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[h3 Updates]
Delete posts in threads you own, fixed.
You can now clear the messages in your realtime chat with /clear.
You can now ban people from your realtime chats using /ban membername . Use it more like a kick feature. Use the lock thread and [ block feature] when you want to block someone
You can unban them using /unban username.
/me is for roleplaying in chat.
/topic gives you a random topic you can talk about.
"/topic Sometopic" will make your own topic
/roll makes a six sided dice roll.
"/roll Number" make a Number sided dice roll. Eg /roll 100 will give you a random number from 1 to 100.
Chats should be more resilient. If you disconnect it shouldn't trash your message. It will tell you if you're disconnected and try to reconnect.

[p Please report all bugs in this thread. Post links/examples if you can. Use parenthesis instead of brackets when you want to show me code that breaks.]
[h3 These should work now]
[jcode [font "Comic Sans MS" test [b test] [i test] [#FF0000 test]]] = [font "Comic Sans MS" test [b test] [i test] [#FF0000 test]]
[jcode [font "Lucida Handwriting" test [b test] [i test] [#FF0000 test]]] = [font "Lucida Handwriting" test [b test] [i test] [#FF0000 test]]
[jcode [google-font,700]
[Oleo+Script testing [b bold]]]
= [google-font,700]
[Oleo+Script testing [b bold]]
[div This is also a way to do it.]
=[div This is also a way to do it.]

[h3 Todo]
ESV3 code in profiles
It should auto close tags even when they are not properly closed. Sometimes it does not.
Sometimes in lists using code causes it to eat the newlines before and after the code.
Realtime chat shows undefined as the user in recent activity when no one has posted in thread.
Sometimes italics and bold don't work with google fonts. This cannot be fixed as some google fonts don't support bold, italics or unicode. It will say on the google font page if it accepts bold italic and unicode.
See my todo list on my profile page for more todos.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

Custom Pic URL: Text formatting is now all ESV3.

Roleplay Responses

Semi-solution, using a different browser for now.

Give it a try, it might do until there's a fix for this.
  Rae / Animeluver / 10d 7h 21m 12s
Same situation that I am in... welcome to the club I guess...
  Catlover33 / 10d 11h 10m 47s
I think I found a relatively new bug:
Clicked on Color & Layout, accidentally clicked making everything black
Including the FIX IT button. So now I'm stuck on a buggy nightmode.

I miss the old ES layout due to nostalgia ;.;
If anyone can help fix this I'd appreciate it.

  Rae / Animeluver / 10d 15h 27m 45s
That problem should seriously be fixed. I hope that Jimmy fixes it.
  Catlover33 / 52d 17h 11m 28s
Yeah, I have bugs too. Some pages load & others dont, and then there's pages that load up to a certain point.
  Yoruneko / 127d 17h 2m 7s
I have another bug on my end... I can't create any more characters, view Pms or delete any characters.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 129d 8h 56m 44s
oh. okay~ njdvsnghulidgbh,dfrgyldhbgvdbhbhdhdfhdfhhjdhdhjdrjh
  benyo / bellpepper / 170d 17h 51m 1s
It's been broken for a while, unfortunately, and Jimmy hasn't had the time to fix it.
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 184d 16h 30m 57s
So I'm new but I'd like someone to roleplay with but I don't know how everything works on here yet. So PM me if you want to i guess I don't know
  Holt Bennett / Sweetsss / 184d 17h 28m 11s
so its gone now? or... fillefillrefillrfillerfillerifllefilelrfielrlefielrilfirvrjbvikendapigoeghvnf
  benyo / bellpepper / 186d 10h 8m 58s
Realtime chat was a boxed in section on each thread that allowed people to message each other without having to make an entire separate thread to talk as a group. If the thread was private, only those in the thread could view it.
  Cherish Noxolo / Yoruneko / 188d 9h 50m 57s
I have a question... Im still a little bit new here and I don't really know what everything is ... whats realtime chat?
  benyo / bellpepper / 204d 8h 27m 49s
can someone tell me what happened to real time chat?
  Annabeth Marie Jones / MidnightJupiter / 206d 16h 42m 17s
Epic. I created Skyrim and it just works, okay? I should know it’s epic.
  Todd Howard-Chan / JoJos_Bizarre_Rivers / 1y 9d 16h 27m 10s
It still seems to be bugged some what still. I'll edit/delete now and it will load the page up. But, nothing show's up... I don't think it's completely fix yet. Ever once in while it will allow me too. Don't know if it's because of a loading error on or what.
  {~Aurora Knights~} / KB-TheBearWhoMauls / 1y 9d 17h 16m 6s

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