a tale synonymous with their words. Were he grounded, he would try to interpret what they were saying, but in his state, he listened to his own created conversation for them, disregarding the illogical nature of his own conclusions. They were saying what they wanted him to say, and he was fine with that.]

[size13 Zeno saw flirting, reckless dancing, a few drunks here and there, and the casual druggie trying to make their trip look as cool as it was in their head. He was surprised that some were out of it already, although given the fact that it was supposed to be a party, he felt that he shouldn't be. What other way to party was there aside from partying hard?]

[size13 Suddenly hit by some inspiration, Zeno saw fit to do some meddling. He spied a familiar face in the crowd, adopting a slightly flirtatious stance. The way he moved and spoke intrigued him, and as Zeno made his way to the young man, he tried to decide whether he'd help or hinder in this situation.]

[size13 [b "What 'ave we got 'ere?"] Zeno said, putting on his best--or worst cockney. He put an arm around Hadden's shoulders, wearing a goofy grin. [b "A bloomin' bonk in 'da making. 'Ow long 'fore you two scamper on up to a room for a 'lil ruff-an'-tumble, eh?"] Zeno couldn't help but contain the laughter as he looked at the two, speaking the rest without the heavy accent. [b "My apologies, but I couldn't resist. You two looked rather...dull just standing here making chatter. You're at a party! Dance, drink, smoke something. Hey, even feel free to bum a hit if you fancy."] He held up his bong and sauntered back to the kitchen to pour himself a shot. He made a point to even himself. This was a party. Time to get a bit wasted.]
  Zeno Lauderson / kyanydkwc / 6y 10d 10h 8m 29s
Hadden was much impressed by her accent. Maybe it was the fact that he was pretty lit... No matter. "Nice to meet you, too."

"Quite the party, indeed. It sort of comes with the territory." He laughed. "Pretty typical, though. I'm waiting for the "beer games" to start soon. It's relatively entertaining to watch people being too stupid."He grinned, giving a quick glance around.

He chuckled at her nervous banter as she attempted to ask him if he'd come with anyone to the party. "No, technically, I'm not with anyone, although im sure there's a fan-base that would disagree..." He timidly looked around, a sort of guilty look on his face. "I'm... not proud." He laughed.

"I'm sorry, you don't want to hear all this." He shook his head. "No, to answer your question. I'm not with anyone." He laughed. "I would be down for chit-chat with someone coherent." He grinned. "Maybe we can sit..." he took a good look around. "...On second thought, they're probably all taken at this point. So... standing here is good!" He joked.

"So... Mira, right? I'm normally terrible with names, good with faces. I'll get it. Anyway... Are you from... I want to say England?" He gave a look of hesitation, as if he didn't want to offend her by saying the completely wrong thing.
  Hadden Love / HextechZydrate / 6y 19d 22h 11m 17s
After taking yet another one of her pills , Zail stretched her arms and sighed. "I could get used to parties.." She reached over and grabbed a new full drink, taking a sip from it. Again and again, her eyes scanned over the crowd. It didn't seem anyone she knew was there, so finding something to do was quite difficult. She debated on returning to her room with the rest of her stronger drugs when her electric blue eyes spotted bright, cherry red hair. " that's familiar...rather late though.."

Even on drugs, the girl had her wits about her.

After rising from her seat, Zail sauntered over to the red head, near the stairs. Anyone that got in her way she simply side-stepped past. Quite stubborn she is. Once there, she looked to the strong-jawed girl with a curious eye.

"You're Jaelyn, right? You were the girlfriend of the guy that lived here if I remember right." She smirked and leaned against the staircase banister.

"That must be you. It's me, Azrael Manalay? An old friend of his. We met once I think."
  Zail / Akiho / 6y 20d 5h 3m 29s
He seemed..surprisingly polite. Most everyone here seemed rather vulgar and crude to Mira, mainly because they were drunk. She knew they weren't that bad of people, they were simply rather snockered by this point.

As he held out his hand to her, she looked to it curiously a moment before taking it.

"Thank you, really." She pushed up with her hand to stand. Once up, she took her hand back and brushed herself off. Thankfully there weren't any spills on the floor there.

In this moment, the girl made a quick assessment of this boy. He called himself Hadden and seemed rather comfortable here, though at the same time, wasn't the same as the rest of the crowd. Even so, he did have that scent of alcohol pouring over him similar to the others. Nonetheless, she was alright with some pleasant conversation.

"I'm Mira Frankir. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." She gave a small bow and smiled up to him. He seemed to be much taller than her, though she was quite used to that.

"Everyone seems quite fruity here. Quite a few hard drunks it seems." A small giggle escaped her. "The do is rather hunky-dory though. Quite jolly." She glanced around them.

"So..are you occupied? I-I mean, do you have a mate with you? I-I mean, um.." Mira gently scratched the back of her head, embarrassed by her nervous stutter.

"What I mean to say is, are you with someone? I don't want to nick you away or anything..Though it would be nice to maybe talk with someone for a bit?" Again, she let out a giggle, though this one was more nervous.

  Mira (2) / Akiho / 6y 20d 5h 40m 30s
Jaelyn knew she was gonna be late. She had to work late at the studio to finish up with her photoshoot. She loved modelling just as much as she loved to party. She was happy to have a little down time, plus she was off the day after, so she could relax. "Time to go home and get ready," She sighed.

As she walked out of the studio and to her car, she could feel the cold breeze. She moved around a lot because of her job, but the weather was always the problem. She got into her car and smiled as she drove home.

As she got home and got herself showered and reayd, she grabbed her keys. She then walked downstairs and grabbed all her bags and walked out to the car. She opened her trunk and put her 4 bags in the trunk. She then got into her car and drove to the party. She was looking foward to some fun tonight.

As she got there she saw cars parked and she then parked. She got out of her car and grabbed her 4 bags and walked up to the house. She then walked back to her car and grabbed a white semi long box out of the backseat and then locked her car. She walked back over to the door where her bags were and walked in. She walked upstairs to a spare bedroom and walked downstairs to the party. She looked around and smiled at how many people were there.
  Jaelyn Teller / lovelust / 6y 26d 15h 9m 33s
Annah had had her fun within the sea of bodies, swaying like seaweed that pretty much humped each other. They danced like zombies, and rubbed up against one another, which is something she was accustomed to at parties. No one was sober enough to do anything else. Since she had no one to really dance with, she decided that was enough of the body heat and sweat. On her way out, somewhere between drunk, clumsy, and the party-goers being the exact same way, she tripped into the next room, catching her shin on the corner of a table.

"дерьмо́! ёбаный су́ка!" She hissed as she sat herself on the ground. Her Russian came out thick and pure when she was in pain. She scooted her way across the floor until the nearest couch was back post. Already, her gash was bleeding down her leg. She sighed. "Just my luck. It isn't a party unless someone bleeds." The accent was dulled in English, but you could still make out the ethnicity behind it. She looked around before realizing someone was on the couch. She blinked, barely recognizing the man; that tatted guy from the kitchen.

"Sorry to rain on your parade, you wouldn't happen to have any napkins or cloths would you?" She could feel the ooze dripping off and onto the floor. She cursed again and attempted to cup the blood. Looking at it, the wound wasn't even that spectacular, it just bled like she'd cut off a limb or something.

  Annah Simple / HextechZydrate / 6y 27d 10h 28m 27s
[size13 Zeno was heavily distracted, and by heavily, he counted the weed already in his system and the vodka he was pouring into it at that very moment. He had already had a shot or two since removing the tall bottles from his case and setting them on the counter, so much so that he barely even heard what Justin had sad. [b "Hmm? Oh, alright. But don't miss too much, you hear?"] Zeno absentmindedly called out to Justin as he left the room, registering the words said with a bit of a delay after they were said. He already had his mind set on what the plan of action was for the evening, and there was nothing to get in the way now.]

[size13 Zeno headed to the nearest couch he could find, case of weed in hand. He made to take up as much space as possible, laying against the curve of the cushions so that he could stay upright enough. He didn't want each bit to fall out once he set it up, because each hit was precious, and he didn't want to waste a single bit. He went through hell to save up a big enough stash for the party, and he wasn't about to waste it.]

[size13 The first hit left a slightly bitter taste in his mouth, same as always. He knew the high would be a while, but he already had a bit of a remnant high from what he had on the way to the party itself, so he hoped it would carry in a few minutes. Hell, maybe he could find himself a smoking buddy for the party, share a few philosophies. Just because it was a party, it didn't have to be all stupid.]
  Zeno Lauderson / kyanydkwc / 6y 34d 16h 37m 11s
Justin then looked around at the scene then saw Zeno and a few other girls that left to the other room. He then grabbed Zeno by the shoulders a bit like as if he was gonna chokehold him.

[B "Hey man I need to grab my toolbox from the garage then go up to that cabin. Can you watch over the place for me?"] He asked while smoking a few more times while getting a wrench from a bottom cabinet. [B " It's just a few repairs I gotta make up there I'll be back in about maybe fifteen to thirty minutes, It'll be quick and worth you while."] He said as his cigarette dropped onto the ground still burning before he picked it back up,throwing it into the trash.

He then opened a few more cabinets under countertop, phone in hand while looking for his flashlights he had somewhere.
  Justin / Askredsamurai / 6y 35d 18h 30m 9s
Hadden couldn't believe the amount of woman literally falling all over him. It was pretty obvious how drunk they were, and even more obvious the kind of naughty things they would want to do with him... or to him. He quickly would attempt dismissal of one, only to have another begin their flirting adventure with him. He pushed himself through the crowd, ignoring the occasional calls, until he was in a room with barely any people. He sighed. Sometimes, he wished he wasn't so good looking.

Before he could really contemplate on that thought, someone bumped into him, practically knocking him over. He was careful to balance his drink as he took a few steps forward.

"Hey, wha--" He said as he turned, but shut his mouth when he realized exactly who it was. That girl he saw earlier. His mouth was open for a moment before he laughed it off a little as she gave her apology.

"Hey, don't sweat it. Seems to happen around here... often." He grinned. "I've gotten kinda used to it. I'm Hadden." He said, holding his hand out to her.
  Hadden Love / HextechZydrate / 6y 35d 18h 34m 18s
Mira was far from used to this sort of party. The girl may be twenty and have been around drinkers, but she had never touched a drink in her life. Truthfully, she wasn't planning on it tonight either, nor anything else too bad for that matter. She didn't recognize anyone. Well, she did, though who she did recognize were people that she had only met in passing or that didn't enjoy her company since she wasn't a "party girl."

As she wandered about a bit, a fight broke out near her and it startled the girl. Even another person got dragged in, and she felt bad for him. Of course, she didn't want to be pulled in, and quickly made her way to the kitchen. Mira hoped there wouldn't be too many people there.

So she was incorrect in her guess. Vodka listed on the table and as they noticed her sudden entrance into the room, she only gave a slightly nervous laugh. "Ahah, quite the barmy do, right? Ahah, I'll just chivvy along now~ Cheerio!" She left the kitchen with another nervous giggle, sighing once she was out.

[i Gahh, I sound like a bloody blabbering gallivanting dimwit...] She let her head hang a moment before starting to walk. As she walked around, she looked around the room. "Some of these people are really rather scar- uwah!" She nearly tripped and fell back on her behind, having accidentally walked right into someone.

"O-Oh dear, I'm sorry. Do excuse me." She looked up to them, a light blush on her face. Was she really this clumsy?

[i I'm such a bloody moron sometimes...]
  Mira (2) / Akiho / 6y 35d 18h 53m 30s
"One more?" Zail smirked as she got herself another drink, taking it down quickly. [i Man, a good drink is pure bliss.] She sighed in content before setting down her drink. [i Time to find some more fun..] Her eyes scanned over the crowd.

[i Hm...well, we've got a guy that can't hold glass over there and a mister tattoos with him...] Azrael walked around a bit. [i Pretty red lips lady who looks like fun, but probably not my type.] She popped another pill in her mouth, swallowing it. As it traveled down her throat, a slight dissolving sensation came from it, bubbling in her throat. It felt like a sweet carbonation that sent her mind to cloud nine in a happy flurry.

[i White blonde over there is nice with the lace, but looks like a goody. Then dark hair and blue eyes over there seems a bit busy. Well then..] She spoke to the people that passed her.

[i Man, such a nice place, you would figure their would be way more interesting things going on..] The temptation to reunite with her needle was there, though she resisted, running a hand through her bi-colored hair. [i Guess I'll just have to wait for the fun to come when it pleases.]
  Zail / Akiho / 6y 35d 19h 12m 28s
Annah had hyped herself up on 2 of her needles, not really bothering to check which ones she had put in her arm. She felt good, to say the very least. She loved how being under the needle could make her forget what pain felt like. At this point, she was definitely ready for the party. She came out of the less populated room she was in and into the crowd of swaying bodied. The first thing she noticed was the smell. It was sweat, cigarettes, weed, and the millions of perfume, spray and deodorant that wafted from each person. It was hard for her to get through some of the rooms without being ground against, but she was able to make it to the kitchen. There were only a few people in there, including a man with a lot of tattoos, and a guy messing with his hair in the corner, looking around as if expecting someone. She found a usable cup and looked around for something that wasn't beer.

Vodka. She thought with a grin as she made her way to it. She poured it into her cup until it was 3/4th's of the way full, then tackled it. She grinned at the taste. It had been a while since she had any, but she never grew tired of its taste. She was also able to hold her alcohol pretty well. Although, under the circumstances...

Before she even realized it, her cup was filled again and she was walking away with it into the next room to check it out. She decided, once the alcohol would kick in, she'd go and have some actual fun within the sea of bodies.
  Annah Simple / HextechZydrate / 6y 35d 19h 59m 29s

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