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Seems like the advertised RP's are not going away. I advertised mine more than 20 hours ago and I didn't get a notification that the allotted 8 hrs were up and when I went to advertise it again I had to disable the Ad and than I could readvertise it.
  Eitak "Protective Mother" / Silverwood / 5y 362d 22h 7m 50s
You should still email me it so it doesn't happen again even if it's bugged
  Webmaster / 5y 363d 14h 48m 29s
I fixed it.
It was my second to last paragraph that was bugging.
If it happens another time I'll definitely email you.
Thanks! <3
  [War] / Tonic / 5y 363d 14h 48m 55s
uoThis should not be the case unless you're using realtime chat for it. There have been several posts over this site. email me, paste bin it or send it through PMs
  Webmaster / 5y 363d 14h 50m 12s
I think it's reaching the maximum post limit or something.
  [War] / Tonic / 5y 363d 14h 52m 2s
Sorry about this. Send this to me at JimmyRuska[at]gmail(dot)com and I will see why it does not post.
  Webmaster / 5y 363d 14h 52m 58s
My roleplay "High End Friends" won't allow me to post the 4000 character post I worked on in notepad.
It just comes out as blank.
And I worked VERY hard on it.
  [War] / Tonic / 5y 363d 14h 54m 11s
i have been trying several times to get my character to switch from prince daniel to Ari[vampyric nazi] in one of my roleplays. it has ari highlighted yet it still comes up as prince daniel when i post. am i doing something wroung?
  ari{vampiric nazi} / AriIsEpic / 5y 363d 17h 52m 11s
All i can say is hopefully. Depends totally on freetime and if I don't hit any snags.
  Webmaster / 5y 364d 21h 16m 31s
Oh. Well is there any chance of there being an option of at least deleting what you post in it sometime soon? Like how you have the option to delete posts in the main threads you create/write in?
  Rose Tyler / animechick98 / 5y 364d 21h 21m 13s
not yet there is not.

special characters not working is a confirmed problem
  Webmaster / 5y 364d 21h 31m 10s
[center I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem, but when posting special characters, the don't show up for me.]]
  -Nyx- / 6y 8h 39m 23s
it could be an error....

pm me i wanna talk to u...
  Envy_Anarchy / 6y 4d 14h 43m 27s
Um, I have a Boyfriend GuardianAngel jokingly was trying to block the Webmaster to see what would happen. He was going to unblock him anyways. No harm was meant in this joke and he thought it was a bit funny. He was instantly banned and told to go look at the rules. My boyfriend said there was nothing in the rules that stated we could not ban the webmaster or to that affect. My boyfriend then tried to make a new account and it told him if he shared a computer with someone banned he could not make a new account. Is this a error or is being done to everyone? Again I am curious and am not trying to hurt anyone in this question.
  Larota Marie Hamato / Larota-Hamato / 6y 4d 16h 34m 3s
so uhhh... thought someone should know but the access granted message from threads has the old coding still, just tossin that out there
  ♠Vince♠ / cheshireKitten- / 6y 4d 23h 45m 43s

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