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I was wondering why sometimes when I'm posting or doing whatever on ES why it will suddenly go over to a magazine ad or something that I don't care about. This is completely different from clicking on the ads on the page, it just happens suddenly. It only happens on ES, too.
  .ooc / KoreanFreakNana / 5y 137d 21h 1m 12s
I can longer see real-time on anything.
I've tried turning off my ad blocker, but it never works.
  Art / _LittleBird_ / 5y 140d 1h 22s
Eh, it's about all I can offer as a veteran, these days. =L
  オミオ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 308d 12h 39m 11s
[font "Bell MT" [center [b @Omio ; ] It works, thank you; but it's still quite inconveniant. I wish it would stay the old way. ;; Thanks for the heads up, the amount of help you offer on this website is truly appreciated, my dear. ]]
  Leo / Vinci / 5y 308d 13h 31m 8s
So, in the 3-letter, #E9E = #EE99EE.

So if you need straight-white, #FFF will do. :3
EDIT: Remember to use '+', as Jimmy's trying to migrate to that too.
  オミオ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 308d 18h 47m 38s
Try this code:

\[+fff White-text-here]

All +rgb values that are 3 character or 6 characters long work all the same.

Just going to test something here:

[+EEE ▓]
[+E0E0E0 ▓]
  オミオ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 308d 19h 27m 45s
[+fff test]
\[+fff test]
[+f test]
\[+f test]
  オミオ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 308d 19h 30m 59s
[font "Bell MT" [center I'm assuming this would be an anti-spam filter set in place, which is understandable- ... but when I'm trying to code, and for example, have font that I want to colour white which is # followed by 6 F's, when I hit "preview", everything looks fine. But when I hit "post reply", ES removes 5 of the F's and I've got to edit the post and add them back in every single time. ]]

[#F For example, this is supposed to be white, but this is the output ES gave me. ]
  Leo / Vinci / 5y 311d 9h 46m 4s
Sounds like either you're hiding behind a proxy, you have some bad advertisements rolling into your system and mucking things up, or your cookies are being cleared constantly.
  オミオ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 318d 6m 33s
this has been happening for at leastt aweek i just have been unable to post:
whenever i log in i can only get to the page with acctive role plays before it auto logs me out. any way to fix it
  ari{vampiric nazi} / AndrosGirl / 5y 319d 12h 35m 47s
I use Chrome, and i dont know if it's disabled or not, but I think it needs an update or something..
  Oyashi Okumura / who_again / 5y 321d 42m 37s
Huh, works seamlessly for me... anything like Javascript or anything else disabled?
Knowing what browser you use would be helpful, too. =P
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 321d 5h 50m 53s
For some reason, whenever I try to switch characters, it brings me up to the top of the page..
  Oyashi Okumura / who_again / 5y 322d 53m 17s
\[+FF0000 RED AS CAN GET!]
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 323d 20h 30m 31s
Okay I use to be able to red, but now I don't understand how to do I did the brackets and parentheses nothing is working.
  Severus Snape / Sinner / 5y 324d 16h 17m 59s

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