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[size15 [font "Poor Richard" Empty…that was a new one. But she didn’t try and force him to eat.]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" It meant more for her, after all. Not that she minded sharing.]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" [b “Ah…okay. Although if I really wanted to know I could sneak in and look at your file.”] She teased, giving him a crooked smile as she munched on a few more chips. [b “I’m joking, I won’t push it if it’s the bad. Although if you’re worried about losing me as a friend, I’ve gotta tell you that you won’t. It’s not like I have no reason to being in here…”] Her smile faded a little, but she kept a happy exterior anyway. On the inside, it was bittersweet happiness. Because she knew what would happen soon. She could only avoid her medicine for so long before the doctor checked all the rooms for the missing girl. And she could only hide so well before they finally found her and jabbed her with the needle. As she sat there, stuffing her face with chips, they were going around distributing medication. If she listened closely, she could here the squeaky wheels of the cart… ]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" But she was brought out of that by a touch. She looked at him with wide eyes watching the pained look. No…no…fuck. Her eyes started to water…she couldn’t help it. She didn’t want to know…she wanted it to be a surprise. A horrible, tragic, surprise. So she could let go with ease. She stared at Calloway, watching as he eyes stared through her. Fuck…no…no. Her eyes started to water, but then… It hadn’t worked? Absinthe was relieved, and couldn’t hide the obvious sigh of relief. She didn’t need to know how she’d join her brother. She didn’t want to know. It was quite peculiar, though, that he couldn’t see anything. Something had obviously happened. He couldn’t fake the reaction he had. Was it something to do with her powers? It the most logical reason she could think of, despite having no real answer to it. No hard facts… Then again, the whole power medication in the first place hadn’t had any facts behind it, from what she’d heard. Just a bunch of unfortunate mistakes and concoctions before they finally got a hit. ]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" She took in a deep, steady breath, and looked at Callolway. [b “Never…n-never scare me like that again. I-I…don’t want to know how I’ll join Hem… I-I’m just…glad it didn’t work…”] It was curious, but she couldn’t seem to ask if he knew why it hadn’t worked. All she could force out was a shaking [b “H-Ha…Has that every happened before?] It didn’t seem like it…Calloway looked surprised. Which made Absinthe cork up her fears and slide closer to Calloway. [b “Um…”] She wanted to ask if he was okay, but instead she just held out the chip bag with an awkward smile. [b “Want the rest?”] She smiled and then [b bam!] [i “Absinthe, what do you think you’re doing in here?!”] She knew it was coming but…did it have to be [i her]? He eyes filled with tears and Absinthe wanted to desperately crawl out of the room…run away. [i “You know what? I’m not even going to bother getting you out of here! Just come here and take your medicine!”] Absinthe moved her hands to her ears, whimpering and shaking her head. [i “Ugh! You dumb brat! I swear, you must have deserved every slap you got back at home!”] [b “No…”] [i “What was that?!”] Absinthe couldn’t fight, and soon the woman came close and pulled her up, injecting the medicine and releasing her only to let the girl fall to the ground. [i “Don’t let her fill your head with lies, Mr. Smith. We really do take good care of our patients. I only treat her like that because she misbehaves otherwise.”] She looked at Calloway with a sugar sweet smile before leaving. Absinthe couldn’t stop crying, hands around her waist as she tried to calm down. [b “No…no…didn’t….deserve it…”] She kept repeating the phase, anxiety strangling her. She hated that nurse. She was too familiar…to much alike.]]
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As Absinthe began pacing the room, Calloway wondered if he said or done anything wrong. She looked deep in thought, looking anywhere but at him. He kept standing there, his breathing harsh and uneven, and waited for her to say something other than "that's interesting." The only people who knew were his mother, his therapist, and Annabelle. It didn't feel as weird that the doctors here knew, because that was their job. They purposely gave patients their powers, so it seemed, so they didn't react stunned to any of it. But any time he shared this about himself, it was always the same reaction. Followed by, "we need to get you help, Calloway!" Why did no one understand that he didn't need nor want help? He was fine. So what it messed with his noggins sometimes, he knew he had gotten better than from before. So much better. And yet it wasn't good enough. Because the powers weren't [i gone], because he still wasn't "normal." Calloway shook himself, bringing him back to the situation and trying to catch Absinthe's gaze. Her eyes seemed to glow, dancing against the harsh florescent lighting of the cell.

"[b Oh, um, of course,]" Calloway mumbled and sat back down on the bed, hunching slightly to try and decrease his frame. He didn't ask why his height bothered her, only kept watching. She reminded him of an animal scurrying around until she decided to join him on the mattress. "[b No, thanks. I don't have much an appetite. I don't know, whatever they did to me, left me feeling hollow right here.]" He placed a hand on his stomach, his nose twitching at remembering the godawful stinging. That was going to stay with him for awhile. "[b That's... a story I should share on a different day,]" Calloway said and scooted back to lean against the wall with her, curling up his knees to match her. "[b We shouldn't know too much about each other, am I right? Where would be the mystery? Besides, I don't feel like losing my first friend here because of all my sharing.]" Were they friends? They've only been talking for... he didn't know how long. But not long enough. He never opened up this much to a near stranger.

Calloway sighed. Absinthe's company kept his mind away from the fact that he was here. But once she had to go back to her own cell and sleep would be waiting, it would crash down on him like a vengeful wave to the shore. "[b Actually, I [i will] take a chip,]" Calloway said and reached out, his hand grazing her fingers in the process and a gasp of air escaped his mouth.

A bang of light, gripping his skull. Like it always did when he was about to see how death decided to take a person away. He stared into the distance, pass Absinthe's face, and waited to see how she'd die play out before him. It always appeared in the air, like a foggy screen rippling between realities; not knowing to stay put or go away. No one could see it but him and for a split, fracturing second he wondered if Absinthe would be able to since she controled illusions. "[b I... I don't see anything. There's... nothing there,]" Calloway whispered. Never before had that happened. He always, [i always] saw it. "[b For some reason, I can't see how you'll die.]"
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[size15 [font "Poor Richard" He did have a good point… She’d never thought of it before. She always put up a fight…it just wasn’t in everyone else’s personality to that she supposed. She let out a distressed sigh, averting her eyes. [b “Not any good I guess… They’re normally easier on the new bees though…”] And then she heard movement. Not Calloway just shifting on the bed, or coming a few feet closer. Movement where he got so close she could hear his heartbeat if she listened close enough. She looked up, head craning toward the sky with the effort it took to look at him. Oh god he was close. So close that she could feel her breath be stopped as it his chest. She could see every wrinkle in his shirt… Way too close. Especially when he was that tall. It was uncomfortable, and after only a line she found herself looking down at the floor at a white flower instead of up. She watched it slowly turn pink as he spoke, but she didn’t move until he was done talking. At that point she moved back and off the side, unable to be so close with a promise of being civil. She slowly digested the words, looking at the floor as she let them sink in. Death…was not an easy subject for Absinthe to digest, and as she did she had to turn away.]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" [b “Well that’s…an interesting power.”] He voice cracked in the first time in months, and she had to raise her hand to her mouth and take a deep breath to get her front back. Keep a good face, even when the world gone to hell. That’s what her mother always told her. Not that she was a good example of it… She looked over and up at Calloway, slowly turning to face him again. For a second, he looked like Hemlock. But that second was all she’d allow. [b “Don’t…tell me what it is, okay? I don’t want to know…”] The flowers rotted, displaying the pain she refused to show herself. She still couldn’t look at him. She averted her eyes, but continued to speak. [b “Can you…crouch or sit down or something? You’re just…too tall…”] The rotted flowers slowly went away, as Absinthe stepped away and started walking around the room. [i Fuck. Absinthe get a hold of yourself he’s like the least intimidating person in the world stop being a bitch.] She thought, sighing inwardly. And then she decided she needed more chips, and thanked the god awful place for giving her super baggy clothes. Turning away she dug into her shirt for the unopened chip bag she’d taken. Sure, it was a little bit awkward to have had a dang chip bag in her shirt, but how else was she supposed to take it without getting caught. She turned around once it was in her hands, turning at looking at Calloway with the least awkward smile she could possibly have in her embarrassed and unsure state. [i What the fuck am I doing? I am acting like a weirdo. Am I weirdo? Probably.] She walked to the bed, taking a seat and looking at Calloway. [b “Chips?”]]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" It was at that point the girl decided she was being weird and just rolled with it. So what, she was a weirdo and socially awkward sometimes. Could you blame her? She’d been in her so long that even she started to question her own sanity sometimes. She shrugged it off as usual, and opened the bag. She just had a few before she turned on the bed, back against the wall so she could sort of stretch her legs out. Although after a while she ended up bringing them up to a bend. [b "So...Mister Path made of pebbles, how did you get in here anyway? What [i unspeakable crazy act] did you do to get thrown into the looney bin?] The question was entirely serious, but she couldn't help say it in a funny voice and laugh afterward. She was having way too much fun with this new kid.]]
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Red. Trembling. Quaking. Calloway tried to find something to hang onto, but instead kept himself rooted to the ground, arms held tight at his side. He looked over at Absinthe and wondered why her reaction to his following Dr. Garden caused the shaking. Her illusion caught him off guard, something unlike he ever experienced before. The birds were one thing, this was a whole different shebang. The energy was ripping and tearing, not reacting well to the glimpse of chaos she could ensue. "[b Don't take it personally, Ab--]" before he could finish, she was already out of sight and he was left alone with the doctor, who was giving him a look he couldn't define. "[i Right this way, Mr. Smith,]" the old man said, a bone chilling smiling painting his chapped lips. Calloway nodded and kept stride with the doctor. "[i Do you mind telling me all the... profanities Absinthe told you?]" Calloway kept quiet and simply shrugged. The hall they walked down was oddly white, so white it seemed to shine of its own accord. Doors lined the walls, numbers on plaques passing by in a blur. His thoughts traveled, wondering what the other patients possessed. "[i All right, I understand, I suppose. I just don't want you getting the wrong idea, Calloway.]" All this time he had been calling him "Mr. Smith" and the sudden change yanked Calloway out of his reverie. "[i We are only here to help you control, and if not control, subdue your special abilities.]" Calloway looked at Dr. Garden and the old man's aura was tinted; stained. "[b Okay,]" was all Calloway said in response and he could tell Dr. Garden was peeved by it.

Dr. Garden led him into an open, circular room. The door slammed shut behind them, locking instantly. In the center of the blindingly bright room was a gurney like table, accompanied by a blonde nurse whose eyes shined the clearest blue. Eyes that reminded him of... "[i Welcome, Calloway!]" the nurse said, opening her arms as if indicating a hug but Calloway stayed where he stood. "[i Please, lay down. We're only going to run some tests, no pain involved.]" Absinthe's words appeared in his head; burning and searing and charring. He wanted to protest, to turn around and run back to his room. But what good would that do? Would he rather do what they say or put up a fight he'd wind up losing? There was no point. "[b What are these tests?]" Calloway asked as he laid down, his head laying on a poor excuse of a pillow. The nurse's smile didn't falter. "[i We are going to examine your brain and afterwards we'll decide on what type of medication you'll need.]"

[i Great,] Calloway thought and closed his eyes. Best to not watch. He heard motion and the sound of metal clanking. He waited, trying to steady his breathing. Seconds passed and finally they hooked something to his temple, a stinging blossoming across his face. It seemed to pry into his flesh, going deeper and deeper until clasping onto something. "[b I thought you said it wouldn't hurt,]" Calloway grumbled, his words slurring toward the end and the last thing he remembered was hearing the nurse chuckle.

"[i All right, Mr. Smith,]" Calloway's eyelashes fluttered and it burned to open his eyes. He blinked several times until Dr. Garden's face appeared above him. He was still laying down and he sat up, dark hair ruffled and cheeks uncomfortably puffy. "[i Take these and we'll escort you back to your room.]" He looked down at the two oz cup Dr. Garden was handing to him. The pills were tiny and rectangular, unlike any medicine he'd seen before. Calloway took the cup and acted like he took the medicine, when in reality he tucked it under his tongue and pretended to swallow. "[i Good,]" Dr. Garden said and helped Calloway gather the muscle in his legs to walk. When he returned back to his room and made sure he was alone, he spat the pills into his palm.

"[i I'm sorry about the shaking and red mess earlier...]" Calloway nearly had a heartache and almost dropped the pills. He balled his hand into a fist and turned to meet Absinthe's gaze. "[b No need to apologize,]" Calloway said and dropped to a sit on his mattress. It sank underneath his weight and the springs creaked. "[b I believe everything you said and I'm sorry if me 'obeying' Dr. Garden portrayed otherwise. It just seemed pointless to put up a fight, you know? What good would it do when they'd get their way in the end?]" The corner of Calloway's lips tugged, more like twitched, into a crooked a smile. Though it disappeared as soon as she asked about his power. The pit of his stomach knotted; churned. She showed him hers, so why wouldn't he show his? Only a select few knew of Calloway's powers and look what good that did for him. But even though he barely knew this girl, he came to a stand and broke the distance between them. He was close, close enough to where he could feel her breath against his shirt. "[b It's hard to explain,]" he said, his voice soft and low. "[b I can [i feel] everything. I know what people don't because my mind [i sees] clearer. Kind of like a third eye, I guess you could say, but different. And because of that, I can see when and how people die. Whether it be they die from old age thirty years from now, surrounded by their loved ones, or in a car accident two summers from now. All I have to do is touch you, and I see.]"
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[size15 [font "Poor Richard" The girl thought about it for a moment, chewing on the inside of her lip as she thought. Would it enhance his abilities? She didn’t know…she didn’t know what they were. For all she knew, they could be at an end stage already…or he could just be messing with her. Hell, it wouldn’t be the first time. Guys were always playing pranks on her…the new bees were always laughing and playing along and then scoffing at her as they left. They always felt bad after, sure…but only because of the pain that came after the medication. Excruciating… Your body ached all the while it rushed through you veins… Absinthe was used to the aches and pains though. Had been even before she got here. It wasn’t that bad for her…it lasted less time. Normally…thirty-forty minutes. Depending on how much alcohol the woman had consumed, her mother could have caused much more pain that lasted for much longer. [b “Probably…”] She shrugged, then cracked her neck. It was the only reply she was confident with. A yes wasn’t right…and a no wasn’t right…but was it likely? Yes indeed. If it didn’t get stronger he’d be no use to them and get sent out…]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" She wished she’d been sent out…useless…cast aside on the street…]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" Or better yet, she wished her mother had cast her out before she even got here.]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" But instead she was sitting on a bed, being asked what the good of awakening the powers in people was. She didn’t know. It didn’t seem like a good thing to her. Who would want people like her to wander the Earth? With the will, Absinthe could use fear to wind people up until they went crazy…normally resulting in suicide. Who would want that to wander the world? Although she had heard the doctor pathetic excuse of a reason. Didn’t make much sense or go into any detail, but it was short enough to repeat.]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" Absinthe was about to explain everything, tell the guy that they knew everything, and tell Calloway that his name was the most unmanly yet perfect name she had ever head, when the man came in. No…no… Absinthe was angry, as it became known by her world shaking and slowly turning red. She was [b NOT] LYING! How dare a [I monster] like him come in and talk to Calloway like she wasn’t even there! She was burning with anger, about to snap, when she saw how Calloway reacted. She paused…looking at him. After what she’d said…he was going to go?! It was all over his expression and it made her blood boil. The room shook, lights flashing, but all she did was stand up and exit the room. Was she gonna leave, avoid Calloway for the rest of his stay? No. She was going to go to the cafeteria, sneak into the snack stash, and eat Cheddar chips until she was calm. Like she always did. And then probably go back to the room after the medication treatment was done and ask him why the fuck he would say he believed her and then go take the goddamn stuff! And what his power was…because she was quiet honestly curious.]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" So after indulging in chips for about thirty five minutes, she walked out into the hallways with orange fingers and made a crow head catch the door just as the guards walked away. She didn’t quicken her pace, or fully step inside like she would have earlier. Instead she leaned against the door frame and filled the room with white flowers and black flags. A sort of…peace offering, she supposed. Along with a warning of war. [b “I’m sorry about the shaking and red mess earlier…”] She had an awkward smile on her face, one she wasn’t sure was a smile at all. [b “Seeing you go get medicine after what I’d said kinda…irked me. I’m good now, though…”] She slowly took a breath and walked farther in, slowly closing the door behind her. Nurses would be making their rounds soon…being in here was certainly a nice way to get out of her own medicine session. [b “What’s your power…if I might inquire? I’ve been really curious…”] She had to smile at the slight rhyme. She had to admit, she had a thing for it. Although she rarely, if not never, went out of her way to do it.]]
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There was something off putting about the energy in Calloway's room. Each movement he made, it felt like he was trying to move his limbs through jello. The energy wasn't [i right] in this place and it sickened him. The only thing that made it bearable was the tingling, feathery energy pulsing off the girl. It was like a thousand tiny orbs of light radiated off her skin and tickled at his insides. "[b The medicine here gives the patients powers?]" Calloway asked, his line of sight not leaving her. He didn't exactly consider his strange abilities as a power, more like a curse, and it wasn't even that strong. "[b If I take the medicine, will it enhance my abilities?]" He hated to admit it, but he was confused, and he didn't like being confused. It all rattled his brain and it was a lot to take in. Sure, he didn't want to be here in the first place, but to know you're not going to get help, even if you're not seeking it, is unsettling. Calloway ran calloused hands through locks of midnight hair, only for it to fall back into a disarray over his forehead. "[b I don't understand the point in all of this...]"

Calloway's words trailed off as soon as birds erupted in the room. Not real birds, that he could tell. They seemed to fluctuate between reality and a different realm. He swore he could feel a wing graze his cheek and ruffle his hair. He watched, eyes widening ever so slightly, and he was amazed. Subconsciously his hand reached out to touch one but before he could, they vanished. Poof. "[b This sounds like a bunch of bullshit. Not saying you're lying, because I believe you, but why are they trying to 'awaken our powers'? What good could our powers be to the world? I know mine sure isn't.]" Calloway watched as the girl plopped herself onto the bed, introducing herself as Absinthe. "[b Calloway,]" he answered. "[b Supposedly it means a path made of pebbles, though I'd like to believe it means something more manlier.]" A half hearted chuckle rumbled in the back of his throat as he joined her on the bed. He clasped his hands together, elbows resting on his knees, and stared at the chipping paint on the wall.

"[b Won't they know if I don't take the medicine?]" Calloway's rough voice broke the sudden silence. "[b I don't see them taking it lightly if I go against their will.]" As if they could listen through the walls, the door smacked open and a tall, balding man in a lab coat stood in the doorway. "[i Absinthe, are you filling Calloway's head with lies? Do not listen to her, Mr. Smith, she does this to all the new patients.]" Calloway didn't like the way this man talked about Absinthe like she wasn't sitting right next to him. "[i We're going to take great care of you and there is nothing to be afraid of. That being said, please come with me, Mr. Smith.]" There was an ominous glint in the man's eye, something normal people didn't see but Calloway caught. Absinthe wasn't lying. Dr. Garden -- as it read on his name tag -- was. Calloway glanced at Absinthe then looked back at Dr. Garden. Something told him that if he went with the old man, Calloway would experience what she was just talking about.

But if he didn't listen to Dr. Garden and kept himself planted on the mattress, Calloway didn't want to see what reinforcements would be called. It was best to choose the lesser of two evils...
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[size15 [font "Poor Richard" Damn he was tall. Absinthe stared up at guy, feeling so out of place and much less intimidating as she wanted to be. Standing at only five foot four, with her body showing no intention of growing any more than it had, she was [i much] shorter than she wished to be. And this male...towering over her and asking her questions wasn't making her feel any better about that.]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" Why were tall people so intimidating?]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" She shook it off, instead focusing on digesting the words. The first few questions she deemed unimportant. Were they going to help him? Of course not. They had no intention of helping anyone but themselves. Would they let him contact someone? As long as they approved of the letter, but the never did. Trying to write was a useless attempt. What was the purpose of him being here? He'd soon find out...but she supposed she could tell him. After she answered that last one of course.]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" [b "Do I have a power? Yes. Have since I got into this hell hole. Medicines poison. Messes you up. Everyone in here has one, love. Every single one of them."] She let the words sink in before she continued. [b "Do you already have one? I figured if they'd given you medicine already I'd have heard about it..."] She looked the male over, slowly circling him, trying to decide whether or not he'd been there for longer than she'd thought. But...she'd be able to tell. [b "You...have one? Like...a natural one, not medicine induced?"] She perked up, standing straight and letting her eyes glaze over. Birds filled the room, as they often did when she was happy like this. She decided to let them be seen by Calloway, too, wanting to show him just what she could do.]]
[size15 [font "Poor Richard" She wouldn't say it, of course, but it was a kind of threat. A peek into what she could do so that Calloway knew that if he got on her bad side, he wasn't going to be able to sleep.]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" Speaking of making people not sleep. [b "They experiment on us. Try to [i awake the powers within us]. If that answers the question."] She shrugged, going over to sit on the bed in the room. To be honest, the beds were the only thing she didn't hate about the cells. They were bigger than the one she had at home. Not as comfy, but at least she wouldn't roll off like she did then. The top bunk was always the worst to fall from... Sighing, she looked up at the tall man, smiling weakly. [b "My names the alcohol...what's yours?"]]]
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[i "Honey, it's for the best. This place will help you."]
[i "I don't] need [i help though."]
[i Calloway's mother fell silent, her hands gripping the steering wheel. He kept staring out the passenger side window, trying everything in his power not to notice the pulsing, the energy, the rippling.]
[i "We've already tried everything else, Cal. What else am I suppose to do?" She sounded desperate; on the edge of her seat. An anger ignited in Calloway's chest, gripping at his heart.]
[i "What else are] you [i suppose to do? This isn't about you, Mom, this is about me."]
[i Calloway didn't want to sound like a five year old throwing a tantrum, but he thought he was acting appropriate to the situation. No one in their right mind would go easily to a loony bin.]
[i It had happened all too fast. He let his... curse, win over him. He couldn't let that girl die. He had to try and save her, no matter that he told himself never to get in the way of death. But it was] her [i of all people. But after that, his mother and therapist found the perfect place for treatment.]
[i "I'm sorry, Calloway."]
[i "Me, too."]

Calloway didn't get a good feeling about the mental institute the second his feet touched the tiled floor. The pulsing was thicker; heavy. It weighed down on him like cement trying to encase his body. The workers were smiling, bright teeth glinting against florescent light. The smile disappeared instantly after his mother said her goodbye's "for now" and exited the building. He watched her retreating back, a sudden emptiness bubbling in the pit of his stomach. Once he turned around, his eyes met their penetrating gaze. The facade was gone, released and tossed to the wind. "[i Don't worry, we'll take good care of you here, Mr. Smith.]" Calloway clenched his teeth together, a string of protests itching at the back of his throat.

They forced him to change into different clothes, itchy and hot fabric against his skin. Calloway didn't expect them to be so [i rough]. Sure, he heard horror stories, rumors, myths, that places like this only put up a front of wanting to treat you. That they did crazy things to their patients. But that had to only be in books and movies, right? He began to think otherwise when the men in white coats tossed him into his room -- more like [i cell] -- and left without a single word; leaving to let the door slam behind them.

"[i Hey, kid.]" Calloway looked up. He was just about to vanish into his own mind, not knowing a girl, a patient, would stop the door from closing with her foot and enter. With an eyebrow arched, he listened to what she said, her voice smooth like honey and yet rough around the edges. There was something about her that he couldn't put his finger on. How could a person look like an angel cursed to live on Earth and a tortured, frayed human at the same time? It intrigued Calloway. "[b So you're telling me that this place isn't going to help me at all?]" he said, coming to a stand and approaching her. He stopped only a couple inches away from her and peered down at her, since he stood at six foot two. "[b You're telling me, that my mom forced me to come here, seeking help for me, and she's not even going to get that? Oh man, does she got another thing coming.]"

Calloway's brain was a chaotic flurry of thoughts. "[b She won't believe me if I tell her this. Wait.]" He was chewing at the inside of his lip, something he did out of habit when either nervous or deep in thought. "[b Are we even allow to have contact to the outside world? What is the purpose of us being here if it's not for help?]" Calloway stopped then. He stared at the girl, long and hard, his eyes casting shadows. "[b Do you...]" Calloway gulped. "[b Do you have a power, too?]"
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[size15 [font "Poor Richard" [i “She was supposed to develop one power! One! How many is on this list? Three! Why is there three?!” “I-It was just a slight mistake! I was just writing down what she told me! Th-The other two are just self-induced, I bet!” “Self-induced my ass! She sees red strings! She could find her soul-mate with that thing! That’s a power! Not to even get me started on the demons!”]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" It was funny to listen to the doctor and nurse desperately argue. They were supposed to be helping her get over her fear of other girls, but no, instead they were cussing each other out about information. Useless information, if she might add. Seriously, did they thing the information was going to get them anywhere? Likely story is that they’d see that they’d illegally experimented on poor innocent patients with mental disabilities and throw the whole place in jail. At least, that was what Absinthe’d like to believe.]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" [i “She causes illusions! It’s obviously all in her head! They’re probably just attached to that! She’s probably just using the string for hope and the demons to cure the loneliness!” “Probably?! You incompetent fool! Probably doesn’t mean anything! We have to be sure!” “But sir, what’s wrong with her having more than one?”]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard"The girl could only roll her eyes. Stupid. Like all the dang doctors in this hell hole. Didn’t try to help her. Didn’t listen to her problems. They were all jerks. She was here for a reason, but they didn’t bother to freaking help. At first, it was nice. Them not butting their heads into her business, letting her be…the only bad part was the freaking needle! But now…now she was pissed. She was ready to talk, but would they listen? No! It was there priority. The powers were. Gosh, she never knew how much she craved to be normal until moments like these. If only she’d bit her tongue and walked away. Taken a nice, calming walk and dealt with the bullcrap. She wouldn’t be here then, and Hemlock would be okay.]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" Hemlock…damn, she missed that boy.]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" But there was nothing she could do, so she didn’t dwell on it. Instead, she stood out of the ugly brown chair she’d been sitting on and escorted herself out of room. Not like they cared. They were…preoccupied. With her powers, of course. Because her troubles meant nothing. She wandered the halls, glancing at every hand she passed. There were always red strings, of course. None of them attached to hers though. It was a crying shame. Surrounded by people, but in love with nobody. Not that she was some love-crazed freak, like that girl Samantha, but it would be nice. Certain as hell wasn’t her main priority though. Guys never stayed around anyway. Just gave you a child and a reason to drink cocktails, according to the mess she’d called a mother. The only one that stayed was Hem, because he hadn’t had a choice. Just like the poor new kid didn’t have a choice to leave now.]]

[size15 [font "Poor Richard" She felt bad, so bad that she froze in order to take in the feeling of dread for the poor child being brought in. The guy had no idea what he was about to get himself into. She followed the big men in white coats as they led him to his cell, watching as the tossed him in and left the door to slowly close by itself. Which it didn’t get the chance to. Of course Absinthe had the intention of going in there, why wouldn’t she? Might as well offer a warning, right? Didn’t matter that nobody ever listened. It couldn’t hurt, right? [b “Hey, kid.”] She got straight to the point. No dilly-dallying there. [b “Don’t take that god forsaken medicine. It does things to you. Changes you. I can drive people to their deaths by way of fear. I don’t know what it’ll do to you, but it [i won’t] be good. There’s your warning. Take it or leave it, I don’t care.”] She stood, watching from the doorway, eyes looking the boy over to find out what he was afraid of.]]
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