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My PMs keep not working, like it won't let me click into my private messages when I receive one. I just get a forever loading page. The longest I've waited is 10 min for the via PM page to load and this even happens when I don't have 88 pages worth of PMs.
  〔★〕 / Tonic / 4y 165d 22h 43m 56s
Alright,I will do that.
Thank you for the helping!
  / Bakka / 4y 197d 14h 17m 14s
You'll have to address that one with [ Jimmy.] Common technical bug that I can't seem to figure out a fix for.
  オミオ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 4y 198d 5h 23m 54s
Okay, so the realtime-chat doesn't work for me anymore when I'm online with my smartphone.
It used to work perfectly fine, but now it doesn't even show the realtime-chat conversation, it's completely blank.

I tried reloading the page, reconnecting with my internet,
But nothing worked.

Is there a possible way to fix this?..
  / Bakka / 4y 201d 6h 45m 18s
I checked everything and nothing works.
It used to work, then one day, it just said no connection.
Thank you for the help though.
  _LittleBird_ / 4y 280d 11h 15m 21s
Unfortunately, you'll need to just deal with it. Sorry. =L
  オミオ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 4y 280d 14h 25m 13s
Ohh okay, thank you then ^w^ Any suggestions on what to do though or do I just need to deal with it? XD
  .ooc / KoreanFreakNana / 4y 281d 2h 13m 48s
LittleBird, check extensions, plugins, and if Javascript is enabled.

KFN, known issue that isn't ES' problem; Google's being slapped with bad advertisements again.
  オミオ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 4y 281d 2h 30m 19s
I was wondering why sometimes when I'm posting or doing whatever on ES why it will suddenly go over to a magazine ad or something that I don't care about. This is completely different from clicking on the ads on the page, it just happens suddenly. It only happens on ES, too.
  .ooc / KoreanFreakNana / 4y 281d 7h 39m 45s
I can longer see real-time on anything.
I've tried turning off my ad blocker, but it never works.
  Art / _LittleBird_ / 4y 283d 11h 38m 55s
Eh, it's about all I can offer as a veteran, these days. =L
  オミオ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 86d 23h 17m 44s
[font "Bell MT" [center [b @Omio ; ] It works, thank you; but it's still quite inconveniant. I wish it would stay the old way. ;; Thanks for the heads up, the amount of help you offer on this website is truly appreciated, my dear. ]]
  Leo / Vinci / 5y 87d 9m 41s
So, in the 3-letter, #E9E = #EE99EE.

So if you need straight-white, #FFF will do. :3
EDIT: Remember to use '+', as Jimmy's trying to migrate to that too.
  オミオ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 87d 5h 26m 11s
Try this code:

\[+fff White-text-here]

All +rgb values that are 3 character or 6 characters long work all the same.

Just going to test something here:

[+EEE ▓]
[+E0E0E0 ▓]
  オミオ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 87d 6h 6m 18s
[+fff test]
\[+fff test]
[+f test]
\[+f test]
  オミオ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 87d 6h 9m 32s

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