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"Then why are you here? Why are you talking to me? Why would you offer to help me with a bath?" She asked the woman.
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 244d 23h 52m 56s
"Shut it. We were fine before you came along. Now I have to deal with you. So, who do you want to help you with the bath, Kazu or me? Also, don't think we are friends. I still don't like you at all." She spoke as she stopped at the door.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 245d 2m 19s
"It is any wonder your husband and son still converse with you." She said with a glare. She began walking towards the door.
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 245d 5h 57s
She stared at her for a moment in surprise before she smirked. "I was going to give you a deal but you are too damn stubborn. Fine. I would much rather watch you suffer anyways. And if you want to know what might help, try a hot bath. It may not help much, but it is better than nothing. Oh.... and don't let the baby kill you on the way out. I hear it is a possibility." She said as she stood up and started heading for the door.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 245d 5h 4m 46s
"And how can a demon be such a bitch and accuse her future daughter of something like that?" She asked glaring and standing up. One hand clenched onto the table, the other onto her stomach. "Now are you going to help me, or are you going to continue to be a fucking bitch?"
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 245d 5h 43m 18s
Her eyes narrowed as she leaned forward. "You loved him? That is so funny. I bet you wouldn't give your live to save his. You wouldn't save him if it meant your own life. I have a feeling that you would hide in fear if something were about to kill him because if a demon can't handle something, how can a weak human help?" She said to her.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 245d 6h 14m 54s
"Because I got to know him. I could care less about money or looks. Any of that. My family I love. Butt I love your son."
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 246d 5h 28m 39s
"I doubt that. Why did you start liking him? For money? To get away from your parents? Because you thought it would be fun to enjoy time with a demon?" She asked her.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 246d 5h 39m 27s
She shook her head. "No I wouldn't. I would never do anything like that." She said glaring at the woman.
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 246d 5h 54m 49s
Kazu's mom watched her for a little bit before she said "All you humans are so weak. Weak willed and weak minded. You would cheat on Kazu if you had the chance and someone was better off than him. You don't care about his feelings."
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 246d 6h 26m 11s
Raven looked up at the woman. "I am sorry I am not a demon. I am sorry your son and I are together. I hated him at first. Hated the thought of him. But I love your son more than anything now." She said crying in fear as well as pain.
  Raven / darkelfprincess / 3y 247d 4h 12s
Kazu looked at his dad who just nodded slowly. Standing up, Kazu slowly stood up and kissed Raven on the forehead. "I will be right in the other room." He whispered to her before leaving the room with his dad.

Kazu's mom looked at Raven for a moment and then walked over to the table. Pulling out a chair, she sat down across from Raven to watch her for a little bit.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 247d 5h 11m 20s
Raven looked up at the couple who entered the room and sighed as she began to stand up.

"Stay where you are. Men. Leave the room." The mother said.
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 247d 5h 24m 51s
He nodded and just held her hand. When there was a knock on the door, he said "Come in. It's unlocked."

His dad opened the door and walked in first.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 247d 6h 32m 20s
She shook her head. "I don't know. I think we should wait for your parents." She said and squeezed his hand.
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 249d 3h 48m 9s

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