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He looked at her as she woke up and pulled away from him. He watched her for a moment before he gently placed a hand on her shoulder. "You are going to be in my care after you leave the hospital. I have a nice little house that has a nice room open. I even ordered some new furniture for you and my living room." He told her with a gentle smile.
  Rusin / Rusin / 6y 38d 17h 34m 40s
When Melanie woke up she was still clinging to the male. As she opened her eyes she remembered the words he had spoken to her and her face turned pink. She slowly sat up and let go of him. "Where will I go?" She mumbled to herself as she brought her legs up to her chest. She felt like crap she just wanted to eat until she couldn't cry anymore.
  ~Melanie Scheel~ / DanceWithDragons / 6y 38d 22h 54m 48s
He held her close and let her cry. He always hated seeing her cry and hated himself for not being able to do anything for her right now. He thought for a moment before he moved his lips close to her ear. "I will always be here for you not matter what." He whispered to her before she passed out.
  Rusin / Rusin / 6y 41d 18h 54m 23s
Melanie continued to cry into the others chest as she gripped tighter onto the males shirt. "Why did they leave me?! Why was it them?!" She yelled to him heartbroken. She continued to sob as her heart beat went up at a dangerous rate. After ten minutes she passed out onto the males chest as a nurse walked in.
  ~Melanie Scheel~ / DanceWithDragons / 6y 42d 2h 27m 26s
He looked down and then gently wrapped his arms around her. He rubbed her back and then said "I'm sorry. They didn't make it." He just held her close.
  Rusin / Rusin / 6y 42d 3h 21m 23s
Her eyes widened. "Are they alive are they alright?!" She asked him worried as she grabbed onto his arms sleeve and teared up. "Please say that they are alright!" She cried to him as tear streamed down her face. She shoved her face into his chest and began to cry harder than she ever cried. She was devistated her parents were in the accident and she was the only one who was safe, she felt awful.
  ~Melanie Scheel~ / DanceWithDragons / 6y 42d 13h 29m 18s
He nodded and then said "Okay. I think you are ready to know. The doctor told me that I could tell you when I thought you were ready." He slowly looked up with some tears in his eyes. "You and your parents were in a car wreck. You were safe because you were in the back and buckled up. Your parents... weren't so lucky." He said as he looked away.
  Rusin / Rusin / 6y 42d 19h 25m 45s
She nodded seriously she was sick of not knowing things. "I really want to know Rusin please tell me." She spoke to him as she began to tear up. Nobody would tell her and she really wanted to know what had happened.
  ~Melanie Scheel~ / DanceWithDragons / 6y 43d 6h 6m 27s
He looked at her and then looked down. He thought for a minute before he said "Are you sure you want to know?" He didn't look up as he waited for her to say something.
  Rusin / Rusin / 6y 43d 6h 53m 56s
Melanie smiled at his words. "That sounds really nice, I hope we can do that again sometime." She spoke to him and finished her food. "Umm.. Do you know exactly what it was that caused me to lose my memory?" She asked him curiously because she wanted to know.
  ~Melanie Scheel~ / DanceWithDragons / 6y 43d 6h 58m 51s
He smiled and nodded. "Well, you are mostly right. We also went to a river outside of town and just relaxed for a little bit. Sometimes we would even end up swimming or playing in the water." He said to her.
  Rusin / Rusin / 6y 43d 7h 7m 32s
She shook her head. "I don't remember exactly but I feel like we watched movies or played video games." She explained what she had thought. They were the first ideas that came to her as she smiled softly. "I don't remember much only a few things are coming back to me but not many things" she added
  ~Melanie Scheel~ / DanceWithDragons / 6y 43d 13h 54m 11s
He smiled a little as he thanked the nurse and then looked at Melanie. He took the food she handed him and started eating. After they were done eating, he thought for just a moment about the fact that she was able to at least remember that she liked ice cream. "Hey, let me ask you something. Do you remember what your favorite activity was when we were together?" He asked her.
  Rusin / Rusin / 6y 43d 17h 54m 11s
Melanie smiled softly as the food was brought over to them. "Thank you ma'am." She spoke happily as she started eating the food. She handed him some of the food as well and smiled shyly slightly embarrassed that her cheeks were stuffed with food.
  ~Melanie Scheel~ / DanceWithDragons / 6y 43d 22h 47m 10s
He looked up at her and then said "Well, I normally just read or go for a jog." He looked over as the nurse walked in with their food.
  Rusin / Rusin / 6y 43d 23h 2m 59s

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