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Sighed, he just drove to Kazu's.

"What do we need to do then? Would a bath help maybe? A shower?" He asked her as he knelt down in front of her and gently let her squeeze his hand.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 249d 8h 18m 35s
She sighed and nodded. "Just get us there."

Raven whimpered. "I don't even think I could stomach any right now. I feel so sick."
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 249d 8h 25m 10s
"Fine. But if I sense any hostility or intent to kill, I am coming in." He told her as he drove.

Kazu quickly found some pain meds and asked "Would pain meds work?"
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 249d 10h 8m 11s
She got into the car. "You are going to give me time alone with her." She stated.

Raven groaned and knelt to the ground holding her stomach. "It hurts." She whimpered.
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 249d 10h 14m 24s
He caught the phone and sighed. "Okay." He said to her before calling Kazu and telling him that they were on the way. He soon walked to the car with his wife.

Kazu sighed and was trying to find something to do for Raven. "They are coming over." He said to her as he still looked around.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 249d 10h 16m 15s
She glared at him. "I won't kill herself if that Iis what you are thinking." She said with a sigh. She threw the phone at him. "Call your son let him know we are on our way."
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 249d 23h 39m 48s
Sighing, he finally has had enough of her. "Honey, you know I am not strong enough to defeat you or hurt you,... but even you must remember the I am able to hold you in a prison of my own for at least a year. You know I can do that in the blink of an eye. So, if you are going over there, I am coming with you. Understood?" He said as he glared at her.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 250d 20m 33s
"Abort the child or die. And then yes, leave my son alone." She said with a matter of fact tone. She grabbed her jacket.
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 251d 6h 32m 34s
"What choice? Leave Kazu or possibly die during childbirth?" He asked. He was rather upset right now.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 251d 6h 35m 44s
"Our son isn't weak. And neither is the Inccubus." She said with a sigh. "Either way. I am going to give the girl a choice. Sounded like she was in quite a bit of pain when Kazu called."
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 251d 6h 53m 7s
"Only a few have ever had that happen. Some demon spawn aren't strong enough to hurt the human mother." He told her.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 251d 6h 58m 31s
"You might think so because you are soft. He is a demon. He will marry a demon. He will father little spawns. You know as well as I do, that that girl will be ripped to shreads by that child."
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 251d 7h 4m 1s
"No. You will leave her alone. She is a good girl and she is perfect for our son." He said as he stood up.
  Rusin / 3y 251d 7h 52m 51s
She glared at hi. "Do not do that again." She said dangerously. "Also. I am going to have a word with that bitch."
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 251d 11h 20m 41s
"Hate me for this but you deserve this for everything you did." He said to her as he slapped her across the face. He knew it wouldn't hurt her.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 251d 20h 33m 52s

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