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He nodded and finished helping her out of the clothes. "Well, that pain may return. Let's get you in the tub." He said to her.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 243d 22h 1m 10s
"It is okay. I hurt but I am starting to get use to it." She said softly and help him the best she could.
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 243d 23h 38m 49s
He nodded and sat down across from her. Reaching over, he slowly started to help her out of her shirt and pants. "How is the pain?" He asked her, looking into her eyes.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 244d 19m 52s
She smiled and sat down on the toilet seat and watched the bath fill up. "Can you help me change?" She asked softly.
  Raven / darkelfprincess / 3y 244d 5h 19m 16s
He nodded and said "I will let her know. She probably won't listen though." He had her sit on the side of the tub before he started the water. "I love you too and that will never change." He told her with a smile.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 244d 5h 23m 4s
"You need to tell her that." She said softly as they entered the bathroom. "I love you Kazu. Nothing will change that."
  Raven / darkelfprincess / 3y 244d 5h 25m 52s
"I know. You won't hurt me. Ever." He said as he kissed her cheek and walked with her. He held her close as he lead her up the stairs.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 244d 5h 28m 39s
She sighed softly. "Just because she was hurt doesn't mean I am going to hurt you." She said softly and held onto him.
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 244d 5h 31m 35s
Kazu listened to her and then sighed as he started helping her to the bathroom. "Sorry. Just really doesn't trust humans because she was hurt by one. That is why she is always in a fowl mood." He said with a frown.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 244d 5h 46m 18s
She watched them go before telling Kazu what the woman had said, not leaving anything out. "I don't like her, love. She thinks I'm going to hurt you."
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 244d 5h 54m 55s
The woman looked at them and then started heading for the front door.

Kazu got up quickly and headed over to Raven. "What did my mom say? Did she hurt you?" He asked as he helped her.

Kazu's dad just left as well.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 244d 5h 56m 33s
"We will prove you wrong you goat." She said and looked to her mate. "Kazu. Can you help me please?" She asked softly.
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 244d 6h 2m 44s
"I only toughened him up. He will thank me when you hurt him. Also, if you do end up marrying him, then we need to tolerate each other. Although, I don't see your relationship lasting. You will be torn from him one way or another, I am sure. Human and demon relationships don't last." She said before she let her go out into the living room.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 244d 6h 6m 38s
"Just because you care about your son, doesn't mean you have to be here for me." She said and pushed past her. "As for hurting Kazu. I think you have done more to hurt him than I have."
  Raven / Darkelfprincess / 3y 244d 10h 13m 34s
"Because you are involved with my son. I may be a bitch, but I still care about my son. Understand that if you do hurt him..." The woman started to say but just left it at that as she glared at Raven.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 3y 244d 15h 56m 36s

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