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Username: WildBunnii

Full Name: Selene Charles

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Herosexual

Birthday: November 22

Species: Mutated

Power: Telekinesis

I am: Good

Personality:Selene is to believed to be a calm and nurturing person. Complete opposite of her brother. She is cautious with whatever she does, in fear everyone will find out that she has the 'retard' as a brother. However, this independent young woman is headstrong with great leader skills once she lets someone notice.

Bio: Life comes in a bang of color. Selene was born to a middle class family who worked for everything they had. She was raised to appreciate what she was given and not to take anything for granted. Selene was the first born to her loving parents. Selene typical upbringing, there was no abuse or hatred within the Charles'. You may say everything was perfect. Until the day, her younger brother was born. 'He was a miracle angel given to us' so her parents will say, ' an angel who needed the patience and love.' Lucien Charles was diagnose with autism. A handful child who needed all of the attention of her parents. As the perfect daughter to the perfect family, Selene did as she was told while she slowly faded from her parents' eyes.

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