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Two college students working at a hospital are getting their career in check. They both are trying to finish med school and become physicians. One is a hard worker and a bookworm, and the other is just cruising by out of luck, good looks, and is naturally smart. What happens when they are forced to partner up and work together under their supervisor's demands? Will they get along or will their incompatibility ruin their work?

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Jace saw the look in her eye and he knew that as long as he could play with her, he didnt care what game it was. He smiled and took a seat, looking out the window at the scenery passing by and he smiled to himself, looking back at her with a grin [b "We can also get a two player RPG or even a co-op one"] he was getting into his imagination just seeing him and Penny playing together at home while she translated. That would be so fun and at the same time, he could see Penny being very attractive.

Ended 07/25/15 am
  ellocalypse / 3y 181d 14h 57m 8s
Penny smiled to Jace and nodded. [b "Yup. Maybe a racing game or something? I'm not good at zombie games."] She laughed a little. Of course she loved her home country but the States was where her life was. It was where she had dreamed of getting married, raising a family, working and doing well for herself. She pulled up at a car park in the city and grinned before getting out.
  Penny Francis / Nullification / 3y 238d 9h 42m 40s
He didnt think that she would make a big deal about moving back home at all. He really did believe she'd want to stay here than move back in with him in the states. Jace held her hand in his and just smiled at her decision, hoping she did this for him.

WHen they headed back to the car, he smiled up at her and he took a seat, looking out the window, thinking about home. Well they did work together and they did live together. If they were here...she'd probably stay with her parents.

[b "You can help me pick out a game so we can play together Pen"] he smiled up at her.
  ellocalypse / 3y 238d 21h 13m 20s
Penny watched the waitress and looked to Jace. She grinned at him softly and laughed a little. She gazed at him and shrugged, [b "I guess but immigrating would be a big deal though."] she remarked before grinning and getting up. Whatever happened she just wanted to be good enough for Jace and stay with him.

She took his hand and got up, smiling a little before heading to the car.
  Penny Francis / Nullification / 3y 240d 3h 58m 20s
Jace loved his video games ever since he was a kid. He was usually always alone and it made him feel better when he played his games at least. He smiled up at her and then he placed his card by the bill as the waitress came by to pick it up.

He listened to her reply, wondering if she would stay here with her family because if she did, maybe he'd move here too to be closer to her. [b "I guess we do have a life back there....but if you do want to stay here Pen, you can always tell me. I just want to be wherever you are"] he admitted, smiling weakly as he saw the waitress return with his card, a smile on her lips as she waved goodbye and told them to have a great day in Japanese.

[b "Come on, let's get going. Im excited"] he beamed as he stood and held his hand out for her.
  Jace / ellocalypse / 3y 240d 4h 18m 7s
Penny giggled and she knew he would be excited by that idea! She looked to Jace and thought for a while. Of course her family was here but she had a life back in the stages and she couldn't leave Jace behind. He had given her a good life.

[b "I mean, sure I miss my family sometimes and home but I have a life in the states and so do you."]
  Penny Francis / Nullification / 3y 241d 4h 49m 7s
He was enjoying his time here in Japan and Jace was loving everything. The culture was amazing, the food, the people, and just seeing where Penny came from was amazing. [b "Oooh that sounds like a good plan. I wanna buy some gaming stuff...Japan is like the headquarters for games. Even if I dont understand them, I bet if you played with me, you can translate"] he laughed and then he soon finished up his food.

[b "But, do you want to go back home Pen? I mean you have your whole family here"]
  Jace / ellocalypse / 3y 241d 4h 57m 9s
Penny smiled at him and was glad he liked the food. She always came to this place for good food. It wasn't a patch on her mother's cooking though. She hoped Hokio was in a better mood though, he seemed pretty peeved off before they left.

[b "Maybe before we leave I can take you into Tokyo's center. It's really busy but they have loads of gaming stuff."]
  Penny Francis / Nullification / 3y 241d 5h 59m 11s
He was just lucky yo have such an amazing girl as his and he just felt so attracted to her. It wasn't like he'd go after any attractive girl he'd see, he just wanted Penny and was glad to be spending time with her like this.

When she talked about her past, he smiled and looked down at the food. [b "It looks great! I can see why you went with your parents all the time. Your family is so welcoming and homey"] he took a bite of his food and he grinned at the taste. It tasted amazing. [b "Wow it's delicious"] he let really happy right now, looking up to see if she was enjoying her food.
  Jace / ellocalypse / 3y 241d 8h 59m 50s
Penny smiled at JACE and thought back to their years in college. She had been wild and always drank every weekend, plus she had been with her abusive boyfriend. If it wasn't for JACE she would probably be in hospital every other weekend with injuries.

Penny smiled a br more brightly when the food arrived and she looked to Jace, [b "This place is really good. My parents used to take us for lunch after school here when we were little."] She laughed a bit.
  Penny Francis / Nullification / 3y 242d 7h 11m 19s
Jace was really happy to have her as his girlfriend, especially after all that she's done for him the past few years. She's really the person that allowed him to be such a great doctor today. He would never forget the way she helped him with his alcohol problems either.

[b "Well you speak fluent English now. I didn't even notice you had that problem. You seem fine around me"] he smiled and then he watched as the waitress came over with their meals. He looked down at his noodles and licked his lips. [b "Oh wow this looks good"] he said happily.
  Jace / ellocalypse / 3y 243d 13h 1m 44s
Pennt laughed a bit, [b "I dunno! I never understood what they were saying to me half the time. Then when I started learning... Well it was easier."] She giggled a bit. [b "Though sometimes I still get jumbled as to what language im supposed to be speaking so sometimes it comes out in English when I'm meant to be speaking Japanese and vice versa."] she laughed a bit.
  Penny Francis / Nullification / 3y 243d 13h 36m 29s
Jace thought that maybe she would start speaking to him in Japanese now. It was amazing to see her culture and where she came from. Honestly, if she wanted to stay here, he didn't mind letting her as long as he was able to stay too.

[b "Oh? Me exotic? I'm a simple farm boy Pen...but if you really think I'm fancy, then I'm perfectly fine with that"] he smiled and thought about Penny first moving here. [b "All the guys must have been surprised to meet a beauty like you. You must have been so attractive coming in as a foreigner. No wonder everyone wanted a chance with you"] he shrugged a little, just happy to be the one that one her over.
  Jace / ellocalypse / 3y 243d 13h 47m 56s
Penny knew exactly what the waitress wanted but ahe didn't say anything. Jace's words distracted her and she smiled at him softly. [b "Oh, really?"] She laughed a little, [b "I thought American boys were really exotic and fancy. I didn't know much english when I came to the states when I was sixteen."] She explained with a shrug.
  Penny Francis / Nullification / 3y 244d 1h 49m 29s
Jace didn't think the waitress was looking at him for his looks at all. He thought that maybe since she heard him speak in English, that's what probably got her attention. He just pointed to the menu on what he wanted and then he saw Penny speak perfect Japanese and he smiled.

[b "Did you know I love a foreign speaking girl. I wish you'd talk to me in Japanese sometimes. Even if I don't understand. It's very attractive"] he chuckled, leaning over the table to hold her hand in his.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 3y 247d 6h 40m 42s

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