The Hidden Library.

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(1) is a young male, around the age of 16, with a love of books. Finally the summer vacation arrived and he went to stay with his aunt, uncle and cousin. (2) was (1) cousin. She/he was the complete opposite of (1), she/he hated books. He/she found them boring and a waste of time. Because of this (1) set himself a challenge, he decided the try and write a story that would changes (2)'s thoughts on reading.

A week in to the summer and (1) had barely made any process in the creation of the story and was starting to doubt himself. That was when (2) ran up to him. (2) was rambling on about finding a hidden door behind a book case in the attic. (1) was curious and decided to follow (2) up there . Just like (2) said, there was a wooden door.

Both with high curiosity, the opened the old looking. It lead to a room with glass walls. On the outside it seemed the whole room was surrounded by a body of water. There was another oak door that led to a large space full of books. This large space was like a forest and the trees bent in to book shelves. What the two boys could see straight in front of them was a branch made balcony with an old rock podium. However they could not see what was on the podium.

Another thing that was in that large woodland area was a small blonde haired girl. She was dressed in simple clothes and was asleep with a brown leather book in her hand. (1) sat down by her and waited for her to wake up, but (2) gave in to his/hers curiosity and went up to the balcony. (2) could hear voices in his/her mind telling him/her to go up to the balcony and open the book on the podium. For some reason (2) could not resist.

When (2) opened this book a black and red shadow (3) seemed to dart out of it. A face could be just about seen. As (3) left the forest library, the trees seemed to wilt and te grass slowly died. The young girl woke up in a gasp when she sensed this. “What did you two idiots do?! “ She yelled.

Notes for the rp

quite soon after that to she will open he book in her hands and that is when (4) will form. (4) is a warrior that protects rin but is also a character out of one of her novels.

Without the forest library in balance then the stories around the world will change to the villain wining and that will rub off in real life

The rp will start from when they enter the woodland forest


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