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Jotaro: Damn. That is a thick bitch if I’ve ever seen one. I would pipe that shit so hard her nose would bleed.
[ Admin: Delete ] Jotaro ‘JoJo’ Kujo / RiversStork / 24m 33s

Sooo that was left on one of my threads... I made it private after that...
  Kimberly / Simply_Random / 229d 9h 4m 36s
Hey, guys! Thought I should let you know, that if you create a new character profile and you go back to edit or delete it; the site won't let you. Came across the issue the other day. I'm hoping somebody can fix this. Because now I got a blank profile, due to accidentally pressing the finish button. And, I've noticed it's doing the same thing for thread post.
  {~Aurora Knights~} / KB-TheBearWhoMauls / 232d 19h 16m 53s
Playstation 1 sprites just don't have enough pixels. Poor old Ramza
  Ramza / Webmaster / 236d 5h 33s
Crikey, that sprite didn't fare too well when expanded incredibly.
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 238d 10h 46m 0s
There will be bunch of warning messages as cache replenishes again. Will get that fixed.
  Ramza / Webmaster / 239d 7h 53m 57s
how do i start a roleplay
P.S. i new to this site
  Meadow / Meadow / 2y 40d 9h 45m 47s
Talk to Jimmy. [ Send a PM, if you can.] If not, you can E-mail him. :3
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 21d 1h 28m 4s
My PMs keep not working, like it won't let me click into my private messages when I receive one. I just get a forever loading page. The longest I've waited is 10 min for the via PM page to load and this even happens when I don't have 88 pages worth of PMs.
  〔★〕 / Tonic / 5y 22d 12h 31m 21s
Alright,I will do that.
Thank you for the helping!
  / Bakka / 5y 54d 4h 4m 39s
You'll have to address that one with [ Jimmy.] Common technical bug that I can't seem to figure out a fix for.
  オミオ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 54d 19h 11m 19s
Okay, so the realtime-chat doesn't work for me anymore when I'm online with my smartphone.
It used to work perfectly fine, but now it doesn't even show the realtime-chat conversation, it's completely blank.

I tried reloading the page, reconnecting with my internet,
But nothing worked.

Is there a possible way to fix this?..
  / Bakka / 5y 57d 20h 32m 43s
I checked everything and nothing works.
It used to work, then one day, it just said no connection.
Thank you for the help though.
  _LittleBird_ / 5y 137d 1h 2m 46s
Unfortunately, you'll need to just deal with it. Sorry. =L
  オミオ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 137d 4h 12m 38s
Ohh okay, thank you then ^w^ Any suggestions on what to do though or do I just need to deal with it? XD
  .ooc / KoreanFreakNana / 5y 137d 16h 1m 13s
LittleBird, check extensions, plugins, and if Javascript is enabled.

KFN, known issue that isn't ES' problem; Google's being slapped with bad advertisements again.
  オミオ / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 137d 16h 17m 44s

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