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[font "Bell MT" [center I'm assuming this would be an anti-spam filter set in place, which is understandable- ... but when I'm trying to code, and for example, have font that I want to colour white which is # followed by 6 F's, when I hit "preview", everything looks fine. But when I hit "post reply", ES removes 5 of the F's and I've got to edit the post and add them back in every single time. ]]

[#F For example, this is supposed to be white, but this is the output ES gave me. ]
  Leo / Vinci / 5y 89d 20h 2m 24s
Sounds like either you're hiding behind a proxy, you have some bad advertisements rolling into your system and mucking things up, or your cookies are being cleared constantly.
  オミオ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 96d 10h 22m 53s
this has been happening for at leastt aweek i just have been unable to post:
whenever i log in i can only get to the page with acctive role plays before it auto logs me out. any way to fix it
  ari{vampiric nazi} / AndrosGirl / 5y 97d 22h 52m 7s
I use Chrome, and i dont know if it's disabled or not, but I think it needs an update or something..
  Oyashi Okumura / who_again / 5y 99d 10h 58m 57s
Huh, works seamlessly for me... anything like Javascript or anything else disabled?
Knowing what browser you use would be helpful, too. =P
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 99d 16h 7m 13s
For some reason, whenever I try to switch characters, it brings me up to the top of the page..
  Oyashi Okumura / who_again / 5y 100d 11h 9m 37s
\[+FF0000 RED AS CAN GET!]
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 102d 6h 46m 51s
Okay I use to be able to red, but now I don't understand how to do I did the brackets and parentheses nothing is working.
  Severus Snape / Sinner / 5y 103d 2h 34m 19s
1) What browser are you using?
2) Try disabling Extensions, plugins, and other things that seem like they're doing annoying things .
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 103d 14h 14m 32s
1. When I am looking at the Ad list looking and I go to look at a character it denies me to and either sends me to make a new character or to the top of the page.

2.When I am in a thread that is on list I try to click to go look at the info it will not let me and the link disappears.

3.I cannot see any of the posts anymore in the real time chats in ANY thread nore can I post in them. I hit the post button and nothing happens.

4. In threads I show up in it will not let me change characters and when I try it swings me to the top of thread.
  Sheba Sharon Palermo / Renamon-Hamato / 5y 104d 15h 48m 29s
@Vinci: Jimmy changed the number of posts that show up per-page, and as a result, it screwed with the pages count. =L

@Apple: Try tapping all of your 'Shift', 'Ctrl', and 'Alt' keys. That's an OS-related bug, which sometimes happens after screen sharing .

@Renaman: Whoa, whoa, describe the clicks you're making, and the results of each one, you kinda bombarded us with a lot of things all clustered together.
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 104d 15h 57m 31s
The site will not let me change characters or view info about threads that I am already in. Also I cannot see what is being posted in the chat above or it will not let me post in any of the chats in any thread. Did I do something wrong!? It sends me back to the top of the thread when I try to change chracters or try view the info on the threads I already have on my list! What is going on, please help me asap!!
  Sheba Sharon Palermo / Renamon-Hamato / 5y 104d 16h 27m 3s
why in jesus name when i clicked to go to another part of the site. I was in a thread and clicked to go the Roleplay list- files were downloaded to my computer?

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Jul 5, 2014

need_people (5).php
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need_people (4).php
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need_people (3).php
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need_people (2).php
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Can someone answer me that and is there a way to prevent it from happening again?
  Kim Jung Ah / apple / 5y 104d 23h 20m 2s
Roleplays are showing more pages than they actually have. When you click the odd numbers, they're just blank pages. Example:

I'm unable to figure out when exactly this happens, but it seems like after you post in a realtime chat, the recent activity seems to mess up. I'm unsure if that's what causes it, but I get my 'recent activity' showing in the wrong order, and the characters don't show up. It just says By: Username. The time also says 120 seconds, instead of 2 minutes.
  Dae-Jung Seol / Vinci / 5y 129d 7h 31m 3s
[jcode [center [font "comic sans" [size12 [right [b [#FF0000 x]] This is the coding that was used. ]]]]]

[font "Bell MT" [center Oh, that's alright! I know you're working pretty hard to get things under way, and I'm sure you're pretty busy, as well. I thought I'd just bring it to your attention. c: Are you not going to bring the Editing page back, though? ;; ]]
  Jiang Boyue / Vinci / 5y 133d 6h 23m 48s

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