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It's the year 2020, and humans are at war with demons all across the world. The war began when a gate appeared in the middle of Manhattan, New York on Christmas of 2017. What now became known as the day of the Red Present. Since then, demons have invaded the human world and are planning to take over the world through a complete invasion. Over a year later in 2018, the event known as Hell's Gate happened in Hollywood, California. Where a second portal from hell opened, sending in a second legion of demons to invade, but on a larger scale than those from Red Present.

Soon, demon portals began to burst out of the ground in varying places across the world. London, England. Paris, France. Rome, Italy. Tokyo, Japan. Moscow, Russia. Each invasion coming sooner and sooner, with even larger armies and more destructive demons. The overwhelming legion of demons soon overpowered the forces of the humans, including the United States and the Soviet Union. Even nuclear weapons proved inefficient at killing them.

However, a discovery during a joint UN military operation on Easter of 2019 gave the humans hope. People with strange, supernatural, and unusual abilities emerged and fought back the waves of demons. This discovery was known as Revelation and gave the humans a method to kill the demons and drive them back.

Squads of these powerful beings were assembled, and were called Paladins. Sent to fight and destroy the armies of the demon world. Now, the humans, who had ben losing the war since the beginning, now had a way to turn the tides of war.

But the Paladins were few in number and were spread thin.

You've been recruited to join Paladin Unit 013. Your task is to fight back the demons that are enclosing on the Pentagon in the United States. They are the legions from Red Present. Eliminate all of them and leave no survivors. If there are any traces of human survivors, you are ordered to kill them. Survivors of the invasions end up being tortured in the worst ways possible and become possessed by a demon. They end up on the other side of the war. Do not trust a single one and do not let the demons get close to the Pentagon at any cost.



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Zephus was preparing his weapons for combat. He did this each and every time before a mission. He wasn't like the others in his group squad. Zephus was cursed, and a rumor about him being cursed by a demon had spread throughout the Paladin ranks. While this was only partially true, Zephus had actually been cursed by a god for existing outside the power of death. He had been cursed with the power of immortality and had the ability to kill demons using nothing more than a shadow.

Since his initiation into the Paladins, Zephus has been one of the highest ranking Paladin in the entire organization. Having lived for a few centuries, he mastered his ability to manipulate shadows. During the Revelation, Zephus acted and unleashed his powers against the demons. With them, he was able to repel an entire demon invasion on his own while the global militia watched on the side lines.

Zephus got up and readied himself for the mission. He was going alongside a few others. As he made his way to the gathering point, he made sure to gather as many shadows as he could along the way.
  Zephus "Fade" Faramore / Crow37 / 6y 77d 9h 51m 31s
Dominic Hawk sat quietly at a bar. The collar of his coat turned up and his head bowed to let his long blond hair hide his face. His green eyes flashed at the movement in a corner of the room, there it was the blasted demon! A minor one, not even Dominic wished to think up it's name. Slowly he pulled his gun and pointed at the creature and shot it

He was glad that the silencer had done the job, unfortunately the demon itself did not make it's death a quiet one. The patrons in the bar held their ears as the creature screamed it's death knell. Dominic however grunted as he stood and went over to the demon and shot it once more in the head killing it once and for all. Picking the creature up by a horn he turned and, after tossing a few extra dollars on the bar drug the demon outside and down a nearby ally.

Here he bent over and spoke a few words, the demon passed away into light. Standing back up he sighed and left the ally spotting a pair of kids with a book too heavy for the both of them to handle he gave a smirk and followed at a safe distance. At least the girl was cute, Dominic grinned as he folded the collar of his jacket back down, fixed his hair and put his gun away. His hand went to the necklace around his throat almost automatically, it was a keepsake, and the only one he had left of his past.
Dominic Hawk / Silverwood
  Zephus "Fade" Faramore / Crow37 / 6y 77d 9h 51m 54s
"Come on Apollo, you've been looking at the same page for over half an hour now. The answer isn't going to pop up on you like that. Give me the book already." An annoyed voice said to the boy with the book.

The two looked just like each other, aside from the fact they were different genders. They both had the same chestnut colored hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. It was obvious they were twins, identical twins to be more exact.

Apollo, the boy, was reading a page in a book that his sister obviously wanted, but he wasn't going to give it over. He wanted to find the answer that had to be in there. He had seen it before, but now it didn't seem to be there. Had his mind played a trick on him? No, he had to have seen it somewhere. His sister suddenly placed the book she had on top of his and opened it to a page she had marked and pointed to a line.

"Is that the answer you're looking for?" She asked, waiting for her brother to look over it.

He stood up quickly as he read the line, grabbing the book. "So it was in here!" He exclaimed, but then looked confused. "But I've been looking at this other did I?"

"I read it you moron." The girl replied, grabbing the book he had on the table. "We can share thoughts remember? Now let's go before anything else happens."

They both walked out of the building and into the streets, both carrying a book in their hands. They stood about the same size, Apollo being slightly taller than his sister, even though he was the youngest of the two. They exchanged glances before continuing on, knowing they would soon be into battle.
Apollo and Artemis / Kikido
  Zephus "Fade" Faramore / Crow37 / 6y 77d 9h 52m 50s

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