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[center [font "Times New Roman" X was numb to the world. Unfeeling. Closed off. In more pain than he knew how to handle.
[center [font "Times New Roman" He was alone and he hated it. But there was nothing he could do. Living things were too much trouble. He’d learned that after his sister’s death.]][center [font "Times New Roman" No matter how hard he tried, if the reaper showed up he couldn’t save them…]]
[center [font "Times New Roman" He was out of hope, slowly giving up on everything, just going through the motions, when the ad popped up.]]
[center [font "Times New Roman" [#0000FF “Lonely? Need some company that will listen to you? Tired of human’s annoying personalities? We’ve got just thing! Order your android today!”]]]
[center [font "Times New Roman" An android. Couldn’t be bad, right? Didn’t need food…just had to recharge. Wouldn’t die. Memory and data could always be transferred if something happened. It was perfect for him.]]
[center [font "Times New Roman" He just hadn’t expected it to be so…socially awkward. Or that it would have the urge to break everything in sight. He hadn’t expected that either.]]
[center [font "Times New Roman" It wasn’t bad though. X wasn’t use to all the attention Y wanted to give him but…hey, he was programmed that way. He couldn’t help it. X was a little bit of a push-over…so it was hard to tell the android he couldn’t break anything. It was…a strange predicament. But at the same time, it couldn’t be more perfect.]]
[center [font "Times New Roman" It was just a little concerning…when X started falling for Y…an inhuman android.]]
But hey…he seemed pretty real. Maybe it was okay after all?
[center [font "Times New Roman" [size20 Rules and things you should know.]]]
[center [font "Times New Roman" 1. If you've got to quit, I'd like a message at least telling me you are. Don't just leave me waiting for a reply that will never come, please.]]
[center [font "Times New Roman" 2. 1000+ characters. Sorry...just really need something to work with.]]
[center [font "Times New Roman" 3. This will be a homosexual roleplay, I guess. Although androids don't really have a true gender. So...kinda homosexual but not really because no gender... Yeah. Also, no seme-uke bullcrap. Y is clingy. Doesn't mean he's not dominant. X is a push-over. Doesn't mean he's submissive.]]
[center [font "Times New Roman" 5. Anime pictures for this one. Please, have it fit the character.]]
[center [font "Times New Roman" Last one. To join, just shoot me a PM with an interesting title so I don't lose it among other PM's. And tell me which character you want to play. That's about it, really.]]


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[font "Arial Narrow" [size15 Ian nods, going to sit down and eat. Happy like he [i deserved] to be? Did he deserve to be happy? Unless happiness was a human right he didn’t feel like he deserved it. But either way, Andy was concerned about him and he felt the need to agree with him and just…let him have his way, he supposed. He ate, smiling slightly. [b “You are better at cooking than me. I was right. Everythings actually edible and not burnt.”] He chuckles. He finished eating quickly, mostly because for once, a walk did sound nice. Now that he wasn’t alone, the world outside of his little apartment didn’t sound so horrible. He put the empty dishes in the sink and sighed, running a hand through his hair. [b “I’ll go change and then we can go on our walk.”] He yawns, going to change and quickly returning.]]

[font "Arial Narrow" [size15 He looked at Andy when he returned, and for a moment he couldn’t see the panel. For a moment his mind refused to acknowledge it. He took a shaky breath and looked down. Oh dear… Did Andy really seem that human? He shook it off, reminded himself the Andy was not human and he did not need to fear for Andy’s life, and wrapped his new scarf around his neck. [b “Is there anywhere specific you want to go? I wouldn’t suggest going back to the trail we went to…I don’t know if I can handle being where she was after the dreams I had…”] He sighs, grabbing his keys so they could get back in the house and heading out.]]

[font "Arial Narrow" [size15 It was bright... He wasn’t exactly fond of the sun. Perhaps because he’d been locked in his home for so long. But with Andy…he supposed it wasn’t so bad. He locks the house and looks back at Andy, forcing a smile. Although Andy like real smiles more…a fake smile was better than none, right?]]
  Ian / -fluid / 4y 355d 12h 5m 16s
[size12 [b "Well, let's find out whether or not that's true."] Andy smiled as he grabbed the eggs and set them onto the counter beside the stove, finding a pan and heating it up, cracking them open and popping the yoke, scrambling them as he grabbed a bowl and poured in some cereal and whatever type of milk Ian had, as well as a glass of the milk. With a spatula he moved the eggs around the pan and felt Ian hug him. He himself smiling a bit as he scooped the eggs onto a small plate. He dug around drawers for a spoon and fork, slipping a spoon into the bowl and resting the fork on the plate.

He set them down, then grabbed the milk to set it in front of the food and replied to Ian, [b "Another reason I am here. I am here to help you take care of yourself and be happy and healthy. Just as you deserve to be. Am I correct?"] He asked and smiled, [b "Now eat up, Ian. The energy could be put to good use on our walk." He chuckled, and you could hear the light echo in his robotic-yet-not voice.]
  [AR] / -DangerouslyCute- / 4y 358d 14h 52m 31s
[font "Arial Narrow" [size15 Ian nods in defeat, taking a seat at the table again. [b "Sorry, Andy. Eating or being healthy has never really been my priority. I'll work on making it one, I promise."] It was a hollow promise. A promise that he wouldn't keep. He knew this, too, as he made it. Perhaps that was bad, but what could he do? He rest his head against the table, sighing. [b "Honestly, you can probably cook better than I can. I burn pretty much everything."] He chuckles, slowly smiling.]]

[font "Arial Narrow" [size15 Not that it stayed. His smiles rarely ever stayed. Lazily, he pushed himself up from the chair, going to grab a bottle of water to sip at before placing his bottle at the table and going to hug Andy from behind as he cooked. It was an act that would have had Catherine push him away angrily and burn him with the pan. But he at least knew he was safe with Andy. Andy wasn't cruel like Catherine. And wouldn't hurt him. Ian sighed, somewhat happily, before pulling away again. [b "I...really am sorry I don't take care of myself better..."] He admits, leaning against the counter. [b "I've never cared before. I've never had a reason to. I had no purpose to live other than Catherine before her death and after it...well."] He went to sit down again, watching Andy, [b "Honestly, I don't know why I haven't given up on life yet. There's been nothing in it for me. Guess it'd make the school freak out, though."]]]
  -fluid / 4y 360d 12h 9m 22s
[size12 [b "Sometimes things just barely get out of our control and that is okay. What's done is done, and dwelling on the facts will not change them. I agree that a walk is in your best interest. Clearing your thoughts may help you feel less depressed or down."] Andy stated as he felt the soft scarf that was still wrapped around his osn neck. [b "It seems the weather permits I will not need a cover to keep me from being damaged, as well."] He smiled at his owner after looking out the window.

He stood and approached the male, looking over him, [b "I suggest you eat first, having more energy will better your energy levels to help you enjoy the walk a litfle more. Would you like me to help you prepare it?"] He asked.

Andy seemed quite concerned that Ian ate. He knew, well, his database knew, thst eating was very necessary for humans, especially for someone who was sad, maintaining a healthy diet and exercize was what he thought would be a part in helping Ian be happy. [b "[i Your] health in [i my] best interest, Ian. Eating is a top priority."]
  [LK] / -dangerouslycute- / 4y 362d 8h 41m 58s
[font "Arial Narrow" [size15 Ian sighed, head falling to the table as he closed his eyes. Honestly, it wasn't anything he hadn't heard before. He'd studied this kind of thing. Hell...depression was what they were studying in class now. But perhaps Andy helped it get through that thick skull of his. [b "But here's the thing, Andy. I could have changed it. I could've taken the gun right out of her hand and I know my sister well enough to know she wouldn't have stopped me. Perhaps she would have turned around and shot me instead, but I wouldn't have cared if she lived."] He shook his head, [b "She gave me enough time. I could have stopped her."] He finally sat up, leaning back in his chair to look up at the awful popcorn ceiling.]]

[font "Arial Narrow" [size15 Perhaps him saying that was the best thing. Perhaps it wasn't what Andy wanted to hear. But there was no rewind button. [b "Oh, how I wish there was. If I could, I'd do the moment over. Just to see Catherine live. Or at least live longer than me. To see her smile one more time. I know she'd smile, even if for just that instant of my death."] Perhaps that, also, wasn't what Andy wanted to hear. [b "But there is no rewind button, and I guess I have to live with my choice."] He stopped there to listen to world. It wasn't raining anymore. Ian supposed it was safe for them to leave the house.]]

[font "Arial Narrow" [size15 He stood, forcing a smile onto his lips. [b "We should go on a walk...like you mentioned. Perhaps it will...clear my mind."] He mumbled, eyes cast to the floor.]]
  Ian / -fluid / 4y 362d 9h 10m 45s
[size12 Andy sat for a moment as he searched his programming for "loss of a loved one". After a moment of silence he began to speak, [b "Ideal ways of coping; First it is best to accept what has happened. Do not think you could have changed it or think it didn't really happen. Accept that they are gone. Talk about your feelings. Express your sadness. Grieve aloud, do not bottle up your emotions. Remember it is okay to cry, whether you are alone or with someone you trust. Remember that violence is not an answer, do not attempt to hurt yourself or others in the grieving process, if you feel you are a danger to yourself or other, contact a doctor right away."] He looked over at Ian, [b "Is there anything specific on this subject you need me to look into? Such as hotlines or therapists. Hobbies, or distractions? I am here to keep you happy and healthy, Ian."]

He sat down in a chair and waited for Ian's response. This girl he kept bringing up Catherine, [i 'Hie did she die?'] He thought to himself.]
  [AR] / -dangerouslycute- / 4y 362d 9h 25m 23s
[font "Arial Narrow" [size15 Ian stayed completely silent as Andy spoke, eyes casting down after a moment as he thought about what to do. The last person he'd slept near was Catherine. Perhaps sleeping with her male double wasn't the best idea. He shook his head, sighing. He turned to head to the kitchen. [b "We can...go for a walk after breakfast. But...you look too much like her to make me feel safe in any way."] He mutters, opening the fridge only to stare blankly. What had Andy wanted him to eat? Something with vitamin B? And whole milk or eggs. [b "Does almond milk work the same?"] He asked, mostly to himself as he pulled it out and grabbed a box of cereal to pour himself a bowl.]]

[font "Arial Narrow" [size15 He set everything down on the counter, but he didn't get much farther than that... He froze, staring into the empty bowl and sighing. Perhaps he hadn't been ready for company. But perhaps it was too late to take it back. Perhaps he needed to make the most of his android companion. [b "Andy...do you have any knowledge in your database about coping with loss of a loved one? Or...suicide... Death in general."] He puts the milk and cereal back where they belong, the bowl remaining on the counter where it sat as he took a seat at the table.]]

[font "Arial Narrow" [size15 He looks over at Andy, his eyes still hollow and frown unchanging. He had to force himself to remember that this being...sentient or not...was Andy, not Catherine, and had no intention of using him as a puppet. He feared if he didn't...he may fall back into the routine...and be his sisters plaything all over again, even in her absence.]]
  Ian / -fluid / 4y 362d 9h 43m 32s
[size12 Andy felt himself power up and he opened his eyes, blinking a couplr of times before seeing and hearing Ian. [b "Good morning, Ian. Did you sleep well?"] He asked as he began to move forward. He was hoping for a positive response. But by the way Ian looked as his eyes focused, he realized that the question was pointless, and Ian's state seemed to obviously show this.

[b "You look like you are still tired. If you are not currently busy, perhaps you should take a nap? It seems you may need it. I could accompany you, if you wish."] Andy said. He was suggesting this, in hopes Ian would take the advice. The health and well-being of his owner is what mattered most to the android. [b "Maybe company by your sleeping will give you better rest. Research has shown that company when sleeping lowers stress levels and makes you feel safer."] He explained, as he was programmed to know these things. [b "If you wish to stay awake may I suggest a breakfast high in B Vitamins too boost your energy levels and a morning walk?"] He said. His programming was very updated on health and certain situations to express known information.

Andy moved to the kitchen to look around, [b "Cereal with whole milk or eggs will be best if you would rather not nap."] He suggested. Then quited down as he became aware of how annoying his multiple suggestions may have been becoming to Ian.]
  [AR] / -dangerouslycute- / 4y 362d 10h 13m 50s
[font "Arial Narrow" [size15 Ian didn't check on Andy. He felt no need to. The android knew how to take care of itself, right? Feeling slightly guilty, Ian crawled under the covers and turned out the light, staring absently at the darkness for a while. Maybe tomorrow would be better. Maybe tomorrow...he'd be better adjusted and less afraid. Maybe...tomorrow.]]

[font "Arial Narrow" [size15 The next morning it took all of his emotional strength to push himself out of bed. Dreams of his sisters had shaken his mind. His mind that long ago was once scarily calm. It hadn't been calm in a long time. Ian did his usual routine. Made him bed on one side, went to the bathroom, brushed his teeth, and combed his hair. Normally on free days like this, he'd just go sit on his computer, staring blankly at old photos or documents until the day was done. He almost did. He walked over to his computer and sat down, but he only stared blankly at the black screen for a moment before standing and going to find Andy.]]

[font "Arial Narrow" [size15 When Ian found him, the on switch was glowing. What did that mean again? He didn't know. All he knew was that it was the on switch and that's what he needed to press. He slowly walked up, expression numb and hollow, and pressed the button. The small noise he'd linked with Andy being on sounded, and he took a step back to give the android some room. [b "Good morning..."] He mumbled, emptily.]]
  Ian / -fluid / 4y 362d 11h 57m 38s
[size12 Andy watched as Ian calmed down. He felt happy with himself, knowing he had seemed to make Ian not as tense and stressed.]

[size12 As they exited the building Andy re-opened the umbrella he had and held a small plastic bag in his other hand, Ian's scarf inside of it. Once the umbrella was raised above his head he felt two arms wrap around him. This surprised him, his eyes widening slightly. He stood still, one arm raising the umbrella, the other against his side. He wasn't sure how to respond to Ian hugging him, standing there with a shocked expression. [i "Let's.. Let's go home."] He heard Ian say as he pulled away. To this Andy nodded and followed him to the car, closing the umbrella and sitting inside. He watched silently ahead of him until they were once again to Ian's home.]

[size12 Once inside, he set the umbrella beside the door and walked forward, setting the red scarf on the counter. He seemed to move slowly now, and by his own programming he knew what this meant. He walked to an open corner, reaching his mechanical arm back to click a small button on the back of his neck. [i 'It's been a nice day.'] He thought to himself. [i 'Hopefully tomorrow is just as well.'] He closed his eyes as he felt his power shut off. In doing so, the small button illuminated a light greenish-yellow color, lighting the dark corner he was in, and signaling he was charging. And he would be doing so until Ian had turned him back on in the morning.]
  [AR] / -DangerouslyCute- / 4y 362d 17h 29m 5s
[size15 [font "Arial Narrow" Andy…was somehow the best decision he’d ever made. Ian didn’t really take in what Andy said, but the voice made his mind slow down enough to see a bit clearer and nod. He let Andy lead him to the cashier and quickly searched his wallet for his card. Slowly, the anxiety subsided and he could see clearly again. He looked at the scarf on the counter, and sighed with relief. He didn’t know how he’d lived without this android for so long. How could he have not thought of a scarf just two tones brighter? Then again, he couldn’t even see straight when he was looking. So many colors were…overwhelming. He paid for the scarf and slowly reached over to grab Andy’s hand as he grabbed the bag and left the feeling. Maybe this is what he’d needed all along. Andy. This life-like android that felt so real, but didn’t make Ian worry so much about keeping it alive.]]

[size15 [font "Arial Narrow" Once they were outside, Ian stopped in his tracks and pulled Andy into a hug. He stayed silent for a while, just breathing and calming down. [b “I-I’m sorry. I thought I’d handle that better. Just…let me stay like this for a minute.”] Thinking back, he didn’t know how he’d ever coped with anything before Andy. And he wished he could get back the years before the android had come into his life. This is what he’d needed. Something that he could lean against and trust when the world was shaking and he could hardly stand anymore. He took another deep breath before pulling away. [b “Let’s…let’s go home.”] He sighs, getting in the car and putting his new scarf on before driving back home.]]

[size15 [font "Arial Narrow" The first thing he did after getting back was get his medication. He made a mental note to not go anywhere without it again, but he knew he’d forget. He always did. He swallowed some and sighed, looking down at his feet. [b “How did I ever manage until now?”] He sighed, taking a seat on his bed with his head in his hands. Today had been a long day. Perhaps…it was time to end it and go to the next.]]
  Ian / -fluid / 5y 7d 6h 13m 40s
[size12 Andy quickly noticed how uneasy Ian was when a new person entered the area. He had remembered what Ian said he wanted and as he noticed Ian struggle he looked himself.

Stepping swiftly in front of Ian and reached up to grab a plain red one, soft and warm. He felt it in his hands before holding it out to Ian, [b "Will this work for you?"] Andy asked as he felt the fabric of the other one in the same hand. [b "The red one is a bit softer, it will keep you warmer in weather such as what is occurring now, will it not?"] Andy asked Ian with a light smile.

[b "Plus, none of the others are plain, they all have patterns that don't seem to suit what you are looking for. We should purchase this one and head home. That seems to be in your best interest anyways."] Andy explained.

He closed the umbrella finally, holding it between his arm and side, holding the scarves in the same hand, he took Ian's hand with his free one and turned him to lead him to the cashier's counter. As he set it down he looked up at Ian, hoping he had become a little less uneasy and calmer than he was before.]
  [AR] / -DangerouslyCute- / 5y 12d 12h 7m 8s
[size15 [font "Arial Narrow" Ian nervously ran his through his hair, eyes darting around at all the colors. It was…smothering. Suffocating. He hadn’t been into a store like this in…he couldn’t even remember. The only public place he went was school. He even had all of his groceries delivered. As he looked around at all the people having fun shopping, he only got nervous. A person like him didn’t belong here. A public store wasn’t the place for him. But when Andy spoke, his anxiety seemed to be pushed to the back of his mind, even if only for a moment. [b “A…scarf. Like the one I just gave you. Like Catherine’s. Or…it doesn’t even have to be like Catherine’s…just…red.”] He sighs, looking around to see if the student that went to his school was anywhere near him as he figured out a way to explain to Andy why he would give him his scarf if he needed one. [b “I…I’ve needed to give up Catherine’s scarf. She gave it to me right before she killed herself…I… I need to move on.”]]]

[size15 [font "Arial Narrow" He looked back at the wall of annoyingly bright scarfs, frowning. [b “Honestly, Andy, I’m not sure I should even get a red scarf. It seems so close to hers. But…a step at a time, right? I can’t just leap into something different as other people would…”] He looked at all the red scarfs, sighing softly. One had a floral pattern, which he didn’t like at all. One had paisleys. One was plaid… The nervousness came back. Here he was, in front of a wall full of countless choices, but he never seemed to make the right choice. He did his best to keep his breathing steady. Even if he was falling apart on the inside, he had to hold himself together enough to not let people notice. That was a little hard to do when your hands were shaking, of course.]]

[size15 [font "Arial Narrow" [i “It’s not that hard”] Catherine’s voice swam inside his mind, distorted behind his stress. [i “Statuesque. Emotionless. It’s not that hard.”] He took a shaky breath and looked down, trying to calm down enough to see straight. All the colors of those scarfs were blurry and making him dizzy. [i “Statues don’t feel. Stop shaking. Stop that [b useless shaking. Ian, you idiot, you’ll get us caught!”]]]

[size15 [font "Arial Narrow" [#A52A2A [b “Ian, are you okay?”]]]]

[size15 [font "Arial Narrow" And there was the student he was avoiding. Ian looked up at her, but she was just a blur of black, brown, and pink. He looked toward Andy…and he was surprisingly clear. Or…clearer. He could at least tell the shape and place of things behind the blurriness of his eyesight. [b “I-I’m fine. Just stopped by for a scarf, which I don’t need assistance with, by the way.”] The girl took it as a joke and laughed, which made Ian look back at the blur of colors and sigh. [#A52A2A [b “You’re always so cold. But fine, if you don’t want my help I won’t push it.”] Despite that saying, it appeared she had no intention of leaving the area, which mean Ian, through blurry vision, tried to hurry his finding of a scarf despite his blurry vision. He tried to look at the all the red ones again but…it wasn’t easy to find what you were looking for when your anxiety had made your vision swim.]]
  Ian / -fluid / 5y 13d 7h 37m 6s
[size12 Andy followed Ian into the store. He looked down at the one he held in his hands in confusion. [i If Ian needed a scarf, why had he given me this one?'] Andy thought to himself. But he pondered the question little and followed Ian.

He was surprised to see so multiple people in one place, he had only been with Ian at his home and where they had just been. It was just the two of us so multiple people almost startled him.

He watched as Ian seemed to shuffle quickly around the building. [b "What are you searching for, Ian? May I be of any help?"] Andy asked.

He could sense Ian wanting to purchase what he needed and make his way home. But he wasn't sure how to handle it, exactly. He noticed him trying not to make any direct I contact with a certain person in the store, in which he decided he would ask about after leaving the place.

Until then he followed behind Ian, the umbrella still open and over his head, as he wasn't sure if he oculd close it yet even though they were indoors.]
  -DangerouslyCute- / 5y 17d 14h 51m 25s
[font "Arial Narrow" [size15 Ian smiled. Yeah...home was a good idea. The last thing he needed was for Andy to get wet and need to be replaced. But...he did have something he needed to do first. He felt so...naked...without a scarf. It had been a staple in his life. Being without it felt wrong. He nodded, starting the car and pulling out. [b "I need to make a stop first, but yes, we're headed home."] He smiles and drives to the nearest boutique, a place he knew only because of a fellow students, a girl who'd quickly decided she was Ian's friend even though he didn't feel the same way, was always bringing him scarfs from the place to try and get him out of the old red one she always saw him in. He still had all of them, of course. He never had the heart to throw them out. But according to her, red wasn't his color, so none of them were red.]]

[font "Arial Narrow" [size15 Ian just...needed red. He couldn't see himself in anything but his sisters favorite color. He pulled up to the shop and told Andy to wait in the car for a moment, as he opened the trunk and searched around for an umbrella. He found it, of course, stuck under the seat and had to dig it out. But...well, what was he supposed to do? He handed Andy the umbrella and helped him out of the car, making sure that he didn't get wet as they walked into the store.]]

[font "Arial Narrow" [size15 Immediately he felt uncomfortable in the situation. Although it wasn't like the place was flooding with people, it did have a few of his fellow students wandering around. One of which was the girl who'd always tried to get him out of the red scarf he was so used to. He quickly pulled the android in the opposite direction, knowing that the last thing he wanted was her trying to talk him into something blue or green or anything but red. His hands were shaking slightly, and all he could think of was grabbing a red scarf and going home to get his medication.]]
  Ian / -fluid / 5y 43d 19h 15m 2s

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