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[font Cambria [size15 [center [i [b "If you were ever naive enough to make a wish upon a falling star,"]]]]]
[font Cambria [size14 [center [i [b "What would you wish for?"]]]]]
[font Cambria [size15 [center [i [b "What could your heart desire so desperately..."]]]]]
[font Cambria [size15 [center [i [b "That you would resort to such a childish notion in the first place?"]]]]]

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[font Cambria [size15 [center [i [b "Perhaps it is something you cannot achieve on your own."]]]] [font Cambria [size15 [center [i [b "Something that you've seen before, a certain closeness between two."]]]] [center [pic http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc420/Morningkill13/Main/imageedit_57_8975733552_zpsbb88d82c.gif]] [font Cambria [size15 [center [i [b "And you envy and long for it, but have no confidence in obtaining. Such a bond seems so inviting, particularly to one always alone. And yet such a thing seems degrading and overrated, to one always so afraid and insecure. One who prefers to act proud."]]]] [center [pic http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc420/Morningkill13/Main/decorative-lines-17_large2_zps94e2b6d9.png]] [font Cambria [size15 [center [i [b "Sometimes it's easier to think yourself above such people, above the need for affection and companionship. Then, you can pretend to lack nothing in comparison to the rest. But however easy it may be to convince others you possess such a mindset, to convince yourself is another matter entirely. You can end up growing empty, dwindling, until you fear the inevitable event of fading away to nothing."]]]] [center [pic http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc420/Morningkill13/Main/imageedit_60_5525458168_zps6e341e8a.gif]] [font Cambria [size15 [center [i [b "And if this nightmare becomes your reality,"]]]]
[font Cambria [size15 [center [i [b "If you feel yourself begin to waste away... Is it then so terrible to wish for rescue?"]]]] [center [pic http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc420/Morningkill13/Main/decorative-lines-17_large2_zps94e2b6d9.png]] [font Cambria [size18 [center [i [b [#800000 "To take comfort in a beautiful dream?"]]]] [center [pic http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc420/Morningkill13/Main/imageedit_52_7931307729_zpsa4245a65.gif]] [center [pic http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc420/Morningkill13/Main/decorative-lines-17_large2_zps94e2b6d9.png]]

[p [font Cambria [size27 [center [i [b [#800000 How our story begins:]]]]]] [center [pic http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc420/Morningkill13/Main/break-c_zps69e7ff38.png]] [font Cambria [size16 [center [i Vance is nineteen and just starting his second year of college, he's recently transferred Tidoshi's Memorial University. This facility is located in a small town called Koboshi, which has a reputation for having a nice community and being peaceful environment. Seeing as he had originated from a more esteemed college in a much huge city, having to move to this sort of town feels like a step down to him in a number of ways. First of course is the obvious, resenting that he had to be transferred to a lower rating facility in the middle of the boonies. But in all honesty this is not what troubles him the most, it is the very nature of this town that puts him on edge.]]]]
[font Cambria [size16 [center [i Even just the fact that others can find him to be distant, cold and perhaps cruel at times could be reason enough for him to feel uncomfortable in such a 'friendly' place. His true feelings however, go far deeper than just momentary awkwardness or light resentment. Most people in this place seem happy, perhaps because they all seem to know each other. It's certainly more at peace than the loud city of Tokyo that Vance came from, and everywhere he turns he sees people walking hand in hand together. It infuriates him. Pains him. To be constantly reminded that he is alone, only causes him to feel and act colder, more hollow. For his own reasons, he has never made the attempt to establish a social bond with anyone before. Soon, there was a night where a star flew across the sky over the small town. On this night, to this star, he finally admitted his true feelings in the form of a wish. He knew it was childish, that it wouldn't matter anyway and would hold no bearing on his life.]]]]

[font Cambria [size16 [center [i [b He was wrong.]]]]]

[font Cambria [size16 [center [i [b [i {Your character}]] Is a young man who once lived in this small town, left, and is now returning due to [b [i {Reasons of your choosing}.]] He is in his senior year of high-school, thus a little younger than Vance. He too sees the star overhead on the same night he comes back, he also ends up making a wish upon it. Once asleep, the two young men meet with each other within the same dream. Vance first believes that the other must be a figment of his imagination, but either way the two find themselves drawn to the other. As if they were being guided by an outside force towards each other. Upon waking, both have mixed feelings about the 'dream' they just experienced. Vance in particular feels conflicted, on the one hand he worries that something like this in his mind reflects the weaknesses within himself he wanted to ignore. But on the other, it causes him to feel an ache and longing for the experience to repeat.]]]
[font Cambria [size16 [center [i Later that day the two meet in person by chance while conducting their usual daily routine, obviously this comes as a shock to the both of them. Vance, unable to admit to any weakness or to any possibility that the connection between them was real, first denies recognizing the other male and ignores any attempt at interaction from him. That is until the following evening, when the two of them meet within this other reality again in slumber. It is then that the two realize that this isn't an ordinary dream, that somehow the two of them are finding their way into this strange world each night they sleep. But how? and why? What is this strange world? what guided them into it? Is it as wonderful and blissful as it seems? or is there another, darker side to this non reality that could threaten their very existence?]]] [center [pic http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc420/Morningkill13/Main/break-c-1_zpse04aa4a9.jpg]] [font Cambria [size27 [center [i [b Rules:]]]]]
[font Cambria [size16 [center [i [b Be Patient:] I do have a life outside of this site, that being said I should be able to post fairly often. If there is any point I will be away for an extended period of time, I will be sure to let you know.]]]
[font Cambria [size16 [center [i [b Be Literate:] I am not asking for you to write a novel, however I would like at least a thousand character's from you. I understand that you may have writer's block at times, just please try not to make a habit of producing really short posts.]]]
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[font Cambria [size16 [center [i [b Be Original:] I suppose this is somewhat a sub-clause to the rule 'Be Active' above, but I feel it deserves mentioning separately. I don't believe in the Uke and Seme deviation, our characters are men and have both submissive and aggressive attitudes to them. As do most people in this world. I encourage for them to have different personalities, but I do not want this to be a generic 'Yaoi' pairing. They are both male, neither one is going to be the 'woman' in the relationship.]]]
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Feeling his eyebrows come together in an expression of confusion when Vance said that he was about to ask him the same question, Mikage slowly tilted his head to the side. He had seen the man take a step back away from him and had seen a brief flash of uncertainness in his light eyes. In truth, it was not something that Mikage had been expecting to witness. If this man was somehow just a figment of his imagination, Mikage would have thought the man would have brushed off his question as nothing more than a silly inquiry. He wouldn't have appeared a perplexed as he was looking now. If anything, that unsettled Mikage all the more and made him wonder where on earth he truly was and how could this be happening. If this man wasn't something he had conjured up in his dream, as he was beginning to take note of, then how on earth had he appeared in his nightly world. More so, why was this dream so different than any others he had had in the past. Nothing was making sense right now and it was starting to make him further more uneasy than he had been from a start. His fight or flight responses were starting to kick in but it was useless. Even if he somehow wanted to escape this weird place, he honestly had no idea how to do so.

[b "I'm assuming this has just gotten a whole lot stranger than it should be if we both thought of eachother as nothing more than creations within our dreams. Providing the fact that neither of us are where we thought we were"] Mikage stated softly, eyes drifting off the other man again in favor of taking in their surroundings a second time. Though he knew his parents would have been appalled by him taking his attention off a person he was conversing with, at this point the young blonde didn't honestly care. He was more interested in finding out where the devil they were because he didn't exactly appreciate the knowledge of having no idea what was going on. Yes, he was a curious soul by nature but that didn't mean he enjoyed going through things like this where a dream should have been nothing more than an innocent fantasy....but now seemed to be some twisted form of a reality outside of actual reality....if that made sense....though Mikage doubted it did.

[b "Since I think we both just established that we aren't just some creations of a dream, I think we both should try to figure out where we are and how we got here...As far as I know, dreams aren't supposed to happen like this"] the young blonde mussed, his eyes continuing to look around the room with a small frown adorning his usually serene features. Taking a second to flicker his golden eyes back over to Vance, Mikage asked lightly [b "Do you remember anything weird happening before you found yourself here?"]. It was clear to anyone that he was trying to figure things out, to complete this strange puzzle with the odd pieces that were just barely being provided to them.
  Mikage Hyuuga / sands_of_time / 5y 54d 23h 48m 13s
[size12 There was a moment of curiosity on Vance's part, when the other man took a small step back before recomposing himself. Was it possible the other was nervous as well? Yet another strange factor to this dream. It took only a few more awkward seconds for the blonde to answer his inquiry. So, [i Mikage] was his name? He took a moment's time to recall past memories, but alas could not think of a time he had met someone of that name. The name itself had many different definitions, including 'Devine Spirit'. No matter which definition you used however, it was almost always a name meant to imply a shining importance. Even though this name was usually given either to those of high stature, or just those with proud parents.. The name oddly suited the young man before him. Could it be because he was a being within his dream? That explanation seemed too simple. Perhaps it was the strangely captivating light that shone in the others eyes, though darker than his own they still appeared illuminated in the now dimly lit atmosphere.]

[size12 Upon realizing he was paying so much attention to these sort of details however, the dark haired young man blinked and tore his eyes from the other. His eyes now glancing to the side, though he had not turned his head. It would have been disrespectful to abruptly turn away entirely, so for now he merely stopped making eye contact. Though why he was concerned with being polite to an entity of his imagination, he wasn't sure. Actually, he was secretly embarrassed that he had been staring at the other previously. His cheeks growing warm only reminded him of this, as he did his best to retain his composure. His posture was still upright and reasonably confident, his expression also mostly composed, although there was now a barely visible shade of pink to his pale cheeks. It was only the next set of words spoken by Mikage that caught Vance's attention again...]

[size12 His eyes quickly sought the other's again, with a blatant look of surprise and some shock. Could he, have just said what he thought he did? This supposed other man, Mikage. Just finished asking about his own presence, in [i his] dream?? None of the other beings from his past imagination had grown this sentient. It seemed rather impossible. He was so shocked by the other's words, that all he could do for a few seconds was stare at him. He swallowed, suddenly feeling even less safe and secure than he had before. He knew from the way the other was looking at him however, that he would need to say something. [#005C8A [b "Your dream?...."]] He first uttered softly in a tone of light disbelief and shock, he noticed only then that he had taken a small step back from the blonde male. He then tried to rephrase himself, just realizing his first words could have sounded colder than he intended. Again, he wasn't certain why he was concerned with being considerate. Especially since this could be either a nightmare waiting to happen, or a real person who somehow invaded his psyche. No, he mustn't get paranoid so easily. He spoke again, trying to rephrase his initial confusion; [#005C8A [b "I was about to ask you the same."]] He admitted quietly while he looked again at the other male, boldly making eye contact again while awaiting an answer. Nightmare or not. Person or not. He would not allow himself to show fear, or be intimidated.]
  Vance Ikeda / MaskOfInnocence / 5y 95d 12h 17s
[i Vance?] Mikage was pretty darn sure that he had never met a Vance before and even if he had, he doubted he would have forgotten someone with the appearance this man had. He was usually good with remembering things so he couldn't, under good consciousness, say he had seen this man before. That he was dreaming about someone like this was odd and definitely did not fit in the category of normal for him. Yes, not much ruffled this blonde's feathers, but when unusual events such as these happened, he had no idea what to make of it. All he knew was that it brought a slight chill of unease down his back. Taking a moment to look this man over bit better than the prior once-over he had given him, Mikage took note of all his features. From the dark hair to the blue eyes that contrasted so sharply in their paleness. No....there was no way Mikage had ever run into someone like this. Not until today...Or tonight...or whatever it was he considered this dream to signify. There was no logical reason why his mind would even conjure someone like this up.

Taking a small hesitant step back when the other man, this Vance person, approached him, Mikage forced himself to remain still after the first step. He was a Hyuuga. Dreaming or not, confused or not, Hyuuga's had their pride. He wasn't about to turn tail and run. There was no reason to. Vance hadn't shown any threatening movement that would be cause for Mikage to fear for his life. The young blonde would stand his ground until he was given reason not to.....hopefully that wouldn't happen.

[b "Mikage...My name is Mikage"] he responded quietly, golden eyes never leaving the person in front of him in case they missed something suspicious. Eventually though, curiosity got the best of him and the teen allowed his gaze to momentarily slip away from the man to glance around a bit. At least there was one good thing about this whole experience...The blasted petals had finally stopped falling. For the most part, at least Mikage didn't feel like this area was entirely as girly now. Don't get him wrong, he had nothing against girlish things when it revolved around others but to have petals fluttering down from Lord knew where in the middle of a dream....that wasn't something all too amusing.

[b "Do you have any idea where we are?"] Mikage asked after a moment, tilting his head ever so slightly to one side as his eyes flickered back to the man he had allowed to approach him. Doing his best to ignore the attractiveness of the man in front of him, especially when he felt an odd tugging every time he met the man's eyes, Mikage merely waited to see what he would say. [b "And not to come off as blunt or anything....but why exactly are you in my dream?"] he asked lastly after a moment, still trying valiantly to piece together what was happening around him.
  Mikage Hyuuga / sands_of_time / 5y 125d 10h 18m 0s
[size12 Vance squinted as he attempted to see this other person through the blinding light, at least, he hoped it was a person and not something far more gruesome. Fortunately for him, the light did eventually dim and fade. Leaving behind only a small reminiscence of light that kept the strange space illuminated, he couldn't even tell what the source of light was just off hand. But on the other hand, he could finally see the person standing several feet away from him. The person appeared to be another young man, a bit younger than himself he would wager. His gold colored hair seemed to shine a bit from the residue light, but his eyes were what drew Vance's attention most for some reason. His thought process and momentary staring was soon interrupted however,]

[center [size12 [b [i "Who are you?"]]]] [size12 [center The young man asked.]]

[size12 Now that was new, most apparitions that appeared within the dreams of his subconsciousness never asked for confirmation of his identity. If they were a part of his own imagination they would know him, right? Unless he was dealing with some bizarre form of identity crisis, and this dream was somehow expressing his inner need to know himself? No. He almost shook his head at himself, that would be utterly ridiculous. After a second or two of contemplation and hesitation, he soon concluded that the only way to figure out what was going on was to play along for the time being. Might as well answer this apparition's question, [#00527A [b "My name is Vance.."]] He began slowly in what he hoped was a steady tone, although he did feel just a tad nervous. [#00527A [b "Who are you?"]] He added inquiringly, might as well see if this man actually had a name himself. As he did so he took a tentative few steps forward, no point in trying to run or keep his distance from this being. After all, he was already talking to [i him]. ]

[size12 While he waited for an answer, he was observing their environment through the corners of his eyes. It was quite spacious, which in all honestly actually made him a little uneasy. He had plenty of room to run if he had to, but no places to hide. There didn't appear to be anything but a vast stretch of hard and smooth ground, it seemed to go on as far as he could see. Besides which, he had no idea what he might find if he moved. Dreams were quite unpredictable that way, so were nightmares for that matter. The falling pedals seemed to have been slowly decreasing in number, before stopping altogether. Evidently done doing... whatever they were doing. Making some form of point in his psyche he guessed, but damn him if he knew what it was supposed mean. He almost never knew what anything that went on in his own subconsciousness meant, he normally focused on his more [i conscious] mind sets and thought processes. As he thought of it, it seemed rather stupid of him to be even be so concerned about it. Not all dreams actually had to [i mean] anything, he tried to convince himself. He didn't even notice as he absentmindedly bit his lip lightly, while his eyes made a nervous glance around the atmosphere before turning their attention back at the male in front of him.]
  Vance Ikeda / MaskOfInnocence / 5y 129d 14h 50m 21s
Yawning softly, a young golden haired boy gazed quietly out of a large, body sized window within the room he was currently standing. Sleepy golden eyes held only a hint of interest in what the voices in the background were telling him. Then again, that really wasn't surprising at all. It was common knowledge that the young boy rarely ever paid much mind to said voices to begin with....that had been one of the reasons he had been sent away in the first place. The owners of the voices had thought he had needed to concentrate correctly and set his mind on the goals he would need to achieve if he wanted to truly be essential to this family. They had not approved too much of his outings with those his age and preferred the young boy to focus on the Company.....It was always about the Company. To bad that at the current moment, the young boy truly had no interest in listening to what was expected of him and what was right and wrong. He had heard this speech to many times to be affected by it anymore.

[+blue "Mikage!"] the sharp, baritone voice of the other older man in the room snapped the young boy out of his distant thoughts and caused him to flicker his eyes over to him. [b "Yes father?"] the boy questioned lightly, his tone far softer and nowhere as deep as his father's was. Brushing strands of blonde hair away from a handsomely flawless face, the boy leaned back in his seat before adding [b "Father, I've heard this speech more than once. I think I have it recorded in my brain already. I could recite it back to you, if you so wish"] he put in after a moment, quite absentmindedly and showing that he was clearly in no way interested in anything going on inside his father's massive office space.

Mikage Hyuuga was the name of the youngest son within the Hyuuga family. A family that held ownership of several companies and corporations all around Japan and the world beyond. A multibillionaire family that held itself at the top of expectancies and decorum. People who were defined for being strictly aristocratic, stoic, determined and simple beings that were best not to be trifled with. They were a family admired by many and longed for by those who wished they could have what was within this family's grasp. However, the outside was blind to one simple fact. Though this family seemed so far from reach, the children of this marriage weren't as perfect as their parents wished them to be. No...especially not the youngest son.

Mikage had always been free-willed and free-spoken. He wasn't one to turn the blind eye to anything and he would stand up for anyone he thought deserved to have someone watching out for them. He was kind and gentle, wise and funny. The best friend anyone could ask for. Such a far cry from the aristocratic ways of his parents. Though he was just as admired, those who knew him could see beyond the mask he wore when he was in the midst of "his people". The young boy had never been one to be reeled in, he had never allowed anyone to control his movements or tell him what to do. Mikage did what he felt was best for those around him...and he supposed that was one of the reasons his parents had sent him away.

A week ago he had returned to his birth town after being away for a year and a half. During that time, he had been living with his grandparents outside the country, learning all there was to be learnt of running the Company. Something that had been sort of a tradition since his elder siblings had gone through the same thing. His mind had been filled with rules and responsibilities, obligations and requirements. Everything and anything he would one day need to take over one of the branches of the Company. Day in and day out he had stood beside his grandparents, pleasing them and doing things that were otherwise against who he truly was. By the time his grandparents had seemed happy enough to allow him to go back home, the young boy had been mentally drained.

Thankfully, returning to his old school to finish his last year of High School had been like a saving grace. His friends had instantly been there to lift him back to his feet and show him the fun he had had back before he had left. It didn't take longer than a few days for the blonde to be back to his crazy old self and for that, he was honestly thankful to his friends. However, the problem was that his parents didn't necessarily agree with this behavior. Thus was why he was in the middle of receiving one of their infamous lectures while his siblings were more than likely pressed up against the door, trying to listen in. Something quite typical of them.

[+red "Mikage...when will you learn that you must act responsibly to represent us?"] his mother's voice soon joined his father's and by her tone, she clearly wasn't pleased by him. [b "I act responsibly enough, mother. There is no need for me to change the way I am simply to satisfy the selfish needs of many"] Mikage retorted lightly, standing up from his chair and barely glancing at the disapproving looks on his parent's faces. [b "Look, I'll do my best to behave, alright? Just quit being so overbearing all the time, it's irritating"] he murmured, passing a hand through golden locks of hair. Without sparing a moment, the blonde swept his way out of the room, quickly opening the door to the office and closing it just as swiftly to avoid his parents seeing his siblings standing there. [+green "That bad, huh?"] his eldest brother, Toshiro asked, shooting him a sympathetic look as the five siblings walked together down the hall, away from the room he had just left.

[b "You have no idea....Gods, all I want right now is to take a nap. I think I've gone brain dead after that speech"] Mikage groaned, earning himself giggles from his younger siblings and soft chuckles from the older ones. Sparing a few moments in the company of his brothers and sisters, Mikage was soon relieved to catch sight of his bedroom door. Sliding into the room, the teen didn't even bother to turn the lights on in order to see a bit more clearly in the darkness. Instead, he padded across the room and out into the rather large balcony attached to his bedroom. Releasing a long sigh, the young man gazed up into the night sky and blinked a bit surprised at the sight of a falling star. It had been a while since he had last witnessed such a event, and to be frank, it was quite interesting. [b "I wish there was someone out there who could accept me for who I am, not who I'm supposed to be. Someone who could see through the mask I am forced to wear sometimes and save me from all this ridiculous expectations that await me in the future"] he murmured softly before turning his back on the outside world, walking back into his room.

Shutting his balcony doors, Mikage effectively changed his cloths into proper sleep wear before finally climbing into bed allowing his dreams to take him away to a place hopefully better than his home. Shifting a bit when he felt a cool breeze against his skin, Mikage scrunched his nose in quiet discomfort even though he knew he wasn't awake any more. Twitching a bit at a soft whisper that seemed to reach his ears from a great distance, the boy had barely anytime to wonder where it come from before another sensation greeted him. Something that reassured him that he really had to be sleeping. Instead of the warm, soft bed he had been laying on, it now felt like he was laying on something hard and cold. Perhaps a floor of some sort? Grumbling in soft annoyance as a bright light tried to pierce through his closed eyelids, Mikage finally gave up the fight to try to ignore every sensation around him and slowly opening his eyes once again.

Shock engulfed him in the sound of a sharp intake of air as he gazed around his surroundings with wide, disbelieving eyes. He was definitely not in his bedroom anymore. If the marble under his body wasn't proof enough, then the petals falling down around him and the light that seemed to engulf the area, definitely was. Cautiously rising to his feet, the young teen looked around a bit warily, trying to see how exactly he had ended up where he was. It wasn't until he had taken a few steps in one direction, that a voice halted him and the light faded just enough for him to see who had spoken to him.

It had been a man. A raven haired man, standing just a few short feet away from him. By appearance he seemed maybe a bit older then Mikage and yes, he was attractive without a doubt, but the blonde wasn't thinking about that now. The fact that the man seemed nearly as disconcerted as he was, was a bit reassuring yet unnerving as well. For one, the man seemed just as confused as he was.....but the fact that he was in Mikage's dream was not something entirely amusing.

[b "Who are you?"] Mikage called out the first thought that came to his mind, falling silent quickly after to see if the man would disappear after being addressed or if he would actually answer the question.
  Mikage Hyuuga / sands_of_time / 5y 131d 3h 51m 17s
[size12 Floating, in a peaceful gentle breeze.. As one softly drifts away with the wind. Wrapped in the warmth of the sun's embrace, and bathed in the light of it's glow. A feeling of complete security, as the senses give way in unconditional surrender. Such is the serenity of a dream, envisioned by a mind either tranquil or desperately longing. For the latter, it does not last long before a storm breaks. And one falls from the soft cradle of the clouds, into a roaring thunder of rage incarnate, into the lonely sorrow of the rain that is your tears. There seems to be no escape or solace, only the long fall of despair as one's hand reaches upwards in anguish, in vain. For the hand of another to catch you, to guide you away from the cold reality, a hand that will never arrive. One cannot even scream, as it is instantly drowned out by another clash from the storm that shouts the truth. Three words one does not wish to hear, would give near anything not to believe...]

[size12 [center [i [b [#990000 You are alone.]]]]]
[size12 [b *Beeeep!*]] [size12 [center [b *Beeeeep!*]]]
[size12 [right [b *Beeeeeeeep!*]]]

[size12 The sound started short but became longer and louder each second it was ignored, until at last a loud and shocked gasp answered it's nagging reminder. The source of the gasp was a young man with currently messy black hair, as he shot up into a sitting position. His bare upper-body glistened from the cold sweat that coated it, his chest heaved while he took in several quick breathes. After a few seconds however his breathing slowed, as pale blue eyes surveyed the male's surroundings. Upon realizing he was back in reality, the male noticed the alarm clock still blaring. His hand reached out and swiped the switch to the 'Off' setting on the device to silence it. He then hunched over while his hand moved up, weaving his fingers through his bangs before gripping them lightly. His lips parted to let out another breath that became an audible sigh. He gritted his teeth momentarily, [#00476B [i "Damn, another one..."]] he thought before straightening up and removing the blanket from his person. He swung his legs over the edge of his bed, then stood up from it. ]

[size12 After he had taken a shower and gotten dressed, he briefly glanced himself over in the mirror. He tried in vain to make his hair straighter and smoother, but as usual it simply refused to stay that way. His eyes narrowed at his reflection, clearly a bit agitated over his hair's repeated disobedience. However, like each day he knew it was useless to spend too much time on it. He turned from the mirror and picked up his bag, grabbing his keys on the way out he exited his apartment. From there he went to see the principal of his college, he had received a message from him the other evening. He wasn't certain why the old man wanted to see him, only that it was likely something that would affect him. Once he arrived at the building, he headed for the Principals office and knocked on the door. An older man's voice answered him, [b "Come in."] to which the young man obliged. He opened the door and stepped in, closing it behind him as he asked in a near monotone; [b [#00476B "You wanted to see me sir?"]] The older man nodded in response and gestured a hand towards a seat in front of his desk, [b "Please."] he added in request for the young man to sit down. Once he was seated, the older man spoke again; [b "I'm sorry to call for you before the start of the next semester Mr. Ikeda, but unfortunately there has been a sudden and radical change you should be made aware of."] He stated in a somewhat tired tone.]

[size12 The young man blinked once, a sudden and radical change? Whatever news this was didn't sound as if it would be very pleasant. Regardless, he still straightened up in the chair and gave the older man before him his full attention. The older man had paused to see if the he was going to respond, once realizing that younger man wasn't going to reply he continued; [b "The university's financial support is being cut dramatically, as a result we have no alternative but to cut down on supplies, staff and.. students."] He said in a careful tone before looking to the younger man again, who was now staring at him with a momentary expression of surprise before he quickly changed it back to being nearly blank. [#00476B [b "...I see, so then I take it I am being transferred?"]] He asked the principal slowly. The Principal nodded some, [b "I am sorry for your inconvenience, Vance. Given your income situation however, the university will make the arrangements for you as well as pay for travel expenses."] He informed him quickly. Vance gave a stiff nod to signify he understood as he spoke, [#00476B [b "That is most generous, which facility will I be transferred to?"]] he asked in his usual monotone. [b "Tidoshi's Memorial University."] The man replied.]

[size12 Vance took a moment of silence to run the name through his memory, he had heard of the college before. One he realized which place the Principal was speaking of, he raised an eyebrow as he asked; [#00476B [b "Tidoshi?... Isn't that near the country side? in Koboshi?"]] To which the Principal nodded once again, [b "That's correct, does this bother you?"] he asked slowly and watched for Vance's reaction. But Vance merely stared at him blankly with his cold colored eyes, a look that made most feel uneasy. When he eventually replied, he did so in a simple statement. [#00476B [b "Not at all Sir."]] After the meeting and hours of preparation, Vance flew to the small town by plain. Upon arrival he made his way through the crowd of people, out the door and into the outskirts of town. He took a gander at his new surroundings, it was a very small town. It appeared well built however, and it was quieter that he was used to. He supposed that was a plus, at least there was less people for him to deal with. The only problem was that so many of them felt the need to greet him each time he passed by, apparently recognizing the fact that he was new. They would all smile at him, wave and welcome him to Koboshi. It was getting old really fast. But the worst event that transpired within his first few minutes of arrival, was when he ran into a young man at a restaurant. The man, like everyone else greeted him with a goofy smile and an overly cheery wave. Idiot. Before he could bother to respond to the man however, there was a blur of movement and color that burst past him. The blur turned out to be a young woman, who then preceded to instantly throw her arms around the man who just greeted him. Something about the image caused something in his gut to tighten, and the more the girl hugged and snuggled into the man before him.. The more Vance felt a sharp twinge in his heart, and a cold tightening in his stomach. He turned and tore his eyes from the two, walking away at a quick but deliberate pace , not even bothering to say goodbye to the man. He decided mentally that his physical reaction was just due to him feeling irritated and annoyed with their idiotic behavior in public. Children, that's all they were.. ]

[size12 No self respecting adult would display such acts, frivolous prancing about and clinging, as well as sorry words and promises likely neither one actually believed. They were false bonds, full of false hopes and lies. Childish dreams, for childish people. Yet, if that was the case why did it bother him so much? Why did it irritate him...even pain him so? Why should he care? Regardless of the reason, he did care. And it more than agitated him, it made him feel a certain painful longing. Perhaps envy. He shook his head once to clear his thoughts as he walked, trying to derail this particular line of thinking. Once he eventually made it to the apartment he would be staying in, he hurried inside and tossed his coat and keys onto the sofa. He then sat beside it and held his head, letting out a groan of exasperation while massaging his forehead with one hand. Well, here he was. In the middle of a nowhere town in another empty apartment, honestly it didn't feel much different than before. Perhaps that was what truly bothered him most. He stood and went into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of tea, he was just about to take a sip.. When a flash of light shone on the wall in front of him. He turned around to look for the source, it was then he saw a falling star streaking across the sky from outside his window. It was actually beautiful, true he had seen falling stars before, but there was a certain draw towards this one. He walked to the balcony, cup still in hand as he watched the star slowly fall. He wasn't sure why he felt an urge to do something childish in this moment, but before he could reconsider the words escaped his lips in a tone just above a whisper; [#00476B [b "..I wish there was even one person who could understand me, someone I could honestly trust with everything I am. Someone who wouldn't leave me on my own.."]] He let out a soft annoyed groan after he spoke, even his own voice saying such words sounded ridiculous. ]

[size12 Deciding that he should go to bed before he said or did anything else stupid, he put aside his cup and headed into the bedroom. He set an alarm on his clock before shutting off the lights and closing his eyes. He would have thought he'd have trouble sleeping, considering how stressed he was.. But the moment his eyes where shut he felt himself begin to drift away. Soon it felt more literal, as if he was being carried off on a gentle current of water. He even felt a cool and soothing sensation over his form, for a moment he heard the whisper of another's voice but could not decipher what it said. Moments later however, he felt light hit his eyelids causing him to turn his head and squeeze his eyes shut in surprise and irritation. He felt that he was no longer laying on a bed, it felt smoother, flatter and certainly harder. Slowly he opened his eyes, they widened at the sight the beheld. He appeared to be laying on a floor of black and white marble, perfectly smooth and reflective. The light that had been bothering him was a white atmosphere around him, the area itself didn't seem to have a definite end nor beginning. There were small petals of some sort of flower falling right over him, upon closer inspection when he looked downwards, he noticed that many more of the petals had outlined the form of his body in the position he had been laying in previously on the ground. Strange, his dreams never started this way. He thought he heard the sound of footsteps just as the light in the atmosphere had dimmed a little, he turned toward the sound of the footsteps, but at the moment all he saw was a silhouette. Odd, normally there weren't any people in his dreams. Hesitantly and nervously he called out to the figure, [#00476B [b "Hello?!"]] he wasn't even sure if getting this 'person's' attention was such a good idea. For all he knew he was having a nightmare, and this person was a figment of his worst imagination come to do him harm.]
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[b [i {Here is my character and his skelly for you to view if you like.}]]

[font Cambria [b Name:] [i [size15 Vance Ikeda]]]
[font Cambria [b Age:] [i [size15 19]]]
[font Cambria [b Gender:] [i [size15 Male]]]
[font Cambria [b Personality:] [i [size15 Vance comes off to most as being cold, distant, self-centered and cruel at times. He seems to give no one any quarters in words or actions, and does not care for or even like other people as a whole. He's brilliant and often times uses his cold nature and wit as a weapon against others, even his intelligence as a mean to manipulate those around him. Generally however, he keeps to himself as he claims to have no use for 'social' contact or 'pity' from any other human being. Despite his distant disposition, in reality Vance longs for real companionship and someone he can trust his true self to. He merely lacks the confidence and belief in humanity, and usually does what ever he can to prevent anyone from getting close enough to see him for who he really is.]]]
[font Cambria [b Biography:] [i [size15 Vance never knew his parents past the age of seven, which was the time they died together in an explosion at their work caused by the ignition of a gas leak. He spent most of his years in an orphanage, where he kept to himself.. not being ready to establish any new social bonds. Many of the other children picked on him and taunted him, all on the grounds they felt it strange that he was silent and did nothing but read. Even the head master of the building was concerned that Vance did not behave like a normal child, after all he never cried, laughed, played and hardly communicated. He never even spoke unless addressed by an adult first, and even then he would say very little. But every day he read, he went to every class held by the facility and became an honor student within the first year of public school. He now strikes others as a cold but driven and brilliant individual who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, whatever those goals may be. And it seems he is determined to do it, alone.]]]
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